Author's Note: A small fan fiction that I've wanted to do because I couldn't get the idea of this what-if off my head, I had this chapter written for a few weeks and was deciding whether or not to publish it. Note that this is not going to be a very long fan fiction, just a short one, and won't get as updated as Saiyan of Equestria or Life of a Zero Dragon! Or any of the others for that matter. Still, it's a good idea in my personal opinion.

Summary: When Subaru was discovering whether or not he could use magic, Pack told him it seemed like he didn't have a gate. Despite being told that it would be useless for him to even try to use magic since he didn't have one, he attempted anyway, something switched on, something like electric circuits. Perhaps, just perhaps, he could actually be a hero and save everyone.


Chapter 1: Activation By Pain

"By the way, what kind of magic does Emilia-tan use?"

This was Natsuki Subaru's question to a puff, cat-looking, pink colored spirit floating a few meters above the ground in a relaxed position.

Natsuki Subaru, or just normally called, Subaru, is a seven-teen-year-old Japanese male with short black eye and brown eyes. The man usually wore a common tracksuit, but he had employed himself under the local mansion lord's service as a reward for saving Emilia, thus he wore a butler's black outfit fitted to his size.






Time, and time again, he's died, and time and time again, he's returned by death.

Subaru had come into this fantasy world from the peaceful and safe realm of modern Japan and was wholly unprepared. Luckily, or perhaps, unluckily, he had the ability to return to a 'save point' like all those RPGs he used to play. Unfortunately for him, death is still very, very painful, both physically and mentally. He was both blessed and cursed, unable to speak about it without dying, numerous times he tried to gain the approval of the Mansion's residents, and numerous times he's died at the hands of those he had loyalty towards.

But this time was different.

This time, he would gain the trust of everyone.

This time, he will find that shaman that would attack the mansion!

This time, everyone would survive and a happy ending will occur!

The spirit floating in the air replied, "Technically Lia isn't really a magic-user," then he turned to face Subaru, "That goes for her contract with me, too." Once Puck finished saying that he floating down quickly, spun around the seven-teen-year-old and exclaimed, "She uses spirit arts!"

"So those who use magic and spirit arts are different..." Natsuki Subaru said to Puck.

Puck, the little spirit, answered while raising a paw, "Magic users cast magic with their own mana, but those who use spirit arts draw mana in the atmosphere."

"And how are those different, sensei!?" He questioned.

"Basically, it depends on whether you use a gate."

"A gate?"

Puck curled his long tail to make a circle in front of the spirit's face, "Mana passes through a gate within your body, through the gate you both draw mana in and expel it out."

Subaru nodded in understanding, thinking back to his own world's video game terms. "Ah, so it's like a spigot for mp..."

The pink spirit pointed a paw to Subaru's head, "You should also have one, Subaru."

"You mean I can cast magic too?!" The human answered in excitement at the prospect of doing magic.

"Want me to figure out your attribute? Magic-users are divided into four attributes, fire, water, wind, and earth attributes..." Puck said as the spirit pressed the tip of his tail on Subaru's forehead.

A bright white light circle appeared on his head, the sound of humming magic filling the air around them.

"Whoa, it's totally a magic sound effect!" He commented.


Puck released his tail, blinking, for once, shocked about something.

"Huh?" Subaru said he's never seen the spirit shocked at something before.

"Well, Puck?" Emilia, the white-hued long haired spirit-user came walking towards them, having heard most of the conversation, "What's his attribute, Puck?" She said happily.

Puck recollected himself, returning to a bright cheerful expression, floating upside down he answered.

"Subaru surprised me, it looked like he didn't have a gate! But I felt something like earth, but more refined!"

"Refined... Refined earth?" Subaru questioned, "So does that mean I can do any earth spells?"

"I think it'll actually be useless for you to try magic if your gate is all smashed up like that," Puck said.

"What! But, magic will be super helpful in tons of things I'm sure!" He retorted.

"Well everyone can use magic," Emilia said, "But most people don't know any spells despite having a gate."

"Still, can we try anyway?" He said to Puck.

"Sure, I'll give you a beginner's course!"

Puck floated right in front of Subaru, beginning the explanation on what the spirit will do to add the young and excited human.

"I'll act as a support, and use the mana inside you, so the magic will come from your gate." He said, then looked to Emilia who stood to the side, "Lia, on the off-chance that Subaru's magic goes out of control and explodes, you should step away for safety."

Emilia walks a dozen or so meters away.

"Hey, that only happens if I screw up really badly right!?" He exclaimed dramatically.

Puck turned his head, "I doubt you can use magic, but if you can be so optimistic like this maybe you'll succeed out of pure luck!" He began, then continued, "Now, visualize the mana in you then expel a part of it through your gate, out of your body."

"Visualizing I can do. Fantasizing is what I do best!"

Puck began to focus on being a support of mana to aid in Subaru... But he couldn't find the human's gate. "That's weird..." He stated.

The Spirit focused deeper into Subaru, scouting out the boy's body for the gate, but instead, his mana came across something else, multiple lines that were embedded into every part of him, no, they were not lines, more like a different nervous system. He prodded the lines, pushing a big of mana into it which one of the lines flicked on brightly-

"Aggggggh!" Subaru started screaming in agony, causing Puck to retract back his mana.

"Subaru!" Emilia yelled in concern as she came running.

Then, he collapsed.

'Omm omm omm...' Sabaru thought to himself as he tried visualizing his mana, but how the hell was he suppose to do that? He tried thinking of his mystical blue energy that surrounding a white orb, but that all that happened, just his imagination.

'Damn, what am I suppose to do- Oh wait, I think Puck suppose to- whoa!' He saw something, like a flash, his vision seemed to guide him to an image of dormant lines, no, it would be more so correct to call them circuits from the insides of a computer. Only a quick look at them and he could count twenty-seven in total.

Then, one of them lit up, electricity coursing through him- It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!

"Aggggggggh!" He yelled and collapsed., eyes shut, he felt a sort of energy course through him, but it had no direction, nowhere to go, it became to pile in him.

'No- I can't die, not here! I have to, I have to save everyone! I gotta save them!' He thought as he clenched his teeth, using his own determination and willpower in a futile effort to push back the energy in him.

"Trace, off."

A voice... And the pain stopped...

But with it... Came images...

Something blurry, incredibly so, a blurry image of something like a sword.

A never ending fire... Burning everything in its path...

A hill, a hill on a dusk sunset... Covered in blades...

Then Subaru opened his eyes, finding himself on a wooden bench with Emilia and Puck over him, the former with a concerned expression.

"What... Happened?" He said, the pain now but a distant memory.

"Well, If I had to explain it," The pink ball spirit, Puck began to answer as he sat on the human's chest, "You have a very different gate, it's like split apart into multiple lines, each line when activated draws on your mana. When one of them turned on, instead of being brought out through a normal gate, it fills up and waits for direction. But you had none, so it kept filling up and that's why you collapsed."

He got up easily, a little numb, but otherwise perfectly fine. "Well thanks, I should get back to work."

Emilia eyes widened, "How you are up...?" She mumbled, having first believed he wouldn't have any mana, "You should take the day off, using your gate for the first time can be hard."

"No, I can't waste a single day!" He said, getting up on his feet. He patted his chest with a fist, "I got a lot of work to do still and I don't want the maid sisters worrying! So, sorry!"

"You shouldn't say sorry, it's a lot better to hear a thank you..."

He looked to her and smiled, "Okay..."

Natsuki Subaru looked back to the mansion, 'Well, everything's still going fine! I can do this, I will save everyone.'

The image of a large fire briefly appeared in his mind.

He grabbed his head from an ache, 'That's strange... I don't remember that at all...' He thought to himself.

"Subaru, are you sure you're alright?" Emilia asked.

"I'm fine!" He brightly said, "With your concern, I could run a thousand laps around the mansion if you so asked!" The Japanese man exclaimed.

And so, he ran off to continue his duties.

Unaware that at this point, everything changed.