Authors Note: I am trying to clean out my writing folders. I started working on this… hell over a year ago, but I intend to finish it first. Anyways. I haven't finished a story in a while and I have several incomplete ones, so I figured I would at least bring this one to a close. I know it's not very good…. Sorry about that. Onward my ducklings.

I hate that greasy git. Those empty coal eyes. He's actually pretty pathetic. No one likes him. Well maybe Evans does some. But she's really the only one that tolerates him. I watch him sit alone at his table. No one even tried to acknowledge him. Why would they. He keeps his gigantic misshapen nose nearly brushing against the pages. No one pays him any attention. As if he knew that I'm watching him he looks up and sneers at me and my friends.

"Looks like Snivellus is still angry at the little prank we pulled on him." I vaguely hear my friend over the laughter and conversations of the other Gryffindors.

"He's pathetic." I smirk back at him. I hate him. I hate that he takes up Evans time. Not that I have any attraction towards her, but Prongs does. And I can't have my friend's girl spending time with another bloke. Especially a Slytherin. Especially a greasy Slytherin with empty coal eyes. Maybe it's my dog form that makes me loyal in this way. No matter why though I'll just have to make him hurt Evans. Then I'm sure she will go running to Prongs. And they can both be happy.

"Prongs, I have an idea for some fun with Snivellus." I can see the interest behind the glasses. "What would embarrass that greasy Slytherin more than anything?" Everyone waits for me to answer my own question. "I'll explain in the common room." All of us quickly finish our meals and hurry to the common room to discuss my (if I do say so myself) ingenious plan.

"I've been told that he often hides out around here." Ringtail states calmly. "And after that test he's sure to be here." It's not a minute after we hear those words that I catch sight of him.

"Look who it is Prongs," He snickers.

"If it isn't our favorite little Snivellus." He stands abruptly as if to take off in a run. And maybe that was his intention, but before he has the chance, James levitates him. Everything just kind of falls into place. I made sure Lily was around before we started. We anger the ugly freak a bit, she steps to defend him and in a moment of wounded pride he lets his tongue slip. I wasn't quite expecting him to call her that though. It doesn't matter. James tries to force Snivellus to apologize and Lily just gets all the more angry. She storms off. I notice the weird little Slytherin try to get his wand to run away. Still not satisfied James and I levitate the grease ball again. This time we start striping him of his clothes. I vaguely hear Prongs speak. I'm to busy laughing. Running through the motions.

The roar of laughter wakes me from my almost trance. The laughter and the quiet whimpers. I actually look at him and I'm reminded of how pathetic he is. His eyes are clinched shut. Thin bony arms try to hide what they can, but most of his body is still visible. Normally his pride outweighs any shame. But this boy looks broken. He's not even attempting to hold back the tears. He looks more gross than normal. His legs are clinched tightly together while his arms wrap around his thin frame. His nose pokes out from the curtain of hair. I half notice that he's rocking himself back and forth.

Everyone is starting to lose interest and walking away. Even the rest of the Marauders. It's just me, a crying Snivellus, and a few select students. And the headmaster. I look up to notice that his outer robes are now draped on the still shaking boy. Everyone has run at his obvious anger, I would, but I didn't think to do so.

"Mr. Snape, I ask that you make your way to the medical wing." This seems to shake him back to himself. He rushes to puts on his robes before handing back the borrowed clothes. He doesn't look at me. Something similar to anger is in Professor Dumbledore's eyes. I'm not scared.

"Mr. Black. I would like for you to come to my office after your last class today." He waits for my nod. And when I think to move my head he quickly leaves. What have I gotten myself into this time.

"Padfoot, why didn't you run. You were like in a trance."

"I don't know Prongs; Maybe I was stupefied by your bad breath. It doesn't matter. Dumbledore probably just wants to give some kind of lame ass anti prank spill." My friends snicker. I've only half-heartedly been interested in all of this.

I make my way to Dumbledore's office. I know the way by heart. I've spent more time in his office then most students have. I was expecting to have to wait for a while for him to notice me. But the moment I walked in he immediately put down the papers he was reading through.

"You wanted to see me sir." I force respect into my voice.

"Yes, Mr. Black. I wish to discuss what happened earlier today. Severus is still in the infirmary."

"I don't know why. So I embarrassed him a bit. He didn't have any major injuries."

"I quite disagree. Physically he doesn't have more than a few bumps or bruises. But that isn't why I sent him to the infirmary. Sirius, I- as well as many of the other professors -have noticed that your pranks as you call them are venturing more and more into cruelty. I personally have noticed that you in particular like to pick Severus for the pranks."

"Can't say that I've noticed."

"Regardless. I can't ignore your actions any longer. I understand that in the potion class you and Severus share, that you have one of the lowest grades, and Severus has one of the highest. I have already informed him that he will be tutoring you two nights a week."

"Headmaster, you can't be serious. Why would spending more time together help that we hate each other?"

"You and Severus have many things in common, and this will help your marks in at least your potions class. You will meet him tonight in the potion classroom. Tomorrow you will start your detentions. For the next three weeks, every night you aren't with Severus, you will be spending your evenings with me in detention." I must have really fucked up for him to be over my detentions. I still can't bring myself to care.

"If you at least attempt to be nice to him, I'm sure both of you could see each other's good qualities. He is very much like you." I try not to barf at the thought of being compared to that unhygienic freak. I am nothing like him. And he is most defiantly nothing like me.