Title: 19 and Counting

(Older Grojband AU)

Summary: Everyone grows out of certain perks, bad habits, and even petty childhood rivalries. Laney was first to accept the change, and now that Grojband are grown up and in college, she realized that some people are forced to open their eyes to change; change their perspectives and grow out of their close-minded shells. Corey has a long journey to go to accept these new facts of life.

Laney's little secret has finally been uncovered. In result, it unveiled the fact that The Newmans aren't as bad as the Grojband members made them out to be so long ago. At least, most of the Groj members think that. What will it take for Corey Riffin to see that they are people, too? Will he ever accept the new friendships his bandmates had blossomed, or will his unwillingness to mature out of this pettiness of a rivalry lead him to his own demise?


The air was fresh and the smell of barbecue and hamburgers was in the air. The fairy lights that were wrapped around the bars of the apartment porch illuminated Corey's face with a warm yellow-y tone as well as the walls of the porch itself. Tonight was a relaxing night.

"Hey Laney, do you need more plates for the burgers?" Kin's voice interrupted the peaceful nights' silence. Corey turned his head to see Kin holding a few plates in his hand. In the corner of Corey's eyes, he saw Kon messing with the speaker inside Laney's apartment. A second later, the music was noticeably a little louder than before.

"Yea, I do actaully, thanks Kin. Core, mind helping me?" Laney asked him from the mini grill. Corey stopped leaning against the green painted rails and took a few plates as she started to put the burgers and hotdogs onto them.

"Sweet, Lanes! This smells hella good," Corey commented before following Kin inside the apartment. The four band members put the food down on the table, passing each other plates and eating utensils.

"Alright," Laney said and looked up at everyone before a smile plastered itself on her face. "We officially made it through four months of college!" She exclaimed before the rest of the band members wooted in excitement. Kon opened a champaign bottle, making the 'pop' sound echo throughout the apartment.

"It's funny how we're celebrating being in college for four months, I thought we were gonna be celebrating after the whole semester is over," Kin joked.

"Don't be a smart ass, Kin." Kon laughed from the small kitchen.

"Shit, in all honestly though," Kon started when he walked towards the table with another bottle of wine. "We have changed quite a bit."

"He isn't wrong." Corey smiled and looked at Laney. "I mean, we look hot." Corey joked. lane shook her head and rolled her eyes.

But both weren't wrong. They all changed quite a bit, given that they've all matured and they are, after all, 19.

Kon grew to be a pretty big guy, he had quite strong and muscular arms, and a thick stuble was growing on his chin. He still wore his bandanna to keep his long black hair from going on his face. Tonight he wore a black and white T-shirt with the Grojband logo stitched at the side of the short sleeves with a pair of dark grey jeans.

Kin was a pretty skinny guy, but he's pretty tall with a really nicely built body. He had a really nice jawline which Laney always points out to Kin, commenting it being 'hot' and 'sexy' just to mess with him. His hair had a messy but stylish look to it. He wore his thick rimmed rectangular glasses often, but most of the time he uses his contacts, which really make his chocolate brown eyes stand out. He wore a dark blue button down which lightly hugged his body shape with his glasses handing from the shirt pocket and had black jeans on.

Corey grew a lot and he still had his blue hair. He ditched the beanie, though he does keep it in a safe place back at the house where he's staying with Kin and Kon. Corey often wears his favourite dark blue jeans and a black shirt. He's got some visible muscle in his arm, due to playing guitar, and he always his black v neck shirt. Corey got a few piercings in one ear, maybe two, he really doesn't fuck with needles.

Laney changed a whole lot from the bunch. She shaved one side of her head, still keeping her short hair like she's always have. She still wears the smokey eye like she's always been since she was 13. Laney had around 4 piercings in one of her ears, the side where her hair was shaved off from her head, and had a small eyebrow piercing on her left brow, somewhat noticabe. She changes her outfit all the time, but most of the time she goes for her ripped black jeans with her white crop top with her mini cropped black leathered jacket and wore her black heel boots. She was pretty curvy too, its no wonder why she's got quite a few fanboys on her trail.

"This is gonna be such a good rest of the year," Corey said. Laney raised a brow, pulling her drink away from her lips.

"What makes you say that, Core?" He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"I just have a really good feeling. Plus, our band has a really bright future this year, too. I can feel it,"

Or so he thought.