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The aftermath:(Dan and Emma)
What happens after Jana exposes the wolfbloods secret?
It had been almost a year since Rhydian got to Canada and found Maddy and everything was going great. He was staying in a spare bedroom at the Smiths house. Shannon and Tom visited once a month and it had been almost a month since their last visit which meant it was about time for a visit. Maddy and Rhydian were out in the backyard racing when Maddy's parents got the call it was Shannon delivering some very bad news. *ring ring* it was Shannon . "Hello oh hey shannon what wrong you sound stressed" Maddy's mom said to Shannon. "Ms Smith there's a HUGE problem haven't you heard?" "No what is it Shannon?" "it's Jana she she exposed the wolfbloods on live television" "Oh my gosh I can't believe it who did she expose why what how" "slow down ms Smith me and Tom will be there tomorrow to explain everything ok." "Alright im going to go tell Maddy and Rhydian goodbye and see you tomorrow." "goodbye" and that was the end of that conversation. Ms Smith rushed to find her husband and when she finally did she almost knocked him right he yelped "what is it hun?" Dan asked. Completely forgetting anything about being calm she was frantic while she tried to explain to her husband who was dead set against anyone besides Shannon and Tom knowing since . "It's Jana" Emma said "whats wrong with her is everything alright?" Dan asked "she exposed us she exposed us all"
Emma cried. "what what happened do you mean she said that specifically we were wolfblodds" "I don't know I didn't get specifics we will get thoose tomorrow when Shannon and Tom get here." Outside Rhydian was giving Maddy a piggy back ride neither of them noticed Dan and Emma watching them through the window. "Dan do we really have to tell them now look at them they're so happy." "Not now but sometime today they need to know." "Alright." Dan and Emma went to go prepare for Tom and Shannons visit. Outside Maddy hopped off of Rhydians back and pulled him in close for a kiss Maddy and Rhydians lips almost touched before she pushed him away yelling race ya."Oh come on mads you know my ankle hurts from falling down the stairs earlier." Rhydian yelled after her. "Fine your just saying that cause you know I can beat you" Maddy retorted. "Oh now it's on Madiline Smith." Rhydian shouted as he ran after her. Finally catching up to her and tackling her Rhydian made the comment that she had gotten faster since they moved to Canada. "Ya it's probably because I have more room to run and I feel like I can be more myself and im not always worried that there is someone watching and hoping that they can catch it on camera." maddy said back. "Are you excited about Shannon and Tom coming over to spend the week tomrrow?" Rhydian asked Maddy "Ya I know that its been almost a month but it feels like its been at least a year. There is so much I want to tell her." Maddy answered. Just then Emma called them inside to tell them the news about Jana and everything. "Ya mum what Is it?" Maddy asked as soon as they were inside of the house. "It's Jana" was all ms Smith could get out before both Maddy and Rhydian were interrupting her asking if she was ok if she was still alive if she needed help. "Calm down Jana is alright we think." Dan said cutting them off. "Well then what is it?" Maddy asked. "She exposed us well not specifically us but wolbloods she gave away our secret." Emma said as Dan walked "What jana would never do that " maddy argued "I don't know exactly what happened all I know is that wolfbloods have been exposed and that shannon and tom are going to give us specifics when they get here tomorrow. "we may not have to wait that long." Dan called from the living room. Maddy,Rhydian and Emma all rushed to the living room at once just as they got in the living room the news lady was saying that less than 24 hours ago a whole pack of wolves walked into a conffrence between Segolia and the public and transformed into humans. More on this story on the six o clock news broadcast or go online now. "well then." said Rhydian "what do we now" he soon added on."we don't tell anyone that's for sure." maddy said a little jokingly trying to lighten the mood. "Maddy Rhydian would you leave me and Dan alone for a little bit." Emma asked "ya sure mom" maddy answered. Maddy and Rhydian left leaving emma and dan alone on the couch. "what do you think about all this mads?" rhydian asked. I think that she wouldn't have done it without a very very good reason and we need to know it. Also I think that we need to go do something to take our minds off of all this." maddy answered back to rhydian "like what"Rhydian asked "stay here ill be right back" maddy said to rhydian and went to go tell her parents that they would be back in time to see the six o clock news. Once she got there she stopped dead at the door she could hear crying through the half opened door. Her mother almost never cried so she just quickly popped in the door said that her and rhydian would be back not to worry and pretended that she never saw her mom with her face buried in her dads shirt balling her eyes out. "Alright les go" Maddy called to him as she ran past him into the forest. "And where are we going again?" Rhydian asked to maddy catching up to her. Maddy had always been faster than him but he was stronger."You will see when we get there." Maddy said through breathes. About ten minutes later Maddy stopped and told Rhydian that they were here. "Alright I see a cliff that appears to drop off to about nowere." Rhydian said clearly confused "I can hear a waterfall." he added. Maddy started taking off her clothes it was a little chilly but not to much it was the middle of summer and she had gotten used to the canadian coldness. "Mads what are you doing?" soon maddy was down to her bra and panties and then she dropped her clothes on the ground told rhydian to hurry up ran an jumped off of the cliff. Rhydian a little freaked out went to the edge and looked down and what see saw was beautiful it was his maddy jumping into aa big spring fed pond of clear water with fish and a waterfall on the far end of the pond he knew had had heard water. Soon enough he was down to his boxers and was jumping off the cliff to join maddy down in the water. The cold of the water on his skin stung when he first hit the water but by the time he had swam over to maddy who was sitting on a rock by what appeared to be a walkway to the top of the cliff he was used to the water and it felt good. "I found this when I went for a run yesterday I was going to wait till our next date to show it to you." maddy told him. She leaned her head against his shoulder and said something about how she had almost slipped off the edge when she first found this place. Just then they heard something ruffle the leaves behind them and they both quickly looked back just in time to see a deer fleeing the scene they both laughed and then Rhydian stood up on the rock and dived in but just before he did he said that last one to the rock in the very middle of the pond gets thrown in the water. Maddy quickly dove in afterhim but he had a head start and he beat her. Ha he shouted as he stood up on the rock. The water only came up to the twos shoulders not as much on rhydian because he was taller but maddy recently had a growth spurt and was almot there but not quite. The water around the rock they were on was deep enough for him to throw her in but instead he pulled her close for a kiss and they lips almost touched instead he put his arms around her waist picked her up and threw her in. she quickly swam to the closest wall around the pond and once she got there she realized that where she was wasn't just the wall of the pond but that the vines and moss climbing down the cliff was covering the entrance to a cave. Before rhydian noticed what she had discovered she turned on the rock she balanced on to face him and called him over. As soon as he was under water she slipped behind the vines so he wouldn't see her. Once he came up for air he discovered that maddy was no longer on the rock so he hurried over and noticed the cave. He slipped inside and called after her "mads mads where are" he didn't get to finish because as soon as he heard the water moving it was to late and she was on him. She had jumped on his back and was trying to pull him under the water it wasn't deep enough. Soon enough she was off of his back and he was trying to pick her up but she stood her ground and she looked up and him and pulled him in close for a kiss. Maddy soon let his tounge slip into her mouth, she could taste his hunger for more while he kissed her. Maddy and rhydian had both missed kissing like this they hadnt kissed like that in a while ever since maddys parents caught them making out in maddys bedroom. Now every time it started they would hear a noise and both pull away but this time there was no chance of maddys mom catching them. Rhydian picked maddy up and her legs wrapped around him and her pushed her up against the wall. They hadnt had sex yet but maddy was starting to think that this might be the moment that they did. She ran her fingers through his hair and he ran his hands down her back and back up stopping at her bra she pulled back just a little and he quickly moved his hands but she looked into his eyes and moved his hand back up to where her bra was and told him it was ok just with her eyes. He unhooked her bra but didn't pull it off. The water was only up to their shins so he sat down with maddy on his lap making a big splash which sent a swarm of bats flying out of the cave. Maddy jumped off of him while she screamed he laughed a little but it was to late to go back to where they were just a minute ago because maddy looked up through the hole in the vines the bats had created and saw that it was almost completely dark outside. "oh crap" maddy said telling rhydian to come on she fastened her bra and dove into the water figuring that it would be faster to swim under water she quickly swam to where the path to the top was and waited for rhydian to catch up. As soon as he got to her they took off to get their clothes back on and go home. By the time they reached the house they were almost completely dry from the wind and once they got inside maddys mom was there to scold them about not coming home before dark. That was the rule do what you want but unless you said that you would be home after dark then you need to be home before dark. "Sorry mum we just got caught up it wont happen again." maddy said. "Alright well what were you doing anyway?" "swimming" both maddy and rhydian said at once. "ok well into the living room your father recorded the news broadcast so we could watch it together since you weren't home when it came on" Emma said skeptically. After everyone was into the living room and situated dan turned on the news.