Young Goddess

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Twilight was rather aware of Applejack's stare. Luckily, staring at the youngest Alicorn was nothing really unusual these days, but Twilight could feel the difference between the awed passersbys and her worshipful Jacqueline. It didn't take long for the farm girl to take a break from her stand, coming over to have a seat as Twilight enjoyed her sandwich.

"Hm, and here I thought you were just going to admire me from afar all day," Twilight teased with a giggle.

"Oh, um, sorry, should I-?" Applejack asked, moving to stand back up until Twilight put a hand over hers, her amethyst eyes softly commanding Applejack to sit. "W-what do I even call you now?" Applejack asked with a small blush.

"In public, the same as always: Twilight. Or, in your case, Sugarcube," Twilight answered calmly. "But in private and in your mind, well, it's best if you just call me Goddess. I'm told worshippers feel compelled to be of the utmost respect to their patrons when accepted personally."

"Personally?" Applejack repeated, her mind stalling at that.

"What, do you think Celestia and Luna kiss every priest and priestess dedicated to them?" Twilight pointed out in amusement.

The farmmare blushed slightly at the idea and reminder of her literally divine moment with Twilight. "Sh-should we be talking about this in the open like this?" Applejack asked in concern.

"Oh, I'm sorry, do I embarrass you?" Twilight asked coyly.

"Nonononnonononono! Of course not, Goddess!" Applejack declared quickly, barely resisting the urge to prostate herself before Twilight. "If anything, you should be embarrassed of me, God-"

Twilight giggled, snorting into her hand as her shoulders and wings pulsed with laughter. "Oh, I can't believe I said that with a straight face! I would have so screwed that up a week ago," Twilight said, smiling softly at her worshipper. "I was only teasing, Applejack. I've been around Rarity and Cadence too much. Maybe Celestia too."

"O-oh, right," Applejack said with a crimson blush at her outburst, glancing around to find, amazingly, no one giving her odd looks. "What the hay?"

"Another perk of our relationship," Twilight informed in between licking her own fingers clean, one digit at a time. Applejack blushed harder at the sight that seemed more erotic to her than it was. "You know the phrase, "That is between a creature and their God?" Well, it's a bit literal for us. No one notices anything strange going on between a Goddess and her worshipper, unless I allow it or they already worship someone like you do. Not that I'm asking or anything, but you could be licking my feet under the table, and no one would notice you're under there."

Applejack shuddered at the image of herself licking Twilight's divine, purple feet. "T-then why shouldn't I call you Goddess now?" she inquired, trying to focus on anything else.

"Clever girl," Twilight answered softly. "You're still adjusting, Applejack. And I don't want you losing who you are if you fall into a more, shall we say, fanatical devotion to me."

That sobered Applejack up. "Tha-that can happen?" she asked, stunned; perhaps she shouldn't be.

"You know the feeling of me in your heart and soul, Jacqueline. How easy would it be to become addicted to that feeling, lost in the desire to appease and please the one who brought that feeling into your being?" Twilight asked in gentle warning. "It's not a huge risk, and most come back from it after dipping too far in. But as your Goddess, I want there to be as few heartaches as possible, especially those caused by me."

"I-it wouldn't be your fault, Godde-Twilight," Applejack assured. "That'd be-"

"Your weak heart?" Twilight guessed with an empty smile. "Celestia and Luna had heard similar assurances in the past. Just trust in me."

"Always," Applejack answered automatically.

"Good. Now, return to your duties, and then please report to my castle afterwards," Twilight instructed cheekily.

"Y-yes, Twilight!" Applejack saluted as she stood up immediately, scurrying back to her stand.

Twilight hummed as she left, sighing once the earth pony was out of ear shot. "Well, that went better than I thought it might. Luna warned me leg humping isn't that unusual," she recalled, blushing in embarrassment.

"Given how her brother acted under my magic, I'm a bit surprised myself."

Twilight scowled as she looked up at the empty chair before her. Or, empty to the naked eye. She could sense the male divinity siting there, just outside of mortal awareness. "Discord, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Twilight asked with her arms crossed.

"Lovely choice of words. Cady informed me of your little venture into Cult-Building," Discord answered, his invisible form leaning forward with a teasing smile.

"So, what, you're offering advice?" Twilight asked skeptically.

"Only on what not to do. Far be it from me to suggest how you want to be attended," Discord answered before pausing. Twilight shivered as she felt a touch of his power in the air. "And to make sure our little agreement is still in effect."

"I won't touch Fluttershy," Twilight answered bluntly as she calmed her nerves. "And just what do you think I should NOT do, exactly?"

"Stay away from the pink one for a long while, in terms of converting her," Discord answered in complete seriousness. "Trust me; I've seen ones similar to Pinkie Pie, in terms of enthusiasm, and she will convert half the town before you're ready."

Twilight stiffened at that. "I can't refute that I can see that being a distinct possibility," Twilight agreed before cocking her head. "I'm...surprised you haven't gone after her. Our agreement was only staying away from one specific pony each. And, well, I can see Pinkie Pie being happy as a Discordian."

"I'm considering it, but once you have this budding religion of yours under control, you might need her just to keep your loyal flock from getting too bored," Discord taunted, chuckling at her pout. "But I honestly might snatch her up. Other than that, you need to make up your mind on what you want do with Applejack."

Twilight glanced away uncertainly, giving no response.

"She's your first worshipper, so she'll be the one all the future ones look to as an example. Either as just a worshipper or as something a bit higher up the zealous food chain," Discord continued, giving her a knowing look. "And as much as we keep our cults separated on a day to day business, by virtue of worshipping one of us, they always become aware of the worshippers of other gods."

"At which point, due to us five being allies, we can't stop it if one of our worshippers wants to convert to one of the other four," Twilight answered, scowling. "How many did you steal from Celestia and Luna?" Discord gave her an insulted look and she knew she had crossed a line. "I'm sorry. That was…uncalled for."

"Yes, it was," Discord answered frankly. "I've overstayed my welcome, obviously. I left you a present in your castle: a bottle of "God-Tier Alcohol" as Cady put it."

"Thank you, Discord," Twilight said with a sigh. "And, truly, I didn't mean anything by it."

"I know you didn't," Discord said with an edge to his voice. "You're a smart and talented mare, Twilight, but you're still too young and stupid of a Goddess to know anything about that."

Twilight took the insult as she felt Discord leave. "I have got to stop antagonizing him without meaning to," Twilight murmured, rubbing a hand over her face.

Then she stopped as felt something; A pulse in her heart and in her soul.

Her magic flared as she made it impossible for anyone but the most powerful and talented to even hope to see through the illusion, let alone without her noticing.

Putting a hand to her heart, she pulled out a baseball sized orb of magic light.

Twilight smiled softly as she used her divine powers to soothe the soul this orb was tied to. "Don't worry; I'll come for you soon. Just, a little longer, so I know I'm doing this right," she whispered endearingly to the orb before placing it back within her heart.

She glanced at Applejack with an apologetic look that the mortal mare couldn't see. She felt a twinge of regret from her mortal perception of things. To Twilight the Mare, it felt like she was using her friend as a practice dummy for her true target. But Twilight the Goddess knew intrinsically that this was not true. She adored Applejack and cherished her as a worshipper. And like Cadence said, she just had to be herself as a Goddess to her followers, not put on some imposing or perfect mask about them.

She wasn't using Applejack, she was learning with her.

Learning who Twilight the Goddess really was.

And today, they'd learn a lot about that.


Applejack felt like Rarity right now. That was the only way she could describe it: the way the fashionista would describe the nervous excitement she imagined having of going to a royal amour's abode.

But Twilight was not Applejack's lover. She was her friend and her Goddess; why that made the nervousness and excitement all the more intense, she wasn't sure she wanted to know.

She hadn't realized she was already at the door until she heard herself knocking on it.

"Oh, hey Applejack!" Spike greeted, wearing a green hoody and brown shorts, along with a backpack.

"Spike? Ya going somewhere?" Applejack asked in surprise.

"Yeah, Fluttershy asked me to cabin-sit her place. She said she had something private to take care of," Spike answered as he put the pack on. "Good thing too, what with this 'impromptu sleepover' you and Twilight are having," he said with a cheeky smile.

"W-what's that look for?" Applejack asked with a guarded look.

"Oh, nothing. Just don't do anything in my room, please," he answered casually before walking away with a whistle.

"D-do anything?" Applejack repeated as she watched his retreating form, feeling her cheeks flush. 'Does he know? Would Twilight even let the little fella learn about this?'

"Of course he knows, Jacqueline."

She stiffened and melted a bit as a hand landed on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, no one has done anything with him yet. We gods have standards, after all, but he's too involved with my life to not be aware," Twilight said reassuringly.

"Go-Goddess," Applejack stuttered, feeling warmth emitting from the touch into her soul.

"Not here, My Jacqueline," Twilight said as she turned her around.

It was a haze, a blur after that, as they entered the crystalline castle. She was only vaguely aware as they passed the many halls and descended the stairs into a basement she didn't know Twilight had. She felt far away from herself, as if it was hard to believe she was in her Goddess's personal abode, despite having been in the castle many times.

"Here, Applejack, drink."

She heard the order and her body obeyed without another thought from herself.

She shook her head as everything suddenly became sharp, clear, and- "Oh Buck, I've been making a plum fool of myself," Applejack realized in shock, looking down to see an empty and ornate glass bottle in her hand. She looked up to see an amused Twilight staring at her. "Goddess, what did I just drink?" she asked curiously.

"Technically, me," Twilight answered, getting a blush from Applejack. The young goddess giggled before clarifying. "No, no, nothing like that. It's some of my divine magic in liquid form. An old trick Gods and Goddesses use to calm our new worshippers with more intense reactions."

"Oh, Wow, so that lovey-dovy subby feeling I got was natural?" Applejack asked with a small smile.

"Applejack, I'm literally hugging your soul at all times: of course it's natural!" Twilight assured as she sat down on her...altar?

Applejack looked around and realized that the room was some cross between a throne room and an altar of worship, all with purple-pink crystal walls and pillars. "What is this place?"

"There are more than a few names. It's a place that is- well, not OUTSIDE space and time, but just behind space and out of sync with time," Twilight answered thoughtfully.

"Goddess, have ya been hanging around with Discord?" Applejack deadpanned.

"Yes, but that's beside the point. It's, shall we say, my personal domain. Only another of the divine can get in here without my permission, and even then, I'm at my most powerful in here," Twilight explained with a bright smile. "I'm sure you're wondering what this is about?"

"I was assuming I was supposed to, um, well, pay my respects and, you know, serve ya," Applejack answered uncertainly.

"Indeed," Twilight agreed in slight amusement. "I'll be blunt, Applejack, I gave you that drink so you are in a perfectly clear head to answer a couple simple questions."

"Questions?" Applejack repeated, some part of her disappointed, but she crushed it down. "I'll answer as best I can, Goddess, but I'm not sure what help I'll be."

"The questions are about you, My Jacqueline," Twilight assured calmly. "First and most importantly: How are you feeling? Are you at all bothered by how our bond has affected you?"

"Bothered? No, no, Goddess! Well, I wish I wasn't all fidgety and, um, kind of Twilight-crazed like I have been, but I think you said that I'll get over that if I'm strong enough?" Applejack answered with a hopeful smile.

"Yes, that is right, Jacqueline. But you forgot the other question," Twilight reminded.

"Oh, right. It's just- Shucks, I don't know what to say!" Applejack said, despite smiling a very stupid smile and blushing intensely. "I-I like it, Goddess. I've been happier ever since ya accepted me. Even with this taking the buzz off and making me realize what a fool I've been acting as, it's not like I want ya to take it back or anything."

"So, do you still want to worship me then?" Twilight asked invitingly.

Applejack paused, looking up at her with a wide eyed look. "How, Goddess?" she asked, her throat instantly dry.

Twilight beckoned her forth with a finger. Applejack approached the altar and felt a great instinct and need overwhelm her as she came before Twilight.

She fell to her knees, hands grasping the edge of the altar like a lost child, looking up at the Alicorn with wanting, worshipful eyes.

Twilight cupped her cheek and gently stroked her hair. "How about you show me what you think worshipping me means, and we'll start from there," she offered indulgently.

Applejack swallowed deeply as a new feeling came over her. Her mind wasn't hazed this time; it was hyperaware, completely focused. Her eyes trailed down the soft curves of Twilight's body, down her lovely legs. With reverence, she took her Goddess's right leg in her hands, grasping just below the knee and above the ankle. Applejack took a deep breath through her nose as she descended down the limb, taking the heavenly scent into herself. At last, she came to Twilight's bare and beautiful feet. Only the barest of uncleanliness marred its perfection.

Sinfully too much.

Without hesitation, she brought her lips to the bridge of her foot. She kissed down, slowly and repeatedly, before she began to lick and cleanse the foot with her saliva. She felt her body vibrate with unquenched desire as the taste of her Goddess flooded her mouth, completely overriding the taste of the dirt she removed from Twilight's feet.

"Is this all you desire?" Twilight's soothing voice came to her like the song of a siren. "Is lapping at my feet enough for you, My Jacqueline?"

She looked up at her, nuzzling her cheek into her own saliva. "Is it enough for you, Goddess? Do you desire more services than this of me?" she asked in a strange, loving contradiction of longing and contentment.

"From most anypony else, I might say this is enough," Twilight answered with a giggle that was like all the bells of paradise. "But of my dear friend, there is more I would desire if she were willing."

"What do you wish of me, Goddess Twilight?" Applejack asked, looking all too much like a happy dog, staring up at her owner.

Twilight's smile morphed into a small smirk as she motioned her worshiper to rise. Like a jack-in-the-box, she was instantly on her feet and at attention. Twilight stood up and cupped both of Applejack's cheeks. The farmmare was slightly confused and disappointed when she felt a rush of magic through the Alicorn's hands, robbing her mouth of the taste of Twilight's feet. But her attention was brought fully to her patron as Twilight leaned forward.

"Even a Goddess has her needs at times, Jacqueline, especially a young one like me," Twilight informed softly in her ear, "If you permit me, if you will give even that to me, I would have your body, Jacqueline Apple."

Applejack's eyes went wide at that. She could barely breathe and didn't even think. Before, sleeping with Twilight sounded like some idle fantasy. Now it was something she didn't entirely feel worthy of. Still, she could only bring herself to ask the one thing she needed to know, " I have to "formally ask" you again?" She asked, licking her lips.

"No. A simple nod is all I need," Twilight assured with a knowing tone.

Applejack nodded without hesitation.

In return, Twilight wasted no time either; she captured Applejack's lips in a kiss. This one was filled with desire and passion, Twilight's tongue ravaging her worshipper's, whose own tongue couldn't even hope to fight back. The Alicorn grasped Applejack's head firmly, pulling her deeper into the kiss. Her other hand circled around the farmmare's waist before pulling into a deep dip, never breaking the kiss.

At that moment, Applejack could have died one-hundred percent happy. The taste of her Goddess bombarded her mouth, and her entire body ablaze for her slightest touch. Truly, feeling this much desire and being so desired, Applejack couldn't imagine a greater happiness.

But Twilight was just getting started.

"My Goddess, please, make use of me," Applejack begged, panting from her mortal need to breathe.

"Oh, I will, My Jacqueline."

She was faintly aware that she was now lying on the altar with Twilight straddling her. At some point, both of their clothes had been teleported away by Twilight. Thus, the sight above her was of her Goddess's bare bosom, her luscious tits on full display with perky nipples fully pointed and alert. And above her own bare nether regions was Twilight's Holy Chalice.

Applejack reached up to please her, only to find that she couldn't. Looking up, she realized that shackles and chains of pure purple magic now held her limbs bound to the altar.

Twilight giggled, redirecting Applejack's attention. The Goddess leaned down and whispered sensually into the bound mare's ear. "It's my first time, Applejack."

The farmer had a hard time believing that, swallowing thickly in anticipation.

"But being a Goddess gives me certain...instincts into such things. I'll try not to wear you out, too much."

Applejack felt her body tingle at those words as Twilight seized a perky, mortal nipple in her mouth. The ascended mare suckled and nipped ever so delicately, as her tongue flicked the nub and danced around the areola. She grinned as she felt her worshipper arch her back out, further pushing the breasts against her mouth.

She needed more attention, it seemed.

The farmmare felt two, literally magical fingers invade her depths, stroking her inner walls. Her limbs instinctively bucked in ever growing want, to embrace her patron and reciprocate her affections, but the proud muscles of her life of toil were powerless before the bounds of her Goddess's magic.

"Goddess! Oh, please! I need- I need-Oh bucking Tartarus I need ya!" Applejack cried out desperately.

As if answering her prayers, Applejack gasped at the sensation in her marehood. The fingers felt as if they had lengthened, grown…like they were filling her.

Twilight smirked, pulling back only to attend to Applejack's other breast, fondling the flesh mound a little roughly as she did. The magic coating around her fingers were much like a dildo now for Applejack. She was not surprised to find a lack of hymen on the virgin mare. Working in fields was liable to cause an accident every now and again. Still, she was inexperienced at this- both in general and in this specific technique. So this was an excellent time to experiment.

Applejack grunted rhythmically as the digits pumped in and out of her body, eyes nearly in the back of her head, before nearly jumping in alarm as she felt the shape shorten and widen as Twilight separated the fingers into a v-shape. The depth was short, but stretched her walls near their limit. "W-wha are ya doin, Goddess?" Applejack asked in confusion, through her lust.

Twilight just eye smiled up at her, sending a soothing feeling through her soul as the magic thinned and lengthened to plunge deep into her depths again. Applejack's tongue rolled out briefly as she went cross-eyed from the strange, changing sensations. Her body covered with sweat, she practically humped the fingers in a primal quest for relief.

Twilight's thumb gave it to her, pressing down on her clit with a zap of magic.

Applejack's body tensed harshly as the orgasm overcame her body, rippling as lovely waves through her.

"That was...incredible."

She laid there in bliss before realizing something important; something too important to just enjoy this moment. She lifted her head up and furrowed her brow at an amused Twilight, chin resting in her hand just above Applejack's cleavage.

"But I didn't pleasure ya any, Goddess."

Twilight switched between smirking and smiling several times, bringing up her hand, covered in Applejack's juices before licking it away…slowly, deliberately, and never breaking eye contact. Popping a finger from her mouth, she addressed the question.

"Don't worry; we have plenty of time to deal with that, My Jacqueline."

End of Chapter

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