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11th Annual Kim Possible Awards

Chapter 1

After the music from Meat Loaf's song faded away, whitem, CajunBear73 and Sentinel103 walked back out onto the stage.

whitem went up to the podium, removed a key from inside his jacket, and inserted it into it's slot and turned. He then typed in a password, releasing the controls once again on the console. After a minor adjustment to the microphone, he began the next part of the show.

"Welcome back to the show everyone! I hope you all were able to get a snack or a drink during our break. I'd say 'try the veal, we're here all night', but I'm not sure how many would recognize those paraphrased words." Again there was almost stone silence in the audience.

"Why don't you just stop trying whitem." CajunBear whispered into his ear.

"Only when I get a true laugh from the audience CB." He replied, and then turned back to the crowd.

"Well everyone, it seems we are ready for our first group of winners. If you can, hold your applause until the end of this part of the show, Please and Thank-you. Now will the following authors please go to the Winner's Queue… chris the cynic, Shadowdancer01, Kawaiigirls5, and…" He paused for a second, "whitem."

As a small group of authors got up from their seats, whitem turned back to his co-hosts. "Well guys, which of you would like to take the reigns?

"Can we share it?" Sentinel asked, and whitem answered with a nod and a simple 'Sure'.

Whitem then walked over with the other authors, and Sentinel103 and CajunBear73 stepped up to the podium, looking at each other with confused looks on their faces.

"Do you know how to operate this thing?" CajunBear asked.

"You're the IT guy! I thought you knew how to operate this thing."

"That's my day job…Hmmm, I wonder…" CajunBear reached into a jacket pocket and pulled out an unopened envelope, which he quickly tore open, and pulled out five pages of diagrams and instructions. On the very top of the first page were the words. 'Instruction Manual for Fannie Automation'. "Uh oh… Great! These instructions were written by the people who designed the darn thing…that means the only people who understand it are the people who made this…"

Looking over the screen, "Time to borrow a page from Ron Stoppable's book of button pushing…Ah, I think I got it." Sentinel said, pressing an icon on the screen that looked like a microphone. Sure enough, the mic went live, causing a small squeal of feedback. "Sorry about that folks, it looks like we are now ready to go. I think." He then saw another icon that looked like the Golden Rufus statue. Sentinel pressed it and a list of the first set of winners popped up on the screen. They then heard a clunk and a whir behind them, and they both looked back to see a tall rectangular box rising out of the floor. When it stopped with a clank, a hidden door swung open, revealing five statues inside for the first awards.

"Huh… the controls must be intuitive." Sentinel muttered under his breath.

"OK everyone, we are now ready for the first winners." He then glanced down at the screen. "The first Fannie Award for the night is for Best KP Style Name. This award is for the best name created by an author in the spirit of show. An example would be like, well… Kim Possible sounds like Impossible. Camille Leon sounds like Chameleon. This year's winner is for Best KP Style Name is Chi Mira, who is used in the story 'Bent, not Broken', by chris the cynic!"

The winner left the Winner's Queue and walked up to the podium and immediately started their speech. "First off, thanks. Second, I wanted to talk about the genesis of Chi and his name.

"Most of my original ideas come from so many places that, looking back, I can never figure out what started the whole thing. Chi is like that. On the one hand, he's supposed to be a part of a massive, if vague, idea I have for a saga level series of Kim Possible fics. I wanted someone who could come onto the scene and have an episode or two like a Justine Flanner. The idea being that Middleton was the one place weird enough that he would fit in. Like Jacob in Life After, he ended up coming to readers early (I haven't started the saga) because he was a good fit for a role in a current fic, Bent, not Broken.

"On the other hand, and probably the one I should talk most about, he came from me trying to reconcile my feelings about meaningful names in fiction with the fact that Kim Possible positively overflows with them. We'll get back to that.

"On Zaphod Beeblebrox's third hand, he comes from a desire to take a certain trope, the part-animal enhanced-human, to its logical and absurd extreme.

"Back on the second hand, there are (I'm simplifying a bit because I have limited time) more or less two kinds of meaningful names. First there are ones where the meaning comes before the name. We see this with Monkey Fist giving that name to himself after he has both modified monkey-like fists and mystical monkey power. Then there are the ones where the name comes before the meaning. These require us to accept the coincidence that someone with name X will randomly become someone for whom name X is strangely descriptive. I tend not to like these.

"Kim Possible, though, is full of them. Mr. and Ms. Leon decided to name their daughter Camille long before anyone could have guessed that she'd become the only human chameleon, or only one of note, in the Kim Possible verse. Professor Acari's family has likely had that name for centuries, it has meant "mite or tick" for millennia, but he doesn't become the inventor of the cybergenetic tick until Kim Possible Season 1.

"So to fully embrace Kim Possible I felt like I had to have at least one KP style name. I wanted it to be like Camille's name where it was composed to a real first name and a real last name. I wanted it to have an in-universe explanation like "Monkey Fist".

"And this is where we return to Zaphod's third hand. Chi didn't pick up traits from various animals by being bitten by a radioactive menagerie; he was grown in a lab. A perfect name for the project that created him would be "Chimera". Since that can be separated into an actual first name, Chi, and an actual last name, Mera, it seemed like exactly what I was looking for. I decided to change the last name to "Mira" because it seems to be a more common last name and there's really no reason to perfectly duplicate the spelling of the animal. Camille Leon, after all, is not spelled "Chame leon".

"I'll close by talking a bit about Chi Mira himself. Does he have snake, lion, and goat bits? Not sure on the lion and goat yet. What he does have is anything that might be vaguely useful. He was created to be a weapon: an all terrain super solider. But he was raised as a person and the result is someone who spent his teen years trying to be normal, and his adult life pursuing a relatively mundane job, for the Kim Possible verse at least.

"Again, thanks to everyone who voted for me. Without the support of readers, I probably wouldn't write."

After chris the cynic finished, he turned towards Sntinel103 who held the Golden Rufus out to him. Chris took the statue and the two shook hands before he walked off the stage.

CajunBear then stepped up to the podium, looked at the screen, and noticed it had automatically updated to show the first award was completed. Next to pop up was the winner for the next award.

"Looks like the next award to give out is for Best Original Character. This award pretty much says what it is, an original character created by an author. This year's winner for Best Original Character is the character Mask from the story 'Action and Reaction' by ShadowDancer01!"

Immediately the author stepped up on the stage from the queue and walked up to the podium. "It feels great to win a Fannie, even if I was the only person nominated. A big thanks to all my readers and reviewers. Mask is my take on a shape shifter as a villain, someone who does more than impersonate people. I am glad people found him interesting enough to give me this Fannie."

Sentinel quickly stepped up to the podium. "And ShadowDancer, don't think it's a bad thing you were the only one nominated. It just means readers thought that no others matched up to who you created." He then handed off the Golden Rufus and whispered something to ShadowDancer before they walked off the stage. Instead of going to sit down, the author went back to the Winner's Queue.

Sentinel103 then looked down at the screen, and saw the next award. "Well folks, it looks like we're moving right along here. Our next award is for Best Minor Character. Again, the award name pretty much says what this award is for. The winner of this award is for the character Yori, from the story 'Kim Possible: Reaching You' by Kawaiigirls5!"

After walking up onto the stage, the winning author walked up behind the podium, adjusted the height of the microphone, and spoke. "First, allow me to offer the most sincere and affectionate thanks for your support and readership. It is no understatement that such positivity and happiness is sorely needed in these times. Yori's place in my story was always meant to be an obstacle for Shego to overcome, leading to the eventual KiGo we all know and love no matter how overused it's become. However, I slowly fell in love with her and her interactions with Kim and decided, quite late in writing, to change the story to what you've read. I regret none of it and I can see neither did any of you. I'm beyond delighted you enjoyed Yori, because I enjoyed writing her. And I'll enjoy it when I inevitably do so in the future. Thank you so very, very much."

Kawaiigirls5 then turned and received the Golden Rufus from CajunBear. The two cordially shook hands and the author exited the stage.

Sentinel103 then stepped up to the podium, and looked down at the screen. Sure enough it had advanced to the next winning award. "How does it do that?" He wondered to himself, and shrugged his shoulders before continuing with the next Fannie.

"Our next award is for Best Villain. By the name of this award, I'm sure you can tell this is for the best villain in a story. This can be an existing character in the show, or an original character. The winner for this years Best Villain is Master, from the story 'Action and Reaction' by ShadowDancer01."

Once again the author walked back up onto the stage and went right to the podium. "It feels great to win a Fannie, even if I was the only person nominated… again. A big thanks to all my readers and reviewers. In the Master I tried to create a villain who was not just smart but could also learn from his mistakes and adapt to changes in circumstances. I wanted a villain who would be difficult to defeat without making him all-powerful, a villain who was both dangerous and realistic. From the reviews I received and from winning this award, I believe I have succeed. Thank you everyone."

ShadowDancer then turned and received their second Golden Rufus from CajunBear. After shaking hands again, the author left the stage with a huge grin on their face.

Sentinel then stepped up to the podium to announce the next winner. "This next award is for the Best Songfic. If you haven't heard of a songfic by now, well… by now you should have, OK?" Chuckles rippled through the audience. "The winner for this years Best Songfic is "Running with the Devil', by whitem.

whitem looked around and saw that he was the last person in the queue, which by rights, is the way it was supposed to be. He walked up the stage and across towards the podium. Just before he reached his destination something happened, and whitem stumbled forward, almost falling. He was quick enough to catch himself on the edge of the podium, but his momentum caused his forehead to smack on the hand that grabbed the podium. At first everyone was quiet, but then all of a sudden laughter started, and eventually the place erupted.

Whitem prided himself on being a bit like Ron, in that he hardly ever got embarrassed. This time, he couldn't help but feel a little flushed. After all, over three hundred people just saw him trip and perform a face-plant into his own hand.

"Well," He started after finally stepping up to the microphone and the audience had calmed down, "I guess I finally got a laugh out of everyone. It just took a little slapstick. Anyways… Let me say Thank-you to everyone who voted for me for this award. I always enjoy writing about this character that I have come up with for Tara, which combines her with, of all things… the Devil. The song 'Running with the Devil" by Van Halen just seemed too perfect to pair with this character.

"There was an issue that arose concerning this story and a rule on the site, but this has been, how shall I say… dealt with. I'm just glad that readers enjoyed this one-shot involving a semi-evil blonde teenage girl. Thanks again everyone, y'all ROCK!"

After whitem received the Golden Rufus from CajunBear, he then motioned his co-hosts off to the side. "Do you guys want to close this part out, or you want me to?"

"You go ahead. I'll hold this for you." whitem gave his co-host a sideways glance, acted like he was handing it to CB, then pulled it away, then handed it back. With free hands, he then stepped back up to the podium.

"Well everybody, this ends Part One of the show. We will have four more parts in this same format, and we hope everyone enjoys what is yet to come. Let's give a hand for all of our winners!"

The audience roared with applause, and whitem once again pressed a few things on the touchscreen before locking down the podium controls. For the break music, the song "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes blasted out of the speakers, ending the first part of the show.

To be continued…