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Afterlife? –No! Aftershock!

Chapter twenty: Preparations

After hearing what Mr Foster and the policemen had talked about, Boromir had nearly perfected his plan. What they needed now, was a weapon for Mr. Foster. When he'd told his host as much, the man grinned and pulled open the drawer in his nighttable. He took out an L-shaped, black and very shiny object.

‚I have my weapon.'

The was blunt and didn't have a drawstring either, which meant you could neither cut nor shoot arrows with it. But Boromir wasn't going to doubt Mr. Foster's sanity just yet. At least not till the man had had a chance to tell him how the device worked.

‚I haven't seen a weapon such as this before. How does it work?'

It was Mr. Foster's turn to stare. ‚Haven't you ever seen a gun before! Everyone knows how these things work!' Boromir simply waited, and Mr. Foster sighed. ‚Oh well, this is how it works: See these little pieces of metal? They're the projectiles. The bullets. Ar the rear end of each bullet there's a small amount of explosive material. So when I put them in the magazine and pull the trigger, making the hammer hit the back of the bullet, BANG! this material explodes and the force of that explosion sends the bullet flying out of the barrel. It's very effective.'

Boromir was very intrigued. He would very much have liked to try this weapon out, but when Mr. Foster told him that the explosion was very loud and would attract attention, he refrained. Reluctantly.

‚Do a lot of people here carry a weapon like this?' He then asked. He'd thought that noone here carried a weapon, but the gun was small, and so he began to suspect that many of the people who had seemed unarmed to him had actually carried one on them.

‚Not that many. But I daresay there are a lot of people who have one hidden in their house somewhere. Especially people in this neighbourhood.'

‚If you have the weapons, why doesn' anyone use them against the Gully Rats?'

‚Well, we may have the weapons, but not all of us really have the skill to use them. And we aren't organised. We have no strategy but that of survival and no tactic but that of keeping inconspicuous. Though now the latter is impossible for me now and I suspect I'll have to think of another soon.'

‚There is no need of that, I have already planned the next move. I assure you that it will work. Do you have a means of transportation?'

‚I've got my hovercar.'

‚Where is it?'

‚In the garage.' Mr. Foster received a puzzled look and explained. He was getting used to Stewart not knowing about the most commonplace things, but he also began to wonder if this guest of his was just a bit insane. Really: Swordfighting? Not knowing about guns and garages? Something was rather off, here. And yet he found he trusted this man. Trusted in his plan and his ability to somehow get rid of the Gully Rats. ‚The garage is a shed. I can access it through a sidedoor to this building.'

‚So it would be possible to get into your vehicle unseen? Is there space enough to hide a person inside?'


Boromir smiled grimly. Things were looking better and better. He might actually pull this off.