Sarah opened her eyes and welcomed in the new day. She couldn't remember the last time she slept so well, but then again, she didn't get much sleep the night before. Sarah girlishly blushed as she thought about how many times she and Jareth made up for the time lost. Three. Four. Five times to be exact. They were practically insatiable with one another. It was only then that she felt Jareth's arm draped over her torso. Never had being naked felt so natural.

"Did you sleep well?" She heard Jareth say, his arm gently tightening around her.

"I wouldn't call it sleep. More like naps." Sarah said, moving closer to Jareth.

Jareth began to run his fingers through Sarah's hair. The look on his face was one of wonder, as if she would disappear and all of this would be a cruel dream if he closed his eyes long enough.

"You're here."

"Where else would I be?" Sarah asked.

"I was afraid that I would wake up and you wouldn't be here. I was afraid that last night..."

"And this morning" Sarah jokingly added.

"And this morning would be some sad joke on my life, my happiness. I'm still so afraid."

"Of what?" Sarah said as she placed a hand on Jareth's cheek.

"What if we're separated again? What if it takes another lifetime for us to find one another?"

Jareth's panic was clearly evident.

"I can't bear the thought of losing you again, not with this intense feeling of love inside of me."

"Shh." Sarah whispered as she placed two finger tips on his lips. "We can't spend our lives worrying about such things. Let us rejoice in the happiness of us finding one another again. Let us rejoice in our love."

Jareth pushed his lips into Sarah's as he moved on top of her.

"You might be bad for business." Jareth said before adding, "I'd rather be up here with you than downstairs."

"I guess I'll have to make it worth it." Sarah said before pulling Jareth to her.

Jareth didn't want to remove his lips from hers as he felt his love move her hands up and down his sinewy back. Sarah moved her hand towards his hardness, hoping to find completion again with a man that just professed his love for her. As Sarah touched him, Jareth tore his lips away from Sarah's and brushed his forehead against hers as he felt her hand move up and down his cock.

Before she could pick up the pace, Sarah heard Jareth whisper, "Turn over. Turn over for me."

Sarah didn't allow herself to question his request. Jareth could have asked her anything and she knew she would do it, without question. Turning over, she felt his hands softly glide over the skin was that within his reach. Before Sarah's chest could rest against his sheets, she felt Jareth's hands lift her up.

"Lean into me." Jareth whispered.

Sarah felt Jareth's chest against her back and soon felt his hands grazing over Sarah's torso before making their way to her mound. Sarah leaned her head back on Jareth's shoulder, trying to make it easier for him to touch her. She could feel Jareth's hardness pressing into her lower back, and with a little maneuvering, she could feel his finger be replaced with his cock. Jareth slowly moved in her, deliberately taking his time to draw out their pleasure.

"I..." Sarah tried to say, but she couldn't. She felt Jareth pull her closer to him before moving his hand over the expanse of her skin. She could hear soft grunts from him. She could also feel his hair run along her skin.

"Fuck!" Jareth whispered intensely. "Fuck me, Sarah. Fuck me." He desperately whispered before adding, "You feel so good. I love the way your warmth welcomes me and takes me in fully."

Jareth's words had an immediate effect on Sarah as she began to match his movements. She didn't realize that she grabbed one of his hands until she felt it working her quim beneath hers. Words were useless. It was just a mix of their cries and moans.

"Is this how you like to be touched?" Jareth asked.

"Just keep your hands on me. Keep them in me." Sarah responded as she arched her neck next to his. She was close, so close.

"I'm close. I'm close." Sarah said as felt Jareth pick up the speed. She squeezed her eyes shut, afraid to see the concentration in his face on the side of her. It didn't take long for her to come. She didn't realize in that moment that the two of them came together. She knew that her thighs might be sore in a few hours, and Jareth was still gentle with her as he laid them back on his bed.

It took a few moments for Sarah to realize that Jareth was pushing her hair away from her face. She was still waiting for her heartbeat to calm down when she felt his lips move along her face.

"Mmm, are those lips weaving spells?" Sarah whispered.

"If only they could. It's strange. I feel a sense of completeness. I can't explain it really. I just feel something in me that I never felt before. Is that strange?"

"No." Sarah said sofly. "I don't think it's strange at all."

Jareth placed his head in the crook of Sarah's neck. Sarah absentmindedly began running her fingers through his hair.

"I love it when you do that." Jareth said. "Please tell me that I should get used to such a pleasure."

Sarah kissed his forehead as she continued in her task.

"Yes, your majesty." Sarah jokingly said.

"If I'm a king then you must be my queen."

"If I'm a queen then am I to receive a crown?"

Six months later Sarah received a crown in the form of an engagement ring. It was an unconventional ring, an opal set on a platinum band, but it was perfect. Sarah and Jareth didn't wait long before they had a courthouse wedding. Rather than blow money on a fancy wedding, Sarah and Jareth decided to put the money they saved towards a nice reception and honeymoon in Italy. The two lived in Jareth's place upstairs from his shop. Yes, things were rushed between the two of them, but they both felt as if the timing was right. Their relationship got off to an unconventional start, so why shouldn't their marriage?

Sarah ended up keeping Opia online and it garnered a lot of positive reviews. The journal published a yearly anthology that highlighted the best and newest voices in literature. What started as a side project became a project so big she eventually resigned from the company she worked at. She still thought about Sarah Williams every now and again, and while there was the temptation to dig a little deeper into her story, Sarah felt it was best left alone. She felt in her gut a sense of peace in it all and hoped that the Williams family felt it too.

Jareth continued to run Apothecary King and still wanted to open up a shop in Reading. Business was booming, but it wasn't chaotic. Jareth never wanted to be filthy rich, and his success allowed him to pick and choose his hours. Ezra ended up moving on to medical school, but Jareth ended up hiring another shop assistant to help with the front of the store. Sometimes Sarah would step in to assist when extra help was needed. Their lives were so simple, but everything somehow ended up being perfect.

3 years later

"Do you have the t-r-e-a-t bag?" Sarah King asked her husband as she grabbed a few granola snack bags from the cabinet and shoved them into her purse.

"It's ready to go. Sunscreen?"

"First thing. It shouldn't be too warm today. I heard that it won't get higher than 80 degrees."

"Yeah, but we can't take any chances. Don't forget the water." Jareth said.

As Sarah and Jareth quickly tried to organize themselves, Sarah mentally checked off things to make sure that everything they needed was set and ready to go.

"What if he hates it?" Sarah asked quietly to Jareth.

"I think you're overthinking it, dear. Besides, knowing him, he'll head straight for the water where the others are and he'll wear himself out."

"Well, this is the first time he's going to visit a place like this. What if he gets scared or intimidated?"

"I think Ludo will manage."

It was then that Ludo, their dog, ran up to them. He was a Pyrenees German shepard mix that Sarah and Jareth adopted two years ago. Ludo wasn't unfamiliar with dog parks, but the new one in Prospect Park was one Jareth and Sarah had yet to take him to.

Sarah and Jareth had been married for years, and Sarah was in the sixth month of her pregnancy.

"Got enough snacks?" Jareth asked jokingly.

"It's not me that wants the snacks. It's the baby!" Sarah said before grabbing a few single packs of fig newtons to add to her purse.

"I love pregnant you." Jareth whispered as he pulled his wife in a for a hug.

"Yeah, you say that now. Just wait until I deliver William."

"No. You're going to deliver Caroline."

The two decided to wait until the birth to see whether or not William King or Caroline King would join the family.

Later as the two watched Ludo jovially run around the small water pond, Sarah stretched out her legs and relaxed as the warmth of the sun hit her body. Listening to the barking dogs and the laughing children relaxed her. Jareth sat next to her, gently running his hand over her stomach as he read a section from The New York Times. His hair had grown out a little bit, and while it was a style she never cared for on men, with Jareth King it worked beautifully. Sarah focused on the wedding band on his left hand, immediately thinking of the words they had etched onto the inside of their bands: It's only forever.

Sarah looked up and focused her attention on a golden retriever she saw running around. A young girl, no more than three years old ran after the dog. It was then that Sarah noticed a familiar face in the crowd. He was joyfully running after the girl. Jack Hughes had aged, but it suited him well. Grabbing the girl, he placed her on his shoulders and began to walk away from them. The retriever, whose name she learned was Duke, followed them. She didn't need to know what brought him back to New York City. He was happy, and that was all that mattered considering their story and the small inch of guilt that lingered inside of her.

Sarah couldn't help but stare, and as if sensing it, Jack looked in the direction of Sarah and Jareth. Sarah knew that Jack saw the both of them, just as she knew that he noticed her growing stomach. Sarah expected him to glare daggers at her, but she was surprised when he smiled and nodded towards them as he continued to walk towards the woman that she assumed he was now married to.

Ludo's barking surprised her as he practically begged for her to throw his favorite toy in a game of fetch. The barking also caught Jareth by surprise too.

"Ludo, you must be careful around mummy." He said as he threw the rope toy. "You okay? You look a little startled."

"I'm good. I'm really good." Sarah said. "You?"

"I'm wonderful." He said as he cupped Sarah's face in his hand and brought his lips to hers.

He grabbed her hand as they watched Ludo playing with the other dogs in the park, the buildings blocking the sun from directly hitting their skin. As Sarah shifted to lay on her back, she rested her head on Jareth's thigh. She could feel his fingers running through her hair as she closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of dogs barking, children laughing, and the city landscape. Life was unpredictable, but it was nothing short of amazing.