Welcome to the rewrite of The Wizard Exorcist. This time I will make it a clear triple crossover between DxD, Harry Potter, and Dies Irae. Basic idea is the same but with clearer factions and goals.

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Chapter 1: Beginning of the Tempest

-France, world war 2-

"It appears that Grindelwald has failed, lord Heydrich."

Mercurius reported to a man with long flowing golden hair wearing Gestapo officer uniform looking down on the remains of a burning city.

It is a massacre carried out by mere three people, the great generals of the LDO, the Longinus Dreizhen Orden. Overlooking the operation is the leader of LDO himself and his most trusted associate, Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich and Mercurius who is also known as Karl Craft. Heydrich is not surprised at all with Grindelwald's failure. Instead, he nodded.

"That means the full ritual cannot be done in this age. Though I suspect that you already know this. The Deathly Hallows are not the artifacts we are looking for."

"As expected of your sharp mind, it is indeed as you suspected. The Deathly Hallows are not artifacts of a divine being which we will need to conduct the ritual. For now we can only bide our time and wait."

"Then let us depart. Open the gate to Gladsheimr. We as well as the generals will rest there. Order the rest of the LDO to prepare for when the ritual can begin once again."

Mercurius bowed in acknowledgement.

"All shall be as you ordered, my Lord."

"Hmph, you call me your lord but you are stronger than me, Mercurius. Or should I call you the traitor god?"

With a smirk, Mercurius disappeared.

Not very far away, another forces is pushing through the defenses of the Nazi soldiers under commander Heydrich. Unlike the normal Nazis or the wizarding Nazis under Grindelwald, these are undead soldiers made from the power of Mercurius. They are different from the Inferi, much stronger, faster, and immune to most form of magic. Only the highest rank magic with high destructive power can destroy them. That is why the advancement of the special unit is slow.

"Colonel Greenwood, at this rate, we cannot get to Heydrich before he conduct the ritual!"

A blonde female soldier wielding a rapier clad in lightning yelled to a fellow blonde who is her British commanding officer. Colonel Rikka Greenwood of the special forces grit her teeth as she raise her wand high.

"Damn that Dumbledore for assaulting Grindelwald's fortress right on the same day as our final assault. Now we're lacking manpower to make the final push. Lieutenant Beatrice, are the civilians safe?"

"Ma'am, scouts reported that the three generals of LDO have begun harvesting souls. Every the civilians still in the vicinity are dead."

"Damn you Heydrich! Then we have no choice. Tell the men to clear away! I will plow through them at full strength!"

"…yes ma'am!"

Lieutenant Beatrice began to issue order to pull back. Rikka Greenwood is now preparing to unleash her ultimate attack. She points her wand straight at the now dead city and a large ball of white light formed at the tip. She kept charging the ball with more prana and soon it became even bigger than herself.

"Colonel Greenwood!"

A man shouted from behind her, a middle-aged man with messy brown hair wearing priestly clothing. It is one of the exorcists assigned to help them take down Heydrich and one of the original people involved in Heydrich's plan just like her and Lieutenant Beatrice.

"Father Trifa?!"

"Mercurius had opened a gate to Gladsheimr!

At this, the Colonel widened her eyes and look to the distance. Like Valerian Trifa said, there's an illusion of a castle made stones and dead body appearing. Colonel Greenwood switched her target from the enemies in the city to the castle. She now cast her spell infused with all her magic and even life force. With all the strength in her possession, she shot a powerful ray of light that could level even the most powerful of magical fortress reinforced with numerous steel barrier and enchantments by the best wizards and witches alive.

But halfway towards the castle, the ray of light was intercepted by a person wearing tattered black cloak with long black hair. He lifted up only a single hand stopped the Colonel's spell. The man did not expect the spell to be so powerful though that even he is pushed back and began to feel his hand burning and eventually took his arm and half his body suffered third degree burn after holding it back for one full minute. But by then, the spell had stopped and Greenwood is on her knees, dead tired and unable to cast anymore.

"My my, so powerful you are Colonel Greenwood."

The man, Mercurius, mused. Greenwood is panting and is barely conscious, needing the support of Valerian and Beatrice to even stand and look up to Mercurius.

"That spell, you designed it yourself. The first step to your Briah. If you could unleash your Briah that might have been dangerous but you have failed. Do not worry though. We also failed on our side. Grindelwald failed his mission and the ritual will be postponed. Regrettably, we of the LDO won't be able to stay around for long. Don't be sad. We will definitely see each other again. Until then."

As Mercurius disappear along with Gladsheimr, the Colonel loses her consciousness. The last thing she saw was the faces of Lieutenant Beatrice Kircheizen and Father Valerian Trifa screaming at her, calling her name frantically.

Almost half a century later, Mercurius who is not fully present in the physical world watch as time moves on. One thing caught his attention when he was searching for what he needed to complete the ritual of LDO.

In the 1970s, he caught wind of a rising new Dark Lord known as Voldemort. Mercurius chuckled at seeing the man. Superiority complex and everything, thinking he's so smart and everything is about blood purity when he's not even a 'pureblood' as he called it. If Colonel Greenwood and half her forces had not entered a similar state of sleep in preparation to again fight the LDO, this so-called Death Eaters wouldn't even last three days. And soul containers? Really? Well, he supposed that soul magic is not something humans could delve deeply without the assistance of a divine being like him. Voldemort is not interesting or powerful enough to even warrant him dropping a hint to true immortality.

But then everything changes in a Halloween night during the 80s. A boy was again touched by fate. He said again because he had seen these so-called 'chosen ones' but he hadn't seen any for the past hundred years. And even before, he was not near enough to see it happens. So he decided to watch over this child who by the sacrifice of his mother managed to survive Voldemort's killing curse.

A child by the name of Harry Potter.

He watched him being taken by a half-giant to the arms of an old man he recognized as an old friend and final enemy of Grindelwald, a certain Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. To see Dumbledore again after so many years, it even brought nostalgia to him of the days of world war 2. Which reminds him. The LDO need to move soon. They will need new members and he will have to choose them carefully.

So Mercurius went to choose the new members of LDO. It took him some time but he finally managed to fill all the empty seats. When he returns to England, six years has passed and some member of Colonel Greenwood's special force has awakened too. He will have to leave soon.

But one day when he was watching Harry Potter, he noticed him reading a bible. He had been reading a bible the last few times he saw him. It is what made him still want to believe in the goodness of humanity despite living an abused life. And one day, he did something Mercurius never thought he would see from a wizard.

He prayed.

It would've ended there and then if not for a certain thing.

A God tried to answer.

It is one he did not recognize nor is it native to this world. This made Mercurius thinking. Perhaps he could use this to his advantage… or just for the hell of it. He is immortal. He is bored and he has nothing better to do. Using what limited power he has in his projected body, he put both his hand together and help a miracle that transcends world be achieved.

Little does he know that the boy will bring back what the LDO are looking for all this time… along with their worst enemy.

Harry Potter doesn't know how he got to where he is now.

It was a particularly bad day for the almost six years old boy. He knew that the Dursleys doesn't particularly like him. They call him freak from time to time or just boy. Today he was careless and burnt his uncle's breakfast when he cooked. As a result, he was locked in his room, the small cupboard under the stair. There Harry cried for a long time, lamenting his fate.

And for the first time in his life, Harry did something that he had never done before. There are few things he has in his room/cupboard. One of those things is an old bible, an old and neglected one. The Dursleys aren't particularly religious so they forgot that they have that stored in the cupboard. How it got there in the first place Harry doesn't know. But he had read it from time to time.

Harry learned about God, His kindness and His teachings. That day, Harry prayed. An earnest and simple prayer backed up by his magic which he doesn't know exists then.

And that is how Harry Potter found himself in the middle of a conflict in an obscure part of Italy. Harry had watched enough action movies to know what a gun is and needless to say, he was terrified out of his mind when an assault rifle was pointed at him.

For three days Harry Potter wandered the battlefield. Being able to survive for so long is impressive but Harry is on his last dregs. When he had lost all strength to continue, he was found by a man, a dying man who brought him to a nearby tent.

"I found him nearby. Poor boy. I can't imagine what he experienced. He's so weak and feeble. Probably had wandered the battlefield for days."

"Stop it Dulio. You're bleeding. We must sto-"

"It's no use, I'm as good as dead. Damn Devils."

The man named Dulio then looked towards Harry who is barely conscious.

"It's better if we save the boy."


"I'm as good as dead… so I'll give it to him."

"You don't mean!"

"The power released during the transfer will heal him."

"…I'll do it."

Dulio smiled weakly at Gerard. That was the last thing Harry saw. The next thing he remembers before entering a deep slumber is a very bright light and a feeling of great warmth enveloping him. The next time Harry open his eyes, he will never be the same Harry Potter ever again.

-12 years later-

Harry Potter, now Dulio Gesualdo, was running through the street of London, chasing after a stray devil. In honor of the person who rescued him, Harry took on his name and was adopted into Gerard Gesualdo's family. Sadly, the family didn't survive the civil strife which ended ten years ago.

Looking back at his life, he could say with confidence that God does listen and work his miracle in a strange way. It might look like he is silent but Dulio believes that God is always watching over humanity. His three days suffering on the battlefield led him to his savior whose name he now honors as his own. Not only that, he gave him his sacred gear, the Longinus Zenith Tempest, in order to save him and give him power. His life with the Gesualdo family taught him about what it truly means to be a family. And in the civil strife, he learned about lost and then rage. That was how the Church found him. In Vatican, he learned about God and more of his teachings. From Ewald Cristaldi, he learned how to use his power.

And most of all, from the children taken in by the Church, he obtained a purpose.

As Harry Potter, he had been abused by the Dursleys. It could've been worse but it is still abuse nonetheless. His childhood was barely happy. Two years with the Gesualdo, his few happy moments in childhood, taken from him by war. Many had become orphans like him. When he found out he has power, he vowed to never let any children suffer if he could help it. His childhood is only mildly bad. He had seen far worse in his time as an exorcist.

Perhaps it is the purpose God had prepared for him. One of his fellow exorcist, a surprisingly wise eleven years old named Shidou Haruka, once said to him about sacred gears; 'It is not a weapon but a blessing. A hope bestowed upon mankind. We wielders are those who should bring hope to humanity.' he said. And Dulio couldn't agree more.

Dulio's current assignment is to hunt an A-ranked stray devil. Not really a hard job for him but still. There's no such thing as being too overly cautious. The stray devil is a spider-like one with great agility. Dulio had been chasing after it for a while through a few narrow alleys. He can't use his Zenith Tempest carelessly in such closed space for fear of destroying the surrounding building. He really wish he could use more than just the basic elements. He's still working on that though.

Dulio stopped when suddenly the stray devils screamed and fell from its position on the walls. Dulio was mildly surprised to see it being pierced by a holy sword. There are not many in the Church that could use holy sword and from the looks of it, the sword is a product of sacred gear rather than a true holy sword. There are only two names that came up to his mind. One of them is Shidou Haruka but if it is him more holy swords would've impaled the stray. Then again, he couldn't be here since Dulio clearly heard from him that he'll be spending time in Rome with his sister and not-girlfriend after finishing his assignment. That means it is the only other wielder of sacred gear Black Blacksmith.

"Ahh, Jeanne, I didn't expect to see you here."

Dulio greeted the blonde French exorcist who inherited the spirit of St. Jeanne D'arc.

"Dulio? I didn't expect to see you here."

With the stray devil immobilized by the pain from Jeanne's Blade Blacksmith, Dulio move in to finish it. First he cut the spider-like stray's limbs with a pair of wind blades. The immobilized stray cannot avoid the wind blades and got its limb cut off. Dulio had tried it earlier but due to the stray's mobility and its instinct, Dulio had been having problem immobilizing it. Now that the stray has lost its limbs, it is as good as dead. Dulio incinerate the stray with his fire and then left it for dead as he and Jeanne walk out from the alley.

"That stray gave you trouble?"

"It keeps jumping around and its speed is more than impressive. Must've been a former knight. The only problem I have is catching it without using massive attack."

Dulio complained. Contrary to what can be expected from his words, Dulio's physical condition is excellent. He is athletic and physically strong. He could even be compared to professional athletes in physical condition. But even so, devils are physically superior to humans in any way. It is not surprising that despite Dulio being the superior of the two in pure magical power, the stray is the one who trumps in physical ability and from its speed Dulio deduced that the stray used to be a knight which means it received enhancement in speed. Dulio's response to this is usually large-scale wide area attack but he can't use that in urban area.

Dulio sometimes envy the users of Blade Blacksmith. Jeanne defeated the stray easily using a single throw of her holy sword. Of course, it was a surprise attack and she only got it because the stray was focused on Dulio but still. He thinks that it is cool to be able to pull out swords out of nowhere. But what made him really envious is the younger and the more skilled user of Blade Blacksmith. Shidou Haruka could actually launch swords like they are projectiles and would've killed that stray in less than a second. Even if it managed to run away, either of them could've caught the stray more easily.

Yup, he is envious of the sword users' physical capability. He had seen Haruka's not-girlfriend, the wielder of Durandal, made a crack on a concrete wall just by punching it. He had seen Jeanne keep up with devil knights who possess inhuman speed. He had seen Haruka jump from walls like a ninja to reach a rooftop before chasing a stray on rooftops. Clearly he needs to up his training if he wants to accomplish those feats.

But he digress, Zenith Tempest is good enough for him.

Another day another mission done. Life is good even if a little tiring and bloody sometimes. At least he is something here than when he was with the Dursleys.

-Four days later-

"I still don't know how you manage to bring her with you here, Haruka-kun."

"I'd like to say bribery but you'll know it's a joke since I don't have that much money and an 11 years old with that much money would look suspicious. No, I got permission from Griselda to bring Xenovia to celebrate Christmas with us provided that she won't lag behind on her training. Not like she would with me around."

Sometimes Dulio finds it hard to remember that the chestnut haired boy in front of him is actually an eleven years old boy. He acts mature and is powerful beyond his age. Swordsmanship alone he is already above most exorcists and even some who are considered talented. His mastery over his sacred gear is above even Jeanne who possesses the same sacred gear as him. It is hard to treat him as an eleven years old with how capable and mature he is. Only his mischievous streak reminds him of Haruka's age.

Beside the boy is a girl around the same age. She always has a serious expression on her face but the blue haired girl is actually enjoying herself, especially after the favor Haruka had done for her. She is Xenovia Quarta, the current wielder of Durandal and Haruka's not-girlfriend. Of course, the two children -which Dulio still had a hard time classifying them as such- doesn't think of each other like that yet. They are as close as true husband and wife and they are almost joined at the hip since they can frequently be found together, frequent as in everyday.

The four of them, Haruka, him, Xenovia, and Jeanne, are sitting in a family dinner. Dulio will be stationed in England for a while, or at least until new year which is only two weeks away, together with Jeanne. Haruka is in England to visit his family. Another thing that confuses Dulio about the boy is that his family are protestants so it is strange that he is a Catholic. Perhaps it is in order to meet Xenovia, a thought that Dulio sometimes entertain due to how nice it sounds.

The quartet is waiting for Shidou Touji to pick them up. Dulio had only met the man twice. He is a nice man who cares for his family. A good father although can be lecherous sometimes if what Haruka told him about the man is true.

The dinner's front door opens and then a familiar, cheerful voice greeted Haruka.



"Irina, Le Fay."

Shidou Irina, Haruka's younger sister by two years. The nine year old girl looks a lot like her brother… or was it the other way around? He had once mistaken the sibling for one another when Irina first came to Vatican. The girl used to act more like a tomboy and have shorter hair which was styled similarly to Haruka which confused many people with which one is which. Fortunately, now it is easier to tell them apart since Haruka had grown and her hair is much longer.

With her is a young girl around the same age as Xenovia. This one Dulio had never seen before. She has shoulder-length curly blonde hair and is a little shorter than Irina. Haruka referred to her as Le Fay. Could it be?

"Dulio-sama, Jeanne-san, Xenovia, hello."

"Thank you for inviting, Haruka-san. Onii-sama also sends his regard."

Haruka nodded and then turn to everyone else.

"Anyway, this is Le Fay Pendragon of the Pendragon house. I met his brother, Arthur, the current wielder of Caliburn a year ago. So I thought since we are in England, why not invite them? Unfortunately, Arthur is away at the moment so only Le Fay can come today."

Haruka explained. Irina then called him over after the introduction was done and Le Fay join them.

"Onii-sama, sorry but tou-san told me that he cannot pick us up. He needs to take the car for maintenance since it broke down just this morning."

"Did he accidentally put milk in the carburetor?"

Irina smiled sheepishly, looking embarrassed while doing so which confirms Haruka's suspicion. Irina and their father are rather similar in that they could be absent-minded sometimes.

"Nevermind, let's just walk back, I want to show Xenovia around anyway."

After paying for their meal, Haruka led the group downtown for a little tour. Dulio and Jeanne had been staying in London for a few days but Haruka knew London like the back of his hand. He did live here for a while and got frequently sent here on missions too. It was when they were walking through King's Cross that Haruka suddenly perked up.


Xenovia look at the boy who suddenly stopped. The boy shook his head as he continue walking.

"Must be my imagination."

"What is?"

"I felt that trouble is close by."

Haruka said which made Dulio nervous. The boy is prone to getting himself in random trouble just by walking. It is a very surprising trait. He had once been sent to clear a nest of low-level strays earlier this year but ended up having to fight a pair of A-rank strays which again leads him to more problem since his fight led him to a group of crime syndicate dealing weapons. If Haruka says that trouble is coming, it is a cause for concern.


Suddenly Le Fay shouted. Being the magic expert she is, the girl was the first to notice and grab him followed by Irina who is walking between him and Haruka. Dulio only now noticed that there is a magical signature suddenly appearing with him as the center.


Everyone grab hold of Dulio and in a flash of light, the group disappeared.

Okay, so I made the Dulio introduction part mostly the same (copied it in fact) apart from the inclusion of Le Fay and everyone in the group got dragged in immediately. The introduction also introduced LDO or Longinus Dreizhen Orden. Here there will be no international secret force and government conspiracy (which I think made more complication than it's worth) but Greenwood will lead a part of those who were in on the LDO ritual but oppose Heydrich and Mercurius. This team will consists of those who would eventually become Ren's legion in Dies Irae so I'm not making too much OCs here. In fact, Haruka is the only significant OC that will actually matter in the story. The rest will be filled somehow with the HP and Dies Irae cast.