Chapter 1


Bianca sat in a small corner of the Bronze, The music was pretty good, but she was too nervous to ask any girl to dance. Bianca wasn't hiding her sexuality, but she didn't really have anyone to talk to about it. She had chosen to go to college across the country, had to get away from her family's issues. Bianca really loved both her mother and sister, but she had her doubts that they loved each other. Erica and Kendall had their own issues, some of it Erica's fault, some of it Kendall's, and Bianca got caught in the middle. It felt good to be away from all of their nonsense, but college was lonely at times. She tried focusing on her studies, and Bianca got good grades. But she's also hoped to make some friends, not neccessarily a girlfriend, but at least a friend. Bianca tried to make friends, but she was very shy and it didn't come easy. So Bianca came here tonight, but ended up in a corner making herself as small as possible. She was getting ready to leave when she saw something. A young redhead on the floor dancing. The redhead seemed a little drunk. Bianca wasn't one to judge, but there was a young man trying to dance with the redhead, and she didn't seem interested. Although he walked away Bianca feared he might take advantage of her condition later. Bianca offered to be her designated driver. The redhead agreed, and introduced herself as Willow. After a few minutes Willow and Bianca began walking to Bianca's car. Then the teenage boy came back. To Bianca's horror his face was now deformed, and he semed to have developed fangs. Bianca had assumed that all the vampire stories were just stories, invented to attract tourists to Sunnydale. She tried to fight this vampire, told Willow to run. Instead Willow grabbed a stake from her purse and drove it into the back of the vampire's heart. He turned into dust. This was a suprising night. It seemed that vampires were real, and Willow seemed to know enough to prepare herself. If Bianca was going to survive in Sunnydale, she was going to have to ask her new friend some questions.