A few quick points:

1. Some ship names repeat for different ships. This is not a mistake.

2. Being vocal about your preferred ships is fine; I have my own bias'. However, that is not a reason to shame, flame, or otherwise tear down another persons preference. As I said in the summary, SHIP WARS WILL BE ENDED IMMEDIATELY! Debate is fine, Hate is not.

3. As also stated in the summary, I will edit this as people present or I find new ships. I'm human, so I can guarantee I missed something. PM me or post in the comments. If it's a little farfetched I may ask for an explanation for the name (Things that don't need explaining: PyrrhaxRuby: Milk and cereal. Pyrrha appeared on a box of pumpkin pete's and ruby doesn't need friends to grow up; she drinks milk). Otherwise it will be "thanks" and added.

4. Refer to Ruby's ship list for the order of characters appearing. Regardless of whether you're going through the entire ship list or a specific characters list, they will all stay in the same order.

5. Finally, a reference for the ships themselves: Official ship name (by Rooster Teeth (I'm going by what has already been named in the Rwby episodes)), (R) Romantic and (P) Platonic/Non-sexual in nature (applies to sibling relationships only (this is not a concrete rule as they are sometimes exchanged/ignored for a preferred name for the ship as a whole)). Everything else is considered romantic and only a suggestion, some more common than others (i.e. White Rose is more common than Reiss even though both are suggested names). (*)Made by my brother EDIT: Screw this one.

6. Ask questions about names and I will answer them to the best of my ability (unless I didn't come up with it and it doesn't make sense to me either) (i.e. empire or freyja's thunder; I didn't make them but I understand the references).

7. Credit goes to all the sites and posts I took from (they were a lot so I'm sorry I can't personally credit everyone) and those who post from here on out. My brother actually made a couple ship names himself and I will credit those accordingly.

UPDATE: The list is now longer, with each character having a block list for all the possible ships (with the exception of like Zwei and the shopkeep and a couple super minor characters). I will go back and alter the list to appeal to point 5 at a later date as this has been a 4 day project that I've easily clocked in over 35 hours on. Also, I found more ships! Yay! However, some are from "crack-list threads" and not so great, however they are here as I'm sure there's someone out there using one of those... questionable? names. Please comment or message me about typos, errors, missing ships, etc. I only did a quick proof-read before submitting this as I've been working nearly nonstop (except for a 3 hour nap and bathroom breaks) since 4 pm Thursday afternoon.

UPDATE #2: I'm back and I brought 264 ships with me!

UPDATE 2.1: So! Revamping in progress. This was all I was able to do for a bit. Hopefully I'll have Team Jnpr up tonight. If not, then expect it and a handful of others to be up tomorrow.

UPDATE 2.2 As of 8/8/2016 Update Progress is 70% Complete. Current Status: Proofreading and Final Adjustments/Additions

UPDATE 2.21 As of 8/14/2016 The ship list is now dubbed temporarily completed.

So, I'm sure everyone's thinking, "Well, you sure took your sweet time."

Yeah, I kinda did. But I wanted to do it right, ya know.

Plus I've got a bunch of new stuff for you guys, but first:

RWBY Public Shipping Spreadsheet

Mass RWBY Shipping Spreadsheet

RWBY Reddit by yoramex aka HazelBunny

(These are supposed to be linked. Please visit my other account, IShipYouNot, on ArchiveofOurOwn dot org to visit the linked spreadsheets)

Give credit where credit is due.

Thank you also to my roommate, Mitch, and my brother, No_Count, for sitting down and helping me hammer out all the little inconsistencies with my numbers and helping make a handful of the ships presented. (Seriously guys, I did this for a good chunk of two weeks by myself. These guys were a godsend even if I did want to kill them a few times)

Time for Fun Facts!

Number of Total Ships per Character*

Ruby: 195 Weiss: 188 Blake: 176 Yang: 201

Jaune: 153 Nora: 137 Pyrrha: 144 Ren: 97

Cardin: 47 Russel: 14 Dove: 19 Sky: 17

Coco: 107 Fox: 52 Velvet: 124 Yatsuhashi: 53

Ozpin: 70 Glynda: 80 Port: 41 Oobleck: 51

Summer: 45 Taiyang: 31 Raven: 43 Qrow: 62

Penny: 124 Ciel: 38 Flynt: 48 Neon: 63

Sun: 97 Scarlet: 50 Sage: 75 Neptune: 86

Asrlan: 17 Bolin: 6 Reese: 29 Nadir: 2

Nebula: 16 Dew: 15 Gwen: 6 Octavia: 8

Brawnz: 7 Roy: 3 Nolan: 4 May: 18

Salem: 49 Cinder: 154 Roman: 77 Neo: 117

Emerald: 92 Mercury: 80 Junior: 35 Melanie: 18

Miltia: 22 Adam: 59 White Fang Lieutenant: 9 Ironwood: 52

Winter: 89 Zwei: 28 Shopkeep: 35 Tukson: 39

Amber: 14 Lisa: 25 Papa Schnee: 7 Dr. Merlot: 11

*For some reason, the numbers above do not result in an even number when added together. This leads me to believe I've miscounted someone's total ships (as you're literally counting everyone twice). I used a different method to come to my conclusions below. (If someone finds the problem with the numbers above, please let me know)

This brings the list to a grand total of 3,862 Ships (not yet including OTP's and others).

This means that there are 1,931 Ships for Pairings that do not repeat (i.e. if say RubyxJaune were already accounted for, then JaunexRuby ships would not be accounted for because you'd just be counting the same ships twice. Note: name's repeat for some ships because of certain qualities of the ship, like Eclipse for example. This does not account for that.)

Total number of OTP's/Other ships: 370

Total Ships All Together: 2,301

Before this update there were only 706 Ships for non-repeating couples (773 after OTP's and other), meaning it has had a 197% Increase in size.

Yang is in the lead for number of total ships at 201.

Cinder is the only character to be shipped with every other character (including herself).

I now have to add a warning for mature language.

Nadir has the least ships, totaling 2.

Number of characters with ships totaling more than 100: 12

Number of characters with ships between 10 and 100: 43

Number of characters with ships totaling less than 10: 9

With the addition of Salem and the growing popularity of minor characters like Lisa, the list now totals 64 characters.

I have to cut down on the number of characters per chapter and add additional chapters because OTP's and other strange/fourth-wall-breaking ships are becoming very popular.

There are 30 Female Characters, and 34 Male Characters.

Female Characters have more ship names, totaling 2,542 (1,271 non-repeating), leaving the Male Characters at 1,316 (658 non-repeating).

Pairings with the most ship names:

16 - RubyxJaune

15 - WeissxWinter, PyrrhaxPenny

12 - RubyxPyrrha

11 - WeissxJaune, BlakexJaune, YangxVelvet

10 - YangxSun, JaunexNeo, NeoxMercury

Jaune is the only character in this category to be paired more than twice.

This was 127 pages printed. It's now 191.