Chapter 27: Just An Accident

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"Dory, honey, look at Daddy," Charlie told his not attention spanned daughter.

Baby Dory looked up at a couple of children, who were smiling and pointing at some other fish. They giggled as the fish busily swam in the huge tank. Most of the fish there didn't even care if the humans were looking and pointing at them. It didn't really matter to them that much. All they cared about was trying to survive in captivity.

"Dory, sweetie. Daddy wants to play peek-a-boo with you." He swam closer to her and grabbed her in his fins.

Somehow, the tiny baby managed to wiggle free from her father's huge fins, and she swam up closer to the amusing humans.

Charlie sighed. "Jenny..."

His wife giggled. "Don't worry, honey. I'll get her."

Dory cooed and giggled at the human children's faces. She was interested in the way they looked. They were definitely different than sea creatures' faces, and the only faces she had seen were her parents and their friends. Human faces were totally different for the curious baby.

"Dory, no." Jenny reached her fins out and grabbed her baby. She looked down at Dory, whose eyes were filled with tears.

Dory opened her mouth, and she began to cry. She waved her tiny fins out desperately to the human children, wanting them to notice her.

"Shh, sweetheart. Shh, shh." Jenny cradled the little baby in her fins.

Dory kept looking at the children, who were leaving now. She sniffled and looked at her mother with her innocent, magenta, round eyes.

Jenny kissed her affectionately on the head. "My little angel."

Dory felt comfortable in her mother's fins, and she smiled at her.

Jenny's smile reflected her's. "Let's go to Daddy."

She swam over to her husband. "Dory's here, hon. Turned out she wanted to see what the human children were up to."

"My curious little baby." Charlie kissed her little head. He then reached his fins out to grab her, but his wife moved her fins away from him. She smirked playfully, and gazed down at her giggling baby.'

"Oh, come on, Jenny. I just wanna play peek-a-boo with her," Charlie told her.

"I don't think she doesn't wanna play peek-a-boo. She wants to play with her Mommy. Isn't that right, darling?" She rocked Dory, who was clearly looking down at the sand, not listening to her mother.

Charlie knew from the tone in her voice that she was obviously playing around. By that, he decided to play around a bit as well. "But, honey, I haven't even gotten a chance to play with her today. I was too busy doing boring chores and exercising. Daddies do more work than Mommies. All Mommies get to do is just hang out with their babies. They never do work."

Jenny rolled her magenta eyes and chuckled. "Clearly you haven't seen the real world yet. Mommies do just as much work as Daddies. I gave birth to her for goodness sake! You don't know how hard it is to produce a baby!"

Charlie smiled and wrapped a fin around Jenny. "You know I was kidding, right?"

"Yes, Charlie. You're my husband. Besides, I like playing games like this. I love making conversations with you."

"Me too, my honey bun." Charlie stared into his wife's beautiful pink eyes, which were an amazing copy of their special daughter's.

Jenny stared at him back, and she took it as a sign to kiss him. She leaned in close to Charlie.

Charlie did the same, and they kissed passionately. Charlie could feel the love radiating off of him. His heart picked up a quick pace as he kissed his lovely wife.

They continued to kiss for about a minute, although it felt like hours for the couple until they heard their baby squeal in delight.

"You like seeing Mommy and Daddy kiss, don't you?" Charlie said sweetly.

Dory giggled, and she reached her fins out for her daddy.

"Awww, look. Now she wants you." Jenny felt Dory squirm a bit in her fins.

"Okay, Dory, you'll go to Daddy." She giggled, and she handed her to Charlie.

"I got you, princess." Dory kissed her before making a silly face at her. His tongue stuck out from the side.

Dory found that very amusing, and she laughed. She laughed so much, that she started to get the hiccups. They were little, but quick ones. They would come every five seconds.

"Uh oh. Looks like Daddy gave you the hiccups."

"I'll handle this, Charlie," Jenny assisted. She began to tickle Dory's stomach.

The forgetful baby chortled. It tickled very much.

"Tickling always cures hiccups," Charlie said.

"Yep," Jenny agreed.

Just like that, the hiccups went away. Dory smiled hugely.

"Cutie pie." Charlie booped her nose, which resulted in a giggle from her.

"Do you wanna play peek-a-boo now, Dory?" Charlie asked.

Dory nodded.

"I'll go take a nap. Have fun with the baby, honey. If you need anything, let me know." Jenny kissed him and Dory before swimming off.

"Alright," Charlie called out.

Dory gurgled.

"Okay, now who's ready to play peek-a-boo?" Charlie asked her.

Dory clapped her tiny fins. Exciting babbles were coming out of her mouth.

Charlie smiled, and he placed her on the ground.

The baby looked at her father, wide-eyed and ready to play.

Charlie covered his eyes with his fins.

Dory tilted her head to the side. Since she was a baby, she didn't understand the perspective of object permanence. When things were hidden, she thought they were entirely gone, and she was oblivious to the fact that they were still there. That was the case with Charlie. Even though he covered his face, he was still there.

"Where's Daddy?" Charlie asked playfully.

Dory giggled. She was entertained that Charlie's voice was still heard, even though she couldn't completely see his face.

"Peek-a-boo!" he exclaimed, revealing his face.

Dory screamed in surprise. She was so shocked, that she fell in the sand. Bits of grain splattered as soon as she hit the ground.

Charlie laughed. "Are you okay, Kelpcake?" Charlie helped her up.

Dory giggled. She sneezed some sand off her.

"Bless you. Wanna play peek-a-boo again?"

Dory yawned hugely. She didn't have her nap today yet.

"Or you can have your nap. That's a good idea." Charlie carefully picked her up, and he swam to the nursery. He placed her in her shell crib.

Dory smiled at her father tiredly. She then did a big yawn again.

"Wow. That's a big yawn. Hehe, you're like Daddy." Charlie stroked her.

Dory giggled at his response. The stroking soothed her, and it made her comfortable. She closed her sleepy eyes and dozed off.

"Sweet dreams, sweetie." Charlie kissed her.

"Can't catch me!" a young fish yelled near the tang family's home.

"Oh, yes I can! You're too slow for me!" another child called above.

"We'll see about that!" The same fish started to swim away from his friend.

His friend giggled loudly, and he began to chase him. They didn't notice Dory was taking her nap.

Speaking of Dory, she began to move a little in her sleep. She whined a bit. The two children were playing wildly, and they were making a lot of noise. They didn't know she was sleeping though, so it was not really their fault.

Jenny woke up from the children. Her eyes made out the young fish in a blur, hence she was just waking up. Her eyes adjusted quickly though.

"Mmm.." Jenny got out of the cave, and she stretched. "That was a nice nap."

She then saw her husband eating some kelp. "Hey, honey. Is Dory taking her nap?"

"Yes, but I'm afraid she's gonna be waking up sooner because of the kids," he answered.

"Yeah, they woke me up. You know how kids are, Charlie. They always like to play. We were kids once."

"That's true. Oh, I used to love playing tag and hide and seek. Those were the days." He grinned, remembering all the fun times he had.

"I loved those days too. Now, we are parents with a very important job: taking care of our baby." She looked right over to the nursery, seeing her little angel sleeping.

Her husband nodded. "I love being a parent, but sometimes, it's tough. Taking care of a child is a big responsibility."

"Absolutely. And with her disability, we have to watch over her even more. I don't really mind that. She needs all the help she can get so she can learn how to survive on her own when she gets older," Jenny explained.

Charlie just smiled at her. He then heard the kids screaming in joy as one chased the other. He sighed. "Oh, please don't wake Dory up..."

Dory was becoming a bit restless now. She whined louder, and she shifted to different positions. The poor thing was kind of having a hard time sleeping.

"Should we tell them to quiet down?" Jenny asked, looking over at Charlie.

"We should, but at the same time, we shouldn't because they're not doing any harm to Dory. As long as they don't do that, I'm fine," Charlie told her.

"Okay. Let me check on Dory to make sure she's okay." She swam over to the small, purple shell crib. She looked to see her baby who was now sleeping peacefully again. The mother grinned, and she stroked her child.

Charlie observed the kids. They were starting to play rough with their game of tag. He noticed they were getting close to the crib, which was not safe.

"Please be careful kids..." he said quietly.

Unfortunately, in the next minute, they were playing really rough. In the blink of an eye, one of them knocked the shell crib over without him even realizing it. Charlie tried to swam over there to prevent that from happening, but it was too late. The shell crib had fallen on top of Dory. That obviously woke her up, which resulted in the baby screaming and crying.

"Dory!" Jenny yelled in alarm. She quickly took off the crib off of Dory, and she picked up her crying baby. She tried to calm her down by cradling her and saying comforting words to her.

Charlie sighed in relief. He was thankful Dory was okay. He thought she was seriously hurt. Charlie then looked up at the kids, who were apparently continuing their game of tag. The same fish didn't even know he knocked the crib over. The tang knew it was an accident, but the child should know what he did.

"Hey!" Charlie shouted that was loud enough for the kids to hear.

The kids stopped playing, and they looked down at Charlie.

"Uh, hi, Mister..." The boy who knocked over the crib, who was named William, said.

"Is something wrong?" his friend, named Cooper, asked.

Charlie pointed at William. "You, young man, knocked over my daughter's crib. Now, she's crying." He looked over at Jenny and Dory. Dory was starting to calm down, but she was still whining.

William gasped in shock. "Oh no! Sir, I didn't mean to! Cooper and I were just having fun! I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay. I know it was an accident. Next time, please be aware of your surroundings, especially if you're playing tag."

"Yes, sir. Come on, Cooper. Let's play somewhere else." The two boys swam away.

"You two have fun!" Charlie yelled before returning back to his wife and daughter.

"Dory is calm now. Don't you worry." Jenny rocked Dory in her fins, trying to get her to sleep.

"Good. She's not hurt, is she?"

"Nope. Thank goodness."

"Jen, one of the kids knocked that shell crib over on accident. He didn't do it on purpose," he told her.

"I know, Charlie. If he did it on purpose, he would've left here," Jenny responded.

"Okay, hon. I'm just making sure you know that."

Jenny just grinned at him. She then saw Dory sleeping in her delicate fins. The mother placed her baby in the crib.

"Hey, let's sleep next to Dory so she won't feel lonely. Plus, if any more accidents happen, I want to be there next to the crib," Charlie told his wife.

"Great idea, Charlie. Even though I had my nap not too long ago, I don't mind sleeping again. Especially if it means guarding the crib to prevent any accidents," Jenny explained.

"Right." Charlie circled around the crib before laying down next to it.

Jenny kissed his forehead. "Sweet dreams, dear."

"Thanks. You too."

And with that, Jenny and Charlie slept protectively next to their baby daughter's crib. They were pretty sure no more accidents were gonna happen on that day.