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This was going to be a story were Majima has a birthday, but kind of wrote it for a future Live a Live Story. Instead, have something with Majima, still.

Chapter I

"Not now, what if we get ambushed like last time?"

Chrom's voice could be heard in the living quarters of the Dragon Turtle. A rather bored sigh escaped his mouth as he pulled up a cup of tea to lips. "I mean, Marvel Land would make a good vacation for thrill seekers."

Majima let off a snorty scoff as he leaned back on one of the cushy seats of the machine. Crossing one leg over the other, he threw his head back, staring at the ceiling. Chrom seemed to be a rather kill joy, a stick in the mud. Someone who didn't want to have fun. He tapped his fingers on the side of his trousers and gave the other a playful grin.

"Y'know, Chrommy, you DID enjoy it. Don't be lyin'. Lucina and the others saw how thrilled you were on that one ride!"

Chrom nearly choked on his tea, more like nearly let it dribble on the side of his lips. Quickly, he reached for a napkin from the table and held it to his mouth. Yeah, he did have fun there. He just didn't want to admit to it. Instead, the swordsman let off a rather gentle cough and set his tea cup on the table. He gave his best stoic expression, ignoring what the one-eyed weirdo blurted out. A few other snickers from within the Dragon Turtle could be heard.

"Well I... uh... I mean... I.."

Chrom stuttered at his words. Everyone stared at him. They gawked at him as if his hair was on fire or something along the lines. Would he just play it cool or would he just admit it?

"We only went back for some 'fun', for the sake of Lucina. What I did was merely an act."

Majima placed his hand to his face and let off a grumpy mutter. However, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Calm down, Sir Majima. We know he had fun. He just doesn't want to admit it."

Lucina gave the Yakuza a smile and motioned for him to follow her. "Follow me. I have a plan."

Majima gave a rather light shrug as he did so, following Lucina. Maybe it was best to let Chrom be the stick in the mud for the time being. What idea did Lucina have? Better yet, what did she want anyway?

"Oy, Whaddya want anyway?" He asked. Bringing a hand to the back of his head, he rubbed it and let off a grunt. Sitting on a cushy seat, Majima crossed one leg over the other. A few others were there. Ryu, Ken, Vashyron, Kite, X, Zero and Ulala. Majima felt baffled. Was he in trouble? Or was this about Chrom?

"Okay Okay Okay! Why am I in here? What did I do?!"

X let off a small laugh. Waving his hand to calm Majima down, he slid a cell phone over to the other.

"You aren't in trouble, Majima. Calm down. Take a look at Vashyron's phone. I bet you are going to be in for a surprise!"

Picking up the device, Majima thumbed through the gallery.

"Reiji and Xiaomu, Zero enjoyin' somethin' I can't tell, Kazzy n' I..."

His good eye followed each picture as gazed at the other images. Some boring. Some amusing. Some being he didn't care about until he came across one.

"Is he doin' what I think he is doin'?"

Lucina sat next to Majima and pointed at the screen and gave a nod. A smile came across her face as she looked up at one-eyed male.

"We went on that ride and he had a really good time. Sir Vashyron took that picture and gave me a copy. I dare not to show him. I wouldn't mind going back there and taking him."

She handed Vashyron back his phone and glanced over at Majima,who seemed to be looking at a wall. His left hand resting on his face, his free hand tapping on the side of his leg. Looking back over at Lucina and everyone else, his expression seemed to be rather lost. He gave a light shrug and leaned back in his seat.

"The hell ya talkin' 'bout? It's jus' a picture of him having fun. An' you wanna go back or somethin'?"

Lucina gave a small nod as she got to her feet. She seemed to have taken a liking to Majima. Maybe it was just his attitude and charm. Or that she was amused at how he was acting at the moment. Either way, she waved over at Majima to make him pay attention.

"We plan on returning to Marvel Land for some fun. We kind of deserve a break."

Zero walked over to Majima and placed a hand on his shoulder, pulling him close. A rather coy grin came across his face.

"We're all going. Besides, there hasn't been any attacks or anything out of the ordinary as of late."

Everyone else seemed to agree on this. Maybe taking Chrom out to Marvel Land again would be a good idea? What about that picture of him in Vashyron's phone? Would that be shown to the swordsman? Maybe if Chrom decided to be the stick in the mud still about such a trite thing.

Majima got to his feet and brushed himself off, dusting off his dress coat and crossing his arms over his chest. He closed his good eye and snickered softly at this idea.

"Y'know Luci, mind if I call ya that? This seems like good idea. What about that picture of him, though?"

"We show it to him!" Ken called out. "You know. Kind of did the same thing with Ryu long time ago with something. Ain't that right, buddy?"

Ryu shot a small glare at the blond fighter. He closed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair, trying not to let off any sort of snicker. He simply waved his hand in a small gesture.

"Yeah Yeah, I remember, Ken. Anyone, it is getting late. Let's rest up and let Chrom do his 'thing' for the moment."

Everyone seemed to agree on this. Leaving the small room, everyone went to their own area for the time being. Majima sat back down in the same room with Chrom, this time, ignoring him. Picking up a remote, he flicked on a television and watched a B-movie about sharks. Chrom however was reading a book. He peered up from it, glancing over at male.

"Okay, Majima.I have no idea what was going on with you and Lucina, but whatever weird ideas you have planned, keep it to yourself, please."

Majima waved his hand towards Chrom and paid no attention to him. It wasn't like he was going to say anything. Chrom gave a shrug and rolled his eyes. He left his book open in his lap as he peered over at what Majima was watching. Thinking it was rather... strange, he picked up his book and placed a book mark on the page.

"Either way. I am going to get some rest. Good night, Majima."

~To be continued.