This story is a continuation of my earlier story "After The Train". After surviving a train crash which killed the other five, Amy and Howard are drawn together in their grief for the loss of their partners and friends. Amy and Howard get married and have twin children called Sheldon and Bernardette.

The story continues 10 years later. Everything belongs to Lorre and Prady.


Dr. Amy Fowler-Wolowitz looked at her husband Howard as they heard their children arguing AGAIN as they came down for breakfast. The twins were fiercely protective of each other against the outside world but would fight each other like cats and dogs.

"Listen Bernie, you are so disorganised, if you would only follow the schedule I made up for you."

"Who do you think you are little brother to boss me around!"

"Little brother? We are twins and I am taller than you"

"I was born 5 minutes before you, that makes you my little brother Shelly."

Howard said to his wife "Maybe we shouldn't have given them those names, they are turning into their namesakes".


After breakfast Howard said

"You two have a good day at school"

In unison the twins said "We won't!"

Sheldon said "You know Dad they can't teach us anything there, the rest of the students are just too dumb".

Bernardette said "Yeah, for once I agree with my little brother".

"I'm your twin not your little brother..."


At lunchtime, as always, the twins would sit together and apart from everyone else.

"So what are you reading Shelly?"

"A Brief History of Time"


"Why not, it's a bit dated but a good introduction to basic Physics, you know Dad met Hawking once"

"I know, Dad has the picture in his study. I'm reading The Double Helix."

"I have read that, a fascinating example of Physics solving a problem in Biology. Crick and Watson treated Rosalind Franklin terribly".

Then their conversation was interrupted by another student "Hey Wolowitz you loser, talking to your sister again?"

"Well if there was anyone here smarter than my sister I might talk to them."

"Yeah stop bothering my little brother and go back to learning to read."

"I'm your twin not your little brother..."