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Katie Bell pranced onto Platform 9 ¾ with her parents and her two younger brothers. She kissed her mother on the cheek, and then did the same with her father and approached the scarlet steam engine that she knew so well. It would take her back to Hogwarts for her sixth year. As she gazed up at the Hogwarts Express, she heard two familiar chuckles- Fred and George Weasley.

Fred and George were both around 6 foot 2. They had flaming red hair- as did all the Weasleys- and freckles sprinkled across their cheeks and over the bridge of their noses. It was extremely strange to see the Weasley twins without the mischievous glint in their green eyes. Fred and George were in sixth year with Katie and they were the beaters on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

The twins grinned at Katie as the approached her.

"Hullo, Katie." Fred smiled.

"Hey Fred, George. How was you holiday?"

"Fabulous." They answered together.

"That's good."

"KAAAAAAAAATIE!!!" Katie turned just in time to see Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet, two other good friends of hers, run up and hug her.

"Angie! Lica!" She squealed as she hugged them back.

If you didn't know them, you could mistake Angelina and Alicia for sisters. They were both short- about 5 foot 1, with extremely dark brown hair. They were built the same, except Alicia was slightly chubbier. Angelina had dark brown eyes while Alicia's were such a light blue that they almost appeared gray. Angelina was in sixth year with Katie, Fred and George. But Alicia was only in fifth year. Katie and the other girls were the chasers on the Quidditch team. They had been since third year- Alicia's second.

"Oh my God, Katie. We just saw Cedric! He's been working out this summer!" Alicia giggled.

"Yeah. He looks great! He's really changed his whole appearance." Angelina added.

"Where is he?" Katie asked, stretching her neck to search for the Hufflepuff sixth year.

"I'm right here." A voice said from behind her. She recognized the thick Scottish brogue immediately and turned around to face the Gryffindor Quidditch captain and her best friend in the world.

"Not you Oliver." Katie told him. "We're looking for a HOT guy." As she faced him fully, she did a double take, and began to wonder about trying to take that comment back. The Oliver Wood she knew was tall but skinny and in terrible need of a hair cut. The boy that stood before her was not at all who she remembered. He was slightly taller- about 2 inches- he now stood around 6 foot 4. His dusty brown hair was much shorter, but still stuck out in every direction. He had worked out this summer, it was plain to see. Katie could tell that the chest beneath his robes was no longer flabby and beat up from bludger attacks, but it was firm and ready for a new Quidditch season. His brown eyes stared at her softly and he smiled at her as well. That smile, Katie sighed inwardly, Wood's smile was more than worthy of the Witches Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award.

He engulfed her in a strong, friendly hug. Katie felt his biceps flex as he held his best friend close. She pulled out of the warm hug and stumbled onto the train ahead of Wood.

Wood watched as she walked into a cabin, Damn, what happened to Katie this summer? He thought to himself. Katie's never been an ugly broad but I wouldn't have called her hot, at least not until now. Shit, Katie is absolutely gorgeous. He studied her from across the cabin as she talked with Angelina and Alicia. She had grown her light brown hair out and now it fell just past her shoulders and curled loosely at the end. Her figure had slimed out and she had 'grown up' so to speak. She was also taller that the last time they had seen each other. Katie was not closing in on 6 foot, if she wasn't already. Her eyes dark blue eyes were as clear and beautiful as he remembered, and her smile still made his knees weak. Since when has my best friend be so attractive? He asked himself.

"Oi, Wood!" Fred yelled in his ear.

"Oh, sorry. Zoned out a moment. What'd I miss?" He asked.

"Katie, Angie, Lica. The day we all feared has come." George said is a dull voice.

"What day is that?" Angelina asked.

"The day where Wood would rather stare at our Katie then talk Quidditch." Fred informed them. Wood blushed deeply and Katie turned a light pink, but didn't let her chance to hassle Wood slip away.

"Oh Oliver! That's just terrible! Do we need to go get the mediwizards to check up on you? Do you feel alright?" Katie mocked him. She rushed to his sight and felt his head to check to a temperature. She shook her head glumly.

"Hilarious Katie." Wood shook his head and swatted at Katie's hand until she went back to her seat.

"I thought so."

"You all can thank little miss smart ass over here when you do extra time in the pitch." Wood smirked.

"Little Miss Smart Ass?" Fred asked curiously.


"That's got a kind of nice ring to it. I like it. Little Miss Smart Ass." George repeated it to himself over and over.

"Thanks Oliver. Now I've got another nickname from you. AGAIN!" Katie frowned.

"Remember last years?" Alicia joked.

"Oh God, don't say it Lica." Katie pleaded.

"I won't now. I'll use it to blackmail you." Alicia grinned.

"It's a conspiracy! Oliver! Help me!" Katie looked to him hopefully.

"Sorry Katie. The damage has already been done."

"Some best friend you are." Katie smirked wildly at Wood, who grinned in return.

"They make a cute couple." Alicia smiled as she observed Katie and Wood grin at each other.

"Who?" Fred asked stupidly.

"Katie and Wood." Angelina explained.

"WHAT!" They yelled in unison.

"You two look really cute!" Alicia added.

"Excuse me?" Katie asked.

"You know that you're in love." Angelina smirked.

"Whatever Angie." Katie frowned.

"We're only joking Katie!" Alicia defended.

"Every year we have to hear this." Wood commented.

"Well, every year it's more obvious how in love you two are." Fred continued.

"We are not in love, Fred." Katie snapped. She flopped back into her seat and pulled out a copy of Witches Weekly and immersed herself in it's pages. When she came to the main article, 'Quties (a/n: cuties)in Quidditch', and realized it was mainly about Wood, she threw it on the floor in disgust.

"I'm gonna go find Lee." George said quickly when he caught the evil glare that Katie sent anyone who dared to look at her.

"Me, too." Fred and George scampered out of the cabin.

"Angie, let's go find. ahh. Lauren." Alicia said quickly.

"Fine with me." The two girls followed Fred and George's lead and quickly left.

Wood and Katie sat in the cabin silently, not looking at one another. Wood stared at her out of the corner of his eye as she gazed out the window, watching the countryside fly by. She looked more beautiful than she ever had. She was smiling to herself and her eyes were alight, despite the 'argument' she and Angelina and Alicia had just had. That was nothing new to the three of them though. They had the same argument every year on the way to school. Angelina and Alicia would accuse Katie of being head of heals in love with Wood. Angelina and Alicia would leave for a while and Katie would sit by herself in the cabin until they came back- at which time, they would become their normal sixteen-year old girl selves. They would engulf themselves in heated discussions about the newest 'hotties' at Hogwarts. Some years the ended up in whispers, occasionally looking over at Fred, George and Wood and then laughing hysterically and going back to their conversation. If they were lucky, Katie would feel like singing and indulge them with her beautiful voice.

Wood smiled think of Katie's angelic voice. He had conducted more that one Quidditch practice with Katie singing. At the time it had seriously aggravated him, but looking back on it, he longed to hear her sing again.

Katie looked up to find Wood smiling his cute grin at her. It caught her slightly of guard, but she smiled sweetly at him in return.

"It's really getting old." He finally said.

"I agree. But, it could be the last time you have to deal with it." Katie smiled falsely.

Katie knew that by the end of this school year, Wood would be signed to some major Quidditch team. Then he'd meet some beautiful bitch that would convince him he was in love with her. They'd get married and she'd break his heart and take his money after two months.

Okay, so maybe that was a slight exaggeration. Katie always wished the best for Wood, he deserved the best. Wood and Katie had spent many nights in the Gryffindor common room, talking about Wood's latest crush or current girlfriend. He tended to call each one 'better' than the last. Katie found herself wishing that she was good enough for him. She longed to be the one to sit in his arms in the common room. Little did Katie know, that Wood too had unspoken feelings for Katie. Katie knew everything about Wood. Everything. except his desire for her.

"Katie." Wood said quietly.

"Hmmm?" Katie asked as she dragged her gaze from the window to look at him. She watched him carefully as he nervously fidgeted in his seat. He ran his had through his short hair numerous times and he kept mumbling to himself. She tried to pull his gaze up to meet hers but it was no use. His gaze dropped quickly to the floor every time.

He mumbled something that she couldn't understand. "What?" She asked.

His eyes slowly traveled up her long tan legs and then fell to her stomach and rose up her body until he locked his gaze with hers.

He sighed deeply and opened his mouth and began to speak. "Katie. Katie, I -"