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Information from last book;

Harry is Hartford Thomas Riddle.

Harry and Hermione are blood-adopted twins to Tom Riddle and Cassiopeia Riddle (Cassiopeia is an OC and the youngest of the Black daughters)

Voldemort wasn't destroyed when he tried to kill Harry as a child just injured.

James and Lily alive.

Henry was the twin to Harry before adopted and was hailed as the mistaken boy who lived.

Hermione, Harry, and Draco stole the philosopher's stone for Voldemort.

Hermione's soul mate is Theo Nott.

Harry's soul mate is Fred Weasley.

Harry is seeker for Slytherin.


Basing of Albus Dumbledore, James and Lily Potter, Henry Potter and Ronald Weasley.


M/M (Nothing between yet as Harry is only 12)

I can't think of anything else but if you see something I missed then please point it out.

Now enjoy Chapter One of The Darkness; Returns.

Riddle Manor stood on a hill overlooking the village of Little Hangleton, it was the largest building for miles around, the small village at the bottom of the hill was pure Muggle. Tom Marvolo Riddle had spent months making the house liveable again and casting strong wards around the property. To the Muggles below all that could been seen was an old abandoned home, the windows boarded, tiles missing from the roof, and ivy and other weeds spreading unchecked over the walls. But to those that were attuned into the wards, could see the Manor for what it was, a beautiful building full of life and love, magnificent gardens that were maintained by three of four former Black sisters; Cassiopeia Riddle, Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. The lands and Manor had once belonged to the extremely rich Muggle family; Thomas and Mary Riddle and their only son Tom Riddle. The history of their life and death was well known to the village below, in the summer of 1943 a maid discovered the cold bodies of 63 year old Thomas Riddle, 60 year old Mary Riddle and their 38 year old son Tom. Rumors spread quickly throughout the Muggle world of how the gardener Frank Bryce had murdered them. The magical world knew better though, the three Muggles had been killed by the Killing Curse, after an investigation it was determined that the Muggles had been killed by Morfin Gaunt. While closer to the truth than the Muggle theories it was still incorrect.

The Gaunt family was a prestigious Pureblood family that were the last to have Slytherin blood running through them. They lived just up from the village in a rundown cottage, the head of the family Marvolo Gaunt was a bitter old man who hated Muggles with a passion. He boasted their Slytherin blood proudly despite the fact that due to inbreeding the magical talent had dwindled down to practically nothing, the inbreeding had also left most of them violently unstable and extremely poor. The eldest child, the son, Morfin Gaunt could only speak in Parseltongue, the daughter, Merope Gaunt, was almost a squib only able to do the most basic of spells and even then it was a struggle for the poor girl. When she was sixteen she fell for the rich and slightly snobby eighteen year old Tom Riddle, her Father was arrested for attacking her in front of a ministry official after her Brother revealed that she had been watching Tom. Morfin got arrested for preventing the ministry official helping young Merope. Once on her own, Merope found it easier to perform magic and started to become a wonderful young woman, when she was seventeen she started a secret relationship with Tom Riddle. It was a theory of Albus Dumbledore she had used a love potion but the simple and easy fact was away from her family Merope grew more confident and it showed enough for Tom to notice her. On her eighteenth birthday Tom Riddle proposed and swept her away to live a life together. They lived happily for a year, Merope discovered she was pregnant with a baby boy much to Tom's delight, they agreed to stick with his families tradition and name the son Thomas. But when she was eight months pregnant everything changed for the worse.

Merope came home after a shopping trip to their home empty and Tom gone, leaving behind nothing but a hateful note accusing her of using her magic to trap him. Heartbroken the poor girl fled for London and sold her trinkets and family heirlooms for money to help her unborn son. The night of New Year's Eve, Merope Riddle found herself at Wool's Orphanage in labor. The workers of the orphanage helped her deliver a healthy son. Which she named Tom for his Father like they had agreed, and Marvolo for hers, not out of love but loyalty to her family tradition, and gave him his Father's last name Riddle. Unfortunately due to complications created from her family's inbreeding she died not hours after her sons birth from blood loss and infection. When Tom Marvolo Riddle was sixteen he tracked down his Mother's family, his grandfather Marvolo was still in Azkaban but Morfin had been released many years earlier. The man was a drunk and a disgrace to purebloods everywhere, using Legilimens Tom discovered what his Uncle had done. Shocked and in horror he stole his Uncle's wand and ran for his Father and Muggle Grandparents, but when he got there he was too late. Morfin had been released only two years after he had been arrested, when he had found out his Sister had run away with the Muggle he had tracked them down and used the Imperius Curse to make Tom leave young Merope. He had then proceeded to use the Curse on Thomas and Mary so they didn't go looking for their daughter-in-law and grandson. Unfortunately they had been under the Curse for so long and their brains had stopped working properly, they were basically shells of their former selves only working with the Curse.

After crying for the last of his family, Tom Marvolo summoned all the love he had for his family and sent the Killing Curse at his own Father and Grandparents. Not out of hate or anger but out of love and pity, the last act of revenge and justice he made sure to use his Uncle's wand and leave his Uncle's magical signature all over the home, the man was convicted and sent to Azkaban for life. Tom would always be grateful that he had found out the truth, his Father had loved him and his Mother. His Father had never wanted to leave them. Once he proved to be Tom's son the Muggle authorities gave him the Manor and grounds, he buried his family in a beautiful ceremony off the side of the property. Eventually this house became the home to his incredible family and the story of what happened was passed on down to his children; Hermione and Hartford Riddle.

"Wow" Hermione whispered as her Father Tom Marvolo Riddle finished the story of their family history.

"And you guys know the rest" Tom smiled as his wife Cassi kissed his cheek.

"You became The Dark Lord Voldemort and strived to make the Wizarding World better" Hartford grinned.

"If it wasn't for Albus Dumbledore I would've succeeded already" Tom grumbled causing his children to laugh as he watched them fondly. It was the twins twelfth birthday that day and he decided to treat them to the history of their family as they ate breakfast before handing them their presents.

From their Mother they both received their favorite chocolates along with a few books on curses which looked like they had been hidden in the Black Vault for the last 100 years.

Their Father gave them two very different gifts in looks but they were startlingly similar. Harry had unwrapped a simple black diary and on the back, engraved in silver was his Father's birth name. Hermione had unwrapped a beautiful necklace which held an oval locket which had a beautiful S on the front in green.

"These gifts are very precious and you must promise to never loose them" Tom whispered firmly, the twins nodded as they held their gifts, they could feel their Father's magic pouring out of the two objects.

"I'm sure you both read the book I gave you last week" Tom questioned, at his children's nods he continued.

"Both of these objects hold a piece of me, a piece of my magic and soul" at that both children gasped.

"Horcruxes, Father are you sure?" Hermione asked while Harry just gaped in shock while running his hands over the cover of the journal.

"Yes, you two will protect them well" Tom smiled as he kissed their heads. Smiling at them proudly as they compared their gifts and chattered excitedly, they were different in many ways, their summer holidays showed that more than anything; Hermione had spent the holiday at home in the family library doing her summer homework and learning more spells and potions under the tutelage of her Uncles Rodolphus Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Harry on the other broom, preferred to spend his time playing Quidditch with his friends, Draco Malfoy, Theo Nott and Blaise Zabini. Having mock duels and training in curses and playing pranks with Draco and his Uncles Rabastan Lestrange and Barty Crouch Jr. But Tom couldn't more proud of them if he had tried.

"Urgh, I feel like an idiot in this" Harry bemoaned as he tugged at the black dress robes he was dressed in.

"Only in that? Really?" Hermione sniggered as she sat down in the chair next to the mirror that Harry standing in front of. It was the night of the eighteenth of August, the twins birthday, their parents were throwing the typical birthday pureblood party. It was held in the ballroom with all the important people in the pureblood circles, and important people of the ministry. The children were in a secondary room where they would hang out with the future heirs of pureblood families before joining the main party for dinner, dancing and mingling with the adults. Harry was dress in black dress pants and a white dress shirt paired with pitch black expensive dress robes that were tight in the chest and flared out at his hips, and had a high collar, to top it all off he had on an emerald green tie and sash around his waist that matched his eyes. Hermione was wearing a matching emerald green dress, the neck was high but went wide over her shoulders, the skirt went down simply and elegant with green flowers going down from around her hips to her feet. Her curly was pulled back into a bun with loose curls framing her face.

"You look beautiful" Harry said smiling as he kissed her cheek ignoring the insult.

"Of course I do" she huffed but the soft smile spoke a million words

"Those robes look great" she smiled as she straightened out his tie.

"I hate these events" Harry grumbled as he moved away from Hermione who was determinedly trying to adjust his outfit.

"Hey guys" Draconis Malfoy called as he walked in waving, he was in an outfit almost identical to Harry's but it had a second layer over the cloak and it was silver and black to match his grey eyes.

"Hey Draco" the twins chorused waving and smiling at their cousin.

"You ready for this?" Draco sighed as he sat down.

"Urgh I would rather be dueling or playing Quidditch instead of doing this, playing nice with the ministry workers and other people who are below us" Harry sneered, he felt nauseous at the thought of shaking hands with everyone and pretending to interested and impressed with their mediocre achievements.

"I saw the Minister showing up as I walked in" Draco said smirking which turned into laughter as he saw Harry's horrified face.

"Fudge is here?!" he cried in dismay.

"He's always at these events" Hermione said sounding confused.

"Yes, but I can always hope he will catch dragon pox or the flu, or get assassinated" Harry mumbled causing Draco to laugh even harder.

"Yes, it is rather unfortunate" a male voice was heard as more people walked into the secondary room.

"Of course it is" a female voice cooed softly.

"Mother of course is heartbroken that husband number 4 died in such a tragic way" the boy known as Blaise said, but the rolling of his eyes and the amused smirk on the 12 year old's face ruined the faux concern he tried to portray. Caterina Zabini was famous for her beautiful Italian looks and the trail of dead husband's she left behind her, no one was stupid enough to not know the truth. Blaise's Father; Delano Zabini had been a loyal Death Eater and best friends with Rodolphus Lestrange, who he had met just after Graduation after being thrown into a mission together. Delano Zabini, as a dark skinned Frenchman had been extremely attractive and gained the attention of a young Caterina. They married a few years later and had Blaise, unfortunately he lost his life fighting Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody when Aurors attacked during a Death Eater meeting, he died in Caterina's arms. Since then Caterina had been making her way through husband's who sided with the light in the first war. Blaise was almost the spitting image of his Father, but his mannerisms were more from his Mother's Italian heritage.

"Oh? He died? When did this happen?" Harry asked his lips twitching like his Father's did when he was trying to avoid laughing.

"Two nights ago, such a terrible thing, I offered to stay home with her and be supportive and comforting but Mother insisted on coming tonight, you know to be surrounded by friends.. and alcohol" Blaise said grinning wickedly, black eyes practically dancing in amusement.

"How did this one die?" Draco asked his blonde eyebrow raising.

"Oh it was so upsetting, the poor man had fallen asleep drunk in the library yet again, but one of the old bookshelves gave way in the night crushing him" Blaise explained.

"How… plebian" Draco drawled.

"And original" Harry muttered, both boys were ignored with a few eye rolls.

"Oh the poor thing, such a tragedy, do pass on our condolences will you Blaise?" Hermione said smiling sweetly.

"Of course, we thank you for your support in this trying time" Blaise responded appropriately which proved too much for Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass, who had come in with him, both of whom suddenly burst into peals of laughter.

Blaise was in a simple set of dark purple robes, Daphne was in a pale blue dress, her blonde hair in soft waves, whilst Pansy was in a navy blue dress with her in short straight bob. The girls smiled as they hugged Hermione and Harry hello.

"Hey guys!" yet more voices called out, turning around the group happily greeted a smartly dressed Theodore Nott who was in robes of the similar style of Draco but the same colouring of Harry's so that he would match Hermione and a stunning Luna Lovegood who was in a gorgeous yellow halter neck dress.

Before they knew it the secondary room was full of children of influential people, Daphne's younger sister; Astoria Greengrass was hanging out with the rest of the children starting Hogwarts that year with her. The older children were milling around just waiting to go downstairs and join the adults, Marcus Flint, Adrian Pucey, Graham Montague and Miles Bletchley were in the corner with some other classmates with the alcohol that they had snuck in. Before they knew it, it was time for them to join the adults in the downstairs Ballroom. The ballroom was done up spectacularly thanks to Narcissa, Bellatrix and Cassiopeia. The walls were decorated with beautiful green and silver ribbons and white flowers, there was a huge beautiful glass chandelier hanging from the roof. The bar was off to the side of the room with a serve behind it happily handing out drinks to the mingling guests, all the children or young adults under 17 who had been upstairs had made their way to their parents as the night started.

"Hello Father, Mother" Harry smiled as he reached them.

"Oh my boy" Cassi cried wrapping her arms around him hugging him tightly.

"Cassi dear, you're suffocating to poor boy" Tom laughed.

"Oh but he's growing up so fast, my baby boy is already twelve!" she cried as she let Harry go and allowed herself to be pulled into her husband's arms.

"Cissa you understand don't you?" Cassi asked turning to her older sister who was currently holding onto her own son.

"They grow up too fast" Narcissa nodded before kissing Draco's cheek.

"Mother, Father" Hermione called as she made her way through the thick of people.

"Run Mione! Mother is getting teary" Harry cried before he and Draco lost the fight and laughed hysterically.

"Oh Harry" Hermione sighed rolling her eyes as she accepted the hug from her Mother.

"Lucius, Dion!" a voice cried out, the family turned around to see the Minister walking towards them importantly.

"Cornelius!" Lucius and Tom nodded respectfully before shaking hands with the man, neither liked him very much but he was the Minister and was needed for their plans.

"Minister Fudge" Harry, Hermione and Draco chorused before bowing as respectfully as protocol dictated whilst maintaining eye contact to show they weren't actually below him and were only doing it out of custom.

"What polite children" the overweight and balding Minister stumbled over his words as his bowling hat almost fell off his round head.

"Cornelius, these are my twin children; my oldest and my daughter Hermione Cassiopeia Riddle and my son and heir Hartford Thomas Riddle" both nodded their heads in recognition when their names were spoken.

"Ah of course, well a Happy Birthday to you both" Cornelius muttered with a small smile.

"Thank you Minister" they chorused again.

"Cornelius you remember my son and heir Draconis" Lucius smiled as he smoothly took the attention away from the twins.

"Of course, of course"

"Dear Merlin, he is a lost cause" Harry snorted as he, Hermione and Draco were able to slip away after the polite greetings.

"I can't believe, he got elected" Hermione sighed.

"That's because the public are idiots" Theo snickered as he popped up behind them, startling Harry and Draco who hadn't been prepared for it.

"You have that right, at least there is no peasants here tonight" Draco sniffed haughtily.

"Merlin you look like Uncle Luc when you do that" Harry snorted.

"There you guys are, you won't believe this" Blaise said before raising his hand as if the make them wait as he hunched over to catch his breath, Pansy, Luna and Daphne hurried in after him huffing as if they had run the length of the Manor.

"What has gotten into you four?" Harry demanded, they all spun around when Blaise pointed to the side of the ballroom where a family of four stood awkwardly looking around.

"What the fuck are they doing here?" Harry hissed angrily.

"How did they get in?" Draco demanded his grey eyes narrowing.

"Like we want their stench filling our home" Hermione snarled. By now most of the guests had turned around to face the door and either had looks of curiosity or outright distaste on their faces.

So I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. :) the start of the second part. Below is the links for an idea on their clothes for the ball. Tune in again to find out who has arrived unwanted. Any guesses?

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