Author's Note:

Here's my first attempt at a Dramione story! I hope you enjoy it!

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My dearest Draco,

Today I write to you from a park located in a beautiful city. All around me is the excitement of the city. There are remarkable smells and beautiful twinkling lights. My only wish is that you could be here with me experiencing everything that I am. The lights are so bright. You would swear that the sun never sets. You would absolutely love it here.

My work here should be done in a month or so and I will be moving onto a new location. Every few weeks a new city full of experiences I wish to share with you. I wish I could give you the exact city of my location, but due to the secrecy that the Ministry demands we keep, alas I can only give the coordinates of a landmark in the general vicinity. I do hope you have been able to figure out where I am. It is one of the places we have always dreamed of going.

Yesterday I walked past a man who smelled of spearmint toothpaste and I turned myself around to see if it was you, but I was saddened to see a man had dark brown almost black hair. Unless of course you have changed the color of your hair? I certainly hope you haven't. I love running my fingers through your platinum blonde hair.

I miss you more than words can say and I wish I was able to show you just how much I miss you. I miss being able to kiss your lips as soon as you walk in the door after a long day at the office. I miss being able to kiss all of our problems away. I miss running my fingers through your hair as you carry me to our bed as you kiss my neck. I miss hearing you moan my name as you slam into my core with all of your force. I miss being able to fuck all of our troubles away. We will be able to soon enough, though

I cannot wait until this assignment is over and I can come back home to you. Taking this job has not been one of my better plans. Had I realized how long it would take me away from you, I never would have told the Minister yes to traveling to exoctic lands to learn about the ministries in them. Let me just say that it is the most boring job on the planet.

As I write this letter, I can smell the fresh cut grass drifting over from the other side of the park. It brings me back to that night we spent under the stars after a long day of house and yard work. Do you remember that night, Draco? It was a remarkable night. I'd say we earned an outstanding grade. Don't you agree?

Alas, the new parchment smell is starting to fade away and the owl is getting rather rambunctious and eager to fly.

I am sending you all my love, Draco, and I anxiously await your letter.

Yours Forever,