Hello everyone! IM NOT DEAD! HURRAY! I feel kind-of bad for being away for a long time, but there were some... "Technical Difficulties". And the thing is, i will be going on vacation next week too so i won't be able to update. :P. Life. I changed my username to just DeathByMonkey as you can see, because I thought it was better. But back to the story. I absolutely LOVE Riddle school, for those who don't know, it's a game made by JohnBro or Johnochrome, and it's a game where you try to escape by solving these different puzzles. So if you don't know what it is, you should probably go watch someone on YouTube, or even play it yourself. Because there are BIG spoilers to the story. As in, VIZION big! (you won't get that unless you play the game ;D I'm looking at you Brooke ¦| ). So once you've done that, you can read the story! I don't know what I'm going to do with this story, i usually have a plan, but this time I'm just going to wing it!

If you are wondering why u will update my other stories, then you will not get an aanswer. I ha e no idea when I'm going to update. Most of the stuff was pre written, and i have little inspiration right now. I am about 1/3 of a way through Flameajou, it will be an extra long chapter ;) But without anymore super lilong speech stuff, let's get on with the story!

BTW this will most likely all be in Smiley's POV. Maybe a few chapters in Phil's. Dunno. Now go read! :D

(Smiley POV)

I don't know how it got so crazy. It all happened so fast. I was just a normal student, I studied hard and loved school, but then in no time at all, I was abducted by aliens with my friends, Phil, Phred, and Zack. We escaped with the help of Diz, and alien who didn't want anything to do with 'Vizion'. Then lucky us, we get caught by area 5.1, and we have to escape again. At least they put me in a nice cell! There was some hairspray there and I used it because I was bored and I got hair instantly. It doesn't even look half bad. We were inches from escaping, when Diz betrays us and leaves without us. Phil finds another way to escape. He lead us through the sewers to a teleporter, activated it, set the coordinates back to the school, and told us to go through. The agents were hot on our tails, but we managed to escape in time. I thought everything would be fine now, we were back at school like nothing ever happened, except that Quiz, another alien, became the new principle of the school. Phil got him on our side, and he was ready to go back to his home planet, to be a true leader. And here I am now. Standing outside saying goodbye to Quiz.

"After I return to my home base, I will put an end to this Vizion nonsense myself." Quiz said. "I've opened up my eyes. It's up to the civilizations of the universe to judge themselves. Thank you Egghead. Sorry... Eggtree. Phil Eggtree."

"Stay classy Quiz." Phil said.

I heard a noise coming from the sky, and everyone else heard it too because we all turned towards the sound. There was a bright light in the sky.

"Could that be?" I asked.

"Oh no..." Phil said.

We all knew what it was. Who it was. It was Vizion, with Diz at the controls. He betrayed us!

"Diz is up there. It must be him. Take me up there in your ship Quiz. " Phil told Quiz.

"I'll do what I can to stop him."

"Does this mean... You have a plan?" Quiz asked.

'Nope. No way he has a plan.' I thought.

"No... I've got nothing." Phil answered.

'Knew it.'

"But we have no choice but to try!" He said.

"Your right! I'll take you closer to the light!" Quiz said.

'This is a bad idea, what if they don't come back?'

"But before I go..." Phil said.

I look down, thinking he will just do some speech about how if he doesn't come back... Basically a classic speech.


I look up, shocked to hear my name.

"I used to tease you alot because I didn't understand you. But now you're a true role model for me. And... you have a beautiful smile." Phil said. He softened when he said the last part.

'What? Am I crazy?' I thought.

But I wasn't going crazy, it was all real. I didn't know how I felt. I was shocked and surprised and flattered, there was so many possibilities on what I could have said, but instead, all I could do was stare and lift a hand up. Before I knew we it, they had already lifted off, I could barely see a small speck in the distance before it went out of my sight. He used to tease me, and that was how he got in the 'special class'. We weren't close back then. But then we developed a friendship. I knew each of us had these awkward half crushes, and what made it even more awkward was that I was the only female student in the school. I have to admit, I did have a crush on Phil at some point, but I brushed that away, only thinking it was a phase. But honestly, it's been lingering in the back of my mind for awhile. But to think he actually returned those feelings. What if he was bluffing? What if he was just saying that as a parting joke? What if...


I snapped back to reality and turned to see Phred with a grin.

"So what?" I said.

"So what do you think? About what Phil said?" Phred said.

Zack popped up from behind him to see what my reaction would be.

"I mean, I think, I thought... I don't know." I said.

"You only have a little bit of time to think, but I think everything will work out fine." Zack said.

"You remember, about each of us having a crush on someone else. Right?" Phred asked.

I didn't know why he was asking this, or what he was trying to tell me.

"Yes, I remember." I said.

"Both me and Zack liked you too." Phred said. My face felt hot, back then we were all growing up, and the awkwardness was madness."But that was a long time ago. Phil told us that he liked you pretty recently. But what Phil was describing, it was much different then what Zack and I felt. It seemed like Phil thought of it as more... special I guess. He payed attention to things even less than he already was, and he started humming. Only for a short while. Then we told him to stop it because it was annoying."

I didn't know what to say, Phil actually liked me! I had a big decision ahead of me.

"Thanks. I'll remember that. I've got alot to think about." I said.

"Well, good luck with that." Zack said, before walking off.

"See you later." Phred said with a wink.

I blushed. I walked away and sat on the grass thinking about what I would do. I still thought that Phil could be joking, and Phred and Zack were just helping him do that, but the more I thought about it, the less it seemed that was the case. I did like him, but I'm not sure I fully like him now. Maybe we should just be friends. But there was a part of me that wanted to give in to his affections. I started quietly singing a song, thinking it would help me think. I didn't really think about it, I just sung what popped into my head.

"Mmm whatcha say... Mmm that you only meant well, well of course you did..."

When I was singing that song, I realized that I heard someone sing that before too. I never thought of this before, but then as I was trying to remember who sung it, I remembered! It was actually Phil, he was humming that song one day, then I ended up having it as one of my favourite songs! I never realized that fully before.

'That's it!' I thought.

That was the one detail that helped me make my decision. It must have been when Phil had a crush on me, Phred said that he used to him alot. I didn't know it but I have been crushing on him this whole time!

'Love is confusing...'

It was very true. Thinking that I knew what my decision was, I continued singing the song.

"When the roof caved in and the truth came out I just didn't know what to do, but when I become a star, we'll be livin' so large I could do anything for you!" But the thing was, what would I do if Phil didn't come back? I realized this and stopped singing. At that exact moment there was a huge bang and a flash of bright light. I rushed up to my friends to see what they were looking at. There was an explosion where Quiz, Diz, and Phil were!

'Oh no!' I thought.

The three of us had a nervous expression on our faces. We waited for a few minutes, and when we were starting to lose hope, we saw a small escape pod come down and land in front of us. It opened and to my relief, there was Phil! He seemed rattled on what just happened. Zack gave him a thumbs up, and for once, Phred didn't seem bored and tired. I was smiling. Without thinking, I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug. I was nervous when he hesitated, but then I felt his arms around me too.

I dont think I smiled this brightly in my life.

How did you guys like that? Most of the dialogue was takes from the game. Do you guys know what song Smiley was singing? Shoutout to whoever figures it out! ;) PEACE OUT