AN: Hello! Thought it was about time to do something new GW. So, This is a little treat for valentines day. All the actions are in **s. And it's written out in dialogue, like a play. Neway, I know its short, but enjoy! Oh, and fyi, it's a one shot deal non yaoi. Please review!

Disclaimer: I don't own GW, or any of the characters, heck, I don't even own hunter! That was a friend of mine's character! Basically, I don't own anything, don't sue me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duo: *hanging up framed photos on the wall* Ahhh... February is just around the corner and Valentine's Day is almost here. Even though it's not my favorite holiday...*blink* It's not my favorite holiday. Well.I don't have anything else to say...BUT at least I have someone to spend the Holiday with! *smirks*

Heero: I don't find Valentine's Day very appealing either...but when you've got a woman like Relena...things tend to change. *leans back in his chair with a pleased look on his face*

Duo: ...What about you, Wu-man? What do you have to say?

Wufei: DON'T INTURRUPT ME! I'M BUSY! *sitting there, doing ABSOLUTELY nothing*

Duo:*taps his foot* Don't act like you know what I'm talking about! I mean, I have Hilde.. *holds up the photo taken during his wedding when he stuck his head under Hilde's wedding dress* Oo... Heero has Relena. *motions over towards the picture of Heero and Relena kissing at the altar* And You have Meiran, Wu-man! *holds up the picture that Relena took of Meiran and Wufei liplocking*

Wufei: KISAMA!!!! *jumps up from the couch and dives for the picture*

Duo:*moves the picture out of Wufei's reach* so.whatcha gettin' Meiran for Valentine's Day, huh?!

Hunter:*materializes behind Duo out of no where* I GOT SOME NIFTY GIFT IDEAS!

Duo: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! *jumps 10 feet in the air*

Hunter:*blinks then shakes his head* I'm giving each one of my lady friends a HUGE surprise... *nudges Heero in the arm*

Heero:*stares at Hunter blankly*

Hunter: Why not get your women some lingerie or something to...sleep in? *nudges Heero again*

Heero:*gives Hunter the same unblinking stare* Apparently I was the more intelligent one. I thought of that long before you did.

Everyone:*stares blankly at Heero*

Heero:...What? All my other options sucked. *stands up and walks off*

Hunter: Oo...*shakes head* Chocolates are old fashioned. This year, maybe you could cover yourself in chocolate body paint, stick yourself in a giant heart-shaped box and deliver yourself to your sweetheart... *blinks* No wait, that's my idea. Nix that....

Duo: O_o

Wufei: Your choices are...UNHUMANLY! *shudders* Plus who says I'm getting poppycock for that onna? If SHE wants something then SHE will have to purchase me a gift first! HMPH! *stomps off*

Duo: Oo... *glances about to make sure no one else is around* ... *blinks at Hunter&* Soo...where can I purchase some of that chocolate body paint?