Outside the play area Sophie and Mike stood by some of the equipment their backs toward the trees near the forest just out of their reach. "Soph, If I hadn't said this before, then I'll say it now-" "If this is another comment about my butt, you'll be seeing stars and I mean that literally." She exclaimed annoyed. Mike continued. "Thank you for helping me for the last months. Your effort and your kindness are appreciated." He turned his head to the equipment, avoiding her eye contact. She smiled. "Who would would thought? A genuine compliment, followed by a thank you. It's a start from the pervert I met a couple of months ago." They both smiled at each other.

"I'm going ahead Locke should be there first. I'll see you there." He waved as he walked toward the tent. Sophie placed the remaining equipment on her back for the first run, she couldn't carry everything there, she had a couple of things; a few tires, a small sand bag, and some refreshments for their breaks. But today was going to be different. A certain monkey was going to make sure of that as he limped there with his friend. "Helloooo, gorgeous what are you doing carrying those ugly accessories?" He grinned.

Sophie rolled her eyes and responded. "Just carrying these to the tent." "These don't look like my standard equipment?' He feigned surprise. 'What would happen if the ringmaster caught you with his equipment? He might get suspicious if this material just appeared in the tent without his knowledge, and don't get me started on how you could have gotten them..."

She didn't have time for this. She scowled at the orangutan. "First off, we haven't used the tent in months, turns out having an animal nearly burnt alive causes some problems for us. But you already know that, right?" Django scowled in response that cub caused him too much trouble. "And second does this charade have a point?"

He sighed. "I guess since the pleasantries are out of the way, Leave now. I have some business to attend to in the tent, it would be a shame if you were hurt." A wicked smile grew on his face. Moongo grunted and cracked his knuckles. She looked at the tent then back to them and sighed. She walked away toward the trailers. She couldn't beat them alone, despite being an adult she was smaller than the average elephant. "Good. At least she knows where to place her useless behind." They both walked toward the tent.

The three bears slept peacefully in the trailer. The cub sleeping in the box in the corner, while both his parents slept beside him each of them snoring openly. A knock was heard on the door. The cub's ear twitched. The visitor knocked again, this time even louder. Pitch groggily rose to open the door, he pressed the button and walked out of the makeshift den."Ahhh...what are you doing here?" he yawned openly as he rubbed his eyes.

She had a determined look on her face. "Pitch we need to get to the tent now, the others are in danger!" She exclaimed. His eyes narrowed. No more words needed to be said, it was clear what they needed to do. They both sprinted toward the tent.

"An arrogant brat like you deserves discipline now and again." The orange mammal stood over Locke's body, he barely moved, he was still breathing, he had a couple of scratches on his face, but he'd live. Mike was held by the gorilla in his palms. He tried to wriggle out to no avail. If he didn't have that brute I would've beaten this pansy! He thought. Despite his training he couldn't beat Moongo. Size did matter, it seems Goliath won over David here.

Django turned to Moongo as held the mouse. He grinned from ear-to-ear at the sight. He strolled toward the two. "And now for you, rodent. I think I'll be merciful, since today has been so nice. Beg me for forgiveness and I won't have my associate pop you like a balloon." Moongo hands shook as he heard that word. "Fine. Like a grape, you big baby." Mike closed his eyes and hung his head down. Django leaned forward with his hand around his ear. And in turn the mouse spat into the orangutan's ear and he shrivelled in disgust. "Filthy rat!" He wiped his ear out with his finger.

"Hehehe, Keep talking dirty to me, I ain't scared of you." He chuckled for a moment. "Someone who needs help beating a cub and a mouse? That speaks volumes for you, don't you think?" Djagno growled in response his expression only gave the mouse more to work with. He looked like he ran a Marathon he was breathing heavily, his back was hunched, sweat was dripping down his brow, and his eyes were as wide as saucers. He had a knife grasped in his paw. "Heh. Heh. What's the matter, sweetheart can't take a joke? I mean the only thing funnier here than your face is the poor accuse for an act you got here!"

"LET. The Rodent. Go." The venom in his voice was strong enough to kill an elephant. He wanted him dead. Moongo complied. Mike ran as fast as he could past the tang. But he ran full force behind him around the wooden beam in the middle of the tent. He was trying to run toward the exit. "Damn, He was right you were faking it? How do you sleep at night?!"

"In the same old trailer with a comfy bed. I'll sleep better with a new trinket in my room. How about I make it out of your head!" He threw the knife toward mike, it flew past barely grazing his ear. It landed just in front of him as it stuck in the ground, he tripped over it and rolled in front of the opening of the tent."End of the line rodent-" A black blur came through tent and tackled the orangutan to the ground. A large thud was heard, as well as a couple of thumps were heard from the two. Mike looked up to see Sophie above him.

"Ain't you a sight for sore eyes." he smiled. The thumping grew louder as he turned to see Pitch over Django. Repeatedly punching him in the the orangutan tried block with no luck. "Ow. Ow. Ow. Damn it, stop it!" he said in between the punches. "That's was for Locke," He punched him again in his face. "This is for Mike,' He slammed his fist in the tang's stomach. "That's for Sophie."

"Hey, kid!" Mike looked worried as he punched him again. Pitch looked over to him while holding Django up by his head. "You want some too?" He pointed to his victim on the ground, still breathing but missing some teeth. "Nope, I'm good."

Pitch looked Django again and narrowed his brow. "This- is for my ear." He knocked the poor sap out cold with his final punch and sighed. Unfortunately he didn't account on the gorilla pulling him up and throwing him into the a pile of hay near the bleachers. He coughed and rolled on his side, his gaze wondered to Locke then to Sophie.

"Get him out of here, now!" he pointed to Locke. He rested his elbows on his chest while keeping his fist up toward his chin, then ran to distract Moongo. Sophie quickly rushed over to pick up Locke and ran out of the tent. Mike glanced out them both then to Pitch as he saw Moongo towering over his friend.

He dodged a swing from the gorilla, his blows may have been slow but he felt the power behind each attempt at hitting him. He weaved to left and right of his blows as the gorilla growled. He went under the animal's latest swing and gave him a powerful uppercut to his gut-But it felt nothing as he looked at the gorilla cub. Pitch had a shocked look on his face. "Ohhhh shi-" It swatted him across the room into the bottom of the bleachers. He could barely move, his head was spinning.

"Gah" He held his head and felt a dull pain as the gorilla approached him. He tried to get back up, but his legs were weak. Pitch pulled him self up with the railing to support him as he turned to meet his foe. He heard a whooshing sound in front of him, followed by a prick. "Huh?" he said animal feel before him lifeless, just as he was trying to make sense of it. He heard the sound again, this time he saw a dart in his leg. He felt tired all of a sudden, he fell over and passed out in the tent as a three humans watched him, one of them holding a gun.

As noon arrived on the circus grounds the bears rose from their slumber in the trailer. The first thing they noticed was that their son was gone. The reactions were mixed from both of the parents. "Where is he? What happened to my cub?" Varuna exclaimed as her heart skipped at a beat and her breathing grew erratic. "Calm down. Maybe he's with the mouse at the tent or he could be in the play area with his friend." She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. "Right… Let's go then."

Mono pushed the button in their trailer and they both walked out to the play area. What greeted the two there was not pleasant. The Lions' were arguing with rodents only separated by the cage. While the Django laid back holding an ice bag on his eye. His face looked sour but he did keep a small grin in his lips as he watch them argue. The bears decided to open the gate...unfortunately hell was about to break loose.

Leonard's gaze turned to the gate as he saw both the bears walking into the cage. He peered at his friend with rage in his eyes, the same could be said for his mate as she in turn looked at Mono's mate as well.

"You." Leonard's blood boiled as he ran toward the bear. "Hey we aren't done talking yet! My brother is missing you yellow turd!" Mic was lucky that he didn't care about him at the moment. Leonard stopped and glared at Mono. "Do you know what your child has done?! My boy is injured because of him! Are so neglectful that you can't manage to keep your cub tame!" He spat out fervently. Varuna scowled at the Lion. His words dug deep, but she wasn't going to let him know that.

"Don't you dare insult us! What are blathering on about?"

"Your son fought my boy in the tent, and now he's hurt. The humans are tending to his wounds."

"How...did this happen?" Mono responded worried. Serena intruded. "Our son and your cub went into the tent in the early morning. From what Django told us he found them both sparing with the mouse cheering them on. Pitch beat Locke severely and when Django stepped in with Moongo he barely got out with his life. Moongo and your boy are now being locked in the tent for the night as punishment." She sighed bitterly, she wanted to see her child.

"And now these petulant rodents want to call of the arrangement we made with them. Lowly ingrates." Mono stared coldly at the orangutan in the corner as he heard this information. Something felt off, he couldn't place his paw on it. Varuna felt it too, she couldn't think of reason why their son would want to hurt his friend. "This doesn't seem right why would my son want to-"

"I don't care! What I know is that your son pummeled our poor cub and you weren't there to stop him. Both of you are failures!" Varuna looked at the lioness.

"Serena I..." "I don't want to hear it, Var. All I want is retribution." Serena sneered. The both of them slowly walked toward the bears menacingly.

"Now hold on, think clearly. Why would he want to hurt your child?" Mono calmly shouted. "This doesn't sound like him at all!"

"Pitch would never hurt your boy." They both walked back slowly toward the entrance of the cage.

"Which is exactly why he didn't do it..." A familiar voice was heard behind them. Causing both of the parents to stop in their tracks. Locke and Sophie walked from behind the bears. Locke had a bandage on his cheek, while his legs had gauze wrapped around them. He looked at his parents intently.

"Son..." Leonard choked out.

"Where...the hell is that peanut shaped, Hair gel chugging, Coward." Django was just about to creep out of the cage when Sophie blocked his path. Mono chuckled at bit before gaining composure. Locke pointed to him accusingly.

"He and Moongo are the reason why I'm injured right now. From what I heard from Sophie, Pitch beat this sorry excuse for an animal, until the humans came and knocked them out." Leonard glared at the simian, but Locke stopped him. "He isn't worth the energy, I'm alright despite my legs." Leonard looked at his son and smiled, Serena nuzzled him lovingly. "Your lucky he doesn't want to hurt you...Vermin." she glared at him. Django smiled in return.

"Ok, that's all good, but where's my brother?!" Mic Shouted. "Funny story behind that..." Sophie added.

The tent was quiet as the occupants stared at each other. They were across from each other only held back with a collar chained to the bleachers. Mike was sitting beside Pitch as he watched the gorilla. He sighed. "That could have gone better."

"Hey your alive aren't ya?" Mike stated as he looked at the cub.

"That training was useless against him."

"Buddy, what did I tell you about the purpose of the training?

"Build confidence."

"Good, you were listening. Think about what you did today. The old you wouldn't have even tried to step up to a gorilla twice his size. It's obvious you couldn't win, but it shows you got balls, right?" "Or I'm just a headstrong idiot, it's 50- 50 at this point." He smirked. The gorilla chuckled at him. "Hmph." he said.

Pitch yawned at laid back on the bleacher. "I'm gonna take a nap. Wake me up when they decide to take us out."

Mike smiled at the cub as he closed his eyes. He looked over to see Moongo had the same idea as well.

"A little sleep wont hurt me." he crawled up to the bear's stomach and slept.

As night fell on the circus grounds everyone was sound asleep. Each of them in their respective homes. The elephant tucked away in her bright yellow sheets. Locke and his parents snuggled together. Pitch's parents barely asleep as they missed their child. And even the orangutan slept soundly in his room. But one bear couldn't sleep through the night.

His dreams haunted him with the constant jeers of children in his mind. Their beady eyes, their grubby little fingers, and sickening laughs were echoing in his mind. He ran away from them, but he didn't escape their grasp, the heads of the children laughed at him again, and again;

"Hehheheeheeeh Hahahaha!"

The laughs matched the same intensity of a hyena hunting it's prey, A mocking chortle that never let up. A constant reminder of the malevolent force that haunted him. They closed in on him, there was no reprieve just an unrelenting force that drove him into a ball as he curled up afraid of what would happen next.

"Ack!" he awoke with a fright holding his chest. His breathing erratic, drenched in sweat, but his mind was clear. He got up from his poor hay ridden bed and found something near the trailer, it was red and a nozzle on it. He knew what he had to do and made his way to the tent matches in hand.

He grabbed a bundle of hay and placed the bits of hay around the wooden beam, then pour the contents of the gas can, then lit it on fire with his matches. He smiled with glee as the flames spread around the beam and in the tent. He ran out, but came back to knock over the metal ring before exiting. He then watched from a far as the smoke bellowed from the tent….

Pitch awoke to a crashing sound as he felt a burning sensation as he rested on the bleacher. He rose and yawned to see the horror of the position he was in. Flames had engulfed the grounds around the tent. His eyes caught the beam in the middle of the tower, a ring of fire where it originated. The smoke rose above his head as he coughed. "Kof, kof. Mike- Mike wake up." He shook the mouse awake. He groggily got up.

"Five more minutes, Ma."

"Mike! Get up we're going to see her soon if you don't move!"

Mike's Eyes bulged out. "What- what the hell!"

"We need to -" He felt the chain around his neck. Mike noticed as the gorilla tried to pull the chain out, but nothing could be done.

"Damn it, we need to get out of here!" Mike exclaimed he coughed violently. Pitch sighed as he pulled the mouse off his belly. The gorilla stared at him intently. "What are you-" Mike couldn't finish his sentence as Pitch picked him up and threw him over the flames near the exit. Pitch coughed again his head felt dizzy. At least he gets out. He fell unconscious again. The gorilla trying to wake him, but nothing was working…

The smell of smoke filled the night air, it drifted into the circus grounds. Even slipping into the trailers of the inhabitants. Two individuals caught the smokey aroma… Mono quickly burst out of his home to the tent. While Locke battered rushed with him as he saw the bear run past his trailer. As they reached their destination they saw the mouse crawling out.

"H-he's in there. Please save him..." Mono nodded him and Locke followed. The smoke was thick but the flames around them were intense. They both felt sweat dripping down their bodies as they looked around for the captives. Mono looked at the cub worried. "You shouldn't be here! Leave!" He coughed while holding his mouth. "Not without him!" There was no time to argue they both wanted to save him. They heard a growl from the bleachers across from them. They both bolted toward the sound avoiding the ever engulfing flames. Pitch laid nearly lifeless in the gorilla's arms. Mono's heart skipped a beat. "No."

"We need to get out of here, Locke coughed 'The smoke...gah." He felt his leg partly give way, but he still stood tall. Mono glared at the chains holding his son and his companion. He brought his claws out and slashed the chain holding them both. And quickly pulled the child on his back.

The group ran toward the exit, The gorilla in front, Locke lagging behind Mono. But Mono heard a crunching sound behind him. He glanced and noticed the beam slowly breaking, the fire had made the structure weak… He had to a make a choice, a very difficult one. He grabbed Locke and pulled him forward to the entrance then threw Pitch forward into the arms of the gorilla.

Locke turned his head. "What are-"


A sickening crunch was heard. The closest thing to describe it would be that a bones snapping followed by a wet thump... That was the last sound he heard before Locke realized what transpired. It was Mono last gift to his son...Life. The tent went up in flames as he heard sirens blare from the road across the tent leading to the town.

The rest of the animals were round up and placed in the play area to recuperate. Many of the sleeping inhabitants awoke to see the destruction left by the fire. All except one who was about to shipped off to a better place, he smiled giddily not knowing the pain it caused others. The albino cub was going to be shipped off to the zoo. But little Pitch...Life is truly unfair isn't it.

Pitch awoke coughing in the play area cage with the others staring at him. He rubbed his head. He saw his mother in the corner of the cage while the lions were with her, Serena holding her comfortingly. While the forest animals were watching from a far. Leonard locked eyes with the cub. He saw confusion in them. "The tent was set on fire."

That he could remember he helped Mike get out, He saw Moongo staring down at the ground with Django forlorn. He held a piece of wood in his hand cradling it like was a newborn. Something was off, but he couldn't place his finger on it. He looked around again. Everyone's isn't he- His blood ran cold as his eyes went wide, he felt his arm lose their energy. "No….He...didn't"

He didn't want to believe. He growled as tears dropped from his face. He turned his head to the tent, what was left off it. It was a shadow of it's former self...just a burnt out husk was left from the bright red tent. It was a Grey mess. The fire trucks were still there around it. "No. he can't be gone...We-we can help him right? We just need go there and-" Crack. Thud

He felt a sharp pain at the back of his head and fell forward. Behind him was Django holding a plank of wood. Leonard and Locke growled fervently at the orangutan's actions. But the mother was oddly calm...She stared at the tang, her hazel eyes drifting to her son then to Django, he sighed. "I have no purpose now that the circus is gone..." he hung his head in shame. She remained silent. The tears in her eyes dried up...the expression on her face was hardened, she spoke in a monotone voice. "Grab some matches place the burnt wood on him."

Django looked down at the cub then to her confused. "You heard me." She didn't raise her voice. Everyone was in shock… Django quickly ran to the cub and placed his wood near him. She looked at the Lion cub and glared. "Get the matches."

"Why just, why?" She growled at the child in anger her eyes, she focused on his face. Fear, confusion, Horror these are things that she saw on his face, but that didn't matter. She whispered in his ear. "Get them… now, or you lose life." He cowered in fear as he saw her. He growled then struggled to stand up but he managed. "No. Your aren't the only here who has lost something." He looked to Sophie as she looked defeated. "Find someone else to do your dirty work."

She was surprised at cubs courage. She scowled and went to strike the cub, then heard a muffled cry from behind her...she realized who it came from. Fine. Django make yourself useful and find the matches." She looked over her son's unconscious body. "I've lost everything today...I-I can't stand to look at you anymore." She narrowed her eyes and walked to the corner under the broken speaker she was tired, just done…

Mike went wide eyed as he saw what transpired, he watched the events from a distance away from his family, in a bush. He walked to them."I-I can't believe she did that…" Mic spoke openly he didn't notice his brother's presence. He saw Sophie walking to the mouse. "You must his brother. I'm sorry for your loss...I-I couldn't find him, I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be, I lost mike too, but you don't see me blaming a child for it… He couldn't have known. I'm gonna miss him..." He cracked his knuckles , then whipped his face. "No tears. I need to be strong for my siblings. It's... what he would of wanted, what they would of wanted." He spoke out openly, not knowing his brother was in ear shot.. Mike narrowed his brow, it was time for him to make a choice as well.

Despite the humans seeing the cub with the materials on his person. It was hard to believe a bear could cause all that trouble, but it didn't matter. They brought his body into small carrying cage. He would be sold to..who knows where. However one soul didn't leave him. Mike made his way into his cage. And spoke over him. "Not gonna sugar coat this for you, kid. A lot things of have happened. But whatever happens next I want you know...I won't leave you. Your a fighter just like me. We'll get through this together."

There's a memory of how we used to be.

That I can see through the flames.

I am hypnotized as I fantasize Forgetting lies and pain,

But I can't go back… - Point of no return