Warning: This story contains breast expansion, body modification, and unrealistically sized body parts. If this is not something that you would enjoy or should be reading, please don't. Also I do not make any money from this, nor am I trying to cater anyone's particular preferences other than my own, I am only doing this for my own enjoyment. If you like this story, great, otherwise please feel free to move on to something else. Thank you.

Magical Puberty


Chapter 1: Harry

The night of Harry's 17th birthday, he had thought that everything was then over. He had officially come of age and could do magic whenever he wanted, he was considered an adult, and even managed to get his apparition license. His birthday itself had been nice, celebrated by his friends and the Weasleys who he was now staying with again for the latter half of the summer.

Perhaps he could be forgiven if he missed entirely what was about to happen to him. He did have the most evil and powerful wizard ever along with his own personal death eater army after him after all. Admittedly it had been a rough couple of months. After the betrayal of Snape had led to the deaths of not only Dumbledore, but Bill the Weasley's eldest son everyone was still in mourning. Strangely enough though Bill's death had proven to be a godsend in some ways. To the surprise of many, the goblins, who had evidently extended Bill the title Goblin Friend (an extremely rare but great honor) while working at Gringotts had finally been pushed over the edge in choosing to enter the war against Voldemort. He didn't know the specifics of just what their involvement was, only that security at the Ministry had greatly increased giving him hope that the Ministry would hold out against Voldemort for much longer for at least until he finished his magical education.

So yes, he'd originally chosen not to go back to school but ultimately he'd been persuaded otherwise by a great number of people who seemed to still think it was important: Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, etc. However what ultimately caused him to change his mind was the fact that he was told by Professor McGonagall, the new Headmistress of Hogwarts that basically the school couldn't reopen without him, evidently parents were simply too scared to send their children there. Yet they looked to him as a beacon of hope and if he were to feel it safe enough and deem it important enough to go back to school well then...

As you can imagine then, his mind was completely on a lot of other things besides what he was unaware was about to happen to him.

When he went to bed and finally got some sleep, his dreams were of various girls. Girls he was somehow kissing, girls he was seeing naked. Girls he had had crushes on in the past such as his ex-girlfriend Ginny, girls he'd considered attractive but hadn't paid any real attention to, and girls he'd never thought of in such ways, Hermione being one of them. It was the dream with Hermione in it that finally woke him up. Halfway through making out with her and with her just about to remove her bra for him to display a pair of breasts far larger than Hermione normally had, he was suddenly reminded that this was his best friend and that he shouldn't be doing this with her.

When he woke up, he knew almost immediately that something was different. He felt different, a feeling of...power?

He wasn't sure exactly what it was, but it was enough for him to feel like he'd noticeably changed somehow and as he arose from his bed and headed to the full body mirror nearby he gasped in shock.

He could clearly see his larger muscles, his increased height, and perhaps most interestingly of all his emerald green eyes practically glowing. Of course they weren't all that out of place, his entire body seemed to be almost glowing with magic.

"What the-?" He asked in alarm.

Yet as he looked down, he noticed that that wasn't the last of the changes. His um...package was definitely a great deal larger too. Reaching down into his pants to feel it, it appeared to have almost doubled in size. Merlin it was big, he thought as he felt it, yet even as he did so, it seemed to grow larger and harder, turned on by the attention he was giving it.

Just how big was it and how big could it get? He wondered. Perhaps it was the teenage boy inside him to be curious about such a thing, but for right now he had no way of knowing, just that it was really big. Perhaps some sort of measuring spell or something? Also he knew girls supposedly liked them big, but what about this big? Would he even fit them?

Yet, a bit self-conscious of his train of thought as Ron then let out a loud snore to remind him he was not alone, Harry hastily shoved it back into his pants, hoping that it would go down and not be so noticeable.

If it hadn't been for the fact that he was wearing Dudley's old, far too large clothes it probably wouldn't have even fitted into his pants he noted. For the first time, he was suddenly very grateful that he had Dudley's old hand-me-downs, there was no way he was hiding this thing very easily otherwise.

Yet as he continued to look himself over, he decided at least the changes weren't bad things for the most part. Some now larger muscles, an increase in height, and a now very large package that would make any guy jealous.

He looked over at Ron still sleeping soundly in the bed next to him. Such changes had never happened to him had it? Was it just him or...

Finally he decided to head outside his room and head downstairs and see if perhaps one of the Weasleys were up so he could ask just what might have happened.

As soon as he came into the kitchen he spotted Mrs. Weasley standing there, her back to him as she busied herself with making breakfast.

He sighed, noticing once again that she appeared to have had better days, her face gaunt and white from what little he could see of it from his vantage point, her hair turning gray, looking limp and lifeless, and currently wearing an old dress with several stains and holes in it. She had the look of a woman who simply didn't care what she looked like.

Then again he could hardly blame her if her appearance took a turn for the worse, after the death of her husband in the Department of Mysteries due to the venomous snake bites received by Voldemort's pet snake Nagini or the still recent death of her eldest son Bill, she certainly didn't seem herself, appearing to have aged a good 20 or 30 years in that time frame.

Of course, he'd known she wasn't super young to begin with, but somehow she had always seemed a good deal younger than what her age would make her out to be and despite a good deal of extra weight, attractive...you know in a best friend's mother sort of way. He shook his head to get rid of such thoughts, obviously his morning surprise was already messing with him.

At any rate, as soon as she turned around and spotted him, a look of shock appearing on her face as she accidentally dropped the plate of food she was holding.

Almost without thinking, he waved his wand and miraculously the plate was instead stopped and kept hovering for a second just a couple of inches off the ground before coming down and settling harmlessly onto the floor. At least his reflexes seemed to be heightened as well, he noted.

Mrs. Weasley looked him over for a moment before finally smiling widely and questioning, "you went through magical puberty didn't you?"

"Magical what?" He asked in confusion.

"Magical puberty, didn't they go over it in school already?" She questioned.

He was pretty sure that that class had been during one of the many times he'd been stuck in the hospital for whatever reason, usually something to do with Voldemort.

"Um, isn't that supposed to happen, you know gradually?" He asked.

"For regular puberty yes," She admitted, "magical puberty is however different. For whatever reason it always seems to hit sometime during the summer after your 17th birthday, something about the sun's position or something...anyway I was never any good with Magical Astronomy so I can't say exactly what."

"How come I never noticed it with anyone else?" He asked.

"Well usually it isn't so...obvious," Mrs. Weasley admitted still looking him over with a lustful eye.

Merlin, Mrs. Weasley was checking him out!

She however seemed to finally realize just what she was doing and shook her head before then explaining, "like I said, it usually isn't too much, regular puberty usually almost catches up with it anyway in most cases so it isn't too noticeable especially for guys. With girls however you can usually tell by their breasts getting a good deal larger."

He blinked, unsure how to react as he thought about that. He had noticed that some of the older girls in years above him seemed to blossom in that regard over summers' past, but he'd always just assumed that girls typically just had a major growth spurt in that time and hadn't really made the connection. Besides you couldn't blame him if he was a bit distracted with other things as well, having Voldemort after you out to kill you all the time (or the many, many other things he ended up having to deal with every year) was certainly a good way for you to miss stuff.

Or maybe that's how he wanted to think of it, more likely it was because he was suddenly distracted as his mind went 'ooh hot sexy girl.' His mind seemed to go kind of blank in those moments and didn't really think too hard about how they got there.

"How much of a change is also based off of magical power," She continued to explain, "in your case I would say that you are quite...powerful Harry."

She said that last part while blushing just a little bit, but he chose to ignore that and ask, "so is it over then?"

"Probably," She answered, "there might be a few more residual effects. I can see that you're still glowing for example which means it might not be quite done. What you should know however is that witches can pick up on a wizard who has undergone magical puberty, in your case I would say that you are likely to get noticed a lot."

He groaned at that, but she just smiled and said, "well I've found that it isn't all bad. I remember when I underwent magical puberty and grew these."

She clutched at her admittedly quite large chest.

"The larger a witch's breasts, the more magically powerful they tend to be," She explained, "as you can see here I'm quite magically powerful. I certainly received a lot of attention, particularly from Arthur who finally seemed to notice me."

She smiled briefly at that, but then frowned as she was once again reminded that he was now dead.

He instinctively reached forward and gave her a hug which she returned gratefully, her large chest squashing into him.

"Thank you Harry," She told him as she let him go, "I'm sure you will make plenty of girls happy."

A twinge of guilt suddenly hit him at that thought as he thought of Ginny.

"Look Mrs. Weasley," He tried to explain, "I'm sorry things didn't work out between me and Ginny, I didn't mean to hurt her."

Mrs. Weasley sighed and said, "it's all right, I understand your reasoning, I imagine as her mother I should feel relieved in a way that you are trying to keep her out of danger and yet...I think in the process of trying to protect her, you also hurt her a great deal."

"I'm sorry," He apologized, "I didn't mean to-"

"I'm sure you didn't," She interrupted, "I'm sure you mean well and it shows maturity that you made such a decision and yet...I also can't help but feel that you both need each other whether you realize it or not."

He thought of just how supportive Ginny had been of him and just how happy he had been with her...although if he were honest with himself, a lot of people had always been very supportive of him no matter what. Hermione for example, members of Dumbledore's Army or the DA for short, Mrs. Weasley.

He smiled at her and said, "I think that there are lot of people who I need in my life."

She smiled back at him, but before she could reply, there was a loud clunk from behind him. As he turned around, he saw that it was Hermione standing there staring open mouthed at him. The loud clunk he had heard was the large book that she had dropped onto the ground. He immediately however felt guilty for having just had that naughty dream about her.

Mrs. Weasley smiled again and said, "it looks like the old magic nature's gift hit Harry."

"I can see that," Hermione noted, staring back at the new and improved him. He supposed he could hardly blame her if she stared, he had changed a bit. That being said, he still silently hoped that Dudley's old clothes were doing a good enough job to hide his enlarged male organ.

He looked back at Hermione, wondering if perhaps she had undergone magical puberty yet too. Mrs. Weasley had said that the more powerful the witch, the larger her chest, but from what he could see, Hermione still had just her small barely noticeable chest. He knew from being around Hermione that it wasn't because she was magically weak, quite the contrary so he assumed that she just hadn't gone through it yet.

"I'm still just the same Harry," He reminded her as she continued to stare.

"Sorry," She apologized and turned her head away, "so that's...good then."

"I suppose so," He answered.

Not wanting it to be awkward with Hermione, who was his best friend, he chose instead to ask her about the book she was reading.

That seemed to help Hermione get her thinking about other things as she enthusiastically explained about it and he was able to relax a little.

Even so as he sat down to breakfast and endured the rest of the Weasleys coming down to eat, he received plenty of attention. Fred and George just joked with him about it, Ron however congratulated him, but looked somewhat annoyed and jealous, perhaps because he probably hadn't gone through the same experience himself, and Charlie who was visiting gave him a high five.

It was however Ginny on the other hand that gave him the most attention. Like Hermione she couldn't seem to stop staring at him and when she finally looked away, she was blushing a great deal. He admittedly felt a bit guilty with her too. He'd chosen to break up with her during Dumbledore's and Bill's funeral and while she seemed to understand...it was clearly rather hard on her. He hadn't really known what to say, so for the most part they hadn't talked much.

That being said, he couldn't resist glancing over at her occasionally. He obviously still had feelings for her despite breaking up with her and while she clearly hadn't gone magical puberty either being too young, he would still swear she was extremely beautiful with her gorgeous red hair that she had let grow down to mid-bum, a bum by the way that seemed to him more shapely everyday. Realizing that he was now the one blushing, he turned away.

After finally finishing eating and most of the Weasleys having left the table leaving just him who had volunteered to help Mrs. Weasley clean up and then Charlie who after he had finished eating then stretched and looked at his mother and asked worriedly, "so how are you feeling then mother?"

"I'm managing," She said with a sigh as she then flicked her wand trying to get the scrubber currently floating in midair to wash a plate. Instead however both the plate and scrubber fell to the floor, the plate shattering into a million pieces upon contact.

"Oops," She apologized as she tried to use her wand again to gather up the pieces. However only about half the pieces seemed to go.

"Is that happening a lot recently?" Charlie asked with concern.

"More and more the longer it's been since your father-" She tried to say before sobbing a bit.

Trying to be as gentle as he could Charlie suggested, "well you know it would help if you were to-"

"I'm not going to have sex with another man that isn't your father just because of a few magical glitches!" She insisted angrily.

Immediately Harry was rather confused by just what they were talking about.

"It wouldn't have to be you know a real relationship, just something to get you...well looking like yourself again," Charlie answered.

"I would just leave her alone Charlie," Harry warned him. Honestly he was wondering just why Charlie would be suggesting that when his own father had died so recently. It was clear his mother still wasn't over his loss.

Charlie shook his head and then said, "I forgot, you apparently didn't attend those magical puberty classes. Well when a witch or wizard who has undergone magical puberty goes without sex for a long while, for example in my mother's case a couple of years, they start to deteriorate, they start looking older and more worn and they have less magical power and control. Obviously I loved my dad and I'm not saying that my mother should try and replace him by any means, but I also know that like it or not, it would help her a great deal to-"

"I'm not doing it, end of discussion," Mrs. Weasley warned.

That seemed to be that and Charlie seemed to back off.