A Simple Wish: Chapter 5

It had been a long night for one Severus Snape. The child that had cried himself to sleep had refused to relinquish the grip on his robes. Every time Severus tried to carefully slide out of Harry's gasp, the grip tightened and he mumbled a soft "please." in his sleep. Eventually, the professor gave up and leaned against the headboard, waiting for morning.

He looks so helpless, * Severus thought looking upon brows furrowed gently in sorrow. Realizing his thoughts, he firmly shook his head, * this is Har- POTTER, a nuisance. * His thoughts were halted as a soft whimper was issued from the boy tangled in his heavy robes.

* He doesn't deserve this. * Severus thought, despite his will to dislike the child. Slowly, he reached out a slim hand as if to brush away a stray piece of midnight hair. The hand hovered uncertainly, before giving in to the new sensation that coursed through the body, and gently moved the offending hair aside.

- - - - -

Harry awoke from his usual haunting dreams, being careful not to stir or make any noises. One bit of evidence that he was awake and not out of bed would be enough to set his Uncle against him.

Something's different, * Harry thought trying to sense his surroundings. He felt calmer and not as tense as he usually was when waking from a nightmare.

Suddenly he had to fight the urge to gasp with shock as what he assumed was a hand gently brushed some hair off of his forehead. His alarm slowly faded, sensing not harm, but some sort of care. Protection even.

His throat constricted at the thought of someone caring. He hadn't ever experienced this kind of loving touch. Sure, his friends cared about him, but not in the way this simple gesture radiated. Sirius had shown him something of the sort, but he had yet to gain a strong bond with his godfather.

Tears stinging at his eyes, Harry shifted slightly until he was nestled into the warmth of the body the gentle hand was attached to.

The hand promptly was snatched back. Harry waiting for anxiously for a full minute, * am I going to be pushed away? *

Movement stopped his thoughts, and the hand was firmly placed on his shoulder in an attempt to wake him.

Slowly, Harry opened his eyes and lifted his head to focus on a blurry person. The person lightly placed thick, round-rimed glasses upon his nose, and his vision cleared to reveal his source of comfort.

Endless pools of black met Harry's haunted green ones. Professor Snape was resting stiffly against the headboard, gazing at Harry without any emotion.

Harry quickly sat up, sliding over a few inches in the process. His head was bowed in embarrassment. "Sorry Professor," he whispered.

If he had raised his head, he would have seen black eyes flash with concern before becoming masked once again.

"That won't be necessary," Snape replied stiffly. * What do I say now? * He thought. * Perhaps he's hungry? * "I shall be ordering breakfast, would you care to join me boy?" Snape asked as calmly as possible.

The boy momentarily tensed, before nodding his head in acceptance. He peeled away the smooth sheets and placed his feet on the floor, where he promptly collapsed with weakness.

Jumping off the bed with worry, Severus made quickly made his way to the boy, and scooped him up. His concern grew as Harry's head turned in shame at his own helplessness as he placed the boy back onto the bed.

"You will eat in here." It was a statement, not a question. Severus left without another word, returning with in a few moments pushing in the cart of food. Placing a plate of an assortment of food on the boy's lap, Severus turned to leave thinking he wouldn't be welcomed, when a small hand frantically grabbed his.

"P-professor, please stay," he whispered almost inaudibly, eyes shining with fear.

Startled, Severus cautiously sat down on the bed, picked up a plate, and began eating as well. When his eyes glanced up, he was met with a pitiful sight. Aside from straining to lift the fork, once lifted it shook visibly, so bad that Harry quickly deposited the fork back onto the plate.

Concern once again coursing through his veins, Severus did something he would have viciously laughed at if someone told him would be doing it. Plucking the fork from the full plate, he scoped a small bit of food and brought it to Harry's face. He was met with wide eyes flashing with feelings of shock, shame, embarrassment, and gratitude

Hesitantly, Harry lowered his jaw, and Snape deposited amounts of food, little by little. The process repeated a few times until Harry thought he couldn't handle so much food after eating to little at the Dursley's.

"I'm full. Thank you Professor," Harry replied, eyes downcast.

Fighting the urge to force-feed the malnourished child, he set the plate on the tray and turned back in hopes to get the distraught child to speak.

"Harry," he began, causing the boy the glance up from beneath the untidy black locks falling over his face. " Do you have nightmares often?"


"How often?"

"Every night," the small voice whimpered out.

"Have you tried a dreamless sleep potion, Potter?" Snape asked, back to his old-git-of-a-teacher self.


Irritated for the lack of response, he urged sharply, "And?"

"It works for a few hours, but eventually my dreams come back," was forced out.

"Do you-do you want to tell me about them?" Snape questioned cautiously, knowing it was better to release pent up emotions. Albus had always found some way to let him discuss anything that was bothering him; hopefully he could do the same. * Who am I kidding, why would he want to talk about his dreams with me, the evil potions master who insults him daily? * He thought, not aware of a pang of sadness blooming in the pit of his stomach.

There was a very pregnant pause before a raspy "Please, sir?" was issued.

* Har-Potter wanted to talk to him about his nightmares? Better yet, he trusted him enough to talk about them? * Severus mused as he eased the rest of the way onto the bed, and leaned against the headboard again, waiting for the boy to continue.

Awkwardly, the haunted youth leaned against his professor to gain a sense of comfort that the hand had offered, before taking a shaky breath to begin.

- - - - - - - - - -

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