Who Has the Most Bravery?

Frank: "Me"

Piper: "Me"

Leo: "DUH ME!"

Percy: "Me. I fought almost every important monster while still realizing that I was a demigod top that guys."

Annabeth: "I faced… spiders."

Hazel: "Annabeth wins."

Leo: "Yup."

Jason: "Alright guys this isn't fair not all of us are arachniphobic."

Annabeth: "Well a good majority is for your vote to be ruled out."

Jason: "But that's not fair!"

Leo: "Well what did you do?"

Jason: "I got my memory wiped by a goddess and got stabbed by a celestial bronze sword. One injury that is supposed to kill you. And lived."

Percy: "Jason please. Spiders are the worst."

The rest of the 7: *nodded head* "Agreed."

Jason: "Spiders aren't even scary."

Annabeth: "Have you even seen a spider?"

Jason: "Uh….. Yeah?"

Percy: "We should put him in a room full of spiders and see how long it takes him to break."

Jason: "Whoa guys. Lets not do that!"

Annabeth: "Will you admit that spiders are the scariest?"

Jason: "N-No."

Annabeth: "Then spider room it is."

Piper: "Guys can't we be reasonable with this?"

Annabeth: "Sorry Pipes but no. He needs to learn."

Piper: "Okay."

Annabeth: "Percy you and Frank grab Jason and bring him to the room. Leo it's your job to get the spiders."

Leo: "Why me!?"

Annabeth: "You seem like the person to do it."

Leo: "Ugh…." *goes and get spiders*

PercyFrank: *grabs Jason*

Jason: "We can negotiate this!"

Piper: "Jason you deserve this!"

Jason: "PIPER!"

Piper: "Sorry."

*In the spider room*

Jason: *horrific screaming*

Jason: "IT BIT ME!!!!!"

Piper: "Guys we should let him out. We don't want him suing us."

Annabeth: "You're right. Percy, Leo let him out."

Percy: "I got this." *lets Jason out*

Jason: *sends out a silky web* "SPIDER-JASON!!!!! SPIDER-JASON DOES WHATEVER A SPIDER CAN!!!!!!"