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No one knew why Maddy wasn't being held down but at that moment the reason why didn't matter. As Rhydian struggled to get away from his captor the claws around his neck went deeper.

"Stop struggling boy" said the Wolfblood holding him down.

"It'll only make it worse" Said the Wolfblood who was obviously the leader.

"What is going on here?" Dan asked.

"Well we were after those two" Said the alpha pointing to Matei and his sister.

"Then we were stopped when they came into your territory" continued the alpha

"So why are you here now and what is she doing here?" Emma said pointing to Jana.

"Well you see we had decided with what is going on (talking about the human finding out about Wolfbloods) Screw it. So we were getting ready to take those two down and whoever was protecting them" Pointing again to Matei and his sister

"Ok well why is she here?" Matei asked pointing to Jana

"Well she tried to stop us when she realized that she couldn't take us down alone she ran and we chased her here" Said the alpha.

"Ok well why not take Maddy hostage to?" Asked Shannon

"Well you see it has to do with one of our oldest rules"

Yeah and what's that?"

"Other wolfbloods mustn't hurt other wolfbloods if that Wolfblood is pregnant"

Silence fell upon the room when everyone simultaneously looked at Maddy.

"Maddy?" Rhydian said with a look of both concern and confusion on his face.

Maddy was so embarrassed she couldn't stop herself from turning into a wolf but when she turned she felt different maybe it was her nerves maybe it was the fact that it was just confirmed that she was pregnant who knows. Once Maddy turned the two wolfbloods who were just standing around saw it as a threat she they turned two.

"Whoa whoa whoa let's all just calm down" Said Dan

"All call of my guards when your daughter turns back" Said the alpha

Maddy tried to turn back but she wasn't able to. Maddy looked up with her big yellow wolf eyes to her mom to try and tell her mom that she couldn't. Emma understood what Maddy was trying to say.

"What is she can't turn back" Emma asked turning to the wild alpha

"Well that's unheard-of so I don't see why that would be the problem." Said the wild Wolfblood alpha who identified herself as Christine.

Maddy started to panic she was surrounded by wild wolfbloods she was pregnant and wasn't able to turn back from her wolf form. Maddy ran from the living room by the kitchen and busted through the sliding glass window shattering glass everywhere

"MADDY" Dan Emma and Rhydian yelled in unison

"You two after her" Christine said pointing to the two wolves.

"No leave her alone" said Rhydian struggling to break free.

"Hmm let me think about it... No" Said Christine

"What do you want?" Said Shannon

"I want the one who is responsible for outing the wolfbloods to humans!" Christine half shouted

"It was me take me and leave everyone else alone." Jana said

"But what about these two?" Christine said pointing to Matei and his sister.

"I made them do it, it was all me" Said Jana

"Jana no you don't have to take responsibility I wanted to do it" Said Matei

"Well I guess I'll just have to take you both then" Christine pointed to Jana and Matei and told the two wolfbloods holding them to take them outside and in the forest.

"No leave them please" Matei's sister said trying to get out of her captors hands.

"Oh and leave that one it seems to be injured" Said Christine as she walked out the door.

Once Christine was outside all the Wild Wolfbloods let go.

"No one come after us or we will kill your friends." The tallest one said.

Everyone stood perfectly still until all the wild Wolfbloods had gone into the trees.

"Oh my gosh my heart is still racing" Tom said as he sunk down onto the couch.

"We need to go and find Maddy" Said Shannon

"Yes but you and tom need to stay here with Emilia just in case they decide that Jana and Matei aren't good enough" Said Emma

"Yeah but what are we gonna do is they do come back?" Tom asked

"Here blow this we will hear it and know that troubles happening." Dan said handing Shannon a whistle.

" You're not gonna leave Jana and my brother are you?" Emilia asked.

"No but first we have to find Maddy Jana and your brother have each other but Maddy has no one" Said Rhydian shuddering at the thought of Maddy being alone.

"Alright well be safe" Said Emilia as she sat down on the couch.

"We will" Dan promised

Dan Emma and Rhydian left in human form to try to find Maddy.

*Two hours later*

"It's getting dark and were no closer to finding Maddy as we are to winning the lottery" Dan said as he called out for Maddy.

" I know but we have to keep looking Dan that's our cub out there all alone." Emma half whispered

"Can we talk about why she's even out here I mean is she really pregnant since when?" Dan sadi turning to look at Rhydian

"Sorry sir" Rhydian said putting his head down

"Oh I have a feeling that you're not sorry that you did it with my daughter just that she's pregnant and all alone out here" Dan said gesturing around

Just then they heard a small whimper coming from just over ledge in front of them.

"That has to be her c'mon" Emma said as she picked up speed

"Where are we?" Asked Dan

Rhydian knew exactly where they were they were at the lake where he and Maddy had lost their virginities.

"C'mon the sound is getting louder'' Emma said getting closer to the ledge.

"Emma be careful" Dan said

"I think I know where she is!" Rhydian exclaimed

"Where?" Dan asked starting to follow Rhydian

"There's a little cave right over this ledge but you have to swim and the climb up a hill to get to it" Rhydian said motioning for Dan and Emma to follow.

"No I have a better idea" Said Emma

"What is it?" Dan asked

"This" Emma said just as she jumped over the ledge

"Emma, Mrs. smith" Rhydian and Dan exclaimed running to the edge.

When they reached the ledge the saw Emma she was just fine and standing on the path up to the cave.

"C'mon it hurts a little when you hit the ground but we have no time to waste." Emma said motioning for the boys to jump down onto the path with her.

Once everyone was down on the path they started to walk towards the cave. They reached the opening of the cave and just inside there was a figure laying on the ground – it was Maddy

"Maddy" Rhydian exclaimed as they ran over to her

Once they reached her they realized that she was still in wolf form and that she was unconscious.

"Well what do we do?" Rhydian turned to ask Maddys parents.

"I don't know but," Emma didn't get to finish her sentence before Maddy began to move and stir. She was still I wolf form but at least she's coming awake Rhydian thought to himself.

"That's it Maddy dear c'mon" Dan said shaking Maddy awake

Once she was awake things got even more complicated. Maddy was up but as soon as she realized where she was she turned on her boyfriend and parents and started growling, it was soon that everyone realized that Maddy was covered in blood and limping on two legs.

"Maddy it's ok" Rhydians voice faltered and her knelt down and held his hand out to Maddy.

"Rhydian I don't think-" Dan began but was stopped by Emma when she said:

"They are mates and if they have as strong a connection as I think

Then he will be able to bring her back."

Maddy limped over to Rhydian and fell down in front of him but when she came back up she was no longer a wolf she was back in her human form.

"Maddy thank god I was beginning to think we may never get you back." Rhydian said clutching her in his arms

"Now that she's awake we have to go before it's completely dark." Emma said resting her hand on her daughter shoulder.

The four of them left the cave but were stopped when they realized that they would have to get soaking wet to get out.

"It's ok you and Dan climb up the wall while take Maddy across the lake because she defiantly won't be able to climb up, but meet me over by the other side." Rhydian said holding onto Maddy strongly

"Alright" Dan said hesitantly.

Rhydian and Maddy headed down to the water with Rhydian half carrying her because one of her leg was hurt. Dan and Emma quickly climbed up the wall before Maddy and Rhydian were even in the water.

"Alright let's do this" Maddy said

Rhydian quickly turned around and looked at Maddy

"What?" Maddy asked looking confused

"Nothing that's just the first thing you said since we found you."

"Oh well how about we go for a swim and I'll tell you all about it after we get home."

"Ok let's go" Rhydian said after he eased Maddy into the water.

"Wow I can swim even though my legs is hurt" Maddy said

"I guess it's because you're not putting any pressure on your legs

"Yeah I guess you're right"

Once Maddy and Rhydian got across the lake it was completely dark but thanks to their Wolfblood eyes they could see just fine. Dan and Emma helped Maddy and Rhydian out of the water. Rhydian didn't need the help but he just liked to know that they were there if he needed it.

"Alright we best be getting home I'm starved" Dan said resting Maddy on his shoulder. Maddy and Rhydian held hands the entire way home even though she was being half carried by her dad. Rhydian tried not to think about the fact that Maddy was pregnant and what that meant for them, he just tried to live in the moment even though in that moment Maddy was pregnant.

"Ahh home I can already smell the frozen dinners" Dan said as they neared the house

Shannon and Tom came rushing outside as soon as Everyone was in the yard. Emma went into the kitchen to prepare food for everyone as soon as she was inside. Once everyone had gotten a plate of ham and macaroni and cheese they all sat around the table- even Emilia. Maddy was the first to pipe up and say something, she said:

"Now how are we going to save Jana and Matei?"