"I'm surprised they assigned you Kara," Feemor said once they were safely in the ship and in the hyper lanes.

"Just I am surprised to see you Fee," she said with a smile. "I thought you would stay hidden in the Outer Rim for the entirety of the war. The handful of times I seen you there, you never seemed to like the Temple."

Since Feemor had been knighted, he could count on his fingers the amount of time he had came back to the Temple. He had volunteered to be a part of the group that made up the new Outer Rim Jedi forces after Qui-Gon had renounced him. He couldn't stand the pity and humiliation that followed.

"I never liked the whispers that followed me when I was at the Temple," corrected Feemor gently. "And the Council specifically asked for me, though I didn't know that it would be to find him."

The name Obi-Wan hung heavy between the two.

The conversation died for a few minutes before Kara spoke up. "Have you ever met him?"

Have you ever met our brother, was left unsaid.

Feemor clenched his jaw, the guilt and frustration of the night before came rushing back. "No, I never meet him. I followed the advice of my friends and never reached out to him after Qui's passing, and time just slipped away after that."

It was an excuse if there ever was one. Feemor could have easily reached out any time in the past decade. The idea always crossed his mind when he was at the Temple but he never acted on it. His actions made worse by the very fact of who was sitting next to him.

"Did you ever met him?"

Kara gold stripped eyes met his before looking down in shame. "Never officially. But I saw him in the hallways of the Temple, and he assisted in some of the saber classes that I attended. But Father," her breath still hitched in pain, "Father never introduced us, he always seemed reluctant whenever I asked."

After his death, Kara had no desire to meet Obi-Wan. A part of herself blamed him for not being able to save Qui-Gon. Her Master had eventually showed her the error of her thinking when he slowly pulled her away from the dark side she was falling towards. After that she had been too ashamed to reach out. To afraid that some of the old resentment would flare up and Obi-Wan would feel it.

"That seems to be the common theme for our lineage," Feemor mused, "No one wants us to meet the others."

Jedi lineage was the support system every Jedi should be allowed to lean on. Feemor had often watched wistfully as other Masters and Padawans interacted. Qui-Gon had done his entire line wrong with his stubbornness. His two surviving Padawans never allowed to grow close, Grandmaster alienated, and his actual daughter hidden from everyone. They never had the chance to build that support system. Feemor knew deep down he was afraid of rejection, he was afraid Obi-Wan would reject him like Qui-Gon had. Though Feemor had been gone from the Temple he had heard what Xantoas had done, Master Tahl keeping him informed. She had tried so hard to bring their family back together before she had died.

Obi-Wan didn't have the best experience with one of his older Padawan brothers, what hope did Feemor have of building a relationship after that?

"You met me," Kara said softly breaking Feemor thoughts.

"I did," murmured Feemor.

The Force had led him to the young girl the days following Qui-Gon's death. He had been at the Temple, and just returning from Master Giett's when the sudden spike of sorrow as powerful as his had led him to this young teenage girl. He knew who she was with one glance, she had Qui-Gon's height and long locks but her eyes were Tahl's. He hadn't even introduced himself as he had wrapped her in a hug.

"We've done wrong by Obi-Wan haven't we Fee," Kara said softly. "You've had my back since you first met me, and I had my Master even after I was knighted until Genosis. But who had Obi-Wan's?"

Feemor sighed, "A great injustice. I think everyone has been blinded when it comes to him. He's been called the perfect Jedi by many. He has been prompted to Mastery, High Councilor, and High General, has trained a Padawan and even has a grandpadawan. He has managed everything that has been thrown at him. People forget even Jedi are people, we need support. After Qui-Gon no one was there, I didn't step up and neither did anyone else. It took a young Padawan to point out something that should have been obvious."

Kara nodded, fiddling with her nexu tooth necklace. "Was it that bad?"

Feemor nodded gravely, "Worse probably. Going over the reports and what Master Giett said of being challenged to so many Agoge, it's a wonder he never dropped from all the strain."

Kara stayed silent to allow it all to process in her mind.

It was the will of the Force that was leading Feemor and herself to Obi-Wan, that she was sure. But how would Obi-Wan react to them? Feemor had built a bond with her, had reached out to her. And likewise she had reached out to Feemor. They had basically ignored him for the past decade and now they were going to enter his life without warning.

Kara was certain if Obi-Wan had known of their existence he would have reached out to them at some point. Father always would mention that he padawan was prone to listening to the Council instead of the Force, and she imagined that was the reason why she never met him. Her Father was afraid Obi-Wan would reveal the truth about her parentage to the Council. Now that no longer mattered, she was a Knight now and a proven one.

But even with that excuse, what were they going to say to Obi-Wan. Where they going to say anything to him? Kara wanted to, though she knew that she didn't have any right. She would have to put her trust in the Force.

"I see you have tried another failed escape," Dooku said mildly as he entered Obi-Wan's room.

"Well as the saying goes Grandmaster, fifth times a charm," Obi-Wan said with a little check.

It was only through years of self-control that Dooku didn't react when Obi-Wan called him Grandmaster. It didn't seem like the younger man had even caught his mistake. Instead he turned to his lead droid for his report.

Dooku resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose as the droid rattled off the damage that had been caused by his grandson. Dooku wondered for the 1000th time if allowing Obi-Wan to keep his lightsaber was a mistake. So far his crew had to fix 28 holes cut through his hull in his misguided attempts to escape.

"In my defense, I should be trying to escape Count," Obi-Wan said with his best negotiator face, even though he stood in front of Dooku like a youngling about to be scolded in his socked feet. In an act of pettiness the droid assigned to watch Obi-Wan had confiscated the Jedi's boots before marching him to Dooku.

Dooku hummed, "Be as that may, my droids would appreciate it if you stopped cutting holes in my ship."

"I'll take that in consideration in my next attempt," Obi-Wan mused stroking his beard.

It had been 3 days since Obi-Wan had fully woken up and he was proving to be just as much as a nuisance as he usually was on the battlefield. He was polite enough to plan his escape around the midday and evening meal that he shared with Dooku. But all the other times he decided was free game.

Dooku had resorted to hijacking the tracking signal that was still in Obi-Wan's boot to keep track of his grandson and send droids to the appropriate location to intercept him.

"See that you do," Dooku said. "Or I fear I will have to send the repair bill to the Temple."

Obi-Wan gapped at him, seemingly unable to comprehend that Yan had made a joke. Dooku managed a small smirk. "Dinner is in two hours, please try to refrain from any more attempts. Chief is making a very delicate Alderann soufflé, I am fully prepared to throw you to his mercy if an alarm caused by you causes it to deflate."

"Yes Grandmaster."

This time Obi-Wan seemed to catch what he said as his eyes widened slightly and his face schooled itself into a blank mask.

Dooku gave him a nod before exiting the room and making his way back to the bridge. He glanced at the monitor that held the feed from the hidden camera in Obi-Wan's room.

Dooku sighed seeing on his monitor his Grand-Padawan falling dramatically onto the bed, the older man hoped he would sleep before the evening meal. There was still an edge of weariness around Obi-Wan, sleep, natural sleep was doing him wonders. Dooku wished he could follow his lead. Stepping back into the light highlighted how exhausted he was, the dark was like a drug, masking everything that was hurting. It was a fine edge Dooku was finding, drawling from both sides of the Force. He would never truly be one with the light again. He had seen too much and had done too much and felt too much. He was no longer a Jedi nor a true Sith, he was something in-between. He was walking the path of Shadows and on his way to becoming truly gray.

It also didn't help that every time he closed his eyes, the Force would send visions of his way of the future that could be. He spent many hours in meditation trying to find the answers the Force was trying to send him.

With a weary sigh Dooku checked the progress with the Negotiator. They were catching up and soon they would overtake them in the next few days.

Yan knew he had come to a decision and there was no going back on it. He had been meditating on it since he brought Obi-Wan aboard and he could now see what he had been missing. It was obvious that Sideous was bidding his time until he could replace Dooku with Skywalker.

From the visions Dooku had received, there was no future for the galaxy if that was allowed to happen. Obi-Wan was key to keeping Anakin in the light. And in order to do that Obi-Wan would have to go back.

Dooku knew he would have to revisit some of his plans. General Grievous would have to be dealt with, he could not allow that abomination to continue on the way he was. Let that mark his last true act with the darkside, for Dooku would need everything in his disposal to dispatch him.

Then…then Dooku knew that he would be forging his own path, he was no longer light but also no longer dark and for once in his life he would be walking alone.

The only thing he did know was that he would fight as long as he needed to to make sure his lineage was safe, and by that he meant Obi-Wan, and perhaps the Tortuga. His great-great padawan had promise if Obi-Wan was a more constant figure in her life instead of the walking mess that was Skywalker.

As he checked the Negotiator path again, Dooku also made a note to check out the clones. Sideous had been keen on Dooku ordering the clones, and the sealed documents that he had Dooku deliver to Lama Su. He knew there were certain orders imbedded in the chips but Dooku wasn't privy to the full information.

Back in the beginning Sideous had promised Dooku that the Jedi would be reformed in Dooku's image. The visions that plagued Dooku instead showed the Jedi being massacred, right down the youngest initiate. That was something Dooku never planned.

He needed to find out what Sideous had in store for the clones and how to put a stop to it.

"Keep the course steady," he instructed the droids before sweeping off the bridge.

Haha no one guessed the second identity of the second knight which is Qui-Gon's daughter from Legends! I stumbled across her when trying to find information about Feemor and decided to run with it. Her page like Feemor's is small so I'm going to have to improvise and hopefully do both characters justice.

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