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Beacon Academy. The massive school for training hunters and huntress was well known through Remnant as one of the world's top schools. You would think that it's students would never get tired of all the amazing things available to them on campus. To some this is true, others not so much.

Team RWBY was one of these oddballs. They had an amazing talent for getting tied up in fights with criminals and terrorists on their off days. It didn't help that for the past week the area around Vale was going through a massive rain storm. The rain was so bad, that Ozpin had canceled traditional lesions for the rest of the storm and instead had the staff send out homework to the students. RWBY ,minus its leader, was lounging about in their dorm.

The rains had brought a massive amount of humidity with it was currently letting everyone know why they hate 80 degree days.

"Weiss could you freeze the room or something?" Asked Yang. The normally energetic girl was laying across her bed in what she passed off as pajamas. Her golden mane was soaked with sweat and clung to her back.

"stoppen Kind zu sprechen" (stop talking child.)everyone just stared at the heiress, when had she picked up German? "What! You spend time around Airborne and you pick up bits of their languages." She muttered under her breath. "That is if they would stop cursing." It was true. Krauss swore almost exclusively in other languages, The others tended to as well. Occasionally they would switch it up to keep plans secret but the main use ,as far a she could tell, was muttering insults and shouting obscenities at others.

Ruby chose that moment to nearly kick the door off its hinges.

"IM BACK MY SUBJECTS!" she declared in a singsong voice. with a small flourish she placed something on her desk and pointed dramatically at it.

"Is that The Sergeant's laptop?" asked Weiss.

"I am not a crook." stated Ruby making peace signs. "Besides we could learn something fun about Earth."

Yang snatched the device from the desk and opened it. it was surprisingly active and thus didn't need to login. she scanned the desktop and saw a slightly disturbing picture as the background. it was a group of men all playing poker in a ramshackle break room of sorts. they were all certainly dead two were little more than skeletons one had a large chunk of his head missing. The final was much bigger almost two heads taller, his armor was different, it had much larger pauldrons that had crossed scythes on it. he also had a claw the size of a telephone pole stuck straight through his chest. at a closer inspection a man in similar armor to the first four was standing in the doorway facepalming with a circular drone hanging behind him. (All guardsmen party. Poker room of the damned.)

Shrugging at the odd image, she clicked on the single folder displayed on the computer and got a list of files the device had stored to its hard drives. she skipped over the first three which were entitled Wallpapers, declassified AARs, and Evil Stuff. Probably not anything interesting or useful. That left nine other folders, those were called; Writing, Journal, Games, Music, Pictures, Videos, EBooks, "Bad" Ideas, and finally Backups. She clicked on Videos to see what would happen. She got another list. Since when was Krauss so organized?

"That one!" Ruby suddenly yelled in Yang's ear. She Jumped at the sudden noise. Turning to scold her younger sister, she saw the rest of the team had gathered around her.

Metenaly shrugging she clicked on the video Ruby had pointed out.

PTC Trailer-VatiVidia.