Hi all my Tomboys. Now please don't think anything about this crossover. I have watched Ouron High School Host Club but it was because of a friend. Plus the anime was so funny I could never take it seriously. Really everyone except Haruhi Fujioka was and idiot. It reminded me a bit of my own school in a way. Now on with the story.

Conan was weirded out by the building in front of him. Today was the day they got to be touring Ouron High School and getting to stay for a few days.. Ran won this privilege at a karate tournament in Kyoto. Her father was of with his friends on vacation so Ran had brought Conan along with her. He liked to be with her but the school, it was so Pink. They walked threw the gate and surrounded by rose petals. When they faded their stood 6 guys and a girl that was dressed as a guy. One was a tall and lanky blond that he new was only half Japanese. The second one was about the same height but had black hair and thin framed glasses. There was a pair of twins with red hair that looked almost identical. One was tall and muscular with black hair. The last guy was only two heads above Conan, blond hair and was holding a stuffed rabbit. The girl had short brown hair and brown eyes.

"Welcome." They all said at the same time. It was a little creepy. He was behind Ran as if hiding but he just didn't want to get to close at the moment. The tall blond walked up and the others followed him. So he was the leader of these people.

"Hello you must be Mouri Ran correct?" The blond gave Ran a rose making Conan's eye twitch

"Yes that would be me, and this is Edogawa Conan." She moved away a bit so he was in clear view. He straightened up and looked at them all. They felt as if this kid was reading their souls. After looking at them (Giving a glare at the tall blond) he nodded. The small blond boy ran up to him.

"Conan-chan want to have some cake with me?" Conan didn't like sweet things so the offer of cake didn't appeal to him.

"No thanks I don't like sweets. Uh if I may ask why is that nee-chan dressed as a boy?" They all looked at him with wide eyes. The one with glasses looked down at him smirking.

"And what makes you say that boy?" Clearly he thought I was not being serious. "I knew when I walked in. Her face was sharper and more angled, plus her body type suggested that even if they are not recognizable they are clearly there." He looked shocked as well. Ran looked at the girl in question.

"Is it true?"

"Yes I am a girl, You are very smart Conan-kun. Smarter then some people." She motioned to the group of guys. I smiled and she started introductions.

"I am Fujioka Haruhi. This is Morinozuka Takashi Aka Mouri-Sempi ,The twins Hitachiin Hikaru Hitachiin Kaoru, Ootori Kyoya, Mitsukuni Haninozuka Aka Honey-Sempi, and our leader Suou Tamaki. And we are the Ouron High School Host Club." During that time the Twins came up behind him and picked him up. He began to struggle and they started to nuzzle him for being a 'Cute Kid'. As he struggled his glasses fell off. The twin, Kaoru, picked them up and Conan tried to hide his face before someone saw. If they saw and realized he was Kudo Shinichi it would end badly.

But it was too late, Kaoru had looked up at his face. His breath hitched and he made Conan put his head up. He was so adorable!

"Boss take a look at this kid." The guy, Tamaki, walked over and looked at him. "So cute~" He gave Ran his glasses and set him down so the others could see him. It was that exact moment that a group of girls came out of the school. They saw the shrunken teen and squealed. He tried to run but the girls hade scooped him up. They were all squealing saying "He is so cute!~"

"Ran-nee-chan Help me!" Ran heard him and pulled him away protecting him from the girls. He was gripping onto her leg. He knew it was childish but he didn't like being surrounded by people. Ran knew this so when the Host club and girls looked at her confused she explained.

"He gets scared when he is surrounded by people. I think it has to do with those kidnappers on a case my dad was on." They all had wide eyes. "Or its because of all the murderers that we've encountered. Im not sure?" Now they felt sad. This boy has been surrounded by danger and death. It made the girls start crying. Conan didn't like sad people so he walked up to them and smiled with cute puppy eyes. They all perked up and hugged him. This time he didn't act scared and left back to Ran.

This gave Tamaki a great idea. "Hey Ran is it ok if, during your stay here, that little Conan can be a host? Please?" Ran looked at the shrunk detective who only shrugged. He didn't really like the idea but, at least, it gave him something to do.

"Ok its fine with me. But watch him, He likes to sneak off every time my eyes are off him." They all agreed and started the tour. They told Ran that this school had rooms that she and Conan would stay in during their stay. After showing her they took Conan for a make-over. They gave him some contacts that he pretended to put in since he could see fine. After giving him a bit he came out in a little High School uniform. They loved it, He looked so cute.

That's all for now my Tomboys. I will have the next chapter up soon and I hope you all will like this story. I have an amazing little surprise for you all. That's all for now and I will see you all in the next Chapter. Bye