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"Ok we need to come up with a good plan to defeat that old ghoul. You have any ideas?" Ranma asked Inuyasha who was grumbling curse words to Ranma over having his hair pulled. "Why should I even help you at all!? I don't give a damn about you! To me you're just a little bastard who got me to get over here by pulling me by the hair! I'm not going to help you at all!" Inuyasha said and then crossed his arms like a child. "Aw, quit acting like a baby. Besides the sooner you help me get back to my own time, the sooner you get rid of me and everybody else" Ranma said. The thought of all of them leaving, almost brought a frown to Inuyasha's face but he managed to hold it in. "Ok then, lets figure out a plan!" Inuyasha replied and the two began to devise a plan.

"Aren't you worried about fighting the power of Ranma and the half demon Inuyasha?" Sango asked Cologne who was sitting their sipping tea from a cup in one hand and a pipe in the other. "I'm not worried at all. You all seem to forget that Happy and I used to live in this era." Cologne told the group. Half of the group smacked their heads saying duh while the other half gaped at how long this woman could have really lived. "Um Cologne, have you really lived that long?" Kagome asked in the sweetest voice. "You know as well as I do that it's not polite to ask a woman of her age!" Cologne replied with a look of shock on her face. "Right" Kagome said with a smile on her face. She then thought to herself wow, she has lived that long!

"I wonder what those two are planning over there." Ukyo said with a look of dismay to the people she was cooking for. "Who knows who cares? Is it ready yet? Your food is so good!" Shippo said with drool running down his face. "I must agree with Shippo. Your food is quite excellent." Miroku told Ukyo who blushed and said "You really like it that much?" "Of course I do." Miroku replied and grabbed Ukyo's hand. She further blushed until she found herself moving towards Miroku's face. She would have made contact but unfortunately Sango threw her boomerang bone at Miroku and he had his face planted into the grill. What just came over me Ukyo thought to herself as she went back to her almost burned food.

"So do we have the plan down pat?" Inuyasha asked Ranma who shook his head in agreement and started to walk back over to the group, Inuyasha trailing behind. "Well are you ready for the fight now?!" Cologne asked the two boys with a stunned look on her face like it would take them three days to get a plan together. (If it hadn't have been the thought of Ranma leaving then it probably would've taken 3 days) "This should be an interesting fight" Kagome said as the rest of the group turned their attention to the three fighters.

"Well whenever you're ready just come at me" Cologne said and then stood on her staff and waited. "Ok you're move" Ranma said to Inuyasha who replied with "Right!" and lunged toward Cologne. Before Inuyasha could even reach Cologne though, she threw a scroll out of her garb and threw it on Inuyasha's head. It sparked and pain soared throughout Inuyasha's head and he fell to the ground. "That will teach you not to mess around with this old lady" Cologne said. Inuyasha got up, replied with a smirk, and said "I think you might want to look behind you right about now!" But before Cologne could even react, her arms were pinned by Ranma.

"Clever son-in-law. Using Inuyasha as a diversionary tactic and grabbing me from behind. Didn't that hurt though Inuyasha? That ancient scroll has been in my family for generations to ward off demons." Cologne said and asked while still pinned to the ground. "Sorry granny but time does wear all things away and unfortunately paper is one of those things!" Inuyasha said still having the same smirk on his face. "Well I'll be a chinese uncle. I underestimated the two of you. You're a pretty powerful duo. Unfortunately I'm going to have to get serious now" Cologne said and with that threw Ranma into Inuyasha and they both toppled onto each other in disbelief.

"Always remember son-in-law that I am not a foe who is easily beaten!" Cologne said as a huge battle aura began to engulf her body. "Well it's a good thing we have plan B!" Ranma said and then asked Inuyasha "What's plan B?" "Plan B is to fight the crap out of an old woman!" Inuyasha replied cracking his hands in preparation for the ensuing fight. "That's always a good plan to me!" Ranma said with a smirk and growing battle aura. Then there was silence as everyone and everything stopped from the great fight that was about to begin.

"YAH!" Inuyasha yelled and then leaped onto Cologne using his talons to try and put her down. Cologne quickly dodged and replied with a "Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire" technique. Inuyasha had some difficulty avoiding the fast and furious blasts. Ranma then came from behind and tried once again to get her in a death grip but she knew it was going to happen this time and swung her pole behind herself to hit Ranma in the face. Inuyasha took this time to regain his advantage over the fight, which he did. Blasting his claws in every direction and then he finally shouted "IRON REAPER, SOUL STEALER!" and ripped one of the pockets on Cologne's outfit to avoid being sliced in half. The contents of the pocket were also sliced into three pieces and one of the things that happened to be in that pocket. Sweat dropped from everyone's faces as they now saw the already crumpled mirror now in three irreplaceable pieces. Immediately Kagome and Akane both yelled "SIT!" to Inuyasha and got what he deserved.

"Now we'll never get home!" Ranma whined as Akane was putting band- aids on his face. "Quit whining Ranma! I'm sure there are plenty of ways to time travel in this era. We all just need to find them" Akane told Ranma who didn't seem to be listening. Why do I even bother she thought to herself and continued to put band-aids on Ranma's face.

Meanwhile a giant wasp in the trees flew out and started towards a far direction. When it reached it's destination, a large castle, it flew into a window and talked to a sinister looking man with long black hair. "New people with Inuyasha eh? Well then we'll just have to make sure we give them a nice warming welcome won't we? Kagura!" the man said and a figure quickly appeared. "Yes Lord Naraku?" the figure said staring at the man. "Send in the new recruit to welcome Inuyasha's new friends to the feudal era" Naraku said and with a bow from the figure, it vanished into thin air reappearing in its place was a figure with a red hood over it's face. "You heard me.Go!" Naraku said and with that the figure quickly dashed out the window and set itself a straight path to Inuyasha and Ranma.

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