Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode III: Revenge of Ikari

Chapter 7 – Raggedy Asuka
September 17, 2004 – Berlin, Germany

Asuka was playing quietly with her stuffed monkey in front of the TV as her young college aged babysitter watched whatever boring program was on at that time of night. She had gotten the monkey a week ago from her mother as a present for being so good while they were in Japan. She proudly named it Karl and kept it with her at all times.

It had been several days since she had seen either of her parents, and every time she tried to call them at work, the lines were said to be disconnected. She even tried to call Shinji to see how he was, but those lines were also down, which made Asuka very frustrated indeed.

"Why is the phone not working, Karl." Asuka asked her stuffed monkey. "I'm worried something has happened, I can't even talk to Shinji, and I really want to talk to him…"

The stuffed monkey just stared blankly at her.

"I know I shouldn't be worried, but I just want to talk to somebody. My momma is not home, Shinji always makes me feel better when I talk to him, and Zelda the babysitter just watches TV like a dummkopf. So I guess I'll have to talk to you." Asuka said to the stuffed monkey. "Is that ok?"

The monkey just sat there.

"Well, you don't have to be like that. Of course I'd rather talk to a real person, but you're all I've got right now, Karl." Asuka said sternly. "Remember when I told you that Shinji and I are going to play Pokémon the next time I visit him? I have to have momma buy me the games otherwise we won't be able to. I want to give it to him as a present for Christmas. Momma promised we'd go to Japan for Christmas and I can't wait!"

The monkey just sat there as Zelda told Asuka off. "Hey, will you quiet down, I'm trying to watch TV here!"

"See what I mean…" Asuka whispered to the monkey as she grabbed and left the room.

Asuka decided to go to her room and go to bed. As she got to the top of the stairs, she heard the sound of keys jingling from the front door. She hurried back down the stairs to see her father coming in the house looking like hell.

"Daddy!" Asuka cried out, running over to him. "Welcome home!"

"Hi Asuka…" Oscar said in a hollow tone. "We need to talk."

"What's wrong, daddy? Is something wrong?" Asuka asked, looking around. "Should we wait for momma to come inside before we talk? She doesn't like missing conversations."

"Your mother won't be coming inside, Asuka. She had an accident at the lab, and she's in the hospital." Oscar said bluntly.

"No, that's a lie!" Asuka shouted. "Momma promised her test would be ok and that she wouldn't have an accident! Momma never breaks her promises!"

"Well, unfortunately, she did this time Asuka, I'm sorry." Oscar said, with a hint of anger in his voice.

"I want to see her!" Asuka shouted as tears welled up in her eyes. "I want to see momma!" Asuka had a pout on her face and slammed her foot hard on the ground. "I want to see momma now!"

"NO!" Oscar shouted back. "You cannot see your mother, not right now!"

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, I WANT TO GO SEE MOMMA!" Asuka yelled at the top of her lungs with tears streaming freely down her face.

Oscar slapped Asuka with a backhand across the face, causing her to fall down hard on her bottom and send Karl across the foyer. "Don't ever raise your voice to me like that again, do you understand me?!" Oscar spat.

Asuka only nodded as she rubbed her cheek from the slap and continued to cry on the floor.

All the shouting had drawn the attention of Zelda from the other room. "Is everything alright Mr. Langley? I heard yelling."

"Yes, Zelda, everything is alright." Oscar said in calm tone. "I have some things I'd like to discuss with you in private about the babysitting situation with Asuka. Do you have some time to talk?"

"Sure, Mr. Langley, I don't have to get back to my apartment right away." Zelda said.

"Why don't you come with me to my office, we can talk there." Oscar said and then he turned to Asuka. "Go to bed Asuka, we will talk more in the morning."

As Oscar and Zelda walked away Asuka wiped her face. She felt her cheek and it was still hot from the slap. She stood up, got Karl and went off to her room. As she got ready for bed she realized without her mother there she wouldn't get a bedtime story, so she wandered back downstairs, Karl in tow, and went to her father's office.

Before she knocked on the door she heard noises that sounded like a woman moaning. Then she heard both her father and Zelda cry out. 'Those sound like the same noises that come from momma and daddy's room at night sometimes.' Asuka thought. She decided to go back upstairs and forget about the whole thing, and just forgo the story or one night, as her mother would come home eventually.

As Asuka crawled into bed she rolled over on her side and clutched Karl. "Momma, please come home soon." Asuka said as she cried herself to sleep.

September 20, 2004 – Berlin, Germany

Asuka was sitting in her room crying. It had been several days since her father curtly told her that her mother had a lab accident and was in the hospital.

Zelda had been staying at the house since Oscar came home with the news of Kyoko as a permanent housekeeper and babysitter. Although she did little of either and spent most of her time while Oscar was home in his office going over the duties of the household.

Asuka had stayed in her room since hearing the news, because her father had banned her from going to the hospital to see her mother. Asuka hated him for it and just wanted to run to the hospital to see her mother's happy smiling face again.

She looked over at Karl "I want to call Shinji, but his phone number is downstairs on the fridge. Should I risk going down there to get it so I can call him?" Asuka asked the monkey who not give her a response.

"You're right, Karl, I should have memorized it by now, but I haven't. So I guess I have to go down there to get the number myself." Asuka said jumping off her bed. "Stay here Karl, I'll be right back."

Asuka wandered downstairs to the kitchen, where remembered she left the phone number. She looked up at the fridge and saw it had nothing on it. "Where the hell is it?" Asuka said aloud. "I left it right here."

Asuka stormed out of the kitchen and went to the living room to see a reclining Zelda watching some stupid TV program. "Did you see the phone number on the fridge?!" Asuka said loudly.

"Oh, look at that, you're actually out of your room." Zelda replied snarkily. "And I haven't seen anything on the fridge. Why don't you go ask your father, he's in his office."

"Fine, be useless and just lay there then." Asuka said as she stormed from the room. She stormed down the hallway towards her father's office and knocked hard on the door.

"Come in." Oscar said. When he looked up and saw Asuka seething in the doorway he was surprised. "Oh, you're talking to me again, are you?"

"No, I'm not. I just want to know where the phone number that was on the fridge went." Asuka said angrily. "I want to call my friend Shinji in Japan!"

"I got rid of the number, Asuka. I don't want you to call Shinji again." Oscar said, glaring at his daughter.

"NO!" Asuka bellowed. "Give me the number back! I want to call Shinji!" She glared right back at her father with tears glistening in her eyes. "HE'S MY FRIEND AND I WANT TO CALL HIM NOW!"

Oscar straightened his tie and looked at Asuka. "I found that number you're talking about on the fridge for someone named "Shinji" in Japan. I didn't just throw it out, I burned it Asuka. I don't want you to ever talk to those people again." Oscar said coldly to his daughter. "I don't want you to ever think about those people again."

Asuka started to cry when she heard this. "Why would you get rid of it? What did Shinji ever do to you?! He's the kindest person I've ever met in my life!" Asuka screamed. "It wasn't your decision to make to get rid of his phone number. It was mine, not yours! AND I WANT IT BACK RIGHT NOW!"


Asuka stopped crying only out of fear, but continued to glare menacingly at her father.

"That's better, now, I'm going to see your mother, and I'll be back later." Oscar said as he got up to leave.

"I hate you." Asuka said quietly as he walked past.

"What did you say to me?" Oscar asked angrily. "Would you care to repeat yourself?"

"Are you deaf?" Asuka asked. "I SAID I HATE YOU!"

Oscar once again backhanded his daughter and knocked her to the ground once more. "You are so much like your mother. You're obstinate and always having to get the last word in no matter what." Oscar said.

"I'm glad I'm like her, cause that means I won't become like you!" Asuka shouted back.

Oscar grabbed Asuka's arm and pulled her down the hallway, up the stairs and into her room. He put her on her bed and grabbed Karl from her pillow. "You'll be allowed out of your room and get this damn thing back when you think about what you've said and apologize to me." Oscar said.

"No, give me Karl back!" Asuka yelled. "IT'S NOT YOURS TO TAKE!"

"Yes it is." Oscar said. "Now be careful, otherwise I'll get rid of it like I did that phone number."

"You wouldn't!" Asuka protested. "Momma gave me that!"

"I would if it taught you a lesson in respecting your parents." Oscar replied. "Now stay in here, be a good girl, and maybe you'll get it back someday."

Asuka's face was red and tears were once again in her eyes, but she stayed silent.

"Good girl, now stay here and think about what you've done." Oscar said as he slammed the door and locked Asuka in her room.

Oscar stormed downstairs and saw Zelda waiting for him in the foyer. "Here take this." He thrust the stuffed monkey into her hands. "Burn it will you? I have to teach that girl a lesson in manners." Oscar grabbed his coat. "I locked her in her room, make sure she stays there and goes without dinner. I'll be back later, so be ready in my office for when I do return, understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Langley." Zelda replied sheepishly. "I'll be waiting."

As Oscar left, Zelda went upstairs to see if Asuka was alright. She had overheard the argument downstairs and stayed out of the way, less she incur the wrath of Oscar. When she got to the girl's door she heard a lot of loud and miserable crying. She unlocked the door and went inside.

"Asuka, are you ok?" Zelda asked.

"No I'm not!" Asuka wailed. "I can't call Shinji, my momma isn't home and I don't have Karl anymore!"

"Well I can help with one of those." Zelda said, producing Karl for the ailing girl.

"Karl!" Asuka exclaimed.

"You just have to promise me that you will hide Karl so your father won't see him, ok?" Zelda said.

Asuka nodded happily in agreement as she cuddled the stuffed toy. "Thank you Zelda."

"Sure." Zelda said. "Now promise me one more thing?"

"What?" Asuka asked. "Please just listen to your father. Even if you don't like it, just do it, that way you're not locked in your room forever." Zelda said as she clenched her upper arm unconsciously as she spoke. "It's far better than disobeying him, trust me."

"I don't want to." Asuka protested. "But I don't like being locked away, so I guess I have no damn choice!"

"Good, now, I have to leave you alone again and lock you in here until after your father gets back." Zelda said as she walked out the door. "Just do whatever he told you, but don't apologize for what you said."

Asuka nodded in agreement as the door closed and locked again. She clutched Karl tightly and laid back down on her bed. She was still depressed and wanted to see her mother. "I know momma can't be here, but I wish Shinji could be. His hugs were so nice, I know they'd make me feel better… I wish I could see him again…"

September 20, 2004 – Gehirn Labs, Berlin, Germany

Meanwhile, Oscar had arrived late at the hospital due to his argument with Asuka. He had a meeting with the physician in charge of Kyoko's treatment, Dr. Schmidt.

"Ah, Herr Langley!" Dr. Schmidt exclaimed when he saw him come in. "Please, follow me to my office."

"First, can we see her, Herr Doctor?" Oscar replied.

"But of course, I understand completely. Follow me." Dr. Schmidt replied.

They walked to an isolation room where a woman was dressed in white, and her once beautiful blonde hair was all around her and looked mangy. She had wires attached to her head and chest that were monitoring her vital signs, and an IV was feeding her drugs and nutrients. In her hand was a small old rag doll with red yarn for hair. Kyoko's sapphire blue eyes, once full of vibrant light were now dull, and fixed blankly on the ceiling.

"Has there been any change since she was brought in?" Oscar asked.

"Unfortunately no, Herr Langley." Dr. Schmidt said. "Other than holding onto that doll we had in with the comfort objects and her occasionally saying something, she has not done anything in the last three days."

"Is that to be expected?" Oscar asked.

"Well, this case is so unique, we're not sure what happened." Dr. Schmidt replied. "All we know for sure is that during that test, your wife suffered a catastrophic psychological event that has made her react in this manner."

"So she still doesn't respond to external stimuli?" Oscar asked.

"No, not even a deep neurological response. There has been no moment in her brainwave patterns. She acts as though she is in a coma, but her brain is processing everything around it as though it were in a deep REM sleep, it's the strangest thing we've ever seen." Dr. Schmidt said.

"Have you tried taking the doll away? Maybe that would get a reaction." Oscar suggested.

"Herr Langley, it is not our policy to take away comfort objects from patients in such a delicate state." Dr. Schmidt said.

"I understand, Herr Doctor." Oscar said looking over at Kyoko sadly, and grimacing. "So may I talk to her?"

"No, until we have a specialist look at her condition, only trained medical personnel will actually be allowed in the room." Dr. Schmidt said. "Let's go to my office and discuss this further in more appropriate surroundings."

"Alright, Herr Doctor." Oscar replied, following the doctor to his office.

Once inside the doctor sat down and had a bad look on his face. "Now, whatever I tell you could change, but as of right now, the news is not pleasant."

"Please continue Doctor, I can handle it." Oscar replied.

"With the amount of time she's been in a comatose like state, the likelihood of her coming out of it the same way she was before are slim. It's an unfortunate truth to discuss, but the graphs of her mental stability during the test certainly point to some sort of mental break having occurred." Dr. Schmidt explained. "At best she will have a severe form of Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder and will require extensive therapy to return to a relatively normal life, and at worst, she will be vegetative like she is now, able to survive unaided by machines, but still utterly helpless and in need of round the clock care."

"So, you're saying that whatever happiness, my Kyoko is gone forever." Oscar said quietly. "The Kyoko I fell in love with is gone…"

"That's not exactly what I meant, Herr Langley." Dr. Schmidt said with a hint of shock in his voice. "All I meant was that she will be a changed woman."

"Well, I know I can no longer love her, because my Kyoko is gone. She's just a shell, and she's never coming back." Oscar replied sullenly.

"Well there's no need to sound so grim, your wife is still there. We've contacted a specialist to see if anything can be done in her case, but the chances are slim, Herr Langley." Dr. Schmidt said.

"Who is this specialist exactly, and what exactly do they specialize in, Herr Doctor?" Oscar asked. "Are they employed by Gehirn?"

"Well, I can't remember off hand, something to do with neural behavioral sciences, and they are coming in from Japan is all I can recall at the moment." Dr. Schmidt replied. "Maybe I can find the file somewhere on my desk…"

"When will he get here, Doctor?" Oscar asked.

"Ah, here's the file!" Dr. Schmidt exclaimed. "She will get here next week. She was very interested in the case. She's coming out from Gehirn HQ specially." Dr. Schmidt replied.

Oscar shuddered at the name. "Why not sooner?" Oscar asked incredulously. "Is there a more pressing case outstanding?"

"Well, Herr Langley, there is a matter the good doctor is dealing with, which is what is holding her up. What it is, I cannot tell you, but it is important." Dr. Schmidt said.

"So what is this specialist's name?" Oscar asked.

"Her name is Mimori Shikinami." Dr. Schmidt replied. "And I know she'll be able to help."

December 4, 2004 – Gehirn Labs, Berlin, Germany

Asuka turned three today, but it was not the happy occasion one would expect. Asuka was celebrating by herself in her room, with the rest of the house being empty. She sat quietly in her room, not wanting to be disturbed. Her father was off somewhere doing something, and had apparently forgotten it was his daughter's birthday. Her babysitter, who had been living in the house for the past few months, had been fired a month ago because her work ethic had suffered according to her father. Asuka's mother wasn't around, but that wasn't her fault, she was still in the hospital, and Oscar had still refused to let Asuka go to visit her.

"Why am I all alone, Karl?" Asuka asked her stuffed monkey that she had kept hidden under mattress. "Why has everyone abandoned me? What did I do to deserve to be abandoned?" Asuka said sullenly. "I wish momma was here so I wouldn't be alone anymore. I hate being alone."

There was the sound of footsteps outside the door, and Asuka scrambled to hide Karl before the door opened, accomplishing it in the nick of time.

"Ah, so this is where you're hiding." Oscar said. "Get ready to go, we're going out to the hospital, I'm letting you see your mother. She's doing better now so you can visit her." Oscar said before he left the room as suddenly as he entered it.

"Ok…" Asuka said sadly as she jumped off her bed. 'Does he even know it's my birthday?' Asuka thought.

As Asuka went downstairs after getting ready, she waited in the foyer for her father. Oscar showed up having changed his clothes into something slightly less formal than a suit and tie. He ushered Asuka to the car and put her in the backseat, and left he to buckle herself into her car seat. After a short drive, they arrived at the hospital complex. As Asuka was being led to her mother's room by her father, someone called out to them.

"Herr Langley, it's good to see you again." The woman said.

"Dr. Shikinami, it's nice to see you again." Oscar said, his mood brightening considerably. "I was coming to visit my wife with my daughter, Asuka."

"It's nice to meet you young lady." Mimori said. "I'm Dr. Mimori Shikinami, and I'm your mother's doctor."

"Hello…" Asuka said. "What room is my momma in?"

"It's this way, young lady." Mimori said, taking Asuka's hand and leading her to the ante room with the observation window into her mother's isolation room.

"Can I go inside?" Asuka asked.

"No, only trained medical professionals are allowed inside." Mimori said. "I'm sorry."

Asuka found a stool to stand on and looked sadly into the room that held her mother just out of reach. She placed her hands on the widow separating them and looked around. Her mother was dressed in a white night gown with a frilly collar. Her once shiny well–kept blonde hair was now greasy and unkempt. Her mother's once kind face and happy face had a look of permanent disinterest, and was looking quite gaunt. Her once happy sapphire blue eyes that Asuka had inherited looked dark, manic, and empty. There was a bowl of oatmeal next to her mother's bed, and it looked half eaten. The last thing Asuka noticed was the redheaded rag doll her mother was holding gently in her hands that she appeared to be talking to. However, because of the glass, Asuka couldn't hear what she was saying.

While Asuka was looking sadly at her mother, her father and Dr. Shikinami were discussing Kyoko's progress.

"Well, she has improved, as she can feed, bathe, and use the facilities without assistance." Mimori said. "But other than that, she just sits there all day talking to that doll as if it were her real daughter."

"I think it's because of the guilt she must feel about going through that experiment. I just wish she hadn't done it." Oscar said sullenly.

"I feel your grief, Herr Langley." Mimori said. "I wish I could do more to help, but this is a slow process." Mimori placed her hand gently on Oscar's back and rubbed it consolingly.

"Maybe we are all like dolls in some respect, always doing what others tell us." Oscar said. "Acting on nothing more than the actions and words of others to guide us."

"Well, if there is a god, maybe we're just dolls to him." Mimori said. "He does with us what he pleases and discards us when we're no longer fun to play with."

"Those are some awfully antiquated ideas for a modern physician, Mimori." Oscar said.

"Oscar, I may be a doctor, but I am also a human being and a woman first." Mimori said inching closer to Oscar.

"A woman first you say?" Oscar replied.

"Of course, Oscar, I'm always a woman first." Mimori said as her hand moved down his back. "And as a woman, I know exactly what I want." Her hand reached between his legs and gripped his manhood gently. "And I want you, Oscar Langley."

"And here I thought I would have trouble asking you out with my wife and daughter right there." Oscar replied as he placed his hand on her ass and gripped. "But I guess I got my wish after all."

"Why don't we go to my office and discuss this further, Oscar." Mimori said coyly.

"I think I'd like that, Mimori." Oscar said. "Lead the way."

Asuka didn't notice the two adults disappear from behind her as she was still so totally focused on her mother. Asuka tried to get her mother's attention by taping on the glass to no avail. "Momma, it's me, Asuka!" Asuka said to the window, her face was so close her breath fogged the window as she spoke. "Can't you see me momma? I came to visit!" Asuka tapped the glass a little harder. "I'm sorry I haven't come to see you in a while, daddy told me I couldn't come to visit yet cause you were still sick." Asuka looked more dejected at her mother's lack of a response. "Momma, why won't you talk to me?!" Asuka slammed her fist on the hard on the window "MOMMA LOOK AT ME, TALK TO ME!"

Kyoko reacted to the shouting by grabbing her bowl of oatmeal and throwing it at the window, shattering the bowl and sending fragments of the ceramic bowl and the remnants of the oatmeal flying all over the place. Asuka screamed as Kyoko jumped up flinging aside the rag doll and rushing the window and slamming on it with her fists. "Leave me and my daughter alone! Stop bothering us! GO AWAY YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

Three nurses ran into the room, dragging Kyoko away from the window and injecting her with enough medication to drop a horse. Kyoko near instantaneously calmed down and was brought back to her bed and the rag doll was placed back in her arms as the nurses left. They didn't notice Asuka standing there in disbelief at what she had just witnessed and walked by her without acknowledging her presence.

Asuka sat on the stool and faced away from the window, her face buried in her knees. She was crying and didn't car who heard her. It was her birthday, and it was probably the worst birthday she'd ever have. "Momma, why didn't you recognize me. Do you not love me anymore?" Asuka said as she continued to cry alone in the room with a women who didn't know her anymore.

May 4, 2005 – Gehirn Labs, Berlin, Germany

Asuka was at the hospital again, as she was every week for the past five months when her father came to check up on Kyoko and ask Dr. Shikinami questions about his wife's condition.

While the adults were in the doctor's private office, Asuka stood, unattended, in the front of the observation window and looked sullenly thorough the window at her mother. Asuka looked on as her mother was eating with the tray in front of her, a spoon in one hand, and that redheaded rag doll in the other.

Asuka wanted to hear what her mother was saying, and found what she had failed to notice after months of standing in the same spot, a small intercom between the door frame and the window frame. Asuka moved her stool over so she could reach it and pushed the button labeled 'listen' and she heard her mother's voice for the first time since she yelled at her to go away.

"Asuka darling, I've cooked your favorite." Kyoko said to the rag doll.

"Now, Asuka, you mustn't complain about what you like and dislike eating, otherwise that rude girl over there will laugh at you." Kyoko said pointing to Asuka in the window.

"No, Asuka, that girl is just jealous of you because you're so special to momma."

"Yes, Asuka, you are very special to me." Kyoko said. "I just want you to be happy sweetheart."

Asuka shut off the intercom not wanting to hear anymore.

'If that doll is momma's baby, what does that make me?' Asuka thought as tears welled up in her eyes. 'I need to ask her, that's how I'll find out.'

Asuka wanted to confront her mother, so she hopped off the stool and went over to the door. The last nurse had left it unlocked, and Asuka snuck in silently and looked at her mother who was still trying to feed the doll.

"Asuka if you don't eat, then you won't be a healthy girl anymore." Kyoko said. "You need your strength to be better than everyone else."

Asuka looked at her mother, her eyes wide with sadness. "Momma! Who am I?" Asuka cried out. "Momma! Please look at me, momma!"

Kyoko had stopped talking to the doll and simply sat there quietly.

"Look at me, momma!" Asuka shouted. "Please don't stop being my momma!"

Kyoko turned with a psychotic look on her face toward Asuka "Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm Asuka, your daughter!" Asuka said tearfully. "Don't you recognize me?"

"You're not my Asuka…" Kyoko said.

"YES I AM!" Asuka screamed.

"If you were my Asuka you'd agree to die with me…" Kyoko said.

"I'll die with you momma." Asuka said woefully. "Just as long as you don't stop being my mother."

At those words, Kyoko leapt from the bed and tackled Asuka to the ground. She wrapped her hands around Asuka's neck and began to choke her.

"Asuka, come to heaven with me!" Kyoko shouted, a crazed look on her face.

Asuka started gasping for breath as her mother's grip got tighter and tighter.

"Please Asuka, die with me!" Kyoko screamed. "Then we can be together forever."

Asuka felt like she was going to suffocate, and her face started to turn blue.

"Asuka, die already!" Kyoko shouted. "I want us to be together for eternity."

As the darkness closed around Asuka's eyes, two nurses rushed into the room and tried to pry Kyoko off of Asuka. This however didn't work, and one nurse ended up smashing a vase over Kyoko's head to knock her out.

Asuka was gasping for breath as one of the nurse's helped Asuka up off the ground. "Are you alright dear?"

Asuka only nodded, as her sight and the feeling in her neck began to return, but she was still having trouble speaking.

"Why were you in here anyway?" The nurse asked. "You were told by your father that it wasn't safe to talk to your mother, right? She has fits sometimes."

"I… I… I just wanted momma to look at me." Asuka said nervously while rubbing her throat. "I just wanted to talk to her."

"Oh dear, I'm sorry that you ended up in here, but the door should have been locked." The nurse said. "Was it unlocked when you came in?"

Asuka nodded. "All I had to do was push the door, and it opened right away."

"Well in the future, please don't venture in here, we don't want you to get hurt." The nurse said picking Asuka up.

"Is my momma gonna be alright?" Asuka asked the nurse as her eyes welled with tears.

"We're not sure dear, that more of a question for the doctor." The nurse said, but upon noticing tears in Asuka's eyes, decided to try and be more consoling to the sad child. "But she is getting better, so I'm sure she'll be alright soon enough, it's just… these things take time." Asuka started into the nurse's shoulder. "Oh, its ok sweetie, there's no need to cry, everything will be alright."

"I just want my momma back!" Asuka wailed as the nurse rubbed her back trying in vain to console her. "I'm going to keep talking to her until she recognizes me again."

July 20, 2005 – Gehirn Labs, Berlin, Germany

Asuka was sitting in her grandfather's office. He was reading something off a long sheet of paper to her father. He was droning on about the details of something Asuka count really understand, the only words she picked up were "Evangelion" and "pilot."

Asuka looked around the office and saw a lot of artifacts from various places Wilhelm had visited. She looked a small case next to his desk and saw his medals from his service in WWII.

"So, son, does all that make sense to you, and can you agree to all those terms?" Dr. Langley asked his son.

"Yes, father, it makes sense." Oscar said. "But it's not my permission you need."

"Alright then, Oscar." As her grandfather finished talking to her father he directed his attention to the extremely bored girl. "Now Asuka, I have a question for you."

"What is it grandfather?" Asuka asked, not sounding very interested.

"Well, you are aware of what our mother was working on before her accident?" Dr. Langley asked.

"Yes, she was working on the big Evangelion in her lab." Asuka replied proudly. "She wanted to put it in red armor when it was done. She'll get to do that soon, I'm sure of it."

"Well, that giant Evangelion will need a pilot to control it when it's finished. And it's been decided that you would be its pilot." Dr. Langley said.

"Me?" Asuka asked. "Why I am going to be its pilot?"

"Because Asuka, you're a special child. You were chosen because of that." Oscar interjected. "With some intense training, you'll be a very elite pilot someday. You're going end up saving the world."

"Really?" Asuka replied "I'm special? I can save the world?"

"Yes, my dear granddaughter, you're very special." Dr. Langley said. "We picked you out of an extremely long list of candidates. You're the most qualified child we found. You've been named the Second Child."

"Second?" Asuka asked. "Why not first?"

"The First Child was chosen by a different country." Dr. Langley said. "Out of all the children in Central Europe, you were the most qualified."

I was the most qualified out of all those kids?! I have to go tell momma!" Asuka exclaimed. "This will make her love me again for sure!" Asuka jumped out of her chair and ran out of the room happy as can be.

"Asuka wait!" Oscar cried out.

"Oh let her go." Dr. Langley said. "She'll figure out eventually her mother is no longer in her right mind."

"I guess you're right…" Oscar replied.

Asuka meanwhile was running at full bore down the hallway towards her mother's hospital room. As she approached the door she cried out. "MOMMA!"

Asuka ran into the room that led into her mother's room and didn't notice the lights were out. "Momma! They picked me!" Asuka cried happily. "Momma, did you hear me?!"

Asuka jumped on a stool and pressed the intercom button, still not really aware that the lights were off. "Momma they said I'm special, just like you always told me I was!" Asuka said into the intercom. "They picked me over everyone else!

"I'm going to be an elite pilot! They said I'm going to save the world!" Asuka was so overcome with joy, it took her a few minutes to realize her mother wasn't listening to her at all. "Momma, are you there?"

Asuka hopped off the stool and pushed on the door, it was unlocked, so, against her better judgment and everything she had been told about not going into her mother's room, Asuka pushed the door open and walked inside. With the light flooding in from the other room Asuka was met with the most gruesome sight she had ever seen.

The fluorescent light on the ceiling had been shattered, leaving shards of light bulb everywhere. The rag doll lay on the floor with its head having been roughly severed, leaving a jagged and frayed edges. There was a pool of something collecting around the severed doll's head. Asuka looked over to see the source of the mess and saw her mother laying on the ground covered and surrounded by a pool of blood. There was a jagged piece of lightbulb clutched in her bleeding hand, and a long jagged cut across her throat that went from ear to ear. Her white nightgown was stained red with blood which was still trickling out from the deep wound. Her skin was pale and grey, her eyes were wide open and blank, and she had a sickening smile on her now sunken face, which showed the last remnants of the insanity that drove her to end her life in such a gruesome way.

"MOMMA!" Asuka screamed. "MOMMAAAAAA!"

July 22, 2005 – Nuremberg, Germany

Asuka was standing in the graveyard, she was surrounded by adults on all sides. She was in the front, holding her grandmother's hand and looking at the casket holding her mother. Her face was still and showed no emotion whatsoever.

Asuka stood there listening to the priest drone on about moving on to a better place and reading from the bible as if that would make things any better, or bring her mother back to her. 'Why do things have to go this way? I wish momma hadn't done that…' Asuka thought as her eye twitched as she repressed the memory of her mother lying dead on the floor. 'I can't think about that anymore, I refuse to think about that. I loved momma, and I won't remember her like that.'

Asuka stared at the grave stone ash she overheard her father behind her. When she heard his words, her eyes narrowed in anger and disgust.

"It was unfortunate what happened." Oscar said.

"Nothing could be done, it was a wonder that it didn't happen sooner." Mimori said.

"Well that experiment broke her mind, it was something unfortunate, but it was always a possibility." Oscar replied.

"But how cruel of her to kill that doll and then take her own life in such a horrific way. Even as a psychologist, I find it a very selfish thing to do." Mimori said quietly.

"Well, once the service is over, we can tell her the good news, Mimori." Oscar replied, wrapping his arm around the woman.

"Disgusting." Asuka muttered under her breath.

As the service finished, and the mourners began to step away, Asuka's grandmother turned to her. "Liebchen, are you alright? You're very quiet."

"I'm fine grandmother." Asuka replied curtly.

"You know liebchen, its ok to cry." Asuka's grandmother, Isolda Zeppelin Soryu, said quietly. "I cried when your grandfather died. And his only request was that he be buried in my hometown, so I could finally return home to him when I pass on." Isolda indicated a headstone two over from Kyoko's that read "Isoroku Musashi Soryu 1932–1999."

"I don't need to cry anymore grandmother." Asuka said sternly.

"Liebchen, I know you're angry your momma is gone, but she's in a better place." Isolda told her stubborn granddaughter. "So, you don't have to be so brave, you're a child after all."

"I'm no longer a child." Asuka said. "I'll never cry again grandmother, I have to take care of myself now."

Isolda was shocked at what she was hearing, and it was only to be made worse when Oscar and Mimori showed up. "Hello, Isolda, how are you. I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Mimori Shikinami, Kyoko's psychologist."

"It's nice to meet you, Frau Soryu." Mimori said. "I just wish it were under better circumstances."

"Pleasure." Isolda said shortly.

"Well Asuka, I have some news for you." Oscar said.

"What." Asuka replied curtly.

Oscar, ignoring Asuka's apparent anger kept going forward. "You remember Mimori, don't you?"

"Yes, she was there that day." Asuka said.

"Well, I have a surprise for you." Oscar said excitedly. "I asked Mimori to move in with us. Isn't that exciting?"

"Not really." Asuka said.

"Schwein!" Isolda shouted. "How dare you besmirch my daughter's memory at her ficken funeral! I knew you were never good enough for her, you scum!"

"Don't make a scene, Isolda, I don't want to do this here." Oscar replied.

"It's too late for that you scheisse!" Isolda said loudly. "I was going to bring this up later, but you leave me no choice. I want custody of Asuka. You clearly have a bad sense of judgement, and I'd rather be the one to look after the girl."

"Not on your life you hag!" Oscar shouted back. "You will not be taking my daughter from me! EVER!"

"Oh, I will, you're an unfit parent!" Isolda said in a quieter tone. "I'll be sure to make your life hell if you don't turn over custody of her to me right now!"

"It will never happen." Oscar said. "Firstly, because I will call my father, who's very well connected to the legal system here in Germany, we have family ties in very important places, and once he makes that phone call, you'll end up in prison for murder, treason, and embezzlement."

"Is that a threat Langley?" Isolda asked.

"No, it's a fucking promise." Oscar replied. "So leave here now before you make me agitated and I sick the authorities on your anyway. And never contact me or my family again. You're now as dead to me and Asuka as Kyoko is."

Isolda was in tears over what had just transpired. She bent down and hugged Asuka tightly. "I'm sorry Asuka, I won't be able to see you again."

Asuka, still refusing to cry hugged her grandmother softly. "I know it's not your fault grandmother." Asuka said sweetly. "I'll miss you."

Isolda left without another words, and shot Oscar a look of utter contempt.

Oscar was beckoned over by the priest, and as he left he gave instructions to his girlfriend. "Mimori!" Oscar shouted. "Take Asuka to the car!"

"Alright, Oscar." Mimori replied, and she took Asuka's hands and went towards the car. Mimori turned to Asuka as they walked over. "Asuka, I know this all seems confusing right now, but everything will be alright." Mimori said. "It will just take time."

Asuka stood there silently.

"I'm not moving in to replace your mother, I just want to be there for you and your father. Asuka, I know you're a very bright girl, I know that you will be fine." Mimori said gently. "Just remember, you can consider me like a kind of step–mother if you'd like."

"You're not my mother, and you never will be." Asuka said defiantly. "My mother's dead."

To Be Continued

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