...What raging fire shall flood the soul? -Phantom of the opera

The albino cub watched the tent burn down in the night air, it was at this point he knew; this was the point of no return.

All that haunted him would be burned to ash...

Months Earlier.

"Dad? Come on wake up." A young shrill voice was heard in the small trailer it acted as a more of cage for it's occupants, it held three black bears. The cub nuzzled his face into his father's neck. There was no response. He smiled playfully and started to growl.

A groan came from his mother. "Morning Pitch. Ahhhh." She yawned.

The bear cub spoke,"Dad, get up. Locke's waiting outside!" His mother answered again, a sly small smile crept on her face as she nipped the father ear and spoke.

"Honey, our son is awake." A sigh came from the male beside her,

"Before the sunrises, he's your son." He rubbed his eyes with his paws as he shook his head.

The little bear stopped chanting and looked at them both."Um, It's noon." He stated flatly as he tilted his head. The parents both opened their eyes in shock with their mouths agape, The little bear peered at their faces and smiled.

"Yup, pretty sure every-bodies up."

Sleeping here won't change anything. He thought, the cub swayed his head from side to side. The locks of black hair hanging over his forehead mimicked his motion. It looked like four blades of grass in the wind.

The father gave a content prideful smirk."Can't keep them waiting can we?" He slowly rose up. The cub danced around the room in a circle. "Full of energy today, Pit?"

Today I'll finally get that book back. Pitch though as he scratched the back of his head.

"Monte, Please don't calling him that, the day he was born the pitch of bird's cries were so lovely." The mother replied as she closed her eyes and smiled. It was a fond memory to her.

The father narrowed his brow and sighed,"Mono, Varuna. I will not be called anything else.' He rubbed the bridge of his snout, 'It's insulting" He looked away clearly embarrassed by his loved one.

Varuna smiled coyly in response."Pitch, dear. You can go see the Lions outside. Your father and I need to have a chat-" Her grin grew wider as she strutted towards him. She batted her eyes at him lovingly and rubbed his belly. "Monte~" Mono gave a prideful smirk. Pitch stopped mid trot as heard them, his eyes slowly grew wider. Nooooo!

"Dear," His tone became soft as he looked into his mate's hazel coloured eyes. "You know not to tease me. You know how far-"

"Long." She corrected.

"Long I can go." He growled playfully all bashful behavior was completely gone. No, no, no! The cub frowned as his darted to both of them. He knew what was about to happen. "Well, I need a reminder you know how… forgetful I can be." She looked into his yellow eyes. "We both know you don't forget. But I'm willing to play along." He held a her closer to him with with one arm as she shivered.

NO! All the no's tap dancing on what's left of my innocence, while on fire! Pitch shivered at the display. "Gonna go ahead without you, cool?" He quickly pressed a button near edge of the room. It opened the door of the trailer.

"That's my boy!" Mono said as he held his mate. Pitch had his back turned to them. He took a deep breath and shook his head as he left the room. At least they're getting along again.

Past the various trailers of the other animals was his second favourite place to be.

Ahhhhh, my stomping grounds. The Sun beamed down in the play area the Circus folk made for the animals. It was about the size of the Penalty box, with a metal cage surrounding the area. As he walked toward the cage door where their caretaker waited he saw Locke, a lion cub with his parents just at the far edge of the gate. A single speaker hung above them.


He slowly crept up to them. The lions were relaxing together in the shade. The two largest lions sat beside each other while the littlest one was standing with his back towards the gate entrance.

Locke spoke. "Father. When are the,' He held his paw over his mouth and forced a cough. 'Products coming?" The mother chuckled while the father rose an eyebrow as he looked at his son dubiously.

"Locke, Do you really have make it sound like we're the equivalent to human drug dealers?"

His son replied sincerely."Did it seem that way? Of course now that you mention it, I do see some similarities." He smirked. The father laughed softly at his child antics. He let his eyes wonder to the forest area across them to see bushes move. His gaze wondered back to his son as he saw the keeper open the gate. The human left the cage with a box of cigarettes in hand. I would the eat him, but I will not have something as vile as that in my stomach. He noticed the bear creeping towards his son ready to pounce.

"It seems the rodents are here now." He said referring to the bushes.

"I grow tired of waiting." His son replied. The father coyly smiled at his son as he saw the bear leap towards them.

"Now, Now son. Good things come to those who wait." Pitch tackled his friend to the ground and glomped him.

"Did ya miss me?!" His exclaimed cheerily.

"About as much as I miss my tail," Locke smiled. "Come on, get off of me! Your getting heavier every-time you do this."

Pitch ruffled the tiny bit of red hair on his head. "That or your getting weaker, that means it working, Mwa ha ha!" He gave a mock evil laugh as he got off his friend.

Locke rose up looked at his father still smiling. Oh you defiantly knew.

The father heard a knocking sound from the woods. Good they're here. His brown mane rustled in the wind as he let out a large roar to signal the occupants of the bush. Two raccoons appeared and started running toward the gate. On top of the heads of the animals were two rats grasping their ears like reins. They reached the other side of the gate where the lions reside.

Both mice were Grey and small in size, but one of them had a tiny scar on his cheek and wore white tape around his arms. While the other had a large uni-brow with a small tuft of hair sticking out if his head.

"Alright you putzes, everybody stand back as we bring the loot." The lion scoffed and looked at the bush intently as it shook. Various animals came out of the bush holding various items. They had mostly clothes, food and hair gel? "That's all we could get from the stores in the town. The lion glared at the mouse clearly this wasn't what he wanted.

"Hey, the agreement was that we bring anything we can get to you."

The lioness saw her mates anger and intervened. "It's alright besides some of the animals can make use of this,"

Just as they looked over the spoils, an elephant walked by the cage. She was smaller than the average adult elephant about 9 ft tall and a small tail about 2 ft long.

"Ohhhh Sophie!" She yelled ecstatically as she waved her paws.

"Pfft I doubt any of you-" The mouse stopped as he saw Sophie at the other side of the cage toward the trailers.

She was wearing a yellow scarf, each of the tassels at the end of the scarf flowed beautifully in the wind. She waved back at the Lioness with her feet. It was like music was playing in his head as he stared.

Baby, I'm preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Just like animals
Like animals

The Lion looked up at the speaker where the noise was coming from."This is what the human's call music? Someone shut that off!" He snarled in anger. The mouse continued to stare at the elephant, unaware of the music. His partner did notice his brother and sighed. He knew this "state" his brother was in.

Damn it, Mike. He thought.

So what you trying to do to me
It's like we can't stop we're enemies
But we get along when I'm inside you

The other mouse rammed the raccoon into the speaker pole and it bit into the plug. The speaker shut off and the music stopped. The sound fizzled for a moment and then a small thud was heard from where speaker was.

Pitch noticed the music stop. "Awwwww. I liked that song, it was catchy."

Locke rubbed his chin with his paw. "Do you even know what the song was talking about?" He quizzically rose his eyebrow.

"Something about eating animals, got lost in the tune after that." Pitch shrugged.

Locke sighed "You never change. I see your fascination with humans still lingers."

Pitch narrowed his brow. Don't belittle me.

"You know what will change today? My losing streak." He growled and rose up to fight.

Locke chuckled, He crouched down on all fours and smiled. Pride was second nature to him at this point. He felt assured of the outcome of their fight.

"If I win this.. He paused. "You'll give me back my book you stole!" Pitch tired to look menacing but he just looked cute as he folded his arms and puffed his belly out, it was white compared to the brown muzzle he had. Locke was shocked for a moment, but regained his composure. He had to stop himself from chuckling."Fine. But if I win we're going to the tent to see the show!"

Pitch gulped he knew what was wrong with that. This might complicate things.

Outside of the cage the other mouse walked over to the raccoon his brother was on. He smacked it the animal's head. Causing it to flee to the bushes quickly. Leaving mike to fall flat on his face. He shook his head and spoke. "Wha'ca do that for?" Mike rubbed his head as his brother spoke.

"Don't have time for puppy love crap… it's getting old." He rolled his eyes.

"Seriously Mic, You bringing this up now?" He folded his arms and glared at his brother.

"You got the same look in your eye when you saw that possum." Mike pointed his tail at his brother. "Hey! Don't bring Julie into this she was... special."

"Bout as special as a sand in the desert. Heh." he replied with a small chortle.

Mike's eyes drifted to elephant's rear as she was walking away, he bit his lip. Mic wasn't having and he slapped him up side his head."Aww, fffff." He stopped when he a saw younger mouse walking by carrying an apple.

"Fine. Buzz-kill. You round the animals and check up on the kids." He walked toward the fence. His brother noticed his laziness.

"What the heck are you gonna do while I'm doin' that?" Mic stood there annoyed glaring at his brother's back.

"Gonna watch the pampered cubs fight each other. Might be fun." He waved nonchalantly not looking back at his brother. Mic sighed and walked to gather the raccoons. Well, one of them anyway.

Locke was faster then Pitch. Four legs beat two any day. Pitch felt accustomed to use his hind legs to stand rather than use them normally. He copied his parents movement mostly when he watched them during their performances when he was small, but it still stuck with him.

The lion cub saw he was getting tired as he wiped the sweat from his brow. He lept forward paws outward his smile not leaving his face, however what he didn't see was opponents grin slowly form as it was too late for Locke to stop.

He pushed Locke's paws out and locked them under his arm pits as he collided with Pitch. He just barely kept standing as he had a firm grip as he said probably the most cheesiest thing he could think off:"Let me Pitch it to you."

Locke heard his father laugh. Thanks for the vote of confidence dad. Before Locke could even respond Pitch had spun around in circles while holding on to his arms. He was about to throw him into the ground, but he got dizzy and fell on his back leaving Locke on top of him. Pitch sighed."I lost."

Locke rubbed the strands of hair on his head. "No. let's call it a draw." He shook his head, he knew that he should of lost that fight, but his pride wouldn't let him admit it.