Im sad as this will be the last chapter. It has been so much fun writing this and Im sad to see it go. I promise that I will make a sequel to the story in due time. But now it is time for the final of our lovely little host Conan. Please tell me if you want the sequel and I will work on it. Now lets get on with the story and I will talk to you guys later. Bye.

(Conan's POV)

Toda was the day me and Ran would be leaving OHS. I had to admit it was kind of fun for me to be a host for a while and Ran loved teaching some of the people there karate. I was at the main hall where I would host for today before we leave. All the girls were sad that I had to leave them now, I still don't understand it. I was at my station when Hikaru and Kaoru came up behind me.

"Hey Conan-kun~!" They always sounded creepy when they talked at the same time. The other hosts came up to us and gave me a hug, Even Mouri and Kyoya gave me a hug. Tamaki spun me around saying he would miss his little boy, I don't know but he has this weird thing about the hosts being his family. He even calls himself daddy and Kyoya Mama, I cant tell if he is serious of trying to be funny.

"Hey Conan-kun.." I look over at Haruhi-chan "You are a very smart kid, stay like that. Ok?" I smile and nod my head at her. I liked getting to know here and the others. Im kind of regretting letting Kai meet the twins, the mischief they can cause together will scare anyone for life.

I shook my head as the 3 girls I normally got sat in front of me. They were all smiling sad smiles, I knew they were upset as I was leaving.

"We will miss you Conan-Kun." They said it at the same time. Creepy, the host club did the same thing sometime.

"I will miss you all too, it was fun being here." I had to use my cute kid voice to make them happy and smile.

"Aww so cute~! I wish we could just pack you up and keep you here~!" I back away a bit when they say this, sounding like a group of kidnappers. They see my backing up and their smiles vanish. "Were sorry Conan-Kun, we forgot about how you deal with murder and kidnappings."

"It's fine, don't worry about it." They stood up, giving me a hug before leaving. I sigh as it took a lot of energy acting like an innocent child.


It was time for them to leave. I was sad to see my already taken crush leave, but I was fine. Its not like its the end of the world if he leaves, maybe he can come back to visit.

"Bye Ran-Chan, it was nice for you to come and stay here for a while. You are both welcome anytime you wish." Tamaki is so lucky to say they goodbye to them. I hugged Shinichi when we see a guy come threw the gate, It was Kaito!

"Hey Ran-Chan. Hey Conan-Chan~!" Ran walked up to Kaito and hugged him.

"Its been a while Kaito-Kun, What are you doing here?"

"I came to see Conan-Chan." He walked up and picked Conan, holding him in his arms. I could feel myself getting jealous.

"Kaito-Nii-Chan put me down!" Kaito laughed, putting him on his shoulders. The hosts were all curios as to who Kaito was, except me and Hikaru. We acted surprised to help their cover. "Kaito-Nii-Chan is a friend of Ran-Nee-Chan's friend. Me and him get along so he comes and visits me a lot." The hosts understand and relax. Introductions were made and Kaito showed them his magic, even told them it was obvious about Haruhi.

Soon it was time and they were leaving. I was sad to see them go, it was great to get to know them. Conan turned around and flashed me a smile, it was true and so adorable. I ran up to them and gave Shinichi a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't forget me, Ok Conan?" He looked a bit shocked, not surprising as I did it in front of his boyfriend.

"I wont, Promise." He smiled at me and patted his boyfriends cheek. I smile and run back to the school and my twin.

(Kaito's POV)

I cant believe he kissed My Shinichi! He pats my cheek as Kaoru-Kun runs back to the school. Ran is a good distance away from us so we can converse.

"Why did you let him kiss you? The first time I did that you slapped me!" He giggled as he remembered that day.

"Because he surprised me." He shrugged as I lower him down and kiss him.

"Hey Ran-Chan! I will be taking Conan-Chan for a while." I didn't get to hear her response as I throw down a smoke bomb, making me and Shinichi disappear.

(Ran's POV)

I turn around to say it was fine when they disappear in a puff of smoke. I smile and shake my head as I walk to the bus.

"I hope we can go back to visit OHS soon."

That was the end of the story. It was really fun to write this and I will in fact make a sequel. Tell me if you want that or any suggestions for the sequel. I do have to go and I will see all you Tomboys in the next story. Bye guys!