hey! its been like, 14 years since this story ended, crazy! anyway, after reading thru this story for the first time since like freshman year, (i'll be a senior in the fall!), and reading all the reviews again, i thought after all we've been thru together (lmao!), i'd be obligated to tell yall about something. believe it or not, i didnt just come up with this out of thin air- once upon a time, i was a rachel berry. now, i wasnt impregnated or kidnapped or anything thank god, but when i was about 13 years old some pretty serious shit happened to me with one of my teachers. i'm pretty open to talking about it now, hence why i'm telling y'all, but i actually never told a single person about what happened until almost a year ago! like rachel, i had a lot of those feelings of guilt and disgust with myself, like it was somehow my fault. and, unlike some of you critics would believe, i had feelings for this man for a very long time after it happened. this is why i wanted to write a story that dealt with this subject- it's ok to have confusing and contradictory feelings! i'm so glad i know this now, and i'd just like to emphasize that i didn't just come up with that concept out of nowhere! it actually really hurt me back then when people would say things like "this is a disgusting thing to write, you're making light of the rape and all rape victims, this is completely unrealistic" because i felt like i was invalidated. so, essentially, i just want people to know about this after reading some of my reviews and to be educated. and for any of you who can relate to this, i'd just like to say that YOU ARE VALID! ok, that's really all i had to say. this is like, the last fanfic i ever wrote, yikes. not really into doing it anymore. :( oh, and btw, i DID end up finding the courage to report that teacher :) and my life is SO much better! thanks for reading! xoxo/span/p