Summary: Will Cas be Dean's Happily Ever After? Mary is sure of it…

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Once upon a time… Dean was about to ask the most important question of his life and it was all thanks to his niece Mary.

After all it had been his niece that had demanded he'd play prince for Castiel Novak, the most gorgeous man Dean had ever met. Now, almost a year later, Dean just knew Cas was his Happily Ever After and he didn't plan on ever letting him go. Not when the Supreme Court had finally decided that they would legally be able to marry. They had celebrated that day together, but their relationship had still been fresh at that time, just barely six months old. Neither of them had made an impetuous proposal – but it had Dean thinking about a possible future with the man next to him. And now, a few months later, he finally wanted to take that next step.

Getting the ring hadn't been easy, but just like before, Mary was a big help. He didn't tell her what it would be for – the chance of her accidentally letting it slip in front of Cas was too big. He took her to the zoo that day, just so she would be too excited about it to remember the trip to the jewelry store. It worked perfectly and that night when Cas got home from work, all she could talk about was the big lions, the giraffes, and of course the cute little bunnies she'd cuddled with in the petting zoo. Cas was none the wiser about the ring now resting in the drawer of one of the guest rooms at Sammy's house.

That had been almost five weeks ago. It wasn't as if it had taken this long for Dean to man up and actually ask, it was rather that he hadn't had a clue how to do it right. He wanted it to be memorable, wanted it to be romantic without being too cheesy. He wanted it to be perfect because Cas deserved nothing less than that. It didn't matter how often his family and friends told him that Cas wouldn't care, that he would say yes even if Dean asked him during sex (that had been Charlie's brilliant idea). Nope, none of that mattered; Dean needed this to be perfect.

And then Cas had gotten sick and had lost his voice once more. He hadn't been at work the whole week, but today was not only a Saturday, which always guaranteed a full store; it was also Halloween. Dean had known his man wouldn't be stopped from going in to work and being the supportive boyfriend he was he had suggested reviving the old notepad. Cas had been so happy his smile alone was worth it. Little did he know that Dean had an ulterior motive, because this chance was just too perfect to let it slide.

Getting his and Cas' friends on board was the easiest part in all of this. Charlie insisted on being there as well to secretly film the whole thing. And of course Mary had to be there. After all she was the key to his plan.

That morning, Dean helped Cas to get ready. The entire Disney Store staff was supposed to be in costume and Castiel had chosen to be a prince this year. The black uniform with silver embroidery suited him so well Dean had a hard time keeping his hands off of his boyfriend. He kissed him goodbye before getting the house cleaned up and ready: candles in the bathroom and the bedroom, the right music in the stereo, Cas' favorite champagne in a cooler next to their bed. He briefly thought about rose petals on the bed as well, but that was probably a tad too much. Instead he went ahead and prepared everything for Cas' favorite dinner to be ready to go once they got home… well, probably once they left the bedroom after getting home.

Around 1 pm he had a brief panic attack. What if Cas said no? What if he thought it was too early? Or that Dean wasn't 'The One' at all?

As if she'd sensed it, Charlie picked that time to show up, easily calming him down. It had taken no time at all for the feisty redhead to become one of Dean's best friends. They would nerd about comics and movies while Gilda and Cas would sit and talk about politics and world literature. Dori and Mary had been inseparable after their first playdate. The three ladies had become family within just a few short days.

Charlie was able to calm him down. Yes, it hadn't quite been a year, but Dean knew his feelings for Cas were real and that the man was sincere about his feelings for Dean as well. True, there hadn't been any true tests of their relationship yet, but those few problems that they had encountered they had overcome together: their first real fight, their insecurities regarding partners and their own worth (well, they were still working on those), some dark secrets of the pasts they had to be honest about, and of course moving in together and coalescing their two lives. Dean knew neither he nor Cas was a prince and their life wasn't a fairytale, the last few months had proven it. But having Cas at his side made it all better. All the good moments he had immediately wanted to share with Castiel. All the bad things had been improved as soon as Cas had been at his side. Dean wanted him by his side – and not just for the good times. He wanted the bad times as well, the times that Cas was grumpy, the times Dean was insecure, the times they would fight about their stupid habits they couldn't seem to erase. He wanted all of it, because he wanted Cas.

So after assuring Charlie that he really was okay and wouldn't back out, he hugged her goodbye and drove over to his brother's place. Mary was in his arms before he was even really out of his Impala. She was already wearing her teal colored flower girl fairy costume which she'd demanded to wear for Halloween and during the big role she was going to play for the proposal.

"Hey there, little munchkin," he greeted her, accepting the wet kiss she smacked on his cheek. "Are you ready for your little performance later?"

"Of course."

"Still remember all the lines we practiced?"

"Yes, Uncle Dean, all of it," she promised him and he believed her right away. With her five and a half years of age it was already obvious that she had gotten her father's brains. She was a quick thinker and very clever. You didn't really want to get into an argument with this one. She had been the one to convince her parents to get her professional ice skating lessons – not that her parents would have denied her, but the arguments were substantial none the less. Her lessons had started just at the beginning of October and Mary couldn't be happier.

When they entered the house, they found Jessica in the kitchen with little Krissy, the newest addition to the Winchester family. She had been indeed a little Christmas angel, born on the 26th of December. Dean loved her just as much as he loved Mary.

When his brother came home the family had a quick snack. Dean was too nervous to have a single bite so instead, he was feeding little Krissy some of her baby food, knowing how interacting with his nieces usually calmed him down. It helped, if only a little bit. Afterwards Sam ushered him to the guestroom. Since Dean's costume would have given away too much, he had kept it here at Sam's together with the ring. His brother helped him get dressed in the costume that resembled Cas' in all but color. Instead of the black, his was a dark hunter green. The embroidery itched a little, but he had to admit that he looked like a Prince Charming right out of one of Mary's fairytale books.

Dean had talked with Cas' colleagues about the best time to do this so he could take Cas home right afterwards. Since they now had two students that helped in the store during busy times of the year, Hannah, Meg and Anna had agreed that Cas could leave at 7 pm. They would be able to handle the last hours with Alfie and Donna there. So at six-thirty Dean helped his brother and sister-in-law get the two girls in the car before climbing into the Impala. His nerves attacked again when he reached the parking lot, but before it could blow into a full panic attack, Mary was at his car, opening the door for him and pulling him out.

As he entered the mall, he got a text from Gabe, telling him that everybody was already there, just waiting for them. Feeling his stomach turn and his hands start to sweat, he checked his pocket with the ring once more, before picking Mary up and pressing her close to him. It calmed him down enough to be able to follow his brother.

They made their way quickly through the mall. Since it was Halloween, no one batted an eye about his Prince Charming costume. Just before they were able to be seen through the windows of the Disney Store, the family stopped.

"You sure you remember your lines?"

"Yes, Uncle Dean," Mary replied impatiently, letting him cuddle her once more before squirming to be let down so she could run inside the store. Her parents gave him one last encouraging smile, then followed Mary inside. He couldn't risk being seen, so all he could do was wait, listen, and hope that Charlie really was able to get it all on video.

Just as he heard the excited shriek of "Uncle Cas" echoing through the store his phone binged again. He wanted to ignore it at first, but thought better of it. Fortunately he hadn't ignored it since it was a message from Charlie with a link. Dean recognized the address to their private group on Facebook they used to swap funny links. He clicked on it and an online video popped up. Instantly, Dean smiled. It was a livestream on what was happening inside the store. He would have to remember to give Charlie an extra big hug later.

Cas and Mary's profiles could be seen, partly covered. Charlie was obviously filming from behind some shelves to not make his boyfriend suspicious. Mary was in Cas' arms, giving him a big hug. It had taken the little princess no time at all to not only steal Cas' heart, but to fully accept him as her second uncle. If Dean wasn't so in love with the man, he would have been jealous as to how many cuddles, kisses, and smiles he got from Mary.

When she finally released him and was sat back down, Dean's heart skipped a beat. It was show time.

"Uncle Cas, why did Ursula take your voice again?"

The "deer in the headlights"-look on Castiel's face was too adorable and made Dean chuckle.

"Is Uncle Dean not your prince anymore?"

Seeing the shock on Cas' face made Dean's heart flutter. It looked like the pure thought of Dean not being his prince anymore pained his boyfriend. Well, that was a good sign, wasn't it?

When Cas kneeled down, the camera was quickly adjusted. He took Mary's hands in one of his and pulled out the famous notepad. It looked a bit complicated, but Cas managed to have it on his knee and write with just one hand without holding the pad with his other hand. It warmed Dean's heart to see how Cas seemed unwilling to let go of Mary's hands. Dean was dying to read the note, but there was no chance with the angle of the camera.

Mary read the note before looking back up at Castiel. "But why is your voice gone? Did Uncle Dean forget to kiss you in the morning?"

There it was, that smile Dean had so fallen in love with. He just couldn't get enough of it.

Nodding, Cas took the out Mary had offered him – not knowing that it was exactly the answer Dean had hoped for. But Mary knew and she was getting excited about the whole ploy working so perfectly.

"I will find you a prince that can kiss you right now."

Cas' face in that moment was priceless. How he was able to stay silent was beyond Dean. Mary smacked a kiss on Cas' cheek before she left him to run outside. The last thing Dean saw on the video before putting his phone away was Cas outstretched hand as if to stop the girl and then the bewildered, almost pleading look in Sam's direction. Mary was by Dean's side just a few moments later.

"Uncle Dean, it worked," she whispered excited.

"I know, munchkin, I saw it. You were perfect. Shall we go inside?"

Instead of answering, she took his hand, pulling him inside the store.

He spotted his boyfriend right away and when their eyes met, he could see the relief on Cas' face. Almost instantly, it was replaced by one of surprise and confusion.

"Look, Uncle Cas. I found you a prince that can kiss you and break the curse." Mary was almost giggling, she was so excited. By now, Cas probably realized that something was going on. If he hadn't gotten suspicious before, now he most certainly was. Which might have also been because the voices around the store had died down almost completely, Cas colleagues and their friends and family making sure people didn't interrupt.

Instead of taking the last few steps towards the love of his life, Dean kneeled down next to Mary, pretending to be talking just to her. Yet he didn't lower his voice.

"You want me to kiss him again?"

"Yes, Uncle Dean. Ursula took his voice just like last year."

"His voice? Well, that's a shame. It's such a bad timing."


Turning towards his man, Dean send him a loving smile. "Because I came here to ask him a very important question."

That statement had the desired effect. All around the store he could hear reactions, but the most important one was that of the blue-eyed angel just a few feet away from him. His eyes became big while his hand flew to his mouth to cover it.

"You still can. You just have to break the curse first, like you did last time."

"Are you sure?" Dean asked, turning back towards his niece. She was playing her part so perfectly she had absolutely earned her big reward for it.


"But what if he doesn't want me to be his prince for forever?"

"But he does, Uncle Dean, he really does. He's told me so."

At that, Dean raised an eyebrow. The last part had not been in their script. "Did he now?"

Nodding wildly, Mary pointed towards Cas. "He wrote it on his notepad." With that, her little hands wandered towards his cheeks, holding his face in both of her hands; the way she had seen Jess do with both of the Winchester brothers whenever she needed the two knuckleheads to really listen to her. "He really loves you, Uncle Dean. You should ask him. But you need to kiss him first, or he can't answer you."

It was almost too much for Dean. Huffing out a laugh, his eyes wandered to the floor for just a moment. He needed to collect himself or he would cry. And Dean Winchester would not cry during his proposal, dammit.

"Thank you, little munchkin. I think I'll just take his kiss as an answer then, if he decides to say yes. How does that sound?"

Mary only nodded and Dean gave her a quick kiss on her forehead before getting back up and finally turning towards his boyfriend.

And holy hell, his gorgeous man was already crying. Shit, Dean was close to crying himself. He needed to do this now before he was too choked up.

Dean closed what little space was left between them and took Cas' hand – the one that wasn't still covering his quivering lips – into his own. This was it. He kept his eyes on their joined hands and began to speak.


Why had no one ever told him that this moment would be so emotional? He had prepared a whole speech and now it felt like he had forgotten every word of the English language.

But then he looked up and those blue eyes looked at him. He could see the love in them he had seen for almost a year now. The kind of love he had always wished for. And suddenly the words were there. Maybe not the ones he had rehearsed, but certainly the ones he wanted to say to Cas.

"I know it's not even been a year since we met and my niece forced me to kiss you to break a curse." There were chuckles all around and Dean joined them, before continuing. "What I didn't know back then was… that that kiss also broke a curse I was carrying. I know that sounds cheesy, but I don't care. Cas, you… you're the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know it's not even been a year, but I don't care. We have already had some ups and downs and through it all, I knew I wanted you by my side. And I want you by my side for the rest of my life. And if there's a life after that, I want you there as well. You make me feel like this special person that can save you when you need me. But on the other hand, I know you'll always be there to save me as well when I need it. You are my better half… and I don't want to be without you anymore. So…" Not letting go of Cas' hand, Dean used his other hand to pull out the little velvet box and opened it. His hand was shaking a bit, but it didn't matter, because Cas held his other hand and he didn't let go of it. He was there to anchor him.

"I know you don't have your voice right now. Not until your true love kisses you. But I'm asking you nevertheless and just hope your kiss will be my answer: Castiel Novak, will you marry me?"

Not even a heartbeat passed before he felt Castiel's lips on his.

He was vaguely aware of all the cheering around them, but it all faded out compared to the feeling of his angel pressed against him. His arms wound around Cas' waist of their own volition while he felt his boyfriend's arms slide around his neck.

No, not boyfriend. Fiancé.

Cas had said yes.

Dean pulled him as close as he could, not believing that he could be so lucky.

He had no idea how long they kissed, but when they started to pull apart, everybody around them was still cheering and clapping.

"Yes," Cas whispered, voice still raw. Not that he cared, apparently, as he repeated that one word over and over while peppering Dean's face with kisses.

The ring fitted perfectly. It was a silver band with golden flecks that looked like stardust. Or pixie dust, as Mary had called it. It might have been the reason she'd picked the ring. Dean didn't care, it fitted them quite well. He had bought the counterpart for himself, the only difference a little diamond inserted in Cas' ring. That night, his fiancé put it on Dean's ring finger before happily falling asleep in his arms, their hands with the two rings intertwined.

Their wedding was just a few weeks later on December 20th – exactly one year after they had first met.

Of course, Mary was the flower girl, wearing her sweet teal fairy dress once more. And as cheesy as it was, Dean and Cas had borrowed their princes uniforms again for the day. Obviously, the whole wedding evolved around the theme of Disney and fairytales. Only the combined forces of the ladies in their lives had made it possible to have everything ready and perfect that day.

Charlie's present was not only the video from their proposal. No, it was much more, because to their surprise that hadn't been the first time she had caught them on tape. Apparently, one year ago she had been filming Dori when Mary's antics had gotten her attention. And thus, she had a video of their very first meeting. How she had been able to keep that from everybody else for a whole year was beyond Dean, but he was in tears when he saw that little gem. As he had been halfway through his proposal. He hadn't even realized he had been crying and he'd probably denied it, had it not been on the video.

Dean had been right. Their life was no fairytale. It continued to have a lot of ups but also a lot of downs. But during it all, they stood side by side and faced it together. And that was much better than any fairytale Dean could have ever dreamed of.

The note Cas had written to answer Mary's question that day was framed and hang above their bed, so they would always be reminded of their love, even in the darkest of times.

Dean will always be my prince

I love him


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