Title: To Hell With Us!
Rating: Strong PG-13 / R
Category: Angst, hurt/comfort, AU
Characters: Daniel, Jack, Teal'c, Sam, Rosha/Jolinar, others
Pairings: Mention of Jolinar/Bynarr - though not sure it counts as a relationship as she is his sex slave
Summary: SG-1 ends up on Netu when they trespass on one of Sokar's planets. There they meet Rosha/Jolinar who had failed to escape.
Prompt: 109. SG-1, Rosha|Jolinar, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Their escape from Netu fails and Rosha|Jolinar remain Sokar's prisoners. At some point SG-1 are also captured by Sokar's Jaffa and sent to Netu. The SG team works with Rosha|Jolinar to plan another escape attempt.
Notes: Takes place maybe mid first season. Can't be any earlier if they are to know about Unas. SG-1 happens to wander across a planet they should not have, and Sokar's Jaffa grab them. I'm guessing Jolinar originally escaped from Netu at least about a year before SG-1 starts, or else she wouldn't have time to go through a long hard recovery and go on another mission to Cronus court, and then escape and hide on Nasya for months before early season 2. So she has been on Netu for more than a year extra, more like a year and a half in this AU. Poor Rosha and Jolinar.
Warning: minor violence, talk of and allusions to rape, character death

"The Jaffa that caught us, who do they belong to, Teal'c?" Jack asks, as they are lead in chains towards the Stargate.

"Sokar. He is a Goa'uld of ancient times. He once was ruler of the system lords but was defeated by an alliance of Goa'uld many centuries ago. Apophis and Ra were among his conquerors."

"Silence! Sokar has not been conquered! He is a powerful god!" one of the Jaffa exclaims, giving Teal'c a hard push.

They walk in silence for some time, then Sam whispers. "What happened?"

"Apophis himself believed him destroyed, but obviously he was mistaken," Teal'c tells them.

"His name is also very old in Earth mythology. He was the most feared deity in ancient Egypt, the original God of Death," Daniel says.

"Got anything a little more up to date?" Jack asks.

"Well, I don't know what he's been up to lately, but according to the book of the dead, there was a time he ruled all of Earth, his land around menthes were covered by darkness and inhabited by serpents," Daniel explains.

"Unas. The first host of the Goa'uld," Teal'c observes.

"I told you to be SILENT!" one of the Jaffa hammered Teal'c over the shoulder, making him almost fall.

Another Jaffa kicks Daniel. They continues in silence.

They reaches the Stargate and is taken through it, then walked fast to a large, looming castle. The world is highly industrialized, with mines and construction everywhere.

"This is new." Jack observes, then shuts up when one of the Jaffa glares at him.

They reach the castle and the lead Jaffa steps up and reports to a Jaffa with silver forehead tattoo - and large winged costume.

After some moments an Unas shows up, and grins evilly at them. He gives some orders and they are taken through the castle, which is dark and creepy, with images depicting torture and violence, and screaming men and women.

They are thrown into a dark, gloomy cell.

"Your will be taken before your Lord Sokar when it pleases him. It will not please you. Now is the time to repent your sins!" a Jaffa tells them.

"This place is downright creepy! What more can you tell me about this Sokar?" Jack asks when the door has slammed behind them.

"Well. Sokar may have an Unas host, I guess. If he is such an old Goa'uld as Teal'c says, and the Unas were the first hosts. There had to be a time when both form of Goa'uld host co- existed, Unas and Human." Daniel says.

"Teal'c? Is Sokar Unas?" Jack asks. "Was that Sokar we saw, you think?"

"I cannot say, O'Neill."

"All I know about Sokar from mythology is this; his portion of tuat or the other world was filled with lakes of fire, the wicked were thrown into his punishment after torture and mutilation."

"In other words, Hell," Jack concludes.

"Yeah. Basically he was the original Satan," Daniel says gloomily.

"Wonderful!" Jack groans and sits down against the wall.

"Kneel before your Lord Sokar!" the Jaffa screams at them and hits them behind the knees, making them fall.

A Goa'uld dressed in a red and black cloak or robe, with a large hood sat on the throne before them. The throne was draped in red cloth, and behind him hung red curtains. Large candles was standing one tables beside the throne - tables also covered with red cloth.

"Come on! This is a cliche!" Jack exclaims.

"Silence! Insolent cur!" the Goa'uld thunders, lowering his hood.

The Goa'uld is pale - beyond pale. With strangely marked veins standing out under his skin. His eyes are yellow. They all get the impression that this Goa'uld does not have a human host, but none of them know what he is.

"Listen, we didn't mean to, ah, trespass on your planet. Just a small error, so we'll be going, okay?" Jack says.

"You are challenging me!" Sokar booms. "Puny human! You will regret your transgressions for the rest of your short lives - which will feel as an eternity in Hell!"

"What?" Jack asks.

Sokar just laughs and activates his hand device, focusing the beam on Jack's forehead, making him gasp and collapse further to the ground. Sokar flashes his eyes and grins to the others. "Do not be concerned - it will be your time soon!"

What feels like hours later, they are all rather worse for wear, after being tortured with both painstick and hand device.

Sokar looks longingly at the painstick. "Regrettably I do not have time to play more with you right now. I have an important meeting. Take them to Netu!" He looks at Teal'c for a moment. "Including the Shol'vah. It shall amuse me in particular to hear of the suffering of Apophis's former first prime!"

"Yes, my Lord." A Jaffa in a large red armor with wings, bows and then turns to SG-1. "Get up! Move!"

They drag themselves to their feet and support each other out of the room.

"Any idea what he is? Sokar, I mean," Jack asks, when they lay bound in a teltac.

"I do not," Teal'c said.

The others just shook their heads.

"So, Netu? Jack asks. "Any guesses?"

"Not sure, but I have a really bad feeling about this," Daniel says.

"He did talk about Hell," Sam agrees.

"You don't think... those lakes of fire, the other world?" Jack asks, worried.

"Satan, remember?" Daniel says, rhetorically.

They have only flown for a short time when they are freed from their bindings and forced into emergency pods, which are then launched at high speed.