Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode III: Revenge of Ikari

Chapter 8 – Best Served Cold
April 28, 2005 – Gehirn HQ, Geofront–01, Tokyo–3

Gendo was sitting in his office and reviewing all the data that had been collected during both Yui and Kyoko's tests. He was determined to find out the cause behind the deaths of the women he loved.

"I know there is something in these files to find, but whoever did this knew their way around the system quite well. Almost too well, like they knew where to hide things, to at least make it hard to find." Gendo said as he contained meticulously scanning the files for any discrepancies he could find. "I've looked over all the equipment data, the data going to the control center, and any other signal or transmission I could find. Everything worked properly up until everything went haywire. But something had to have caused it."

Gendo sighed heavily and leaned back in his chair. "This must be what it looked like for Katsuragi for the few moments he was alive after it started. Everything was going fine and then, out of nowhere all hell breaks loose." Gendo said. "But that was caused with a snippet of computer code to force the computer to report as though everything were normal, but in reality…" Gendo stopped himself, and realized if SEELE was truly being honest with everything, he'd look in the same place they tampered with to create Second Impact, and presumably what caused Mari accident as well. "The computer files, I need to check the computer files for the test run. God, I'm an idiot, I should thought of that weeks ago!"

Gendo flipped through the files on his desktop, finding the code data from the control console during the test. He began to scroll through everything from the morning of the test, looking for any unauthorized edits frim when Yui closed out the system the night before until the test began. After about 7 hours of a line by line search, he found what he was looking for, a piece of coding he recognized as one of his own creation.

"There it is, the coding I made to initiate Second Impact." Gendo said as he stared at the coding on screen. "That same self–erase function is still there, they didn't even bother to change it, just the executable program. But what would this coding have done, exactly?"

Gendo pulled up a virtual recreation of the test scenario and entered the coding he found into the simulation and ran it. Everything that happened that day was recreated in exact detail. "So, the coding is set to override all system safeties while reporting falsely back to the computer everything is fine when the soul transfer process was initiated. That's so brilliant it would have gone undetected unless someone knew exactly what they were looking for." Gendo said breathing heavily. "I can't believe this actually happened, someone intentionally did this to Yui, to Kyoko, to Mari. What did they ever do to anyone?"

Gendo checked the timestamp on the changes, and compared it to when the test started. "Ah, immediately before the test began, someone inserted some new code into the control console." Gendo said. "But who would have done that… the only people up there at that time besides myself, Fuyutsuki, and Shinji was… no it couldn't be… she wouldn't." Gendo looked at the timestamp again. "Neither one of us were anywhere near that console, meaning the only person who could have done this was… Naoko Akagi."

Gendo slammed his fists hard on his desk. "That fucking cunt, she took my wife from me, and then probably sabotaged the attempt to bring her back!"

Gendo grabbed a mug of coffee sitting on his desk, and tasted it, the coffee had gone soul, and in his rage he threw it at his wall, shattering the mug and leaving a mark on the wall. "How will I deal with her betrayal? She deserves to die, but simply murdering her would be of no use." Gendo said to himself.

Gendo got up and paced around his office, pondering on his revenge. "Well, I know I want her dead, but it can't be obvious, it has to be done in the most underhanded way possible. I know she didn't act alone, she had the backing of SEELE, and they were the only ones with access to that code, so her death has to be above suspicion." Gendo stood in front of his office's massive window and looked out over the Geofront. "The only way to kill someone and truly make it look like an accident is to make them do the deed for you." Gendo then started to laugh loudly. "I've got it, I'll use her own fears against her… I'm sure they have something in her psych file that I can use against her…" Gendo said as the beginnings of his revenge were being sown in his mind.

May 4, 2005 – Gehirn HQ, Geofront–01, Tokyo–3

Rei was in the lower levels of Gehirn in the areas deemed heavily restricted by the Director, Gendo Ikari. That didn't matter to Rei, however, as she had made a key card for herself to go anywhere in the base undetected. Rei was wandering around because Gendo had meetings all day, so she decided it would be a good time to explore the base uninterrupted.

The first room Rei found was a storage area filled with nothing but boxes stacked all the way to the ceiling. "What a boring room, why do they need so many boxes anyway?" Rei said to Mew. "Let's go somewhere else and find something more fun."

Rei wondered farther down the hall and came to a large set of doors. Rei swiped her card and went inside the dark room. She fumbled around for a light switch, and when she found it, flipped them on to reveal a massive humanoid creature suspended from the ceiling. It had a white helmet with orange highlights on with a single red eye was fixed in the center of its imposing blank face. There was a blood red orb was fixed in its chest, it had some orange armor plating with white trim on its arms, upper chest, and lower torso, leaving much of the center of its torso unarmored and legs. "Wow, this is cool!" Rei said running forward to its massive unarmored legs. Rei reached out and touched the beast. It felt cold to the touch, and did react in any way. "It's a robot, but it feels like it has skin!" Rei exclaimed. "That's so weird!"

"I wonder why it's down here not being used." Rei said as she wandered back out in to the hallway. "And who paints a robot orange? That's so stupid, it should be blue with white highlights."

Rei next found a storage room that held a six long metal tubes. They were primarily white and featured a gray painted area with large slots that looked like retro rockets, and a large hatch that went inside. Rei approached the metal tube and looked at it. It had an emergency hatch on the side with butterfly handles. "I wonder what this thing is for? It's kinda big, and it doesn't look like a missile." Rei said as she looked the object over. Upon closer inspection, Rei saw it was labeled as a "Prototype Entry Plug – For Use With Evangelion Unit–00 Only." Rei just looked at the lettering with a puzzled look. "Entry into what, those giant robots? How does that fit inside something that looks human?" Rei said to the stuffed Mew in her hand.

Rei placed Mew gently on the ground and tried to pry open the emergency hatch. However, she could not make the butterfly handles move "I can't open this stupid thing, it's too hard. How would they get someone out in an emergency?" Rei mused. "I hope no one ever gets trapped in one of these sill things."

Finding herself also bored with this room, Rei picked up Mew, and left to go somewhere else to find something more interesting.

Rei ended up wandering all the way around to the other side of the level she was on and found an identical room to the one which held the orange clad robot. "Hey Mew, I wonder if there's another fleshy robot in this room too?" Rei slid her access card through the reader. "Let's go find out."

The door slid open to another darkened room where Rei found the light switch much quicker, as this lab seemed to be an exact duplicate of the lab that held the orange plated robot. Lying in front of her was an equally large creature restrained by several plates of armor on its head, chest, arms and thighs and connected to some thingy with a series of tubes and wires running to the armored plating. It was laying on its back, leaving a white metallic artificial looking spine section jutting out its organic back. Its skin was gray and brown in places and looked a bit like a patchwork with its skin tone. Its eyes were closed, and it had what appeared to be hair the same color as Rei's, a pale blue. In the center of its torso was an identical blood red orb as the orange robot had, with a scaffold ladder leading up to it. Rei climbed the ladder quietly a she wanted a closer look at the beast.

She looked into the blood red orb and saw her reflection in it. But Rei's reflection moved while she was staying still. "Is that really my reflection in there? It's not holding Mew!" Rei said, as she reached out her hand and touched the unmoving reflection. "Who is that?"

When Rei touched it, she felt a warm sensation in her arm. "Why does this feel so warm? It's so cold in here, it should be cold too." Rei said quietly. The sensation gripped her very soul. "I feel like what I'm touching is a part of myself, something I lost long ago." Rei felt something warm on her face, so she let go of Mew and with her free hand wiped her face and realized what they were. "Tears?" Rei said in a surprised tone. "But I'm not sad, why am I crying?"

"Crying does not mean you are sad." A voice said. "Are you me? You feel familiar."

"No, I am Rei Ayanami." Rei replied. "Who are you?"

"You are Rei Ayanami?" The voice replied. "I do not know my name, all I know is that I am lonely and sad."

"Why are you sad?" Rei asked politely.

"Because I am alone." The voice said.

"What are you alone?" Rei inquired.

"I do not know why I am alone, I simply am." The voice said sadly. "Can you make me fell less alone? Would you join me?"

"I can't go with you, I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." Rei replied, taking her hand off the orb, and the voice did not reply.

Rei picked Mew up off the ground. "These things are weird Mew. They seem kinda dangerous to be around." Rei looked over at the orb again and caught a glimpse of the figure she saw before. "Why would you keep something like this around?" Rei pondered. "And what was inside of that thing?"

Rei quickly crept away from the massive beast and went back into the hallway. She continued to wander around thinking about the orb and the two beasts she saw in the labs. She walked around and came to an open room labeled "Central Core" with the only source of light coming from several CRT monitors running some code. There was an older woman sleeping on the floor against bunch of pipes underneath a large metal framework that extended some 20 feet into the air.

There were three such towers in the room, and they were all in an equal state of incompleteness. Rei wandered up to the computer screens and looked at them. Each one was running a joint simulation either labeled "Melchior", "Balthasar", or "Casper" with each screen in flashing red or blue between long lengths of code that looked like a conversation between the three computer screens.

"I probably shouldn't touch these, I don't know what they are for, and I don't want to break them." Rei said quietly as she saw the screens flash different colors blue, blue, red. She then turned to the sleeping woman, who appeared to be having a bad dream, and had a trickle of drool dripping onto her shirt. Rei left her undisturbed and seeing nothing else of interest in the room, held Mew to her chest, and left to go back upstairs before Gendo noticed she had wandered off.

Naoko Akagi then awoke from her nightmare of Unit–01 coming to life and devouring her for her role in trapping Yui in the Core. As Naoko became aware of her surroundings again, she noticed a young girl wandering away from her. Still a bit unsteady from just waking up, Naoko wiped the drool from her face and ran after the girl. 'Damn kids, always getting away from their parents.' Naoko thought as she chased the girl down. 'This isn't a fucking daycare center, it's a laboratory filled with things that could easily kill a child and then what, they'll cry over the loss?'

Naoko was almost able to catch up with the young girl and her stuffed toy which she caught a small glimpse of as she rounded a corner. She thought her hair looked blue. 'What the hell kind of person dyes the hair of a child pale blue? At least go with an exciting color like purple or green or pink.' Naoko thought as she ran. 'And people think I'm a bad parent…'

Naoko saw the girl stop at the elevator and it opened the moment she pressed the button, but as Naoko was getting closer, in her haste, she tripped and fell down hard on the metal floor. "Goddamnit all!" Naoko said as she struggled back to her feet, but by the time she got to the elevator, it had gone.

"I wonder who that girl was?" Naoko said as she heard the elevator moving away. "I guess I'll never know now."

May 12, 2005 – Gehirn HQ, Geofront–01, Tokyo–3

Fuyutsuki was walking to Gendo's office. He had been called there most urgently by Gendo who needed to speak with him about something apparently so important, any of his other work would have to wait.

As he rounded the corner heading for Gendo's office, Fuyutsuki noticed a small girl walking towards a room not far from Gendo's office. It was Rei, clutching Mew in her arms. "Hello Mr. Fuyutsuki, how are you today."

"I'm doing well Rei, how are you?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"Bored." Rei replied. "Papa sent me to go into this room to play, he said he had an important meeting that I couldn't stay for, so he sent me here." Rei smiled at Fuyutsuki. "Are you that important meeting Mr. Fuyutsuki?"

"I guess I am Rei, I'm on my way to see him now." Fuyutsuki said.

"You better hurry, he doesn't like when people are late…" Rei said as opened the door to the room which was filled with toys and other thigs a kid may find fun to do. "Have fun at your meeting."

"Thank you, Rei, I will try." Fuyutsuki replied as he hurried off.

He made it to Gendo's door just in the nick of time and hurriedly knocked on the door.

"You don't have to knock Fuyutsuki, I know you're coming." Gendo said from behind the door. "Come in and lock it behind you."

Fuyutsuki entered the room and did as he was told. He then took the familiar long walk up to Gendo's desk and stood there in front of him. "You wanted to see me about something?"

"Yes, Fuyutsuki." Gendo said. "It is of mutual interest to us both."

"Well, what would you like to discuss, Ikari?" Fuyutsuki said, not liking the suspense.

"The topic is getting Yui back from the Core of Unit–01." Gendo said simply.

"And how the hell do you intend to do that?" Fuyutsuki said loudly. "We've already tried to bring her back, and all we got was the scraps of flesh and soul that I used to create Rei! What possible plan could you have to get her back?!"

"A plan and outline given to us by none other than SEELE itself, the Human Instrumentality Project." Gendo said.

"What?!" Fuyutsuki shouted. "Are you out of your fucking mind?!"

"No, actually this plan is the most outlandish plan I could think of, but our attempt to truly bring her back was foiled by that bitch Akagi." Gendo said. "So, I need to think outside the box for this one."

"How did you find out it was her." Fuyutsuki asked. "I want going to tell you until I found proof, but I have been unable to find any as of yet."

"Not to worry, professor, I found evidence that I intend not tell anyone else about but you." Gendo said. "She entered in a few lines of computer code into the contact experiment and the recovery attempt to keep them from running smoothly. It's the same code I used to initiate Second Impact, I wrote the self–erase protocol myself, so I recognized it the moment I saw it. I narrowed it down to who would have done it, and considering who was in the room, she was the only logical culprit."

"Ikari, all this is well and good, but how will you… we… get back at them." Fuyutsuki asked.

"Well, that is the complicated part, Fuyutsuki, it will take some time to explain." Gendo said.

"I don't have anything else pressing to do, Ikari." Fuyutsuki said. "Please, go ahead."

"Alright then." Gendo said. "After some thought on the matter, the best way I could accomplish my goals of stopping SEELE and getting Yui back boiled down to hijacking the Human Instrumentally Project from SEELE before they can implement it on their terms. By using all the equipment, personnel, and power SEELE throw at us to bring their plans to fruition, considering they are not here monitoring us at all times, we can use that to our advantage. We can hijack instrumentally."

"How exactly?" Fuyutsuki asked. "How will you be able to mold your plan around what SEELE has planned?"

"SEELE gave me access to the Dead Sea Scrolls and I have been able to read a great deal of the apocrypha. I realize now that their entire plan is based upon supposition and loose interpretations of ancient texts that have a different meaning to different people." Gendo said. "Importantly to your other question, I will be using the Evangelions of course, and their pilots. SEELE plans for 13 units to be built in total, and three are currently under construction. Unit–00, Unit–01, and Unit–02 are all being manufactured, but cannot be completed without pilots, and with Unit–00 not having a soul available to it for installation, Project E is now vastly behind schedule, meaning all of SEELE's subsequent plans, mainly instrumentality, are now delayed until the issue can be resolved, thanks to you." Gendo smiled at Fuyutsuki.

"Project E will never be shut down for any length of time, it's too important to SEELE to be stopped." Fuyutsuki said.

"I intend to get the project halted by ordering Naoko to hold up production on all units until a solution to the Core problem can be found. It will take her some time as I continue to give her more responsibilities, which will split her focus." Gendo said proudly. "And then, after I've done that, I will be able to control when SEELE can begin sending those Angels our way by keeping our sole line of defense at bay. Resources can then be diverted to completing the citadel that will be Tokyo–3."

"Fine, but what do the pilots have to do with it?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"We will need the pilots to control the Evangelions, and they will be under our watchful eye, and there are only few options for who will be able to pilot. With them, we can control the outcome by being able to predict how they will react to certain situations." Gendo said.

"But who will the pilots be exactly?" Fuyutsuki said. "Don't we need some sort of program to formally train pilots and select pilots?"

"Well, pilot selection is key. We will need pilots compatible with the cores of the Evangelions, which narrows the field down to only those who can emotional sync with those who are indie the cores. We have three Evangelions currently, and you already know all three pilots that I intend to have selected through the Marduk Institute." Gendo said.

"The Marduk Institute? What the hell is that?" Fuyutsuki asked. "And what pilots are compatible with the Evangelions?"

"The Marduk Institute is a dummy organization that is supported by 108 front companies who are controlled by Gehirn and SEELE. With this organization I have absolute authority to choose whoever I want to pilot." Gendo said. "You created the First Child, and you've met the Second Child, who should be getting her notification in the next few weeks from the Marduk Institute."

"You want to drag Rei into this?" Fuyutsuki asked. "What part will she play, how can she be used as a pilot, she doesn't have a mother. And why drag Asuka into this?"

"I will explain that in a moment." Gendo said. "But as of right now, I've selected Rei as the first child, and she will begin her physical and mental training in the next few days. I've also earmarked Unit–00 for Rei to be the pilot of." Gendo paused. "And yes, Ms. Soryu and Nigoki will be brought into play very soon. It's a shame I have to do it, but it is a necessary evil. It really is SEELE's fault they let me choose the pilots. Seeing as they are the crux of my plan. And you know the Third Child as well, he will not come into play for some time."

"It's Shinji isn't it?" Fuyutsuki asked. "Why Shinji Gendo, why bring him into this."

"Yes, it is Shinji." Gendo replied. "He will be the instrument to bring my wife and his mother, back."

"Alright, how exactly are you planning on hijacking instrumentality from SEELE? That sounds almost impossible." Fuyutsuki asked. "And how does Shinji play into all of this."

"You've seen all the data from Antarctica regarding Adam, correct? The Lance of Longinus is currently sitting at the bottom of Antarctic Dead Sea. It is the last remaining weapon of the two Seeds that battled in what was termed by us as First Impact. When Lilith stabbed Adam with it, she won the fight and created mankind, burying Adam in Antarctica. The Lance was used again to create Second Impact. SEELE wishes to recover that to initiate a Third Impact and create a world that they can control. But there is another way to initiate an Impact, as I've found out." Gendo asked. "By awakening one of these units, preferably Unit–01, and turning it into a god, it can use its new power to create a new world."

"Ok, how do you turn a biomechanical machine into a god exactly?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"The how is simple, Fuyutsuki, by combining the body and soul of Lilith with the body of Adam, and having them merge with Unit–01, in its god–like state, it will be able to warp reality to the whims of its pilot. How Shinji will react by being abandoned by me will make him want to have everyone become one singular being, he will chose this because he hates being alone." Gendo replied.

"Yes but what do the bodies of the two Angels have to do with anything, and wasn't Adam's body destroyed by Second Impact?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"His original body was destroyed, Fuyutsuki, but it was recreated in a larval state, and sealed in Bakelite during our expedition to the Antarctic. Chairman Keel has possession of the body and soul of Adam, and he has them under guard." Gendo threw pictures of the two across his desk, showing the orange semi–transparent Bakelite shaped in an oblong form with rounded corners containing an embryo in a thick padded case, and a cryogenic stasis tube filled with LCL that held a young boy, about 10 years of age with red eyes and silvery white hair.

Fuyutsuki looked at the pictures in disgust. "So this is what happened to Adam, separated into two, and left in the care of that madman!" Fuyutsuki shouted.

"Yes, well, when you have your boorish cousin placed in charge of Gehirn Germany, it tends to allow powerful artifacts such as these to be procured for the worst possible party." Gendo said. "As to why those two Angels are special, it's because they bare the gifts of life and knowledge. You are only to possess one of these seeds, either life, or what we have deemed to be the S2 Engine, or knowledge. If one were to be in possession of both, they would be a god able to do anything they pleased."

"How does Rei figure in all this?" Fuyutsuki shouted. "Why do this to her, she's only a child, she deserves to be able to choose her own path!"

"Unfortunately, when you created her, you created a god in a human's body. Lilith's soul and some of her DNA reside within Rei's body." Gendo sighed deeply. "She is the key to our plan, she will merge with Adam's body, and then go into Lilith and merge with her body, becoming an immortal being. She will then merge with an awakened Unit–01 and with the guidance of Shinji, create a new world. Brother and sister paving a new path for humanity, and freeing Yui from her cage inside of Shogoki." Gendo paused for a moment to collect his thoughts. "Because Rei is so important, and we both know that she is going to be needed for this plan, I need you to create spare bodies for her in case she were to die, or if these illnesses were to weaken her too much to continue to use the same body. I do not want to use them, but, I believe if something were to happen to Rei, all of this would be for nothing."

"You want me to make spare bodies for Rei?! How many do you think we need?" Fuyutsuki asked indignantly.

"We'll need as many as you can create." Gendo said solemnly. "They should be able to be preserved in LCL indefinitely. So they can be kept and matured in reserve until we need them, which I do hope we do not. They may have another purpose than simply being a vessel for Rei."

"I guess I could start a process to clone more Rei bodies." Fuyutsuki said. "Alright, if all this really is feasible and we can somehow make this idea of yours work, how will we put a soul into Unit–00?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"We'll need a fragment of Lilith's soul to go into the Unit, harvested from what's inside Rei." Gendo explained. "If her body's health keeps declining as it is, than that won't be too long off, and we can separate the soul at our discretion, without having to put Rei under any sort of painful procedure."

"Well, I found a way to extend the life of Rei's body, I can't find a permanent solution, but I can stave off it degenerating with weekly injections of a compound I developed." Fuyutsuki said. "But how can Rei pilot Unit–00 without a mother? Wouldn't Lilith's soul be incompatible with Rei?"

"Well, as the theory goes, the mother/child relationship is the strongest way to sync two souls. Now, Lilith is the progenitor of mankind, meaning she is everyone's mother, making her the best possible candidate for a universal soul to sync with." Gendo said. "Lilith could be used to allow anyone to sync with her. So it solves the problem of allowing Rei to pilot."

"Ok, so if that theory holds true, how will you get additional pilots?" Fuyutsuki asked. "You can only really use the soul of someone's mother…"

"SEELE already has a plan to get people moved to Tokyo–3 to be used in experiments that will kill them, and their souls will be harvested, and their children will be left in reserve as additional pilots for the other 10 units." Gendo sad sadly. "I don't like it, but I can't stop them from doing it, they will begin that process in a few months of looking for children around the age of Shinji and Asuka. It's an unfortunate sacrifice that is needed for the greater good."

"That's atrocious, but on par for SEELE isn't it." Fuyutsuki said. "But if everything goes according to plan, but what do we do about Naoko? She can't be trusted with anything we try to do, she works for SEELE."

"Ah, my plan for that is quite elaborate." Gendo said, pulling a file from his desk. "I looked into to her psych profile in her personnel records. It says she has a need to be loved by someone she views as powerful and in charge. I believe that is why she was always so hostile towards Yui, because she had me, and Naoko didn't." Gendo sighed. "So, I plan one starting a relationship with her to throw her off her guard, she'll be completely unaware of my intentions until it's too late, and by that point, I intend to break her heart and send her downward spiral of depression by dating her daughter, who we've had under surveillance for some time. By giving her my love and then betraying in the worst possible way, she will most likely commit suicide."

"Ikari, that awful!" Fuyutsuki said moving closer to Gendo's desk. "How could that be your plan to that?"

"Simply because Fuyutsuki, she decided to take the wrong side in this fight, and she took my wife from me." Gendo said angrily through gritted teeth. "I intend to make her as happy as I was and then take it away from her as fast as she did to me. She'll get what she deserves."

"Ikari…" Fuyutsuki said. "I can understand why, but can you rethink that a bit?" Fuyutsuki now move dot the side of the desk with Gendo swiveling his chair to continue to gaze directly at Fuyutsuki.

"Absolutely not!" Gendo shouted. "She deserves far worse, and this is the most civilized way to get the revenge I want without actually getting my hands dirty."

"It won't be your hands that get dirty, Ikari." Fuyutsuki said coldly, eyeing the man in the chair with a burning rage in his eyes.

"I understand what parts of me will become soiled, and when I get Yui back, I do hope she'll forgive me." Gendo replied snidely. "I want to make sure this revenge goes over as smoothly as possible." Gendo tossed out a few pictures, all featuring Asuka and Shinji together. "Because of SEELE the children's lives have changed, I want to use them so they can get some revenge on them too, for Yui, for Kyoko, for Mari, for those 3 billion people who died. It's all about revenge Fuyutsuki, don't you realize that? That's why I'm doing this now."

"So, all of this is just for revenge?" Fuyutsuki yelled, shoving Gendo out of his chair in a sudden rage. "I thought your entire purpose for joining up with SEELE and Gehirn was to protect the world?" He kicked the prone Gendo a few times in anger. "I didn't think you would destroy it for your own means!"

"It was my original intention when I started all of this to protect the world, as I'm sure Yui informed you, but things change Fuyutsuki, goals change." Gendo smiled widely as he stood up, unaffected by the beating Fuyutsuki had tried to give him. "I'm guessing then you don't want to be a part of this plan."

Fuyutsuki threw Gendo up against the wall and pummeled him with his fists "Of course not, you pathetic fuck!" Fuyutsuki roared. "How could you consider doing that to Yui?! If you think she's still alive, why would you dare to cheat on her like some lowly piece of shit?! You don't deserve her, you never did!"

At this Gendo fought back finally, kneeing Fuyutsuki in the gut and pushing him to the ground, and coughing over his chest putting his face right in front of Fuyutsuki's. "How dare you assume I do this out of anything other than revenge!" Gendo said venomously. "She would never have loved you, old man, she loved me." Fuyutsuki's brow furled as Gendo spoke. "Ah, a hint of surprise that I noticed you loved her? Do you think I'm that dense, like everyone else assumes I'm a cold blooded son of a whore? I'm not stupid, I've known of your feelings for her since the moment I met you when you bailed me out for that bar fight. Everyone was enamored with her, including you, but she chose me above all those others, because I did one small thing for her, I switched lunches with her because I was trying to be nice, the one and only fucking time being nice ever did anything for me, it was with her. I know I don't deserve her, but don't you ever think that again, because no matter what I did, I always made sure she was happy, I did all this to try and make her happy, and I failed. All I want now is to bring her back to apologize and to see her once last time, because I know she'll never want me again."

Fuyutsuki looked shocked at what Gendo had said. 'Yui was right, he does truly love her.' Fuyutsuki thought.

Gendo got up from where he was crouching over Fuyutsuki and cleared his throat. "So, Fuyutsuki, do are you behind me on this?"

Fuyutsuki struggled to get himself off the floor, and looked used the desk to pick himself up. "I don't like parts of your plan, Ikari, but you're right, I want Yui back too, and those kids deserve some sort of closure in all this." Fuyutsuki said taking another look at the pictures Gendo had of the two smiling children together. He took them and placed them in his pocket. "So if this plan of yours can work, I'm behind it. SEELE needs to be stopped, and Yui shouldn't have to suffer any longer than she needs to. But you seem to have a very long term plan, and I mean very long term. Why is it so stretched out?"

"Very good Fuyutsuki. I'm glad you're behind me on this." Gendo said, still smiling. "Well, the children need to mature, and of course you know what they say, Fuyutsuki. Revenge is a dish…"

"…Best served cold." Fuyutsuki finished. "And in ten years it will be awfully cold, Ikari."

"Of course Fuyutsuki, that's the best part, after so long, SEELE won't see it coming." Gendo finished.

To Be Continued

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I realize this chapter is a bit short, but it's meant to be. It needed to be on its own as I is a very important piece of the story we never got fully before. I have actually been building up to this chapter for a while. This chapter does set up all of Gendo plans and motivations going into the Angels Arc and why he thinks his plans are so important. He lays out his reasons for doing much of what he did in the show, and why he views

But as we all know, nothing ever goes according to plan if hormonal teenagers and angry trapped souls are put in the mix.

Also, Gendo did bring Rei to work with him in his office as he looked having her around. No one knew she was there because Gendo only really had meetings with Fuyutsuki in his office, and otherwise went to his conference room to have any important meetings with his high level staff. So this is why Rei was wandering around because she was passing the time till she could spend time with Gendo again.

Yes, she did contact the soul of Yui on a whim, as the sous are connected because Rei's soul is a large portion of Lilith's (what isn't trapped with Mari) and a copied portion of Yui's souls, making Unit–01 as much of sibling to her as Shinji is. She also sees her successor's (Rei II) Evangelion and the place of her death and the person who commits the heinous crime all in one fun filled night at Gehirn.

As I said before, and will always say at the end of chapter, please leave comments, as I would like to try to improve the story going forward any way I can. And, hell, constructive criticism is a good thing.