Hey there everyone! Thank you for all of the support and criticism, I do appreciate your efforts to keep pushing me forward and make me a better writer. I wanted to let all of you know that I haven't given up. I have taken a look at my latest chapters and realized I have a few things I need to alter and edit, because I realized I hit the pitfall of some writers which is "including something just for the sake of including it/causing random non-plot or character important stuff." In this case, instead of moving forward and acting like it never happened, I'm instead going back a chapter or so and editing a few things so I can move forward with work I'm actually inspired to write. I have so many scenes lined up for the future, and I must say I'm excited to return to writing when possible.

D&D is a wonderful creative endeavor, but since I have so much planned on all sides, I finally have reached a point where I can act on everything. So I am returning to editing and writing asap, and I will hopefully have something up by May at the latest. I know it's hard to be told to wait even longer, but please bear with me. It's only a little ways away and we'll make such good progress.

I will delete this update and put an actual chapter in pace when the time comes, so stay tuned!

For now, take it easy!