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A/N: This is the first poem I have posted, although I have put some in some of my stories. This is based on a character in my story "Faramir's Story" so if you haven't read that, then you won't get it. The character is actually the woman in Eowyn's dream in Chapter 29. I felt bad for her, and thought she needed her own voice heard. I hope you like it.


I am a dream.

For moments I was happy,

My husband loved me.

Our children played in the gardens.

They giggled cheerfully.

For mere moments I sat in bliss,

My husband's arms holding me close.

Our lovely house stood behind us,

The gardens swelled with blossoms.

For priceless moments I watched my children.

They had a past, a future.

They had hopes and dreams.

We were happy.

For moments till she came,

With fire in her eyes.

She did not belong here.

This is *my* family.

In that moment I saw her truth.

Her loss and love.

My husband drew me to him.

He pulled me into a kiss.

For a moment nothing mattered.

My love and his was complete.

She hated me, she loathed me.

I saw her lunge.

In that fateful moment I lost all.

The house and the garden is gone.

My children are gone, my husband is gone.

I am gone.

For a moment I was Lelaya.

A wife.

A mother.

A person.

Now I have no moments.

I have nothing.

I *am* nothing.

I am a dream.


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