Title: Introduction to the League

Author: ZonkRT

Original Date: 14 August 2016

It was hardly a room, for a room needed walls, and there was no such thing here. Just a large conference table, a stack of (currently static) monitors at one end, and a large number of doors that stretched out into the abyss. A tall man in a blue coat took a long sip from his mug before sitting down at the head of the table.

"Alright, who's next?" The man sighed, plucking the top sheet from the stack of papers before him.

"Next up, we have Jaune Arc," The blonde announced without a hint of irony. He paused to accept the ambrosia from the tanned man with a smile as he sat next to him. "First year at Beacon, forged transcripts, standard...team" The hero of Magnis stopped and shared a look with the faux professor.

"Is that...is it him?" Another blonde asked, the word [Knight] somehow hovering over his head. "Have we found him?"

Professor Arc's eyes quickly scanned through the first page before moving to the second. "No combat ability, no talent, family possibly hates him," a turn of the page, and a gold seal at the bottom confirmed the League's hopes.

Verified Canon it read.

A grin split the professor's face. It took a long sip of his lifeforce to keep him calm. "Ghost?" He spoke to the dark end of the room.

A brief pause, and the wall of monitors behind him began displaying various images. A young blonde man tumbling through the sky before being pinned to a tree. Falling on his ass before a Deathstalker. Being shoved into (several) lockers. Falling on his ass before an Ursa. Falling on his ass before a certain redhead. Falling on his ass before the entire school...

It was beautiful.

"Gentlemen, I believe we have found him." Professor Arc rose from the table. "Knight, wake up JJ," he gestured to the snoring man next to the knight, "we have recruiting to do. Any questions?"

A bevy of blondes shook their heads even as one of them started kicking JJ. "Yeah, I got one." A voice called out from the darkness.

"Justin? What is it?"

"It's just Jaune, godda - anyway, when are we gonna get some lights down here?"

"Oh shut up," one of them said, "You chose to sit on the dark side."

Jaune tripped and collapsed into a heap before the door, but he didn't care too much. His teammate needed him, that's all that mattered.

The day had been going so swimmingly too! He'd just been catching up on some good ol' X-Ray and Vav in the library when he received the alarming message from his partner.

'help. roof'

Pyrrha never typed in sentence fragments. She had to be in some serious trouble. What Jaune would do to save her, he had no idea...

But he was team leader, dammit! On top of that, she was his best friend! He had to do something.

Picking himself up from the ground, he pushed the door open with all his might. Still a little too much, since he fell to the ground again, but hey, he was here!

He looked up to see a tall man looking out over the school, blonde hair blowing in the breeze. The coat that draped his substantial frame was a dark blue, and only gave away that he was dangerous and not to be trifled with.

Pyrrha was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is Pyrrha?" Jaune cried as he scrambled to his feet, "What have you done with her!?"

The man sighed. "She's fine, she should still be down in your room. This is hers, by the way." he tossed a hand over his shoulder, and Jaune only noticed the scroll sailing through the air towards him after it smashed against the ground, scattering into little pieces.

"What? How did you- who are- oh crap." Jaune stammered, several realizations hitting him at once. He shook his head before trying again. "Who are you?"

The man seemed to chuckle to himself before turning around slowly. His eyes met Jaune's.

"Well, I am Professor Jaune Arc of Beacon Academy." The man announced grandly, "and I have come here to offer you a-"

A loud sound rang through the air, and the last thing Jaune saw was the ground rocketing towards him.

"Goddammit JJ," the professor spoke through the hand on his face, staring at his canon form sprawled out on the rooftop, "'Frying plan' is plan B. 'Frying plan' is always plan B."

The blonde teen simply shrugged and tossed the broken handle aside. "Hey, 'Frying Plan' always works. Besides, your method is too inconsistent." A yawn stopped him from saying anything further.

"It's inconsistent because you always bash them over the head before I can finish!"

"Remind me, how many times have we been turned down?"

Professor Arc could only accept the oncoming headache with a grimace. "Whatever. Sack him and let's go." He said as he pulled out his scroll. A loud groan caught his attention, as the candidate began pushing himself up. The professor could only wince as another frying pan was broken over his head, and he was sent crashing into the ground once more.

"Figure that'll give us a good five minutes," JJ said as he started pulling a large sack up the candidate's legs. Not more than a minute later, the sack was hanging off his shoulder. Almost like a perverted Santa Claus.

Professor Arc shuttered as he pushed the button, and a white light enveloped the trio.

When Jaune's vision returned, it was to a veil of darkness. His breath rolled against the stiff fabric covering his face and was trapped. Apart from some murmuring, there was not a sound to be heard. He tried to move his arms, but they were tied to the chair he sat on.

Something was clearly wrong. Whenever Nora kidnapped him it was rougher, not to mention filled with pirate slang loud enough to crack the windows.

"He's awake." Someone beside him said, in a voice all too familiar. Where had he heard it before?

'Okay Jaune, just keep it cool. You are the leader of team JNPR, and you are NOT about to start blubbering just because you've been kid-' The bag was pulled off his head, and his eyes...well, the room was pretty dark, so his eyes were fine. A girl screamed somewhere, and the man in front of Jaune quickly put his arms out in front of him.

"Easy there, you're safe. No one wants to...well, no one is going to...you're safe." The man backpedaled a few times before finishing with a grimace.

'Tall, blonde, imposing' Jaune noted the features of the man. He looked to be middle-aged, and carried himself with the confidence of a man who had earned every one of his years. If anything, it reminded him of- "Dad?!"

The man blinked once, twice, before chuckling and shaking his head, "Close, but not quite." he said as he started to work on Jaune's ropes. "Sorry about this, but we've had some bad reactions in the past. Don't want anyone to get hurt."

Within a minute, Jaune was standing before the man. They were around the same height, although Jaune's build hardly compared. "So, who are you? Where am I? Is Pyrrha really safe?" Jaune asked one after the other.

The man stuck a hand out in front of him. "You can call me Magnis, you are in a pocket dimension between worlds, and yes, your Pyrrha is safe." It took Jaune a few seconds to realize the man was waiting for a handshake.

Jaune obliged, even as his mind whirled. Pocket dimension? Was that code for some criminal safehouse? Somewhere where he could be disposed of and never be found?

'Am I gonna die in here?' Jaune wined to himself.

"Now then," the man continued, ignoring Jaune's distress, "I believe it is time you meet the other members of the League. Come." he intoned as he walked towards the only door for the room.

Come to think of it, the room didn't seem to have any walls. It was just...black.

Jaune shook his head and followed the man, into another...room? He wasn't sure. But this one had a big table and a wall of monitors, not to mention more doors.

Around the table sat several individuals. Jaune couldn't quite place it...but something was off about them.

There was a man dressed in semi-formal attire, slouched over the table and snoring. There was a man with rough brown skin, the kind one gets from working outside all day, every day. There was a fairly ordinary looking man of about forty, poking the nose of a stuffed bear (said bear seemed to be swatting his finger away, but Jaune was sure it was just the poor lighting). There was a man dressed in plates of white armor, with the word [Knight]...somehow floating above his head? There was a man dressed in a dark suit and hat, with a pair of red sunglasses covering half his face. There was a man that...looked fairly normal, dressed in jeans and a hoodie. And at the head of the table, there was a man in a blue coat, sipping from a white mug.

The man from the rooftop...

"Ah, I see Jaune is awake." The man said, as everyone (save for the sleeping man) turned to look at him. That was when Jaune noticed what had been bothering him.

They all had blonde hair...

"Is this a cult?!" A voice shouted. It took a minute for Jaune to realize it was his. "Are you going to make me do unreasonable things in order to coerce me into wanting to help you achieve your nefarious purposes!?"

The man with the mug stood, took a long drink, and started walking towards Jaune. "That...sounds about right, yes. Welcome."

Two for two, Jaune didn't notice the hand streched out in front of him. "Introductions can come later, first as for where we are and why you are here." The man pulled out a chair, which Jaune promptly sat in.

"As I have previously stated," the man continued "I am Professor Jaune Arc of Beacon Academy, and I am the leader of our merry band."

Jaune stared in silence for a moment. Two moments. Before...

"I haven't heard of you before, do you teach the higher years?"

The professor silently stared at him, and Jaune began to get nervous. What had he said?

"Okay, clearly the direct approach is necessary." He pulled out another chair and sat in it, next to Jaune. "My name is Jaune Arc."

Jaune nodded.

"Your name is Jaune Arc."


"Magnis?" He pointed to the man in question, "His name is also Jaune Arc."


"All of these fine gentlemen?" He gestured around the table, all of whom were watching. "They are all named Jaune Arc."

"Just Jaune, thank you." The suited one went ignored.

Jaune nodded again. "Dad always said it was a common name."

Silence. Man, he was getting a lot of those lately.

"Jaune." The man put a hand on his shoulder. "We all are named Jaune Arc because we all are the same person. We are the Jaune Arcs of the various universes in which you exist. We gather here in to ensure that the multiverse continues to exist. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

...you are in a pocket dimension between worlds...

Jaune's face quickly paled.

The Professor smiled. "Good, then we have an understanding." He stood from his chair. "Allow me to be the first to formally welcome you...to the League of Extraord-"

Jaune's world went black as he passed out, face hitting the desk at record speed.

Anyone not a regular on the Professor Arc forums is probably very confused right now, so allow me to explain.

This will be a collaborative writing project featuring several Jaunes from the Jaune-central fics of Coeur Al'Aran and College Fool, and their (mostly successful?) attempts to protect the multiverse from various threats. Writing will take place over on the forums, and will be the work of several different authors.

This will be more akin to a series of one-shots as opposed to a story with an overarching theme. As such, this means that pretty much anyone can submit their tales to the forum, where we will look at it, make fun of it, and decide if it is League material (HINT: it probably is).

I am NOT the sole author of this fic, and I do not take credit for the works of anyone else. This is a project that is going forward with full support and permission of both Coeur and CF.

That being said, we will be limiting the number of Jaunes to something barely manageable, so for now the Jaunes in this story will be:

Jaune Arc: Professor at Beacon Academy, is just a teenager in over his head [Professor Arc]

Jaune Arc: Survivor of Magnis, experienced hunter, husband of Blake Belladonna [One Good Turn Deserves Another]

Jaune Arc: Elderly teenager with a host of mental problems, is effectively immortal [Not this time, Fate]

Jaune Arc: Teenager in a RPG world, just a lowly Blacksmith who wants to rise above his class [Forged Destiny]

Jaune Arc: Disembodied spirit, currently confined to a stuffed bear [From Beyond]

Jaune Arc: Normal teenager with a girlfriend of...questionable morals [Stress Relief]

Jaune Arc: Just a humble farmer who never wanted to be a hero [A Farmer or Something]

Jaune Arc: A teenager who failed to sneak into Beacon, and is now neck deep in a life of crime [A Common Criminal or Something]

Jaune Arc: A representation of the househusband of no less than eight huntresses [A Househusband Macho or Something]

Jaune Arc: A deeply, deeply confused teenager who just wants to go home [Canon]

Expect full spoilers for all stories involved, so if you haven't read them...well, be warned.

All that being said, allow me to formally welcome you, one and all... to the League of Extraordinary Jaune-tlemen!