Reference song: Dreaming by System of a Down

Title: 19 and Counting

(Older Grojband AU)

Summary: Everyone grows out of certain perks, bad habits, and even petty childhood rivalries. Laney was first to accept the change, and now that Grojband are grown up and in college, she realized that some people are forced to open their eyes to change; change their perspectives and grow out of their close-minded shells. Corey has a long journey to go to accept these new facts of life.

Laney's little secret has finally been uncovered. In result, it unveiled the fact that The Newmans aren't as bad as the Grojband members made them out to be so long ago. At least, most of the Groj members think that. What will it take for Corey Riffin to see that they are people, too? Will he ever accept the new friendships his bandmates had blossomed, or will his unwillingness to mature out of this pettiness of a rivalry lead him to his own demise?

Chapter 7

Corey writhed about on the bed with his limbs tangled in the comforter. He kicked it off his body; he knew he wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon. He spread his body out flat on the hot bed and stared mindlessly at the ceiling above him. He didn't know what the hell was going on. In all honesty the guitarist felt like his world was warping by the second. He didn't have any time to slow it down and keep it from happing— there was no hope, and this is the reality he has to take.

He grabbed his phone and winced when the blinding light beamed onto his face. Once adjusted, he was greeted with a notification-less lock screen. He sighed sadly at the picture of him and the band on the screen. Rubbing his finger over the glass, he whispered, "Why, Lanes?…"

He decided to sit up to alleviate the heat on his back from the hot mattress. Swinging his legs over to the side, he stretched his aching muscles and unleashed a heavy yawn. He cupped his hands and rested his elbows on his knees. He tried his best to push away the thoughts containing Laney and the Newmans, but his mind was so fogged up to the point that it was almost impossible to do so. Corey scowled. He hated this, no doubt. One thought stood out against the others— why Larry out of all people?

"It doesn't make sense…" Corey whispered to himself. How is it that everything can get screwed up so fast? First Laney and now Kin. He grimaced at the thought.

"All the fucking Newmans, pfft." The man rolled his eyes at the memory of a certain female guitarist. All his life she and her band mates were the beign of his existence. That outlook would not be changing anytime soon or ever for that matter. His gaze shifted over to the window as he saw the sun peaking over the roofs of the houses through the shudders. He knew he needed to get some sleep soon indefinitely. Laying his back against the bed once again, he grabbed his phone and stared at the rectangular device. He unlocked it and let his thumb hover over Laney's contact name. He really did consider it, calling her. For what? He doesn't know.

Sighing, he locked his phone before doing anything he might regret. He relaxed his head onto the soft and plush pillow before letting his lids droop closed and sleep overcame him.

"Geez, that sounds like a nightmare." Kim shook what's left of her coffee in the plastic cup. The ice cubes rattled against the flimsy material and she placed the green straw to her lips and took a sip. Kin sat across from her on the table. He pushed his empty plate with the exception of a few bread crumbs away from him in mild sadness.

"Yeah, it was." The pianist didn't know if he wanted to stay home for another day. He has been dealing with Corey's cold shoulder treatment for a few days now. He didn't want to experience getting the pettiness for one more day and decided that he should take a day's break from the groj home, so he had asked Kim if she would want to have some brunch down at the mall district in which she happily accepted the invite. Kin had just told her about that one night's ordeal and the lady couldn't help but feel sorry on Kin's behalf. "At least Kon seemed more understanding. He's asked me about you once I got home."

Kim met Kin's gaze in shock. Leaning in, she whispered, "Really?"

Kin smiled faintly and nodded his head, "Yeah, believe it or not. Nothing much else than that, though. At first, Kon was just sad about finding about my friendliness to you guys, but towards the end of the night he was a lot less shaky about it all, at least from what I saw."

She sighed. "It sounds draining, you know, Corey's attitude and all. There's no way I can suppress that much stress." Kin shrugged his shoulders.

"I wish I knew how I can deal with it."

The two pianists spent the rest of the afternoon together hanging around the mall. Kim held a few shopping bags in her hands along with Kin. It's somewhere around late afternoon but the two had lost track of time. It was only then when sunset became to bleed into the sky that they realized how late it was getting.

Kim was on about an abstract story to Kin when he had gotten a text message. He scowled once he had realized it was Corey asking him where the hell he was. Distracted, Kin didn't notice the girl peaking over his shoulder before speaking, "Oh no, I'm guessing you have to go?"

Kin jolted in surprise, but pushed it aside and said with a shaky, "I'm not sure." Groaning, he added "He isn't my mom, at this point it's just ridiculous,"

"Agreed." Kim said with a smile. "But maybe he's just worried, he is your friend after all. If he really did love Laney and you plus your brother, he shouldn't let your outside friendships dictate your guys' faith, right?" Kin pondered for a moment. He threw the thought away; he didn't have the mental capacity at the moment to think about that.

Kin got another text from Corey and upon reading it he realized that it's about time he has to go home. They had to rehearse at Laney's place yet again and he couldn't just flake practice. After explaining that he just had to go home now, Kim nodded her head in understanding and hugged him goodbye before they parted ways in the parking lot.

"Took you long enough!" Corey exclaimed. Kin turned off the car and helped Kon put the instruments in the back trunk before saying, "My bad, the mall was pretty crowded today."

Corey shook his head and dismissed his bandmate's tardiness. Getting in the car, the rest of the band made their way towards Laney's apartment. Once parked at the curb, Kon spotted some of the shopping bags in the back of the car. "What did you get at the mall anyways, bro?"

Kin waved his hand idly. "Just some new clothes and some new video games," He explained flatly. Corey raised his brow.

"You went to the mall by yourself?" Kin rubbed the back of his neck as he pulled the key out of the ignition. "Yeah, I just needed to pick up the items."

Suspicion rose in Corey. The monosyllabic tone coming from Kin had made his assumptions clear. That or Kin was fed up with Corey himself. The guitarist isn't that clueless— he knew exactly how he was treating Kin the past few days. But in all truthfulness, Corey was still mad. He got out the car without speaking another word and the rest of the gang got to work taking their instruments up to Laney's and Larry's apartment.

Once getting to the door, Corey knocked on it a couple of times. No answer, and Kin tried the doorbell. Pulling out his phone, Corey slapped his palm over his forehead and sucked in a sharp breath. "I didn't see this…"

Showing the phone to the Kujira brothers, Kin crossed his arms and his face crumbled into one of annoyance. "So, she hasn't been home all day?"

"My bad guys, I didn't see her last text!" Corey exclaimed. Kin groaned and Corey added, "This wasn't intentional, my bad."

"So you're saying that giving me the cold shoulder was intentional pettiness?" Kin glared at his best friend. Kon stepped in between their glares and put his arms up to calm them down.

"C'mon guys, it's no biggie. We can just drive back home, it's not bad." The big man tried to cease the tension in the air. His brother dropped his angry stare and put his arms up.

"Yeah, fine. Whatever," Kin stated and turned around with the other two following behind. Corey kept his head low. His mood was dampening at the whole ordeal. Kon noticed the guitarist's body language and glanced over to his brother who contrasted Corey's glum mood with his angry one. A light bulb appeared over his head and the drummer's face lit up once he decided to announce his idea. Swinging his arms around both the men before him, he graced them with his thoughts.

"Hey, how about a party tonight? We haven't gone to a rager in forever!" Kon boasted with so much glee. Corey and Kin thought about it before Kon added, "It'll cheer you guys up, I'm sure."

Corey couldn't help but chuckle at the drummer's enthusiasm. Breaking away from him, he gave a small smile. "Actually, that does sound fun. Kin?"

Kin rubbed the back of his neck and looked away in thought. The corner of his lip etched into a small side smile before he shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, I'm down. It's been a while since we've gone to a Gallow's rager."

Kon clapped his hands and cheered, stating that he saw a flyer on Instagram not too long ago advertising a party with an address on it. Corey and Kin smiled at Kon's explanation, revealing that the party had free alcohol, weed, and a live performance. It didn't take too long for the groj members to rush to the car.

"I think it's that house over there," Corey pointed out the window. It was a party happening, no doubt. Many university students stood out on the yard and the house was blaring with music. Kin parked the car not too far down the block and handed Kon his keys. The drummer didn't plan on drinking tonight, so he opted to being the designated driver. The three walked towards the house and entered through the front door. The smell of Hennessey and marijuana filled his nose and clouds of smoke was dissipating into the air from the sea of people before them. Corey motioned his friends to follow him through the crowd towards the living room just up ahead. Finding a couch, they all took their seats. Kin managed to grab a can of beer and a cup of a concoction of pineapple juice and vodka to give to Corey.

"Hey, this place is neat!" Corey noted aloud over the music as he took the offered drink from Kin. He scanned around the room again. The place was furnished nicely and various instruments hung on the wall. Kin took a sip of his drink before looking around himself.

"Eh, I guess so,"

Larry raised a brow in confusion, he couldn't make out exactly what the female bassist was doing. "What's the matter?" Larry finally asked. Laney tip toed as she scanned the crowd yet again. Breaking away from Larry's arm wrapped around her hip, she turned to the man with wide eyes.

"I know I'm not crazy, I think I caught a glimpse of blue hair." Larry chuckled and attempted to calm down the female bassist by placing his hands on her shoulders.

"You think Corey is here?" Larry said her assumption out loud. She looked back to the crowd with pursed lips. She nodded her head and took a sip out of the red solo cup.

Larry couldn't help but laugh. "There shouldn't be a reason he's here. This is Carrie's party," He reasoned. Laney rolled her eyes.

"I guess you're right. I'm going to refill, be right back." Laney knew better. She wasn't going to refill her drink and instead set a quest to find out if she was right or not. If the flash of blue hair didn't belong to the one and only Corey Riffin or Carrie Beff, then she was determined to find whoever that was in order to get some peace of mind.

Laney stalked over to the kitchen while pushing past the people packed in the house. She set her drink down and sighed. She ran her hands through her hair and scanned around again. That was before her gaze stopped dead in its tracks once she saw past the kitchen counter and into the living room. There he was, along with Kon and Kin sitting on Carrie's couch. Laney clenched her jaw as she stared down at her band mates without their knowledge. She didn't know their reasoning for being here, but she knew damn well it better not be because of Corey's ridiculous attitude towards the Newmans that he felt compelled enough to stalk exactly where she was.

"What up, girl?" Carrie slid next to Laney in the kitchen. Laney's gaze didn't break from her initial target and added a "What's good" to the female guitarist. Carrie raised her brow and followed the bassist's gaze. Bursting into a fit of laughter, Carrie slapped her hand onto Laney's shoulder.

"What, your little puppy following you now?" She teased. Laney rolled her eyes and grunted at the comment. Carrie shrugged after Laney didn't say anything and added, "Maybe he isn't following you, to be fair that flyer online didn't say any host name."

Laney shook her hand off her shoulder and folded her arms. "Still though, what a fucking coincidence." Carrie's smile turned cocky before she picked up Laney's cup on the counter and handed it back to her. Laney raised a brow before Carrie stated, "Relax with Larry for a bit. You can confront those lug heads soon, I've got a grand entrance to make," then started her way over to the groj members.

Laney was on the midst of stopping Carrie but stopped herself before thinking, "You know what? Core could deal with that, I'll tend to them later," and made her way back to Larry.

"Jee, it's getting kinda hot in here, Core," Kin noted while he used his free hand to fan himself. His forehead sheened with sweat against the white LED lights, making it very clear that it was indeed hot in the crowded house.

"That's 'cuz I'm here." A voice so ungodly familiar pierced through the loud music. The groj member looked up at the one and only Carrie Beff standing before them across the small coffee table. Kin gulped and Kon shivered at the sudden presence of the female lead. The twins turned to Corey who already had a face full of disdain and disgust. He flailed his arms up in utter flabbergast.

"What the— you're here? Out of all fucking places, I can't catch a damn break!" Corey narrowed his eyes down. Carrie, with the same cocky grin plastered on her face, rolled her eyes before turning to Kin.

"Didn't know all of you would be here, Kim would be happy to see you." She said. Kin's face lit up resulting in a seething Corey. With the small spike of enthusiasm shooting through his body the pianist sat up to the edge of the couch, his body language physically asking, 'where is she?'.

"She's down that hall, second door to your left." Carrie whispered. Kin ignored Corey's piercing glare and stood up all the while inviting Kon to come along. Kon was understandably confused and intimidated, but he didn't want to witness the shit show that potentially could happen between the blue heads. Getting up, the brothers walked away leaving Corey to Carrie. The front man folded his arms and sat back on the seat.

"Aw, don't look so sad," she teased him and took the empty spot by his side. The male guitarist shifted away once she sat next to him with the same annoyed expression fixed on his face.

"Get your drunk ass away from me." Corey spat. Carrie laughed before setting her cup onto the coffee table.

"Look, I'm performing later tonight so there ain't no way I'll get up on that stage wasted." Corey laughed and gave her a smug look.

"Oh hell no, you performing?! You'll drive out the innocent bystanders." Carrie cringed at his attempt of an insult. Some things never change.

"Sure, Riffin. Anyways, what even made you think of coming here? This is my home." Corey spat out his drink. He placed it down with his eyes closed all the while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Shit, it's worse than I thought…" He stated. Carrie leaned over and got dangerously close to Corey's ear. He didn't move, but merely opened his eyes once he felt the sudden gap closing between the two.

"It's not that bad," She whispered. "You haven't changed, have you?"

Corey moved mere inches away from her. He turned his head towards her, "Seems the same with you, too." Carrie let out a low chuckle. She knew how clueless this man could be, and this tease was so entertaining. She tilted her head innocently to the side.

"I'd think otherwise, it's been a while since I've seen you Riffin." A sly smile crept up on her face. "Weirdly enough, I've missed you."

"That's rich." He whispered with spite. She shook her head.

"I've dropped the shit we've been going on about for years, goes to show who's really stuck." And with that she uncrossed her legs and in the process of doing so she brushed her ankle ever so slightly against Corey's knee before finally getting up and disappearing into the crowd. Corey gritted his teeth with how comfortable she got and quickly shook away the previous feeling of her body touching his. He shivered, "how disgusting."

Corey caught a glimpse of Kin and Kon walking out the hallway across the room. He sighed in annoyance when he saw their company walking closely behind— the Kagami twins. Corey knew it was a lost cause with those two now; Kon was laughing and ran around the crowd with Konnie in a child-like innocence. Corey forgot how kind and friendly Kon is, and same applies to Konnie. The two were having fun and it ticked a memory in Corey's brain back when they were thirteen and got fused with the Newmans for that one mash-up gig. Kon and Konnie was super friendly during that time because of the whole ordeal, who's to say that completely disappeared? Corey had hoped so, but the evidence was clear as day.

"Bogus. I'm out," he whispered to himself and got up. Making his way towards the door, he was interrupted on his journey once he heard a loud 'hey!'

Turning around he was greeted by Larry with a red solo cup in hand and a blunt in another. Corey clenched his jaw. "How great…"

"Dude, so cool you could come!" Larry smiled all the while ignoring his sour face. Corey folded his arms.

"Yeah, I didn't know this was your guys' party." His monotonous voice dampened Larry's attempt to be friendly. Larry pursed his lips before saying, "No one really checks, it's just another Gallow's party. Laney thought she saw you earlier and she was right,"

Laney emerged behind Larry after he mentioned her. She folded her arms as she and Corey stared down at each other. "Don't tell me you guys were following me," Laney started. Corey groaned.

"No, Lanes. It was just a coincidence, Kon had the idea of coming to a party and this one just had to be the one hosted by the devil herself." Corey explained and turned his body to resume his walk towards the front door. Laney shrugged her shoulder and walked past Larry and towards Corey as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It's not that bad. It's just a normal university party. C'mon Core, just stay and enjoy it, you're already here." Laney reasoned with a soft tone. Corey let his angry expression falter. He couldn't stay mad at her. Sighing, Corey ran his fingers through his cobalt hair.

"Fine, fine. Besides, Kon and Kin are here too." Larry laughed at Corey's mention of the Groj twins and pointed towards the kitchen.

"Yeah, I saw Kon and Konnie running into the kitchen for some chocolate-chocolate swirl ice cream in the freezer," the red headed male explained. Corey gave him a half-genuine smile. Of course, Larry absorbed it and was happy enough to take credit for at least gaining a smile from the stingy man. Leaning over to Laney, he whispered, "I have to go and set up, soundcheck and all."

Laney nodded her head with a smile and the bassist made his way far from Corey and Laney. She turned to Corey and motioned for him to follow. So he did, and not too soon after found themselves in the backyard where a pool and makeshift stage was present.

"Carrie pestered all of us earlier." Corey blurted out. Laney raised a brow and acted clueless.

"Oh, really? What'd she say," She asked and watched as the guitarist shift around with a growing annoyed look creeping onto his face.

"Some bullshit. She was playing with me, saying some bull about me not changing and her missing me and stuff. What bogus," Corey started. Laney chuckled to herself. She found his cluelessness amusing sometimes, though through her younger years hated it so much. It was no wonder why she had dropped her puppy-crush for him long ago and now rested in the past.

"She's got a point though, does she not?" Corey gave her an unamused look, but Laney responded with throwing him a knowing cocksure grin. Corey didn't speak on it any further and simply looked towards the stage where one by one the Newmans walked onto it with their respective instruments and accessories. Corey couldn't believe it, but he was really going to stay for a Newmans performance willingly. Kin and Kon walked up to the two and greeted Laney with glee before turning their attention to the stage as well.

The crowd of people shimmered down a bit once Carrie spoke into the mic. "What's up, everyone?!" The crowd cheered back in response. Chuckling, Carrie passed the mic over to Larry and he continued, "Good to hear you guys're having a wicked time! This is our new and up-coming single, and y'all will be the first to hear it!"

The crowd roared again and over the screams Larry yelled over his shoulder, "Hit it, Carrie!"

The female lead's guitar riff ripped through the crowd's loud screams. Larry came in a few measures later, his low frequency tones accompanying the treble's solo before the whole band met together, harmonies full of life and metal filling into the night.

Corey kept still in his spot with his arms folded as the rest of the people and his bandmates bobbed their head in beat. He rolled his eyes. They're mediocre at best.

Carrie sang into the mic as her body moved to the music with so much vengeance and energy. Her fingers moved up and down the fretboard, effortlessly playing the melody. Once the bridge of the song arrived, the cool tones of the guitar ripped through and Larry kept the low melody with his bass. She vocalized into the mic as Larry took the lead.

"She's lost her head, when they called and then said that they thought he was dead…" He sang. The guitar picked up and so did Kim's keyboard melody before Carrie and Larry harmonized in thirds, the sweetness of the sound making the crowd cheer.

"Dreaming of screaming, someone kick me out of my mind, I hate these thoughts I can't deny," they sang together, Carrie's soprano voice pairing with Larry's tenor so well. Corey watched as the song picked up in tempo and it's back to its metal tone again. Carrie threw her head back, her cobalt hair flying behind her shoulders. A wide smile plastered on her face as she sang out the lyrics. She was lost in absolute bliss in the midst of her band's music and it shows clearly on stage. It fitted her so well and goes to show how much passion her and her band mates have lit inside them. Corey can't help but raise a brow and tilt his head in curiosity as he watched his counterpart enjoying her own world up on the stage.

Corey scowled and tore his gaze away from Carrie and looked over at Laney who was cheering Larry's name loudly. Kin and Kon boasted for the Newmans with equal amounts of energy. Corey can't tell if he wants to be sick.

Once the final trill of the drums hit, the song ended in a fiery note. Larry grabbed the mic and growled, "Let's hear some fucking noise!" to which the crowd happily complied and roared at the top of their lungs. "Thanks for coming out tonight!"

Once the Newmans walked off stage, Corey held his shock in when he saw Laney run up to Larry and hug him with her arms around his neck as he spun her around.

"That was freaking great!" Corey heard Laney boast. Corey pursed his lips and found his eyes meeting with Carrie's. With a sly grin, she turned her back to him and left Corey standing far behind with equal amounts of annoyance and rage.

Corey swung his body up and rubbed his face vigorously. He glanced over to the digital clock resting on the nightstand. It was 3 in morning. The guitarist groaned angrily as he wiped the beads of cold sweat resting on his temple. Yet again he was restless in his slumber for another night.

The guitarist allowed himself to pace around the bedroom, trying to calm himself from his wake. It's been a few weeks now, but he feels like his discrepancy of his sleep was getting worse. The same thing keeps reoccurring in his dreams— a flash of shoulder length blue hair and a sly smile stained with black lipstick.

"What the hell is going on," Corey seethed to himself. He couldn't tell if he was experiencing anger or disappointment. Perhaps it was a poorly mixed concoction of the two. The Newmans started consuming his thoughts for the past month. Everything became revolved around them, the spectrum spanning from Laney to music to school itself. He felt mad at how Larry had wormed into Laney's life and dragged the rest of his bandmates with it. Corey felt disappointed at himself for allowing himself to accept everything.

But has he really accepted it though?

"Of course not," he sighed. He didn't understand anything. Most importantly, he was confused with the same lead female guitarist who keeps appearing in his dreams over and over again after that party performance. He also didn't want to accept the fact of how close Laney and Larry seem, another motif that occurs in the dreams. That damn hug stated it all.

A new feeling settled itself in Corey's chest. He couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. Anxiety? Sickness? He paced around again, but that was before he furrowed his brows as he stared out the window right at Kin's car resting out on the street. Determination, that what it was.

"Fuck this," Corey whispered before slipping on his denim jeans and a black v-neck shirt. Fixing himself in socks and shoes, he grabbed his jacket and headed out the bedroom and down the stairs. He grabbed Kin's keys and quietly escaped from the home.

Corey had no idea what he was doing or why he was doing it, but he didn't care. Speeding down the highway, he wasn't going to turn back.

He pulled over to the curbside and parked the car carelessly. He gulped the last of his pride as he walked up to the home and loudly pounded his fist against it. A few minutes later, the lights in the home illuminated the window curtain and Corey narrowed his eyes at the shadow through the said curtain moving towards the door. It swung open, and the female guitarist opened her eyes in shock at the visitor standing on her front patio.

"Riffin?" Carrie spoke with a grogginess in her voice. She raised a brow, "What're you doing here?"

Corey's anger disappeared from his face once he realized the weight of what he's doing. A dumbfounded look dawned onto him, and he looked away from Carrie's tiresome gaze.

"It's three thirty in the morning. S'plain." She spoke when he didn't. Corey didn't care for her attitude, and it fueled that anger in which it quickly boiled his blood back up. He clenched his fists by his side.

"You guys suck." He spat. Carrie's face levitated into one of amusement. The corner of her lip curled into a small side smile.

"You went out of your way to tell me that in the middle of the night?" Corey's brows furrowed more.

"Wipe that damn smile off your face. Don't look at me like that." He spoke. Carrie didn't listen, and her smile widened. Corey sucked in a sharp breath before continuing, "You Newmans are such weasels. Just get out of our lives!"

"Ah, but Laney shows otherwise. Kin and Kon, too." Carrie mussed. Corey's face turned red as he felt even more anger seep into his blood. Carrie cocked her hip to the side. "There's no way you can break a friendship like Lanes and Larrs,"

"Calling her Lanes is our thing." Corey shot back. Carrie rolled her eyes.

"You're an interesting case, Riffin." She shook her head with a low chuckle. "You've been slow. What'll it take to have yourself accept change?"

Corey gritted his teeth. He hated the all-knowing tone in Carrie's stupid voice. Carrie raised a brow and rested her hand on her hip, expecting an answer from the man. Corey fumed in his spot as he stared her down.

"Well?" Carrie asked when he stayed silent for another moment. Corey let out a frustrated sigh full of annoyance and anger. Though, that was mere seconds before he stepped forward and collided his lips with Carrie's.

When their lips made contact, Carrie took a millisecond to compose herself and let whatever's happening sink in at lightning speed. Corey pushed her body up against the wall besides the front door with a loud thud. A small moan escaped from Carrie's throat and past their moving lips all the while her fingers getting tangled in the male guitarist's blue hair. Corey raised her up and Carrie happily complied and wrapped her legs around his slim waist. The smell of lavender filled Corey's nose and oddly enough felt himself lost in her scent. Realizing how dangerous this was, and how dangerously close Carrie is against himself, he pulled away with heavy breaths. Corey scowled at her with a low growl.

"I hate you."

Carrie chuckled softly as she looked down into the man's glare with her own sultry gaze. Lowering her head, she whispered in his ear, "So you say," before taking his ear lobe in between her teeth and nibbled on it.

Corey closed his eyes and accepted Carrie's touch before pulling his head away and roughly brushed his lips sloppily against hers again. The two grinded their bodies together roughly yet still in full passion. In the midst of their make out, Carrie stepped down from her place on his waist and allowed her hands to trail from the back of his neck to his chest. Laying her palms flat against his chest, she pushed Corey back with such brutal force that it resulted in Corey's backside hitting against the dining table so hard it screeched against the wood floor when it got pushed back by the blunt impact. Corey gritted his teeth before Carrie lurched forward and abused his lips yet again with hers. Corey switched their positions and had Carrie's back slammed against the table, knocking the vase down in the process and the glass landed on the hard floor with a loud thud. She smiled up at the man as he panted. Corey had no idea what's happening nor what he was doing. It's crazy, he knew it, but the burning passion he felt in his chest wasn't going to be ignored.

Carrie kicked him at the abdomen, making Corey double over. The sheer force from her kick made the guitarist stumble backwards and he ended up hitting his back against the display case behind him. Carrie was once again standing against him within seconds with the same smile on her face. Bringing her hand up to the collar of his shirt, she gripped the cotton material in her fist and tugged it as she started to lead Corey down the hall towards her bedroom in which the blue-headed male followed hot on her heel.