Chapter V

Majima Goro and Chrom remained in a fighting stance against the boar monster. It was two against one. However, the creature was far larger than the two. Was it the guardian of the temple? Or just a stray beast that would devour anyone and anything in its path? Its red eyes shined in what light was in the temple, followed by it letting off a few snarls. It bared its fangs. Holding up its fore paw, the beast let off a large, howl like roar. Both men did not seem to be phased by the beast. It was large. It had teeth and claws, but could they handle it on their own?

"I have battled large creatures before..." Chrom said in his more serious tone to Majima. "With a bit of team work, we can slay this beast and find a way out!"

Majima gave a rather well placed thumbs up to Chrom. A rather sadistic smile came across his face. He had some sort of idea. What could it be? Holding his arm out, he waved his hand a bit towards the fierce beast, taunting it. This was followed by Majima turning his back and giving his rear a well placed slap.

"Oi! C'mon ya shaggy bastard! C'mon! Come and get us! Nyehahaha!"

It seemed to work. The shaggy haired beast gave out a horrific howl like roar and stood up on it's hind legs. Its red eyes gleamed in the darken temple and its roars echoed loudly. Both males kept a keen eye on it, until Majima gave Chrom a small glance. He had an idea. A rather crazy one, but it could work. A sadistic sneer came across his face as he laughed softly.

"Hey Chrommy. Gimmie a boost. Most of these damn creatures are weak in the neck, throat or th' belly y'know. So, Imma gonna get on its back and try to stab it in the neck! Chrommy, ya can try to slash it's neck or gut it! Heh! Team work I say!"

Majima did have a point. Most beasts' weak point was their neck, the throat or their belly. Chrom gave a reassuring nod at his partner and held out his blade. Giving the one-eyed male a wink, a smile came across his face.

"Ready, Majima!" He said in his tone. "Let's hope this crazy idea works!"

Hoping on the blade of Chrom's sword, the blue haired male launched the crazy male into the air.


Majima performed a rather brave somersault in the air and landed on the back of the large beast. The beast growled softly as it eyed Chrom, ignoring the other male that had landed on its furry back. Chrom watched the beast carefully. However, a few things went through his mind. Clutching his blade close, he watched the beast, as well for Majima and what he may do.

"C'mon Majima..." Chrom said to himself. "This monster is really giving me the eye."

"Geyuah..." Majima grunted. Holding his tanto knife in his mouth, he pulled it out and held it with his right hand. He knew what he was going to do. Thrusting the blade of his knife into the back of the beast's neck, Majima braced himself what it's reaction would be. The beast gave out a large, bellowing like roar as he reared up its back legs and howled in pain. Blood started to trickle from the stab would as it tried to thrash itself around, hoping to throw off Majima.

"Shit..!" Majima sneered. Reaching for his tanto, he jabbed it on the side of the beast's neck, causing it more pain. "I gotta keep holdin' on or I will..."

One final thrash and Majima was flung off the monster's back. Catching himself in the air, Majima landed on fours and gave his blood soaked tanto a glance. A rather twisted grimace appeared on his face as he motioned for Chrom to do something. What though?"

"Oi Chrom!" Majima called out. "It has two open wounds! Think you can give it a stab? It's weak point is the neck!"

The boar monster roared some more, this time, its roars echoing though the hallways of the temple. The blood from its wounds dripped off its shaggy, fur coat. Its eyes shined a crimson red. Chrom closed his eyes, hoping Majima's little stab trick worked. Maybe a jab to the throat would finish it off. It seemed like it was in pain, but also had its sights on the two males. Showing its large, sharp fangs, it gave off yet another roar. This time, charging towards Chrom and Majima!

"Dammit..." Chrom huffed under his breath. "If we don't make this, the we are going to be in Paradise sooner or later!"

Chrom charged fourth as well, gripping the handle of his blade. Majima watched, curious what will happen. However, he knew Chrom could slay this beast. However, even if it was slain, they would still be stuck in this desert temple. To the point they would die of starvation in the process.

With both Chrom and the monstrous beast charging at each other, both nearly butted heads. However, there was a rather sickening sound of flesh being impaled, followed by Chrom huffing a bit. Before him was the monster boar, with Chrom's blade thrusted into its throat. More blood trickled down the neck of the beast and onto Chrom's blade. Some of the blood dripped onto the stony floor. Slowly pulling his blade, Chrom fell to one knee as the large monster gave off one last roar. A rather weakened one at that. Then it stopped breathing and crashed onto the ground.

Majima walked over to Chrom and placed a hand on his shoulder. A smile was across his face.

"Ya did it, Chrommy!" He exclaimed.

Chrom, he didn't say a word. Instead, he jumped onto his feet and wrapped his arm around Majima's neck. A rather large smile appeared on his face. Something rare that was displayed.

"No Goro, WE did it! I mean, it didn't give us much of a match, but we slain it. The problem is, we are kind of stuck here."

Pulling himself away, Majima rubbed his neck. However, that smile Chrom had. It seemed like he was having fun? Did his good eye seen such a thing? Shrugging it all off, he gave Chrom a well placed fist bump.

"The worst is yet to come, y'know. We are still at that dead end, but..."

Majima strutted over to the wall and leaned up against it. He crossed his arms over his chest. Pondering a bit, he didn't know that his weight was pushing the blocks of the wall. Majima then fell backwards and onto the dusty ground. Chrom noticed that Majima toppled over. Even to his surprise, with the wall being broken by Majima!

"EURKEA!" Chrom yelled. "Majima! You found our exit!"

The one eyed Yakuza sat up and rubbed his head, shaking it a bit, he looked up at Chrom and then behind him. Rubbing his head again.

"I found... our ticket out?"

Chrom walked over to the eye patch wearing male and held his hand to him.

"Majima, come on. Let's go. We should follow the light. We may get out!"

With the both of them, they followed the lighten path of the temple. Where would it lead them? Freedom? Or another twisting path? It did not seem long until the two of them reached what appeared to be a hole. A hole leading up to the desert again.

Majima crossed his arms as he looked over at Chrom. Tapping his foot on the ground, he huffed a slight sigh. Turning to face the swordsman, he threw him a grin.

"Hey, Chrom. It seemed like we had fun. Heh. I saw ya smile! I mean, it ain't no Marvel Land, but we had one hell of an adventure!"

Chrom would have to agree. This was the most fun he had. Even if it was a bit life threatening. The hot and scorching desert. The quicksand. Wandering through the temple's traps and slaying the beast.

"Let's head back to the Dragon Turtle. I wonder how long we been gone, but it seems like it's night. The moon is rather beautiful, though..."

Majima looked up at the sky as well. Jumping onto the wall,he climbed up it and pulled himself out of the hole. Chrom followed Majima and sat on the sand. Majima sat beside him and rested his hand on his knee.

The desert night was rather cool. The sky was clear and the moon shining bright. Though, they were in the middle of no place and possibly far from the Dragon Turtle. Majima flopped onto his back, staring up at the sky. Chrom glanced over his shoulder and gave a smile.

"You know, Majima. I thank you for this..."

Before Chrom could say anything else, his belly emitted a soft growl. Placing a hand on his stomach, he laughed softly.

"We should head back. I sense we are not far from it. At least I hope not."

Majima sat up and brushed the excess sand off from his hair. Rubbing the side of his face, he gave Chrom a shrug.

"If we get in quicksand again..."

Chrom simply laughed at Majima complaining about that death trap. Though, some lights could be seen. It was the moon, was it the Dragon Turtle?

"Hey! You two! We got this repaired! What happened to you guys?!"


The Crimson coloured Reploid hopped out of the machine and walked over to them. He was later followed by Lucina.

"Father! Majima!"

Lucina not only tackled Chrom, but Majima as well, wrapping her arms around the both of them. "What happened to you two?!"

Majima raised an eye brow and looked over at Lucina. He gave a light shrug.

"Eh, not much. Got stuck in quicksand. Wandered through a temple. Fought a monster. Y'know. Same bullshit."

"Is this true?" Lucina asked. She looked over at Chrom and then at Majima.

Chrom gave a nod. Though, both would tell their story back inside the Dragon Turtle. A few moments later and dumping large amounts of sand from their clothing, Majima and Chrom sat on the sofa. The other members gathered around the two, listening to their adventure.

Later at on the same night, Majima gave a light yawn, noticing Chrom was leaning up against him. He was already fast asleep. He didn't care. It was the same way when he leaned up against Chrom, napping up against him.

"We had one hell of an adventure, 'Chrommy-Chan'." He said. Giving another yawn, he soon fell asleep. This, ending their adventure for the day.


AN: That was a trip. So, who shall be next? Majima? Ryo? You decide? Or shall I?