Short chapter. Just a short one.

"Billy there is something I need to tell you. Like now." The voice of Wendy's wasn't like itself and it was new on Billy. He asked what was wrong and what Wendy said shocked him even more. "I'm pregnant. At least two months prior". He didn't want to believe it. " I want to be there for you and your unborn child. But I do think that you stay here at the MACC. And Warren would want to know as soon as word gets out. Do you want me to tell the rest of the team for you?" Billy could tell that Wendy was hesitant and before she could speak a word, Rocky came in.

Billy had asked Rocky to gather the rest of the team an get to the movie room. When everyone was gathered, Billy told them the news. As Billy had anticipated, they were shocked as to why their one and only second in command would be pregnant. Roger had reluctantly agreed that Wendy should stay at the MACC just so that the news wouldn't get to the media. Wendy said that she would speak to her father about the news as soon as everyone leaves but had requested that Billy would have to stay and help her telling her own father about the news.

When Warren came on, Wendy's breathing became extremely hard and shallow, but she knew that Billy was there to help her when she needed him the most. She explained to him about the baby and asked if Billy could help take care of herself and the baby. Warren was extremely happy but was deadly concerned as well. "Wendy I want delay your job, so that you and the baby would survive". Billy had agreed and that the team would help anyway they they could.