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11th Annual Kim Possible Awards


whitem, Sentinel103, and CajunBear73 all stood off to one side of the stage looking out at the audience.

"Doesn't look like as many as last year guys." whitem said to his co-hosts.

CajunBear replied, "But it is nice to still see faces I recognize."

"You have your notes?" Sentinel103 asked whitem.

"Yes, they're on my Pad here." He then tapped the screen a couple of times. "I just need to check on a couple of things here…"

A few seconds after he stopped tapping the small hand-held computer, a fourth person walked up behind the group.

"Ye called sair?" The newcomer said in a heavy Scottish brogue.

"Has all the automation been completed and tested Mr. Doohan?"

"Of course sair." He quickly replied, sounding almost hurt at the question.

"You truly are a miracle worker Mr. Doohan."

Almost beaming at the praise, Mr. Doohan then continued with his trademark accent. "Everything is as promised. She's all yours with all systems automated and ready. A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her."

whitem looked at his stage partners with a small smirk. "Thank-you Mr. Doohan, we'll try not to take that personally."

"Where do you think we are in that hierarchy?" CB asked Sent, who just shrugged his shoulders.

Mr. Doohan then shook hands with all three Event hosts and went off to… work on something.

"With all this automation," Sentinel commented, "you sure it can't be hacked into?"

whitem's face suddenly went uncharacteristically serious. "I trust his technical know-how as much as Wade's. Maybe even a little bit more." He then checked the time on his pad. "Looks like we better get ready to go on.

…x x x x…

After about a minute and a half, whitem , Sentinel103, and CajunBear73 all walked onto the stage to a polite round of applause.

Whitem stepped up to the podium and checked the small built-in screen, which was currently showing that the building was secure and that all available defensive systems were online.

He then looked up at the awaiting audience and started.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all sentient animals… Welcome to the 11th Annual Kim Possible Fannie Awards!" With those words said, the audience roared with applause.

After the noise tapered off, he continued. "First off, you may have noticed that we seem to missing someone up here on stage." Murmurs rippled through all those in attendance. "Slipgate was not able to work with us on this years Fannies as he had other more important issues going on in his life. We wish him well, and I'd like to let him know that it was both an honor and a pleasure to work with him the last couple of years.

"With that said, I would like to introduce the gruesome twosome," he quickly shook his head, "I mean my co-hosts for this years' Fannies, CajunBear73 and Sentinel103!"

The crowd gave polite applause as well as a few chuckles, and immediately Sent leaned in towards his friend so only CB could hear, "How come I feel like Armageddon is gonna strike us down tonight buddy?"

The totally fearless Cajun smirked, "I told you not to eat all that garbage this morning, this is going to be fine."

The two then walked up to the podium. CajunBear Smirked to whitem as they walked past him and he quickly decided to retort to how they were announced, so CB spoke so both he and the audience could hear what he had to say. "Thank you for those kind words…but gruesome only begins to cover our 'job description' for this event. But we're glad to be back again for another exciting show for all those who've contributed to the 'Kim Possible' world of Fanfiction. We hope this event will be enjoyed by all present, and those who help break the fourth wall."

The two then stepped back and let whitem come back up to the podium, who smiled to himself slightly as he really did enjoy the jibbing back and forth between him and his co-hosts. "Before we start this year's show, I would like to show everyone the winners of last year's awards."

whitem pressed a couple of button's on the podium causing a large screen to drop from somewhere in the rafters, on which an old-fashioned movie count-down started from 5, and after it hit 1, a list of last years winners started to scroll, accompanied by some painfully boring elevator-type music.

1) Best KP Style Name: Candice (Can) Du - United and Divided by Librana

2) Best Original Character: Syntho-Kim - So Not the Drama by Stormchaser90

3) Best Minor Character: Monique - Vanilla Swirl by Imyoshi

4) Best Villain: Mistress Opal Laveau - The Children of the Comet by Hopeful-Husky

5) Best Songfic: Oh Kigo ! A parody by only-looking

6) Best AU Story: United and Divided by Librana

7) Best Crossover/Fusion: Tiger by the Tail by Mahler Avatar

8) Best Alternate Pairing: Ron/Monique - Vanilla Swirl by Imyoshi

9) Best KiGo Story: Kim Possible: Necessary Changes by Kawaiigirls5

10) Best Kim/Ron Story: The Princess and the Dragon by purplegirl761

11) Best Comedy Story: The Bride of Drewbenstain by Mahler Avatar

12) Best Romance Story: Sparkling Fire and Smokey Sighs by SappicVixen

13) Best Friendship Story: 601) A Shoe Story by levi2000a1

14) Best Action/Adventure Story: You're the Best Thing I never Knew I Needed by kmtdiccion

15) Best Drama Story: Past & Present by Zaratan Volume 2 by levi2000a1

16) Best Unlikely/Unique Story: The True Meaning by EchidnaPower

17) Best One-Shot Overall: A Cherry Too Sweet by Imyoshi

18) Best Novel-Sized Story: Home is Where the Heart Is by Lhyaran

19) Best Short Story: Two Ron's Don't Make a Right by whitem

20) Best Series Overall: Across the Stars by Mahler Avatar

21) Best Writing Team: BearSent176

22) Best Young Author: Iapsa

23) Best New Author: EchidnaPower

24) Best Single Line: 'No mater who you're fighting or what they've done - there's a person in there, Kimmy' - The Princess and the Dragon by purplegirl761

25) Best Reviewer: CajunBear73

26) CPNeb Kimmunity Award: CajunBear73

27) Kimmunity Achievement Award: G-Go

28) Best Story Overall: Home is Where the Heart Is by Lhyaran

29) Best Writer: levi2000a1

After the list completed whitem walked back to the podium, pressed a few more buttons, and the screen lifted up and out of the way.

Leaning in to the microphone the host spoke with a deadpan voice. "Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?" One person in the audience seemed to get the joke, as a single sound of laughter echoed from somewhere in the back.

"Huh… well, I've said it before, I'll say it again. Writing is easy, it's comedy that's hard."

After more silence from the audience, whitem continued. "I would also like to let everyone know that the format will be a little different this year. Each section of this year's program will have 5 Winners, the last one being four. We will be calling up five Authors that will be handed awards, who will then go to what we are calling the 'Winner's queue', which is just a fancy way of saying they will be standing in line. This queue will be located off to the right side of the stage, which is our left."

Whitem then gestured to the area that was roped off with fancy red velvet ropes. "Then we will quickly go from one award to the next, right on down the line, in the same order as the Voting List. We are hoping this will speed up the process a bit.

For a second whitem wondered if he should mention the buffet that was available, but decided there was enough signage around he wouldn't need to say anything. "In conclusion, I hope everyone here is looking as forward to this year's Fannie Winners as we are to present them!"

whitem then pressed a couple more buttons on the podium, and then twisted a key, which he removed and placed in a secure pocket inside his jacket. As all three walked off the stage, the song 'All Revved up with No Place to Go" by Meatloaf blasted out of the speakers.

To be continued…