Chapter 6: Everything I Thought I Knew… Was Wrong

Author's Note Part 1: Alright guys, here we are at Night 3. And this night is actually gonna be a turning point for this story. I'll admit, looking over the notes for this story, it's already changed quite a bit from what I had planned before. Then again, reading other FNAF stories while writing this, and by extension getting ideas because of them, are bound to make it so that original plans change and evolve…

With that being said, I guess it's time that I get to actually writing the chapter so that we can get back to the horror aspect of this once again… Along with another aspect later on.

3rd Person POV:

Listening to the call cut off, Alex simply leaned back in his chair and continued to cycle through the feeds. This time around, the Phone Guy honestly hadn't told him much, most likely due to the fact that the only real thing to talk about was the new door and a bit more on the animatronics, since from what Alex was able to tell, based on the Phone Guy's lack of advice, everything that possibly wanted to kill him in here, he'd already run into one way or another.

Breathing out a sigh of slight relief at that fact, Alex continued to cycle through the different feeds, seeing Freddy in the arcade once again, Bonnie was wandering around the different party rooms, Balloon Boy was looking around the main room from his corner, Mangle was scurrying around her room with her "Doctor Octopus" appendages, the Marionette was placated as Alex once again wound up the music box… And Chica was staring at him through the big window once again.

Alex sighs at the sight as he reaches under his desk and pulls a Fanta can out of the fridge, before popping it open and taking a few gulps, and then lowering it as he stares through the glass at the frowning animatronic, who currently had her normal "night" appearance. He shakes his head at the sight, before looking through the camera feeds once again. Freddy had moved to the main room, Balloon Boy was still in the same spot, Bonnie was still wandering, the Marionette was still in his large present at the Prize Counter, and Mangle…

Had just climbed into the vent inside her room. Alex sighs in response, before reaching forwards and grabbing his Freddy Mask, turning to face the vent a second later, and watching as it shakes slightly each time Mangle pounds against it. It takes a minute, but the deranged Vocaloid eventually leaves, and Alex watches on his tablet as the Mangle exits the vent in her room, before climbing along the walls, and then out of her room to head down the hall towards the other party rooms. Alex breathes a sigh of relief at this, before taking off his Freddy Mask, and placing it onto the desk in front of him. After doing this, he looks back up, and freezes at the sight that greets him.

This is because Chica was currently looking through the glass, but now, she was looking between him, and the mask that was lying on the piece of furniture in front of him. After a few seconds of this, she looks back up, and sends him a smile. Alex's eyes widen at this, because that action just proved that Chica was definitely the most dangerous of all the animatronics. After all…

She'd just found out about his trick with the Freddy Mask.

He started to sweat a little when he realizes this, because it means that it would now be impossible for him to fool the female Vocaloid with the mask from this moment on. "Fuck…" And Alex is able to sum up his reaction with one word as the Vocaloid outside his door giggles at him, and then presses her hands against the glass as she winks at him. While she'd no doubt found out the night before that her "seduction tactics" worked, he figured that she also realized that they wouldn't work on him a second time. At least, not any time soon.

However, that also proved to confuse him, since due to the fact that she probably knew that it wouldn't work, that meant that she shouldn't have a reason to be flirting with him of all things. If Seduction wouldn't work to get her inside from now on, why would she think that flirtation would? Shaking that thought away, Alex lifts up the tablet to cycle to the Prize Counter feed, and wind up the music box when the circle loses a "slice". Afterwards, he looks through the cameras for the different Vocaloids, nodding when none of them appear any closer to his office than before.

One feed that did make him raise an eyebrow in confusion was the one for Pirate's Cove. This was due to the fact that Mangle had just disappeared behind the curtains that led to the "Out of Order" area of the room. Shaking his head to clear it, since this pretty much didn't affect him if Mangle wasn't going after him, Alex cycled through a few more feeds, looking up at Chica every now and then. The response each time was the Vocaloid giggling at him, sometimes winking, while one time she blew him a kiss.

Each time he shook his head since he still didn't understand this Vocaloid, before taking a swig from his soda can, and then turning his attention back to the tablet held in his hands to check the building. So far, it seemed like this night would be one of the easier ones. He was pretty sure that he was protected against the Vocaloids with only a sliver of a chance of them getting to him, while the door had been replaced with a more reinforced one to protect him against the animatronics. All in all, he had a feeling that from now on, his nights would be a repeat of this one, where he'd be able to just sit in his office and look through the cameras to check in on the different parts of the building…

He couldn't have been any more wrong.

4:30 AM

Just over four hours later, Alex was cycling through camera feeds once again, his soda now empty and thrown into the recycling bin placed beside the fridge, while a bag of Doritos was also empty, and thrown into the trash. Breathing out another sigh, Alex decides to check in the storage room. Luck appeared to be with him thus far, since all of the animatronics were still there. Including the large animatronic Foxy that he hadn't seen either time he'd checked the room before.

If he was honest, even if the animatronic Bonnie was the only one to come after him so far, he was already more afraid of the large, bipedal, mechanical Fox animatronic. After all, he had a feeling that if most of the rest of the thing's body was made of metal, then the curved hook that too the place of the thing's right hand wasn't made of plastic… Shaking that thought out of his head, Alex continues to cycle through the feeds, raising an eyebrow when he sees Chica walking through the main room. Looking out the window in front of him, Alex confirmed that the female Vocaloid wasn't there, and stared at the tablet's screen in confusion. However, he quickly shakes that off, since if she wasn't around, then better off for him.

Granted, she was the most cunning of the Vocaloids, however, that wasn't to say that she would be content with just staring at him all night. For all he knew, she had reverted back to the programming that made her search for people to entertain for a little while, and as a result, the first room that she checked was the main room where most people were during the day. So, with a slight shrug of his shoulders, Alex looks through the feeds once more. First, he winds the music box in the Prize Counter once again, before looking for the other Vocaloids that were probably looking through the building.

Balloon Boy was also still looking around the main room, and switching camera feeds, Alex eventually finds Freddy looking around in a random party room, making Alex nod to himself as he finds Bonnie in a different one. As for Mangle, the only other female Vocaloid was crawling around her room, making Alex frown at the sight even though he finds her. And thanks to the music box, the Marionette was obviously still at the Prize Counter, making Alex nod as he places his tablet down on the desk and stretches a bit.

He was over two thirds of the way through his shift, and so far he hadn't run into any real problems. Yeah, he'd probably need to talk to Mr. Fazbear about replacing the vent cover, and possibly getting a stronger one by the end of the week, but so far, he didn't have much to worry about. Glancing at the item that was lying on the desk that he'd brought from home, he's also glad that when the animatronics show up, he'll actually have a chance to defend himself from them if any managed to make it into the room. As for the Vocaloids… Taking a glance at his belt, he sees that the item he bought is still clipped there, and nods at the sight.

Then, clapping his hands, Alex leans forwards in his chair, picks up the tablet, and starts cycling through the camera feeds again. However, when he checks on one of the party rooms, he's surprised to find that all the feed shows is static. Like those really old fashion TV's showed whenever there wasn't anything to play, and the blue screen didn't pop up. That confusion changed to panic when he realized that the camera wasn't working.

He frantically switches through the feeds, and sees that the rest work, except for that one feed, which refused to show anything besides the snow of black and white on screen. Over the course of these three days so far, Alex had learned a few things.

The first was that while his boss hadn't told him exactly what the job he signed up for entailed, he was at least willing to make up for it by trying to make his shift easier, and allow him to survive through the night.

He'd also found out that of all the Vocaloids, the one that was the most dangerous to him, was the one that the "new" side of his mind apparently couldn't get enough of, and proceeded to bombard him with fantasies of her every chance it got.

Along those same lines, he found out that working this job affected his PTSD in a way that was not pleasant, and would likely last even after he finished here, whether it was after this week, or if he stayed on and worked until his daydreams and nightmares eventually drove him to quit.

However, the most important thing he'd learned, was that when it came to his shift, and surviving that shift, working cameras where on the short list of things that he absolutely needed in order to survive the night.

And now, one of them was broken.

"Fuck!" Alex exclaims, cycling through the other feeds once again, just to double check and make sure that was the only that was broken. To his luck, the camera to that party room was indeed the only broken one, and he sighed a breath of relief at that. However, he was surprised when he switched back to the broken camera, because suddenly, the screen was working again, and he could see the empty room no problem. "…What the hell?" Alex mutters, before switching through camera feeds once again.

This time, he finds that a different party room's camera was now "broken", and it was in the same hall as the previous one. Alex shakes his head at the sight, cycling the cameras once again. "Alright, let me rephrase that… What the fuck?" He mutters as he continues to look through the cameras. Every few minutes, a new camera would "break", while the one that was previously "broken" would return to normal. However, he started to panic when the camera for Mangle's room cut out.

This was because it made him realize something that he should have after the third camera cut out. Because as he sees the feed to Mangle's room cut out, and he looks at the previous rooms where the camera stopped working, he realized that they were all in a line down the same hall, and they were all heading straight towards his office.

Fuck! What could be doing this? The animatronics for Freddy or Chica maybe? Bonnie seems to be built like a freaking tank when it comes to physical strength, what if one of the other two knows how to do this to the cameras? He wonders with fear, before he sees Mangle's feed come back to life. When that happens, Alex quickly switches to the camera that was next in line, and sees static on the screen. The bad news is that said static was present on the camera that was right outside his office.

And then, the screen on the tablet starts glitching out, while he turns to his left when he hears what sounds like electricity. The source, he quickly found out, was actually the electrical door, which had slight arcs of electricity near the top. Alex feels fear creep into his body at the sight, and quickly drops the tablet onto the desk, while reaching out with his hand towards the item he'd brought from home. However, a low curse comes from his mouth as he's forced to let go of the item as the door opens to reveal Chica the Vocaloid. However, she wasn't alone.

Standing beside her was Balloon Boy. However, what was interesting was the fact that he was just standing there, while his blue eyes were almost glowing. However, Alex wasn't as worried about that as he was about the sight of Chica smiling at him through the open doorway. But when she stepped through the doorway, the younger appearing Vocaloid's eyes seemed to return to normal, and the door slid shut once again. It took Alex a second, but when he found out what happened, he muttered a low curse as he slowly stood from his chair, and backed away.

At the moment, Balloon Boy had just jumped up the list from being the smallest danger, to being right behind Chica. Because apparently, he was able to affect electronics to that they would pretty much shut down in his presence. Alex would worry about the how's and why's later, because at the moment, he had to deal with the female Vocaloid making her way into his office, while Balloon Boy allowed the door to reactivate, and close behind her. What made it worse was the fact that she was back to her daytime look.

And because of the lack of black eyes and sharp teeth, it allowed his "other" side to come back to the front of his mind without much resistance.

She's right there! She's in your office, and back to normal! You can't try to tell me that she doesn't want to actually be with you right now! His other side says as the Vocaloid gets closer, while Alex slowly backs away.

Uh, actually, I can. She could just be trying to get as close as she can to give us the least amount of time to react. He argues back, before watching as Chica suddenly puts a sway in her hips as she gets closer, half lidded eyes staring at him.

Oh come on! Don't you see the look she's giving you?! If that doesn't say that she wants to be with you, I don't know what does. His other side argues, and Alex slowly stops backing away, making Chica give him a smirk as she closes the distance a bit more.

But… Alex is out of arguments at the moment as Chica closes the distance, and presses herself against him, making his eyes widen as she breathes into his ear. The effect is Alex stiffening slightly, making Chica giggle. However, this time the giggle wasn't sinister, and instead, had a bit of mischievousness to it. And Chica continues by trailing her finger over his chest as she pulls back to look at him with those same half lidded eyes.

As Chica leans towards him, Alex finds himself doing the same as he looks into those eyes. Despite the fact that this Vocaloid had wanted to kill him before, and despite the fact that he knew absolutely nothing else about her, Alex was being drawn into the possible kiss that she wanted to give him. He'd never had a relationship like this so maybe that had a part to do with it, along with that "other" part of his brain that was constantly pushing him towards this outcome despite what the Vocaloid had attempted to do to him up till now. However none of that mattered at the moment. All that mattered was the Vocaloid in front of him.

The one who's lips were ready to kiss him…

The one who was pressing against him even more the closer they got together…

The one who's half lidded eyes were staring into his own invitingly…

Meeting his blue eyes with her own black ones that were nearly unnoticeable thanks to those half lidded eyes…


Alex's own eyes widen as he suddenly jumps back at the sight of her eyes, making Chica switch from looking at him invitingly, to scowling at him as she suddenly growls. Then, instead of sauntering towards him like before, now she stalks towards him in order to finish him off. After a few more steps, Alex finds that he's out of space to move back when he backs into one of the walls of his office, making Chica grin maliciously. She knew that she had him cornered.

However, what Chica didn't know was that Alex wasn't one to give up, even when cornered. So, when she lunges towards him to kill him, he ducks under her attack, and then leaps forwards to roll away from her. And as he quickly pushes himself up to his feet, his hand flies down to his belt, and pulls the item that he bought away from it. In seconds, he's aimed the item at Chica as she pushes herself to her feet, before he pulls the trigger.

The result is two prongs shooting out of the item, and attaching to the Vocaloid, who locks up at she shakes slightly, before Alex releases the trigger, and allows the Vocaloid to fall to the ground in a heap. Sighing in relief, Alex lowers the Taser in his hands, and then stands up to run a hand through his hair. He'd managed to subdue her, and from what Mr. Fazbear had told him over the phone, there was a possibility that this would cause a system restart or something along those lines, so that she'd hopefully just make her way to her station, and plug in to charge.

However, he'd been warned that he could only do this a couple times for each Vocaloid over the course of his time here unless Mr. Fazbear found out otherwise, because it was likely that using the Taser could have negative side effects if used too much. Shaking his head at the thought, Alex made his way over to the Vocaloid, removed the prongs from the Taser, and then picked her up in order to place her outside his door so that she'd go back to her station when she "woke up". He was surprised to find that she was actually quite light, despite the mechanical parts that she had to her.

"Well, that's one taken care of for tonight at least…" He mutters to himself as he steps towards the door, and raises a hand to press the button. However, he suddenly freezes when he hears a sound that he heard the night before, and would probably never forget in the years to come.


The sound of the animatronic bear laughing, if what the Phone Guy said during the call was any indication about who gave that deep baritone laugh. Quickly placing Chica back on the ground, since letting her out while the animatronics were around wasn't much of a good idea based on how her and the other Vocaloids acted the previous night, he leaned her against the wall, and then made his way over to his tablet to take a quick look at the time.

5:00 AM

He was an hour away from the end of his shift, and now the animatronics were out to play. A quick glance at the storage room showed it devoid of any of them, meaning that all four were out and about. And looking through the camera feeds showed that the Vocaloids knew this too, since they were all hiding in places that they were the least likely to be seen. A quick glance at the Prize Counter made his heart leap a bit, as there was only a sliver of the circle left for the music box, and he was quick to press and hold on the button.


Only to nearly leap out of his skin when he hears the unforgettable sound of Bonnie's fist impacting the door once the circle is filled. Looking over at the door with wide eyes, he listens as the door is pounded a few more times, before the animatronic moves his head to glare at him through the window. Probably because this new door hadn't even shaken when it was hit, unlike the last one. However, now that Alex knew what to expect, and he was a bit more confident thanks to the item from home, he returned the animatronic's glare with one of his own.

The response he got was for Bonnie to pound the door a few more times, before Alex watched his shadow walk past the smaller of the two windows, and head away down the hall. When he sees this, Alex breathes a sigh of relief, since it seemed like things were finally going his way for a change.

Or at least, that's how he felt until he heard the pained groan from behind him, and remembered that he still currently had the Vocaloid inside his room. His eyes widen when he remembers this, and quickly turns his chair to face the Vocaloid as she "wakes up" with one hand resting on her head as the other is pressed against the wall to steady her as she stands up. This alone confused him, since he figured she'd just stand up, and try to return to her charging station immediately. However, he's even more confused when she opens her eyes, which were back to normal, and looked around the office, before they came to a rest on him.

When this happened, Alex was surprised yet again, when the Vocaloid let out a gasp at the sight of him, before lunging at him. For Alex, this was the worst possible thing that could have happened. He was weaponless since he'd already used his Taser, and he hadn't been expecting anything, so he had no time to react. As such, his eyes clamped shut when she was mere feet away, accepting that he was finally done for. No weapon to use. No being saved by the alarm. He would finally be done in by Chica inside this office…

Or at least, that's what he was expecting.

What he wasn't expecting was to be wrapped in a hug, while the Vocaloid in question cried into his vest. When this happened, Alex was understandably confused, and hesitantly wrapped his own arms around her. Honestly, he wouldn't be surprised if this was just another ploy to get him to drop his guard so that she could kill him. But with nothing else to do, and no way to defend himself, Alex decided to just react in the way anybody in his situation would. However, his response just seems to make the girl cry harder as she presses her face into his vest.

By this point, Alex was mentally freaking out. And no one would blame him. The Vocaloid goes from trying all methods of killing him, even going as far as to attempt to seduce him, to suddenly crying into his chest. So, in response to this, all Alex can really do is pat the girl on the back with a confused and nervous facial expression. "Um, there, there…?" He says, confused as to if it's the right thing to do.

Just what the fuck is going on here…? He can't help but think to himself at the 180 this situation took…

A while later, the two are still in the office, Alex looking through the camera feeds, while the Vocaloid was standing a few feet away with her arms crossed. After winding up the music box at the Prize Counter once again, Alex leans back in his chair with a sigh. Honestly, he was really confused about this situation. After crying into his security vest for a little while, Chica then drew away from him, before just standing there with her arms crossed. Alex took this time to check through the feeds again, finding animatronic Bonnie roaming the halls, while animatronic Freddy he'd only caught a glimpse of once or twice when he activated the light on a few cameras.

From the looks of things, the bear animatronic preferred the dark. He'd yet to see the animatronic Chica, though he supposed he should be grateful for that, seeing as it would probably just be awkward to look at the animatronic version of the Vocaloid that was inside the room with him. With that thought in mind, Alex once again turns to look at the Vocaloid in question, who looks up for a second, before shooting her gaze back down towards the floor. Sighing, Alex places the tablet down on his desk after looking through it one more time, and then turns his chair completely to face the Vocaloid.

"Alright, so let's see if I can't guess a few things based on your behavior so far…" He states, and the Vocaloid jumps at his voice, before raising her head to look at him. Honestly, if it were any other time, Alex might have cracked a joke about their roles seemingly being swapped. However, he wasn't able to do it at the moment. "Based on how you've been acting for the past few minutes, I'd have to say that you… Regret? Attacking me the past few nights? Does that sound about right?" He asks Chica. However, the Vocaloid is silent for a few seconds, kicking the ground.

"…Sort of, yeah." Chica responds, and Alex raises an eyebrow in response.

"Alright, putting aside the fact that you're only now talking normally for later, what do you mean "sort of"? How can you "sort of" regret trying to kill someone?" He asks her as he crosses his arms and leans back in his chair with a slight frown. Chica is silent for a few more seconds, before sighing as she lifts her head to face him fully.

"I'm… Not really sure. I mean, I'm sorry about trying to kill you, I really am… But at the same time, that… Wasn't really me…" She tells him, making Alex raise his eyebrow once again, and then twist his hand in the air in front of him in a "go on" motion. "Well, it's like… Look, you know how sometimes, something will happen to a person, and even though they can't move their body or anything, they're still aware of what's going on around them?" Chica asks, and Alex nods his head in response.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's what happens when we go into a coma, but I honestly can't remember if that's the truth. Anyways, yeah. Are you saying that happened to you? Because you've been pretty active lately." He tells her, making her sigh in response.

"That's what I'm trying to say. This me, meaning the personality and mindset that I have at the moment, was the part of me that wasn't able to do anything except stay trapped within my own mind. Meanwhile, some sort of… Coding, or something, had taken over my functions. It was a program or something along those lines that dictated my every move, and every reaction for the past few months. And I'm pretty sure that it's the same for my friends as well…" She trails off. And in response to her words, Alex leans back in his chair a bit more to think about her words.

If he actually took the time to think it over, Chica's explanation made sense. After all, all the Vocaloids acted pretty normal during the day, and only acted deadly during his shift as the night guard. And as Vocaloids, Chica and her friends could definitely be victims of hacking, or something along those lines. The only question would be who hacked them, and why? However, he still wanted to know some things. "Alright, say I believe you." Alex starts, making Chica look at him. "I want to know a couple things. First off, why is it that you don't act this way during the daytime?" He asks, and Chica frowns as she looks down at the ground.

"It's because we're still being controlled." She tells him, making his eyes widen in response.

"Say what?" He asks her, making her look up at him once again.

"We're still being controlled during the day. I can't say for Balloon Boy, but from how the others are acting, Freddy, Bonnie and Mangle are all being controlled all day, every day. Ever since just before the pizzeria opened." Chica tells him, making Alex lean back in his chair as he thinks about the implications of that. The Vocaloids were still being controlled during the daytime hours. This was not a good thing. However, he supposed that the only thing that was a good thing was the fact that they only acted this way during his shift.

Blowing out air between his lips, Alex turned back to his tablet to check on a few feeds as he thought about this, winding the music box once again as he tries to figure out who could gain from making the Vocaloids try to kill the night guards. Coming up empty, he places the tablet back on the desk, and turns to face Chica once again as he decides to push it off to the side for now and focus on it later, and instead try to find out something else. "Alright then, one last thing for now. When you were trying to get in, do you have any idea why it would be that your other was trying to seduce me to let you in?" He asks. And the response was not one that he was expecting.

Chica's face suddenly gained a red blush that covered the entirety of it, while the Vocaloid stuttered.

"W-well… Th-that m-might have s-something t-to d-do with…" She trails off at the end, mumbling a few words, and making Alex raise an eyebrow at her reaction.

"Sorry, what?" He asks her, and she turns away from him for a few seconds, before seemingly taking a few breathes, and then turning back to him, the blush now only present in her cheeks.

"W-well… I might… Kinda… Think that you're handsome…" She mutters, making Alex look at her in shock. However, she wasn't done. "S-so.. I might've… wanted to get to know you. A-and whoever is c-controlling us probably found out through the p-program… S-so they might've let me h-have partial control of my body, while s-still controlling most of my movements during t-those times…" She mutters, and Alex stops her before she goes further.

"So, wait. What you're trying to say is that you think that I look handsome, you want to get to know me, and those seducing actions were also partially you?" He asks, and in response, Chica's red cheeks get slightly redder as she nods her head while looking away from him. In response, Alex can only stare at her in surprise, before sighing as he leans back in his chair. Meanwhile, cackling fills the back of his mind.

Told ya! No arguments now, cause she just admitted that she thinks you're handsome while normal! So, there should be nothing stopping you from admitting what you think! His "other" half of his brain states, and while it gets knocked out by his rational half a second later, it was true that he wasn't able to argue against it. So, sighing, he turns his head to the side with his own blush.

"Well… I, might kinda think that you're hot…" He admits to the Vocaloid, making her head whip over to look at him as his words bounce around inside her head. Meanwhile, Alex's own head is a whirlwind of thoughts when he says this, multiple different parts of his personality arguing against each other.

What the fuck did I just say? She's a Vocaloid! And I only just met the "real" her today!

Yeah, but it's the truth. She's really hot.

But it's only been a half hour at most! And besides that, she's a Vocaloid! Do you know what that possibly means?! She's not even an actual human!

So what?! Up till now, we've had friends, and a "family". Nothing along these lines since everyone avoids us like we're the plague after what happened seven months ago!

And besides, so what if she isn't "human"?! She still feels like a human, acts like one, and even has all the necessary body parts to be one! And besides, what actual human girl wants to be with us now?

He's right. From what she said, Chica is thinking along similar lines. This is our first chance to actually have a relationship like this… Would it really be that bad?

And as the argument continued, Alex found that his voices of doubt started to get quieter and quieter, until he could hardly hear them at all. After all, his positive sides were giving valid arguments. He'd never had an actual relationship before, and over the past seven months, that possibility had all but dropped to zero thanks to the incident that he'd been forced to take part in. So what if it's been half an hour. Chica had all but admitted that she felt similar, and even if she was being controlled over the past three days, and hadn't been able to express it, didn't mean that she wasn't able to feel that way in her "true" mind.

However, his train of thought is cut off when the Vocaloid in question suddenly straddles him on the chair with a confident smirk, the blush in her cheeks now gone as she smirks down at Alex. "You think I'm hot?" She asks him, and his eyes widen at the sight, since he definitely wasn't expecting this.

Woah! What the hell?! He thinks to himself in confusion. However, he decides to cough into his hand, and smile up at her in response. After all, best to go with the flow. "Well, yeah. Anyone who can't see that is probably blind." He admits to her. One minute she's blushing like a school girl, the next she's acting confident… Kinda liking the latter more… He admits to himself as Chica giggles from her place on top of him, before humming as she picks up the tablet.

"Weeell… None of the others are near the room…" She says, before holding a finger to the screen. "I just wound up the music box all the way, and you still have ten minutes left of your shift." She says with a smile as she places the tablet back on the desk. In response, Alex raises an eyebrow at her words.

"Your point being…?" He asks, though a small smirk appears on his face when he gets the feeling that he knows where the girl is going with this. In response, Chica gives her own smirk, while her eyes become half lidded once again.

"Pucker up Loverboy." She tells him, before wrapping her arms around his neck as she presses her lips to his. While Alex is surprised for a few seconds, he's quick to return the kiss. And while his body moves on its own, his mind is once again a whirlwind of thoughts.

Again, half an hour! That's all the time that we've known her for!

Yeah, well this is also our first, and likely only chance to have this kind of relationship! So, shut the fuck up, and let the main Alex have some happiness in his life!

But she's a Vocaloid for crying out loud! For all we know, she won't age! Not only that, we don't know a thing about the "real" her anyways! You really think that getting into a relationship like this, before knowing anything about the girl is a good idea?

We can get to know her over the next few days! And besides that, again, only chance at love! For fuck's sake, have you seen the looks most girls give us after the incident? We have no chance with getting with anyone that wasn't a part of the incident itself! And besides that, everyone who was a part of the incident is back in Japan, meaning once again, we have no chance at this kind of relationship here in America!

…You realize that, right?

…Yeah. But really, not knowing anything, and only knowing the girl for half an hour…?

…Yes, it's fast. But at the same time, emotions are high. This could be how we're acting now. But it's likely that tomorrow night will be the one where we get to know Chica more. That way this won't just devolve into being nothing. After all, it's our only real chance at this. If we screw it up, our lives will pretty much be spent alone…

…Not to mention the shifts would end up being awkward…

…That too.

While this mental battle had been going on in Alex's head, the teen himself had been in lip lock with the Vocaloid straddling him, their tongues now snaking out to wage war against one another as Chica's hands tighten on his shoulders as she moaned into his mouth, while Alex gripped her waist as he responds with a groan. In all honesty, at the moment their hormones were flooding their bodies.

For Chica, she'd been forced to watch as she attempted to kill the man she was kissing over the past few days, and over that time, she'd found that she already thought that he was good looking, but at the same time, she wanted to get to know him more at the same time. So, finally being able to touch him without the worry of killing him made it so that her emotions ran high, and she couldn't get enough of him. Not only that, but he was also the one to free her from the programming. Now, that didn't mean that she didn't want to actually get to know him, but with the situation that they were in, this wasn't a bad way to start…

For Alex, he'd spent the past three days trying his best to survive, getting minimal sleep, and at the same time, he was being plagued by nightmares of not only the past, but certain things from the present as well. And then, add onto that the few "wet dreams" that the "other" side of his mind had made up for him when he took a shower, or slept in his bed, and being close to the cause of those fantasies without the worry of her killing him made it so that his own emotions had a hard time being contained. The lack of sleep also attributed to the surge of hormones in his body.

Essentially, the two of them were running on more "baser instincts" at the moment in the presence of one another. And as their make out session continued, Chica began to grind against Alex, making the male groan into her mouth as he gripped her waist a bit harder, making her smirk into the kiss, before her own eyes widened when his tongue slipped into her mouth and began to ravage it while his hands moved down to her ass in retaliation, making her moan in response as her eyes closed in bliss. After a few more minutes, their mouths separated, and their breaths mixed as they rested their foreheads against each other.

While they might have been tempted to go further during their make out session, they had finally been able to regain control of their senses at the moment, and at the same time, there wasn't really any time for that anyways.







As shown clearly by the alarm that his tablet let off, making the two turn to face it, before turning to face each other once again with flushed cheeks. And as Chica gets off his lap, Alex reaches over and picks up the tablet, cycling through the feeds to find everyone going back to their normal places. After standing up and putting everything away, Alex turns to face Chica, who was standing by the door with her hands clasped in front of her hips as she stares at the ground. Alex stares at the sight for a few seconds, before smiling.

A few seconds later, he lifts Chica's chin, and gives her a small kiss, before pulling back with a smile. "How about we talk about…" He gestures between them. "This, when I come back. Then, we can also get to know each other. Does that sound good?" He asks her, and in response, Chica's silent for a few seconds, before giving him a smile as she nods. Making their way out into the main room, Alex gets ready to head for the main doors, before being held back by his arm. Turning around, he's met with Chica giving him a deep kiss, which he decides to return.

Finally breaking apart, Chica rests her forehead against Alex's. "I'm looking forwards to it." She tells him, and he chuckles as he finally turns around.

"So am I." He responds as he waves, before finally walking out the door, locking it behind him, and starting towards his motorcycle. Guess she's not as shy as she first appeared. He realizes, thinking about how as soon as he admitted that he thought she was hot, she became a hell of a lot more forwards. Chuckling to himself as he lifts the kickstand and drives out onto the main road, Alex can't help but think about the female Vocaloid. Not that I really mind that is. If anything, I like her more like this. He admits to himself as he drives down the road, his mind focused on the female Vocaloid back at the pizzeria, and the fact that before they went any further in this new relationship of theirs, they were gonna need to know a lot more about each other…

Guess that everything I thought I knew… Was wrong.

Author's Note Part 2: Alright guys, so in this chapter, I threw you all a curveball for what happened! Granted, I'm sure that after seeing where I was taking the pairing in this story, most of you probably saw this coming a mile away, but for those of you that didn't… Surprise! But yeah, the Vocaloids are being controlled! So, what does that mean for the others? Well, if this chapter was any indication, I'm sure you can take a guess about where I'm going with this.

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(Probably because those are a majority of the stories that I read / animes that I watch, and about ten chapters in (Or twenty episodes in) after the two characters in the pairing are skirting around each other, I'm yelling at them in my head to get together…)

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