A/N: This poem is about the little boy that Faramir and Éowyn save in 'Faramir's story'. Probably will be the last poem unless I get really inspired.

Narn- Epic? Really? Kool! I'm sad to see Faramir's story end too. Hopefully this poem lives up to your expectations.

Lindelotheleniel (AKA- the same)- Here's this poem. Don't think I'll do a Legolas or Aragorn poem, there're too popular. I like writing about people no one knows about.

RiverRatRogue- Can't say I didn't warn you. Glad you liked the poem well enough to want to read the story.

Anodien- Yes please do update your own story. And it is so kool to have another Christian on. It's nice to know I have company.



I am free.

Once I was a captive of evil,

Bound by my father's hatred

Scared to do anything,

Scared to say anything.
Once I knew only violence.

Fear was my existence.

Fear for my life,

Fear of *him*
Once, until another came.

He stopped father,

Saved me.

Took me away.
Once I was told I was worthless,

That I deserved the pain.

Yet he had her bring a healer,

I saw he truly cared.
Once I thought no one loved me

But then they saved my life

They told me my father lied

That I *didn't* deserve the pain
Once I was captive to evil

But then they gave me a new family,

Father, Mother, and my sisters love me

I am free.




Just for the record, his new parents are not Faramir and Éowyn, although that was the original idea. It didn't fit in with the sequels to Faramir's story I am writing, but if you want, you can believe that Faramir and Éowyn did take him in. Hope you liked it!