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Hmmm. it's been a little while since I've been to the feudal era, maybe I should go back after lunch, Kagome thought to herself. Just then she saw a man, about her age walking towards her. There also seemed to be a group of people behind him. It was very funny watching them all walk because the man in front would turn one way all of a sudden then turn another, two times they walked in a complete circle. Finally the group behind him ignored the guy and just kept walking forward.

As the group approached her, Kagome started noticing the attributes. The guy in front was wearing a bandanna and wore a dirty yellow type of t- shirt and black pants. One guy behind him had one braid in his hair and wore what seemed to be Chinese clothing. He closely walked next to a girl who had very short hair and from the looks of her was a tomboy. Many times she would hit the boy after talking for a while which also led Kagome to believe that she was a tomboy. There was nothing that special about the rest of them. Just two elder men, one really old man, a young girl with flowing long hair, another girl with many spatulas and a duck wearing glasses. The duck, Kagome thought, I won't even get into.

The man with the bandanna approached Kagome and said "Excuse me, but are we anywhere near Disneyland, Japan? You see, I won tickets to Disneyland and at first I invited one person but then all these other people." he then glared at the group "decided to come along." "I'm sorry but you're not anywhere near your destination, would you all like to come inside for lunch because from here to where you're going is a long distance" Kagome replied. "That's ok because the girl with all those spatulas can cook for us." The guy said "Would you like me to make you some of my okonomiyaki for you? I've got plenty." The girl said. "Yes that would be nice thank you," Kagome replied. "By the way what are your names?" My name is Ryoga and this is Akane, Ranma, Genma, Soun, Happosai, Ucchan, Shampoo, and the ducks name is Mousse. It's a pleasure to meet you all my name is Kagome, my mother is at the grocery store, my brothers with her, and my grandfather is sleeping. Those are people I would usually introduce you too.

After chatting with all of Kagome's guests she found out that Ranma makes a lot of wisecracks, Genma is Ranma's father, Soun is Akane's father, Kagome's guess was right about Akane, Ranma and Akane are fiancés, Ranma and Ucchan are fiancés, Ranma and Shampoo are fiancés, Mousse is really a human, and whenever Ranma, Shampoo, Mousse, and Ryoga are splashed with cold water they turn into different people and animals. Kagome also discovered that Akane was oblivious to Ryoga's transformation.

"Would you like me to give you a tour of our temple before you go?" Kagome asked. "Yes that would be nice thank you," Akane replied. "It sounds boring to me," Ranma blurted out. "Would you just shut up Ranma and take a look around!" Akane shot back. "Fine whatever" he said. "Are there anymore cute girls like you around the temple," Happosai burst out but before Kagome could react the entire group of people hit him on the head, looked back at Kagome, smiled and said, lets all take that tour!

After showing them all the rest of the temple the only place left was the Bone Eaters Well, or Kagome's "link to the past". "Here is the Bone Eaters Well it has been here since.well since the feudal era," Kagome said while smiling. Nobody else got what she meant by that but they all laughed like they did. "This well was once believed to have a mysterious curse upon it but it was just a myth. They said that if you fell into it you would be transformed into a hideous demon or that a demon resided in the well and it would eat you. Whichever reason it was this well used to be sealed but it is now open but nothing ever attacks so you don't have to worry," Kagome said. "This place gives me the willies," Akane said. She started to get close to Ranma but Shampoo had already beaten her which angered Akane and she hit Ranma. "Ow, what'd you do that for," he screamed, which woke up Happosai.

He had unconsciously heard Kagome's story and then said, "Well if demons are in their please protect me Kagome I'm scared!" He then pushed Kagome into the well. "Kagome!" Ranma shouted and grabbed her hand. He quickly lost his footing and fell into the well also. "Ranma!" Akane, Shampoo, and Ucchan shouted and they made a grab for his hand. Akane got their first and grabbed Ranma's hand, Shampoo grabbed Akane's, and Ucchan grabbed Shampoo's. "Akane!" Ryoga shouted and then he grabbed Ucchan's hand. Soun and Genma looked at each other, shrugged, and grabbed onto Ryoga's hand. Happosai was on Genma's head so you don't have to worry about him falling in. When Kagome hit the bottom of the well, as usual the time link was opened and all of them fell through since they were connected to Kagome.

Meanwhile in feudal Japan, a few minutes before the groups arrival, Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, Sango, and Kaede were talking, actually arguing. "Well I think we should use the spell on the well," Inuyasha said. "If we did Inuyasha, not only would we be disturbing the wells peace but we may alter it's time portal," Kaede said. "She's right it's too risky," Miroku said. "We have to do it. If what Narraku said is true then when she passes through the well again, she will be killed," Inuyasha said. *Flashback* "If the young maiden Kagome shall try to pass through the well back to her own time, the tunnel will collapse and she will perish. The only way to stop this from happening is to find a cloak made from the hair of a volcanic bird half-breed demon, which only exists in volcanoes. If you drop it into the well the spell I put there will vanish. I'm only telling you this because even I couldn't get to a volcanic bird." quoted Narraku*End Flashback* "I don't want Kagome to get hurt," Inuyasha said. "Neither do I," Shippo added.

"Isn't there any other spell to put on the well that will stop her from going back?" Inuyasha asked. "Well you could just manually block it like you've done before," Sango suggested. "That's sounds like the best idea yet", Miroku said. He then thought to himself ah Sango, beautiful and smart. "Why do you look all blushed and sweaty? You look like someone who just got out of a hot tub." Shippo commented. You didn't see much of Shippo after that; he was to busy being pulverized by Miroku to talk. "That's a great idea, when Kagome comes back we'll put a boulder or tree or something to keep her from leaving" Inuyasha said. "We can also put an immobile spell on the tree so she can't lift it even if she tried" Kaede added. "Perfect so when she comes back we'll be prepared, to save her life!" Sango finished.

And now back to Kagome, Ranma and Company!

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