Afterlife? No: -Aftershock!

Chapter One

The pain was nearly killing him. Stop. Wait a minute: It was not nearly killing him. It was actually killing him. The wounds that hurt him so were deadly. How could he have forgotten? Only a moment ago, he'd said his goodbye to Aragorn, then, for a blessed short while, pain had eluded him.

Now it was back. Pain: Sharp, tearing through his body, impossible to ignore. How he wished he'd loose consciousness again! But he just couldn't.

Then he heard the voices.

"Hey, it would be fun!" the voice was excited.

"And he deserves it, too." Another voice, this one was thoughtful.

"No harm in trying, I bet we'll have a great time watching!" That was the first voice again.

"And he might benefit also. Let's see if living in a time where titles are nearly worthless and swordplay is of no use may help him change to the better."

"Yippee! I thought you'd agree, but now I've actually heard you say so.!" The voice took on an ecstatic note.

It was then that he abruptly lost consciousness again, or maybe it was taken from him.

* * *

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