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Now.. Chapter 7 ~Woody ~*~

It had been two weeks since the day Katie let Wood walk away from her. During History of Magic one rainy afternoon, Katie's mind meandered to that day that seemed so long ago.

Katie turned in her seat beside Angelina and glanced back at Wood. He sat in the back of the room, muttering something to a large piece of parchment- no doubt quidditch plays. He glanced up and caught her eye. She felt a blush reach her cheeks as she snapped her head around and faced forward, trying to block Wood's crooked grin out of her mind.

AT LUNCH that afternoon, Cedric approached the table of chattering Gryffindors and cleared his throat loudly.

"Yes, Cedric?" Katie asked without turning around.

"I was hoping we could meet after supper. I need help with this potion Professor Snape taught us today." He asked.

Katie turned towards to him, "Cedric, I have quidditch tonight. I can't help you tonight. I'm sorry."

Cedric grimaced, "You're going to quidditch over helping me pass a class?"

"Cedric, I don't have the choice. You're a captain, you know the responsibilities of a team." Katie explained.

"Katie! Please, I need your help. What about after your practice." Cedric whined.

"Ced, it won't be until nine or ten that we've finished practice. Plus, we have a match tomorrow morning. I need to sleep." Katie protested.

"Kate. Please help me. I won't ask again." Cedric begged. Katie sighed and nodded, "Fine."

"Great. Thank you so much, darling." He kissed her cheek and hurried back to the Hufflepuff table.

Katie turned back to her food and stared at the plate before her. She slowly poked at the cuisine situated in front of her.

"Wood is going to have your neck if he finds out that you're not only breaking HIS curfew, but the schools. To tutor an 'opposing captain', no less." Angelina admonished.

"Who really gives a hoot if he is your boyfriend," Fred jumped in, "quidditch or your love."

Katie sat silently, staring at her friends in turn. "I've been the one that was ditched for quidditch. I can't do that to anyone." Katie whispered to them, only loud enough so they could hear. She stared down the table at Wood the whole time she spoke. After she finished, she walked silently out of the Great Hall and to her Transfiguration class early.

QUIDDITCH PRACTICE was brutal that night. Katie and her fellow chasers were beaten by the wind as they flew briskly down the pitch, trying to score on Wood.

Despite the valiant efforts of Fred and George, the team still complained about the weather and finally, Wood, tired of sitting in the cold pitch with the wind whipping by him, called practice.

Katie glanced at her watch. It read 9:15. If she hurried, she could make it to the library, help Cedric for until 10 and make it back to the common room before Wood noticed she was gone.

Not bothering to shower, Katie changed quickly into sweatpants and hurried out of the locker room and sprinted into the large castle. She walked into the library and looked around, scanning the room for Cedric. No one was there. Not within view at least. She shrugged, figuring he was sitting in the back so that Madame Prince wouldn't notice that they were in there past curfew.

Katie caught a glimpse of Madame Prince's pile of hair and jumped behind a rather tall bookshelf. Once the women had passed her, she stepped cautiously out into the aisle and made her way to the back of the farthest wall of the library. Still, there was no one there.

'Fine,' Katie thought to herself, 'if he's not going to show then I'd better get back before I get caught.' Katie knew that there would be serious consequences for her if she was caught out of bounds after curfew. She had broken curfew so many times, each time the punishment got worse. Luckily, it had been her own head of house that had caught her then so she went easy on her.

Checking that the coast was clear, Katie slipped into the shadows and made her way as swiftly as possible. She heard footsteps behind here and turned in time to see Steven Calahan, a Slytherin prefect walk up beside her.

"Professor!" He called, grabbing Katie's arm and pulling her out of the alcove she was in. "Professor, I found Bell." He sneered.

Breathing heavily on Katie, Steven muttered, "Professor Snape has been trying to catch you forever. McGonagall always lets you off easily."

"Why would you want me?" Katie spat.

"Oh, who wouldn't want a chance to punish perfect Katie Bell." A cold voice drawled behind her. She didn't have to turn around, she knew she would find Professor Snape behind her. To her surprise, it wasn't Snape. It was.

"Cedric!" She cried, eyes widening.

"Hey Katie," Cedric smiled, "darling." He added, his smiled turned to a sneer.

"What the hells going on?" Katie demanded. She wriggled in Calahan's grip but he only tightened.

"Come now love, you can't expect that I was really failing potions." He drawled, running a hand across her cheek.

"I'm in your bloody class. I know you were failing potions."

Cedric laughed loudly. Then, before her, his handsome blue-gray eyes slipped to a murky green color. Katie gasped, "Oh, no. No, no, no!" She yelled.

Standing where Cedric's chiseled body had stood only moments earlier, was the chunky form of Marcus Flint.

"Didn't you notice Katie? Or was your head in the clouds. Cedric hasn't been the sweet, caring gentleman he was when he took you to Hogsmeade. I sent you that letter. I've been posing as Cedric since your date. Presenting to be stupid at potions. Pretending to be crazy about you." Marcus explained, stroking her hair.

She thought silently about the past two weeks. She could tell a change in Cedric. The Cedric that escorted her to Hogsmeade was sweet and personable. He wouldn't have whine about potions homework- in public or private. If Katie has said no to him, then the real Cedric would have accepted it and found another way to get by.

But the Cedric she had spent the two weeks with was nothing like that. He was bossy and arrogant and rude to her. He didn't let her get a word in and he didn't take no for an answer. She felt like a fool for falling for this Polyjuice Potion trick.

"Don't touch me. What are you talking about? If you've been impersonating Cedric, then where is the real Cedric?" She snarled.

"Forest." Marcus explained nonchalantly.

"What? What do you all want from me thought?"

"Oh, perfect little Katie Bell. Pretty, smart, kind, good athlete. Scratch that, the best chaser in Hogwarts. The only thing you've done wrong was to break curfew. Do you remember that quidditch match, when you paid me a little visit?"

Katie nodded, glaring at him as he continued. "You let a little secret slip that day in your blubbering about Wood. You told me all about that silly little rule breaking. It wasn't even anything serious. I let you whine about Wood and complain about him. Then you made a huge mistake. You told me what would happen if you were caught breaking curfew again. You'd be expelled from the next quidditch match."

Katie's heart fell in her chest. She remembered very well telling him that. She had been so caught up in crying and complaining that she hadn't realized who she was spilling her secrets too.

"Damn it." She muttered. She knew that Calahan had the power to impose punishment on her because he was a prefect.

"So my dearest Katie. I'm afraid you'll have to sit out tomorrow. Owing to the terrible fact that Calahan here, is a prefect. He can punish you." Marcus said in mock sympathy.

"I know. Now get off me." Katie snapped. She pulled her arms from Calahan's grip.

"Katie dear, tell Wood good luck. He'll need it with his best chaser gone." Marcus sneered. Katie snarled and sulked up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room.

When she walked in, only to be greeted by her quidditch team, minus Wood and Potter, all bombarding her with questions.

"Did Wood catch you?" Fred demanded.

"How was Cedric?" Alicia smiled.

"Did you see anyone else out there?" George asked.

"Katie?" Angelina finally noticed that she hadn't spoken a word to anyone. Her eyes were dull and showed no sign of caring about anything anyone said.

Katie looked up at the sound of her name and say Angelina staring at her. "Katie, are you alright?" Angelina asked.

Katie shook her head. "Wood's gonna kill me." She whispered, not losing eye contact with Angelina.

"Oh, he won't be THAT hard on you. We were only joking earlier." Angelina told her.

"No!" Katie said sternly, shaking her head vigorously. "Wood is really going to kill me."

Angelina, Alicia, Fred and George only stared at her, having no idea what she was on about.

"They caught me." She whispered.

"What? Who caught you?" Fred and George asked together. Alicia and Angelina stared at her.

"Who caught you! If it were McGonagall she wouldn't suspend you from the game. You're too important. It wasn't Snape was it." Alicia let the sentence hang in the air.

"I'm out tomorrow. I can't play. Calahan and Cedric. No. Flint. It was Flint." Katie muttered.

"What are you on about Katie?" Angelina asked.

Without another question, Katie launched into the story, explaining what had happened and who had caught her. When she finished, she looked up at her teammates, hoping for consoling words. She found none.

Fred was the first to speak. He got out of his chair and wrapped her in a hug. Katie cocked an eyebrow at him. "Katie my girl, you've been great. I'm gonna miss you." He said, pecking her cheek. George followed suit, hugging her and kissing her cheek.

"That's not helping!" Angelina yelled at them.

"How am I going to tell Oliver. Not only will he hate me forever but he probably won't ever mutter another word to me." Katie sighed, flopping on the couch and leaning against Alicia.

"So you're going to speak to me outside of quidditch now? Or are you just going to talk about me?" Katie whirled around and came face to face with Wood.

"Oliver!" Katie said in surprise.

"Bell!" Wood mocked, sitting down on the chair across from her. "What is it Bell. Why am I going to hate you forever?" Wood asked a slight grin on his face.

"Well I was down in the library about ten minutes ago. On my way back Steven Calahan saw me out of bounds and out of bed past curfew." Katie began. She looked to Wood to see if he understood yet. "Calahan inflicted punishment on me," She left a long pause, then took a deep breath and said, "regarding the game tomorrow."

"No. You must be kidding Kates. I know I was terrible to you before and I'm sorry, but this just isn't a funny joke." Wood spoke in a rush. He knew, being her captain, what the punishment was if she was caught out again. He knew she wouldn't be able to play in the next match.

Katie stared at the floor; "you'd better start looking for a chaser for tomorrow Oliver." She muttered.

"WHAT!" Wood roared. "PLEASE! You must be joking. Please Katie. I can't find another chaser at 11:30 the night before a match! Offer to do detention for a month or take on extra homework or anything. Please Kates."

"What Oliver. Do you think I wanted this to happen? Do you think I wanted to ride the bench tomorrow? This is the reason other houses have reserve teams Wood." Katie yelled at him.

"Bell! I need you tomorrow! I can't have my star chaser out tomorrow! We can't win without you." Oliver pleaded, stepping towards her.

"Of course, Wood. You need me to win. You don't need me to be happy. You don't need me to be your friend. You just need me to win tomorrow. Then you'll go back to your corner of the common room with your quidditch manual and ignore me for the rest of the term." Katie hollered.

Wood stared at her. "What are you on about?" He asked.

"Wood, when was the last time you said good morning to me at breakfast? When was the last time you spent time with me.or any of us for that matter, just because you felt like it" Katie asked, her voice returning to its normal volume.

"I don't understand Bell." He whispered, his brown eyes blurred with confusion.

"Maybe if you paid attention to something other than quidditch, you'd understand." Katie stormed off to her dormitory. Ignoring her teammates yelling for her to come back. She fell asleep that night with Oliver's voice pounding in her head. 'Bell! I can't have my star chaser out tomorrow. We need you to win.'