Wing Zero (All your base are belong to us!)

Zig01 on it's final mission through the stars, flies majestically as the light of a thousand suns shines off the hull. The year is 21XX after all this time and battle she was still, in the captain's opinion, the best in the galaxy. In a sudden shudder the ship was rocked from one side of the solar system to the other. The first officer reported the damage but the captain was almost certain of it all ready. Only a bomb would cause such an explosion. "Sir, somebody has sent us a bomb!" A technician looked up from his work station and at his captain "We are getting a signal, I'll put the main screen on, Sir" The captain was only a little puzzled he thought who would be sending us a signal right now, but all he could muster was "What!?". "Computer, main screen turn on." The image of CATS shimmered to life. "You!" there was no way it could be him. CATS was dead, but from the look of his cybernetic implants he must have survived. CATS with his constant air of calm and menacing air of evil paced along the entirety of the main display screen. "Hello, gentlemen." CATS smiled smugly as he saw the horror on the captains face. "As you may have guessed, all your bases belong to us. In fact you are right on the path of destruction." "What are you saying, CATS?" the captain muttered. CATS smiled widely at his chaos, "The organization has you in there sights. Make your peace with God, and take your time we're in no hurry." CATS laughed maniacally as his imago faded. The technician looked up at the captain, "Captain?" The captain didn't have to think for this order, "Launch the Zig's." The technician looked nervously at his captain, he knew what that would do, "Sir?" "Just do it! You know what to do! All Zig's, move out! For the great hope of peace and justice, launch every Zig!"

OK that's as far as it goes. I don't really know any more of the story, so if you want it finished tell me how it goes. Otherwise it's all up to your imagination.