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FBI Headquarters
Washington D.C.

Friday January 7, 3:00 pm

Dana Scully was sitting opposite of Fox Mulder in their basement office, she was fidgeting. Today she was going to take the first step in fulfilling one of her New Year resolutions. She was going to the St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth and Families and become a Big Sister to one of the girls who were enrolled in the Big Sister, Little Sister program they offered.

She had decided that, since she couldn't have children of her own, that didn't mean that she couldn't provide some comfort for and love to one of the thousands of children in dire need of just that, comfort and love. She had thought about applying for adoption, but after the Emily fiasco she wasn't sure that she wanted to go through that again, not just yet anyway.

She had done a thorough search and had decided to go St. Ann's because of their Catholic background and their non-discrimination policy. They didn't care about the social, economic, political and sexual backgrounds of their big sisters and big brothers. As long as they could provide references and background checks.

Her appointment was at 5:00 pm, so in order to be on time she would have to leave work early. She hadn't told Mulder about her plans and, for now at least, she wasn't planning on to. But she couldn't just leave without saying something. Especially on a Friday. She would have to tell him that she was leaving early.

'Mulder, I have an appointment at 5 I can't miss, so I'll be leaving soon.'

Mulder looked up from the file he was looking through. The look in his eyes betrayed his surprise that his partner had an appointment on a Friday afternoon.

'Yeah, sure Scully, you got a hot date or something?'

He was able to keep the jealousy out of his voice, but only just. It was only a week ago that he had kissed her in the hospital hall way at midnight of New Year's Eve. Ever since that kiss he wanted a repeat performance. Not only a repeat, but a continuation. Something more than just the chaste touching of lips on lips. He wanted her so much it hurt sometimes.

'I just have to be somewhere and since we don't have a case right now I thought it would be okay. I'm going to leave around 3.30.'

She had seen the look in his eyes, but she wouldn't tell him what she was going to do. This was just for her. It wasn't that she didn't want him to know what she was planning to do; she just didn't want him to know just yet. She wanted it to be just for her for now. Her whole life seemed to revolve around Fox Mulder and the X-files lately. And she wanted something for herself. She knew she would tell him eventually, but just for a little while, she wanted to keep this for herself. A little part of her life that wasn't connected to him or the X-files.

'Sure, far be it from me to keep one off us having a private life, why don't you just leave right now. It's not that we have something to work on. Go and enjoy your weekend.'

He hadn't looked at her when he had said that. He couldn't look at her right now, afraid that his emotions would be too visible on his face. He felt ashamed that he couldn't even look at her as he spoke the words. She did deserve a private life, a life outside the X-files. Hell, if anybody deserved to be happy for once it was her.

'Okay, you have a good weekend too; I'll see you Monday morning bright and early.'

When she left the office she could just hear him mutter to himself 'just don't have too good of a weekend please'.

St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth and Families

Washington D.C.

Friday 7th January

4:50 pm

Scully was sitting in the waiting room, waiting for her appointment with the admission office off the Big Sister, Little Sister department. She had arrived early, wanting to make a good impression. She had always been a punctual person, but working with Mulder had made her be late for meetings and appointments more than she liked.

She thought back to the remark he had made just before she left the office. He actually sounded a little bit jealous, but he couldn't be, could he? She knew she had only added fuel to his mood when she elaborated about her appointment. But this was something she wanted to do by and for herself. She knew that at some point she would have to tell him, but for now, this was her private business. She hadn't even told her mother about her plans yet.

'Miss Scully, Sister Mary will see you now,' the secretary told her.

She entered the office and greeted the nun sitting behind a big oak desk. The room was not too big and a crucifix was placed on the wall behind the desk in between two ceiling to floor windows. The other walls, except the one with the door she had just stepped through, were covered with books and paintings with religious scenes. She recognized a depiction of Mary and Jesus and smiled at the sight.

'Thank you for meeting me at such short notice,' Scully said once she had entered the room and extended her hand to the nun.

'No problem, Miss Scully. We are always happy to meet with potential big sisters. There are far too few potential Big Sisters for the number of girls we have here, so when someone lets us know they are interested we jump to the change to meet them as soon as possible. This interview is part of the procedure. Besides this interview we ask you to provide some references and go through a background check. If any of that is a problem for you, please let me know now, so that we don't have to waste each other's time.'

'No, that will not be a problem at all. I'm an FBI agent, so the background check should be no problem. What kind of and how many references will you need?'

'One family member, one friend and a colleague should be enough for the references; we have some forms in the welcome package for you to take home they can fill in and you can return them with the detailed enrollment form. Since you work for the FBI I agree that a background check should not be a problem. But I think it might be a problem once you have enrolled in the program. Do you work from the bureau or do you also have to go out in the field?'

'I am a field agent, so I do have to leave for short times. Usually for a couple of days a week, 2 or 3 times a month. But I decided that I would do whatever it takes to keep my promises to my Little Sister. Because of my work sometimes I will not be able to keep an appointment, but I will do my utmost best to honor those appointments. Work has been my main focus for so long, but now I feel it is time that it has to take a second or maybe even third place in my life.'

'Can you tell me why you decided you wanted to be a Big Sister?'

Sister Mary asked seeming pleased with the answer Scully had given.

'My reasons are as selfless as they are selfish I guess. I found out recently that I am infertile and can't have any children of my own. Before I didn't have a very strong desire to have children, thinking there was enough time for that. Besides I didn't have a partner with whom I wanted to start a family with. But realizing that I can't have children made me realize that I did want to have a family. I guess we don't really know what we want until we can't have it. Because of my work I also realized there are a lot of children in need of some positive attention. I've seen so many young women who might have turned out differently if they had someone in their lives to be a positive influence. Girls who came from broken homes and turned to the streets to making a living. I think this is my chance to make a difference in one of those girls' lives, be a positive role model. Show them that they are worthy of love and affection. That they are perfect just the way they are. That they can be loved, without having to turn tricks. To help them reach their full potential.'

Sister Mary looked at Scully when she answered the question. She had decided that Miss Scully would be a perfect candidate for the program. She didn't really need to see the background check or the references, but for insurance purposes she knew she would have to have them anyway.

'Well, I think I know just the little girl who could benefit from your positive attention. I would still need your references and the results of the background check, but I don't think those will pose any problems. But until I receive them, I cannot let you meet her just yet. Do you think you could get the paper work done in the next couple of days? Then we can set up a meeting for some time next week for you to meet Katie.'

Scully was amazed, she hadn't expected everything to go this fast. She had expected a much intensive interview, maybe even some questions about her belief and her personal life. But she was relieved as well; finally something was going the easy way for her. It had been so long since that had happened.

'Yeah, yeah sure. I don't think that would be a problem. Maybe we can meet again next Friday afternoon? I think I can have all the paperwork done by then.'

She knew her mother would be more than happy to be her reference. She would ask Skinner as the colleague, he would be able to keep this a secret from Mulder. Normally she would have asked Mulder, either as her friend or as her colleague, but for some reason she wanted to keep this part of her life away from him for a little while. That left her friend Ellen as the last reference.

'The welcome package contains all the necessary forms and some basic information. Most of the Big Sisters meet with their Little Sister once a week. Mostly on as Saturday or Sunday. They do things together, like going to the park, see a movie, help with homework, and just talk if they want to and so on. Depending on the relationship the girls have with their parents and their home situation there are some cases where the Little Sister sometimes stays over for a night or where they go away for a few days. I think that in Katie's case that is something you might want to work towards. Her home life is less than ideal, and I think it is good that she has a chance to get away from that once in a while. I'll just print some off the information you need about Katie and put that in the package for you to read. That way you will be more prepared next Friday.'

With that Sister Mary left the office to complete the package. Scully was still amazed about what was happening. She knew she wasn't going to be a mother to this little girl, but she knew she would do anything in her power to help her trough the difficult times in her life.

When Scully left St. Ann's at 6.30 that evening she had a big smile on her face.