`Till death do us part II

*Note: Takes place immediatly after "`Till death to us part"

Luis was so shocked and surprised after Sheridan explained everything that he couldn't even talk. He didn't have to. Sheridan was so happy that Luis was happy.

"Wha...I cannot believe this!!" Luis exclaimed.

"I know." Sheridan said with a huge smile on her face. They both stood up as they were talking.

Luis put his hands on her small shoulders as he said, "Sheridan, promise me that you'll never do that to me again. I thought I'd lost you. I never wanna have to live without you."

Sheridan smiled and leaned closer to him when she said, "I promise. You promise me the same?"

"Of course." Luis said grinning.

"Good! Now we'll never have to live without each other!" Sheridan said with much delight, "Luis, I don't think that I ever told you this, but I want you to know, I don't know what I'd do without you."

Luis smiled brightly and said, "I know, I've always known."

"Oh you have you?" Sheridan said questioningly.

"Yes, since the moment we met." Luis said with a smile.

Sheridan laughed lightly and said, "You mean like when you pulled me over for speeding. Or when we fought hard to get you off my case? Or like the time-"

"Alright alright, maybe not the whole time..." Luis said sacrcasticly, "But
I certainly knew when we did the tango. Or when I kidnapped you in Paris. Or when-"

"Yes yes I get it." Sheridan said still smiling. "But what I don't get is why you haven't kissed me yet."

"Oh well..."Luis said mockingly, "I don't know I mean I hardly know you..."

Sheridan laughed as she said. "Shut up and kiss me."

"If you insist..." Luis said right before Sheridan pulled him close and kissed him.

"Now I have to leave now. I wasn't supposed to be here in the first place." Sheridan said.

"Aw. Well at least tell me where you're staying." Luis said not getting to upset because it was already enough that she was alive!

"As long as you tell me when your comeing over first because I cannot be getting caught if we have any hope of catching the drug cartle. I'm staying in the apartment above the police station." Sheridan answered.

"Oh that old dump! That place is can get cold!" Luis exclaimed with a worried face.

"If I'm cold all I'll have to do is think of you." Sheridan said smiling.

"Come on and I'll get you my favorite blanket that mama made for me." Luis said with a glint in his eye.

"Oh Luis, I don't think-" She was interuppted when Luis grabbed her hand and said,

"Oh nonsense. Come on. I'll be right back just let me run up and get it." Luis said.

Sheridan smiled in aproval. In a few mintutes Luis came down with a folded blanket in his arms.

"Here it is." Luis said spreading is out to show her the beautiful pattern of blue hearts. "Mama made it for me for Christmas."

"It's beautiful!" Sheridan leaned over to feel the fabric and said, "And feels so warm."

Luis smiled and after he folded it up he said, "You're so warm." Luis kissed her again and place the blanket in her hands.

Sheridan smiled and said, "Do you think you can sneak over sometime tomorrow?"

"Well, Sam is making me take some time off but I'm sure he won't mind if I stop by and get some papers around, say lunchtime." Luis answered with a grin.

"No I'm sure he wouldn't. I hope they catch this drug scum soon." Sheridan said longingly.

"Me too. But for now, at least we can still see each other." Luis said looking on the bright side.

"Yeah." Sheridan said as she stood by the doorway with the blanket in her hands and said, "Now go and get some sleep. It's past midnight and I know that you haven't slept a wink."

"Okay. I know I'll have good dreams." Luis said.

They said goodbye for now and kissed each other once again, a long, passionate kiss.


The next day after Luis had had a good night sleep, Luis packed a lunch and went over to the police station. Luis winked at Sam when Luis said, "I gotta go upstairs for a mintute. To check for mice." Luis knew that Sam understood that Luis knew about the setup and grinned at him.

"Okay Luis. I think I saw one up there." Sam replyed.

Luis and Sheridan had a great lunch and talked for what seemed forever but ended all to soon.

In the days that followed the Drug Cartle was caught and put to justice.
Put in the highest sercurity prison in the world with a life snetence.

Although they had much yet to overcome, for now at least, they had each other. And for then it's all they needed to survive.